Lesbian babe Adriana Chechik rubbing

Lesbian babe Adriana Chechik rubbing
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Christine Cagney thought that if Mary Beth Lacey and her husband Harvey got any more lovey-dovey, she'd throw up. They held hands at the dinner table, fed each other bites of dessert and called each other pet names. Finally, Christine called a halt. "Look I've got an early morning tomorrow, so I should get to bed." She had to hope they took the hint.

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"Oh, Jeez, we're sorry, Cagney, here we are keeping you up, when we both have the day off tomorrow," said Mary Beth. "We might not get up at all tomorrow," said Harvey with a leer. Mary Beth poked him with an elbow.

"Well, have fun you two, and it was nice to see you again tonight." These Tuesday night dinners were a regular routine for the three. Cagney and Lacey had been partners at the fourteenth precinct for almost five years.

Christine couldn't understand why Mary Beth was going home with a man in her bed, even if it was just Harvey, while, she, Christine, would spend another night alone. She was better looking than Mary Beth, taller, a better figure, nicer hair and sexier. But years ago, Mary Beth had settled for one man while Christine had continued to play the field. Now she was paying for the freedom. She saw them to the door and went back to do the dishes.

She thought about Mary Beth and Harvey. They were probably humping each other in the car right now. They hadn't been able to keep their hands off each other tonight. As much as she hated to admit it, it had gotten her a little hot.

It seemed like she was always a little hot these days. As she got ready for bed, putting on the loose nightie she slept in when she was alone.

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She thought about the Hitachi wand in her bedside table. That would get her off to sleep in a hurry; she started out with her hand, just to get the juice going. In a minute or two, her pussy was wet and her nipples were hard. She was just ready to reach for the vibrator when she heard a scratching at the bedroom door. She rolled over and opened the door. King ambled into the room sniffing the air. Blue heelers like King have an extremely good sense of smell, and King smelled something he liked.

She had gotten King as a watchdog when she moved to the neighborhood and he had turned out to be a great dog. About forty pounds, not a barker and didn't chew and destroy. The first time he had stuck his nose under her dress, she had pushed him away, but the next time she had let him sniff and push against her for a while it had felt good. She did some reading and decided there wasn't anything wrong with what King wanted.

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Right now it was what she wanted too. Christine got off the bed and sat down in the overstuffed chair in the corner. She put her feet over the arms, exposing herself completely. She clicked her tongue to get King's attention. The dog walked over to the chair and took a long sniff at Christine's crotch. She waited for his move. It took a few seconds, but then he suddenly unfurled his tongue and gave her a long slow lick all the way from her asshole to her clit.

She jumped as if she'd been electrified. She slid her rump down in the chair and lifted her feet up and pulled he knees further apart to give King better access. He set up a steady licking motion from one end of her crotch to the other. Every time he got to her clit she jumped again. She was just about to come when the doorbell rang. She pushed the dog away and pulled her nightie down. She walked to the door and looked through the peephole.

She saw Mary Beth, alone on the landing. She unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door. "I'm sorry to bother you again, Christine, but I left my purse up here. I could have picked it up tomorrow, but Harvey and I are getting kind of hot and heavy in the car, and I have the condoms in my purse; we can't afford to get pregnant again." Cagney looked at Mary Beth and could see her arousal.

Her nipples were pushing her blouse out, and she could smell Mary Beth's sex. She leaned over, took a handful of Mary Beth's hair, pulled her head back and kissed her. When she didn't pull away, Cagney put her tongue against Mary Beth's lips.


A second later, she responded and they swapped tongues for a few seconds before Christine put her hand down Mary Beth's blouse. "Come back here with me," Christine almost ordered. She led Mary Beth back to the bedroom. King had not moved from his spot by the chair. "Now, don't freak out, I want to show you something." Christine set Mary Beth down on the edge of the bed closest to the chair.

Then she went back to the chair and resumed her position with her knees apart and her feet up.

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King immediately resumed his long licking strokes. "Oh, my God, that's disgusting, Christine!" Mary Beth could hardly watch. "Yeah maybe so, but three more licks and I'm gonna come like a locomotive.

That's one; that's two; that's Ahhhhghgh!" Christine thrashed and shook, making the chair rock and rattle on the floor. "Jesus, that was something," said Mary Beth. "Can you do it again?" "All night long, he never gets tired. He can do something else, too. Take your pants off, and I'll let you watch." "I won't let the dog touch me," said Mary Beth. "Don't worry, he's my dog and he's a one woman dog. Just take your pants off so I can look at you." Christine was working on Mary Beth's belt.

Mary Beth stood up and pulled her slacks down and kicked them aside. "No underwear, Mary Beth?" "Harvey has them downstairs in the car," Mary Beth smiled. She pushed Mary Beth back down to a seated position on the edge of the bed, her full natural bush exposed. She knelt on the floor and put her face into Mary Beth's muff. "I'm not a lesbian, Christine," Mary Beth said, closing her knees a little.

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"Me either," said Christine, pushing the knees apart again. She made long licking strokes up and down Mary Beth's pussy.

Mary Beth groaned and moved her knees even wider. "If you're not gay, how do you know how to do this?" Mary Beth was wiggling and pushing her crotch toward Christine's face. "When we were working vice, do you remember a hooker named Luann David?" "Sure, blonde, big knockers and a long rap sheet, what about her?" "I busted her once, and it was gonna get her sent away for a long time. She said if I cut her loose she'd show me something I'd never forget as long as I lived.

She took me in the drunk tank and did what I'm doing to you right now. I made her show me how to do it. "Oh, God, Christine, I'm going to come." She pulled Cagney's face harder into her pussy. "Unh Unh Unh UNH!


"I told you, you'd like it, Mary Beth. Was that as good as Harvey does it?" "Harvey never goes down on me, he just doesn't want to do it." "I'd never stay with a guy, hell I wouldn't go on a second date with a guy, that wouldn't eat me.

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So I am doing it better that Harvey. She ate Mary Beth until she came again. "I'm sorry Chris, but I can't return the favor, I just couldn't do it." "No problem, I've got something else going anyway." Christine took a pair of mittens out of her bedside table.

She turned to King, lifted his front paws and slipped the mittens over them and held them with rubber bands. With his claws covered, she massaged his balls and rubbed his dick until it began to emerge from its sheath when it had reached about nine inches out of its sheath, Christine turned back to Mary Beth and lifted her rump to King. The dog jumped up on her back, wrapped his front legs around her torso and started humping at her rear.

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Christine reached back behind her and guided him into her dripping pussy. "Unhhhh Ohhhh," she moaned as the dog penetrated her. As King's dick unfurled longer and longer, she groaned louder and louder.

She put her face back down in Mary Beth's snatch and went back to eating her. The dog was humping like a jack hammer, just relentlessly pounding away behind Cagney. Mary Beth looked down at the dogs head lying on Cagney's back. She was reminded of the speech in Jaws. "You know the thing about a shark, he's got.lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye.

That's how the dog's eyes looked, black and lifeless, but the body was just relentless pounding hammering into Christine like a mad thing. The dog's mouth hung open and drooled on Cagney's back. Down between her legs, she could feel Christine drooling too. Christine could feel the dog trying to jam something else into her pussy, a lump the size of a lemon was shoving and hammering against her pussy on every stroke.

She tried to relax and after a few more strokes, the dog's knot popped into her. Now that he had her locked, the dog started to gradually reduce his pounding. She could feel the dog's dick swelling like a balloon inside her all the way up to her cervix.

She raised her head, and with pussy juice dripping off her chin, said to Mary Beth: "This fucking dog's getting ready to come." "He's not the only one," Mary Beth groaned and pushed Cagney's face back down in her snatch. She humped her hips against Christine's face and looked at that dog's head drooling on Cagney's back. She felt her climax rising like the tide toward her pussy. Suddenly, Mary Beth saw the dog's eyes they rolled over to white.

Christine felt King's dick continued to swell, its tip pushing against the head of her cervix deep inside her. Then the dog blew. Jet after jet of dog cum fired into her.

Because the dog's knot had her sealed, she felt like she was being inflated like a water balloon. His coming went on for a long time, filling her like a pitcher of cum. Then it was over, King's dick began to deflate and he climbed down off her back and lay on the floor. Cagney was just starting to doze off when the horn honked. "Oh, Jesus, I left Harvey in the car all this time.

How long has it been?" asked Mary Beth. Cagney looked at the clock. "Fifteen minutes. Not long." "But he sent me up here for a condom and he's been waiting for fifteen minutes!" She looked at Christine, she looked at King.

"I'm gonna go down there and fuck that man's brains out." "Make him eat you before anything else, and don't mention King." Christine suggested. When Mary Beth was gone, Christine lay on the bed watching the dog snoring peacefully, felt the dog's cum leaking out from between her legs. The next thing she knew the alarm went and she was up and on her way to work. She gave King a scratch behind the ears as she went out the door.