Huge titted shemale gets her ass smashed by nasty dude

Huge titted shemale gets her ass smashed by nasty dude
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CockTaleBar E-mail/Skype: [email protected] I'm a 22yo sex-addicted Bi college guy from the Netherlands with three passions in life: Fitness, writing, and sex.

But to be honest, I only like to write about sex. I only write about Real-Life events. The names, however, have been altered to ensure everybody's privacy. My stories also are posted at 16.ish A story about a boy called Sam that happened about half a year ago. I was 21 at the time, and it proved the start of a chain of very positive events. Aaaaaaand there I found myself, chatting with this cute young blond boy.

Let's call him Sam.


16 (so, legal in my country), short blond hair, bedroom eyes and a short and slender build, according to the picture on his profile. The profile also stated he lived in the same city as I do (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands).

He asked if i'd like to camchat with him, cause he likes muscled college guys, such as I. "Sure' I said, "I don't mind watching younger boys, so it's okay with me", and I ended with the famous smiley, sticking out it's tongue.

And 16 is indeed younger than 21, so no problemo there. We turned on our cams, and luckily it indeed turned out to be the cute boy from the pic. The amazement on his face was hard to conceal, however. It was warm in my room, so I was only wearing a boxershort. "Wow, you're even more muscular than in your picture!" Indeed, the pic was about 4 months old at the time, and I had since put in some hard work, and had progressed visably.

"Yeah, that's what happens if fitness is your favourite hobby. after sex", I said. He laughed and said sex was one of his biggest hobbies as well. But meanwhile, he was still fully dressed.

He was wearing the same clothes as in his picture, with similar lighting, so it suggest the pic had been taken that very same day. "Say, don't you think it's time for you to show a little more skin as well?" I asked jokingly. Without a word, he removed his shirt immediately, showing his slender build was accompanied by some awesome clear definition.

From swimming and playing field hockey, he explained. Busy little tyke then. Seemed befitting though, he looked like he had the energy of the energizer bunny with a Red Bull addiction. Exactly what I like in youngsters, really. Such a tight body made my cock jump up, reporting for duty, instantly. "Whoa, looks like my body's being approved! How big is that monster?" The contours of my proud 7 and a half inches were clearly visible in my tight Björn Borg boxershort.

"7.5? Damn, that's a lovely size!" It sounded like he had had experienced a similar size before.

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When I asked whether he had he answered "more than you'd expect", follow by a saint-like smiley with a malfunctioning halo. "So, you're an experienced bottom then? I asked. "Yeah, actually am!


But I've also topped plenty already as well, believe me." "Damn, started nice 'n early then', I asked. "Boy, if only you knew!" he answered. I fought the idea of continuing the line of inquiry. Instead, I decided to challenge him a bit; "Then you probably could show me a nicely trained little hole, couldn't you?" With barely a thought he turned around, directing his bum towards the cam, pulling down his undies and spreading his buttcheeks.

I was looking directly into a young, hairless, well trained, pink boyhole, into which he effortlessly inserted two dry fingers. "Damn, that's looking good" I said, "sure looks like it's used to having something up there" He turned round briefly, to read what I had typed, and instantly inserted a third finger. My cock was ready to explode when he turned round again and licked his fingers. His dick was almost fully hard now as well, showing a good, thick, 6 inches.

"Looks like it's working" he said, referring to the fact the head of my cock had popped out above the band of my boxershorts. "Show me a little more." "It sure does" I said, and pulled down my undies to give a full view of my rockhard 7.5 inches. "Damn bro, that's definatly one I'd wanna sit on." Cheeky blighter.

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I love it when youngsters know what they want, like that, and no difference here. You couldn't fit it, if you wanted" I teased. "With your build, the head of my cock will be smaking your diaphragm constantly. How tall are you anyway?" "Wanna bet I can?", he answered.

"I've taken 7.5s before, ya'know. And I'm 4'11" if you must know." 4'11'', damn, this kid's hair-do doesn't even reach my schoulder.

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"Wanna bet you can, you say?"Be careful with what you're betting on lil bro, I might have to take that bet." "I wish you did. I could use some action today!" At first I thought he was joking, but the look in his eyes was dead serious. Damn, this boy was up for it! "But, you probably don't dare. Another college guy with tough talk, but without the guts to actually fill my hole.

Hell, you probably don't even shoot that big a load." WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Is this kid really challenging me? Not the guts? Not a big load? This boy's getting cheekier by the second! "Whatch it kid! My load's bigger than anything you've ever felt before!" "LOL, why don't you come prove it, big guy?" Followed by a line of 5 smilies, all sticking their tongue out at me. "Come prove it? Why, are you home alone, or summat? And actually, where DO you live?" "Yes, my parents are away for the weekend, and my stepbro is at his mom's." His location surprised me.

"What!? That's the same neighbourhood I live in!" Turned out he lived only 7 blocks away. "Are you coming over then? I really need to get some, man! Hard as well!" 16 year old sportslad, home alone, a 10 minute walk away from me?

Could I let such an oppertunity pass by? I DON"T THINK SO! After he gave his adress and cellphone number, I jumped into some sweatpants and threw on a T-shirt, and jogged to his house, my halfhard dick swinging like mad in the sweatpants.

When I arrived I rang him up, and he said I'd best come through the back door, via the garden. The gate in the fence was unlocked. As I walked up through the garden (patch of grass on one side, a little pond with mini-waterfall), he opened the back door.

Butt naked. His fat 6 inches pointing straight upward. He indeed didn't come up to my shoulders. "Come inside" he said. "I intend to" I said, playing the pun in his initial remark.

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"Good" he said, "for a moment I was afraid you might've brought condoms." My cock jumped. Was this boy really actually telling me to fuck him bare? I was going to anyway, but Christ, this boy cuts to the chase. "Ha, I guessed you'd like bare as well", I said.

"Yeah, I wanna feel your lust-juice flowing inside me, of course." "'d Ya want a beer?" he asked. "Actually, I just want you", I replied. "Can do!" he said, grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me to the hall and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs he said: "right, we're gonna enter my room now.

There's one rule in my room for bad boys like you; no clothes. Dump that stuff!" Hastely I took off my shirt, pants and shoes, and put them on the chair that stood directly next to the door of his room upon entering.

He grabbed my wrist and led me to sit on the bed. It really struck me as a boy's room. Die-cast model cars on the shelves. Big Time Rush bed sheets, and posters on the wall of One Direction, and a half naked Justin Bieber. He then, without warning, started an agressive french kiss, taking me completely by surprise. He pushed me backward onto the bed and said, while his hand grabbed my hard cock; "so this bad boy has to enter me in a minute?

We'd better start with some preperations!", and he immediatly started licking the head. "If you get that one nice and wet, I'll make sure your hole will be too" I suggested. He nodded and turned, so we got into a 69 position, him with my dick down his teen throat, me rimming his bald pink hole. HO-LY Shit. That was one hell of a blow job. "You sure have done that before, haven't you?", I asked. He sniggered and swallowed my hard cock even a little deeper.

His hole was warm and wet, and I felt his body react as I pushed my tongue inside. Meanwhile I was as horny as I possibly could be, and pre-cum started flowing in high quantaty. With a light sucking noise he pulled loose from my cock, turned around and again gave me an agressive french kiss.

He made sure I lied down properly on my back and started inserting my cock in his hole, using his entire bodyweight to slide down, inch by inch. About halfway down he let out a gasp and moaned 'fuck me!'. "Well, goddammit, I didn't come here just to fuck you half!, I replied. I began thrusting up him powerfully, and with every thrust I entered a little further. At about three quarters down I picked him up, putting him on his back on the bed, simultaniously stepping off the bed, myself.

"Oh yes, fuck me harder!", he panted. "Use me as your slut!". "Damn right, I will!, I said, and started nailing his young hole even harder. His face betrayed sporadic moments of pain, but on the whole, he took it like a champ. It wasn't long before I indeed was balls deep inside him. "Now the real work begins!", I said, and with long, hard and deep thrusts I started boning him so hard, the only things louder than his moaning were the squeeking of the bed, and the sound of my hips hitting his butt.

He moaned like a little slut. Nay, he moaned like a proper slut. Nay. He moaned like a cumwhore. MY cumwhore. With every thrust he moaned, with every thrust the bed squeeked, and with every thrust my hips slammed his bum.

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With every thrust you could clearly see the outline of my cock pushing up behind his navel. That sight alone made me wanna blow my load instantly, but I refrained. Another 10 thrusts, 15 thrusts. I managed to squeeze out 20 more thrusts before I buckled.

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It was like a semen-grenade exploded in his tummy. My balls poured and poured into this lovely young boy, and what felt like half a gallon of fresh cum sprayed inside his young, slender and well defined stomach. Breathing heavily I collapsed atop him. With some grunts and panting we turned, so both layed on the bed, my dick still inside him, as deep as possible, keeping the seed deep in his belly.

"Jezus fucking Christ, you're a rough one!", he panted. "And how big are your loads!?! Man, I can feel it running out of me as I speak!" And, indeed, however much cum was still plugged inside his stomach, a thick stream of cum already started to drip from his hole, down my balls, exactly onto the crotch of one of the guys from Big Time Rush. "Goddamn boy, you've got skills! We definately should do this more often!", I said. He giggled and moved up and down a little on my cock, which at the time was still almost completely erect.

"My thoughts exactly", he said. "But would you mind terribly if I wasn't 16?" I laughed. "Oh, it's just a number, isn't it?

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I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with a 15." He giggled again and stretched out an arm over his head and grabbed his wallet from the bedsidetable. He took out his ID-card and turned it in such a way I could read it.

Wait a second. That date. That year! It actually was the kid's birthday that day! His 14th!! "Thanks for the birthday-fuck, big boy" he said, smiling at the amazed expression on my face.

"You cheeky little tyke!" I said, "you've got some explaining to do about your experience, cause I can really tell you DO have a lot of experience!" "Ha" he laughed, "for fuckers like you I won't keep secrets, if you really want to know, I'm willing to tell." Meanwhile my cock twitched and became fully hard again, at the realisation I had just got me a 14 year old fuck buddy, who was addicted to sex just as much as I am.