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Her hands delve into the fabric of her pink dress that bellows around her lefting it up slightly over her feet so she doesn't trip while following the Dukes back which continues into the forest sorounding her fathers estate.

Her father, the one that sent her out here without an escort, he was hoping that the Duke would ask for her hand in marriage, so she'd be comfurtably rich with a title. she was not looking forward to handing over her freedom to a man who did not love her, no matter how sculpted and handsome he is.


The longer we walk the thicker the trees get, seeming to swallow up all the light, her eyes slowly adjust to the sudden darkness that engulfs them. She holds out her hands infront of her, barely able to get a glimpse the ivory skin, not wanting to run into any trees she holds her breathe as she stumbles along, panic setting in when realizes the heavy footsteps of the Duke weren't crashing through the brush.

In a soft voice, she whispers as if someone can hear "Duke Roden!? Are you there?" she walks a little bit farther stoping with a hand on a tree her red hair falling out of it's confined curls into her face which she switfly brushes away with a swipe of her fingers just to have it fall back down over her face.

Her pouty lips part slightly letting out a sigh of frustration as the air escapes her lungs a hand slides over hers on the tree his palms scratching the smooth surface on the back of her hand. She jerks her hand free of his just to feel him catch her arms tightly, digging his fingernails in her arms till a scream tears past her lips and echoes around the forest. The struggle exhausts her and she goes slightly limp after some time she feels him loosen his grip on her arms and she tences again, ready to break free of his hold on her.

He quickly slips a muscled arm around her locking her arms to her sides, she shakes her head back and forth, sending red hair flying around her, denying this is happening her.

His free hand slides up her neck caressing the smooth skin softly and moves some of the wild hair out of the way before he wraps his fingers around her neck pressing a thumb against her wind pipe and tilts her head up as he leans foreward to plant a soft kiss on her silky skin of her shoulder. She tenses, all her sences focused on the feel of his mouth on her skin the sensation sends a shiver a pleasure across her skin and she bites her bottom lip nervously as he trails kisses over her shoulder and across her neck.

He lingers at her earlobe his breathe caressing her skin as his arm slides up to rest just under her breasts.

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He says in a husky whisper "We're going to have fun aren't we, my dear?" Her breathe catches in her throat and she bucks against himadrelinine coursing through her viens giveing her a burst of energy.

She frees one arm and sends her elbow into his ribs, he grunts in surprise and his arm loosen around her enough so she can escape his hold.


Lifting up her dress she quickly stumbles away, trying for her life not to trip over any roots. She no sooner makes it a foot away from him before fingers grab a hand full of her silky red hair and yank her back, a scream rises in her throat as she falls on the forest floor, the air rushes from her lungs in a woosh.

He looms over her a terrifying shadow against the forests black trees.


She looks up at him grey eyes filled with tears and fright. She chokes out, still trying to re-gain her breathe "w-what do y-you want!?" voice filled with fear and confusion.

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This makes him laugh, a sweet sound coming from a monster. He reaches down, she flinches but doesn't try to scurry away on the forest floor finding it useless since he'll just catch her again, and probly hurt her worse.

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His fingers wrapping around her neck cause her thoughts to stutter to a stop focused on what he's going to do next. He forces her down on the forest floor laying belly up she feels vulnerable looking up at him as his hand cuts off her airway she gasps trying to draw precious air into her lungs her hands wrap around his wrist, digging her nails into his skin she trys to draw blood.

He starts to talk but his voice seems so far away as spots form in her vision, she trys with all her might to catch on to his words "Well, darling, i'm going to take you right here on the nasty forest floor." he loosens his grip on her neck she automatically gasps in relief, as she closes her eyes and savors the sweet air filling her lungs he marvols at the rise and fall of her chest against the heavy fabric of her dress.

He reaches behind him, pulling out the knife he hid in his belt, he holds it over her face so she gets an eye full of the sharp blade glinting in the little light there is.

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She stares at the knife wide eyed and frightened, her mind brings up all the terrifying things he could do with the knife, her heart pounds in her chest responding to the frightening vivid images that plays in her mind full of blood and sliced skin. A whimper catches in her throat as he touches the cold blade against the side of her neck she holds her breathe as it slides downto her colarbone, the cold metal against her skin makes goosebumps rise along the surface.

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She sinks her teeth into her lower lip as he grips the front of her dress, he looks into her face sculpted in fear and confusion, and he feels him self grow harder he growls out in a voice roughened by lust as he starts to slide the knife through the fabric of her dress easily cutting it away easily cause he sharpened his blade in preperation for today.