Naked men Trent does a excellent job and from the view on Sams face

Naked men Trent does a excellent job  and from the view on Sams face
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"Okay, so we'll be back around 5. Just keep the house clean, and no guests other than who you already told me were coming over," Sandra instructed, and Dani and X nodded. They sat on the living room couch as a television show played; Sandra and Vanity were about to leave to run errands, as Danielle had told Candice the night before. "Got it," Dani smiled, and looked back as the women left the house, leaving she and X alone for the moment.

"You don't mind if Candice comes over to use the pool, right?" She glanced over at X, and he shrugged carelessly. "It's cool with me, ma. Your homegirl is just a little…active, you know," X explained, and Dani laughed a bit. Candice had known Dani and X for quite a while and they both knew she could be a little excitable.

"Well I know Terrence is coming too, so you'll have someone to talk to," Dani tried to sweeten the deal with the tidbit of information, but she noticed that X grew a bit rigid at the mention of the boy. She figured that maybe they weren't friends or something of the sort. "Or not," She chuckled as she got up from the couch, heading into the kitchen.

It wasn't an "awkward" situation, but Dani couldn't help but feel awkward after what transpired the night before.

She had seen X masturbating and it turned her on to the point that she had to play with herself. She had never seen him in that way before and in her mind, she still didn't see him like that.

But even with that said, she found herself thinking about it constantly. But for now, she'd busy herself with making lunch for them along with their future guests. Dani had gone through the trouble to make sandwiches and lay out some bags of chips before she heard the doorbell. She put everything out on the kitchen island before heading towards the front door, looking through the peephole and seeing the familiar head of black coiled curls.

She opened the door and was met with a bear hug. "Hey girl," Candice warmly greeted, and Dani laughed softly as she hugged her friend in return. Pulling away, Candice gave a huge smile, shaking her head.

"I'm ready to get in the pool, sis. Let's do this," She laughed as she passed Dani and invited herself into the house. Dani turned back towards the door and Terrence was standing nearby, giving a light wave in greeting as he gave a closed smile. "What's up Dani," He said, and she nodded as she allowed him inside the house.

Closing the door behind her, she walked back into the living room and headed for the sliding door that led to the backyard. "Alright, are we swimming or what?" She grinned, and the other three teens followed her outside. The backyard area was fairly large, but was mostly for entertainment. The pool was pretty standard—six feet of water and rectangular that laid beyond the wooden patio deck where there were some tables and chairs.

"I can't wait to swim. I've been waiting for this since the weather finally got warm again," Candice commented before she began to slip off her shirt and shorts. Candice was an "early bloomer," and she took advantage of the fact.

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She was only two inches taller than Danielle, and her breasts were nearing a D cup as compared to Dani's C's. Her brown skin seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, and she had big brown eyes that sometimes made her look like a doll.

With her big curly hair to match, she was probably the only girl Dani was ever jealous of. The way her orange bikini fit against her body was nearly perfect; the top was just enough to hold her breasts, and her round ass looked beautiful in her bottoms.

Dani slipped off her cover-up dress and sat it on a nearby chair, looking down at her own body that seemed to fit perfectly in her lime green one piece. She liked her body for what it was, despite her slight envy. Her breasts were just the right size to her, and her bottom was round but not too big. Dani's legs were her strong point however, seeing as she ran track at school.

Unlike X's athletic yet skinny body, Terrence was a bit more swollen and muscular. He played football and was also on the wrestling team, so it was no surprise that he was bigger. He was 6' even, which sometimes made him look bigger than he really was. But in reality, Terrence was a quiet boy and despite how big and intimidating he looked, he probably wouldn't ever hurt anyone intentionally. He was a typical light skinned guy, with pretty hazel eyes and a look that made girls want him.

Dani could see why she crushed on him so hard In middle school, but she never liked anyone for too long. She was just awkward like that. Before long, everyone was in the pool and was having a wonderful time enjoying the cool water in the warm sun. But before long, they stopped actually swimming and just hung on the deck, talking and laughing over sodas they got from inside the house.

"Okay, so can I ask a question?" X spoke up before he glanced at Candice, raising an eyebrow. "It's no disrespect, but what's your body count for real?" He asked. "X, you can't just ask that!" Dani wasn't one to openly talk about sex—it embarrassed her so much.

Plus, she didn't want Candice to be offended at the question. "No, it's cool. I've only fucked like two guys: the guy I lost my virginity to and my ex-boyfriend," Candice replied proudly before laughing. "For real? I would have sworn it would be more. Apparently you know a lot about sex. At least that's what the girls say," Terrence commented, and Candice rolled her eyes before giggling.

"Of course they said that! They're probably jealous of me for some reason, but it's the truth though! I do know a lot about sex because I read books and stuff. It doesn't hurt to know," She shrugged. "What about you, Dani? How many guys have you fucked?" She asked. Dani noticed the knowing smile on Candice's face and she twisted her lips slightly; Candice was up to something. "That's none of you guys' business," She argued. "Oh, I forget you're miss shy girl. What about you, T?

I feel like you have hella bodies on you," Candice sipped her peach Fanta smoothly, sitting the can back upon the table. "Don't judge me…does head count as sex?" He asked, and X laughed softly as he shrugged. "Good question," X agreed, and Dani bit the inside of her cheek.

She wasn't sure how she felt about hearing X say that. She didn't really want to imagine another girl sucking his dick. "Nah but I only have one body," He admitted.


"Just one? Nah you're lying man," Terrence laughed and X shook his head. "Nah, I'm serious. Me and Samantha were in a serious relationship. I don't know why nobody believes that," He chuckled.

Dani remembered Samantha vividly—X had been dating her all the way up until their junior year of high school, when Samantha moved to another school. "But you probably did a lot of stuff with her.

I heard Sammy was a freak," Candice raised her eyebrows, and Dani slowly pressed her face against her hand, sighing in secondhand embarrassment. "Oh come now, Dan-Dan1 Don't be such a prude," Candice teased, calling Dani by one of her more embarrassing childhood nicknames. "Dan-Dan?" Terrence and X laughed a bit, and Dani's face reddened deeply as she shook her head.

"Shut up and tell us the story, X," She pouted slightly, not even caring about her sexual reservations anymore. She just wanted X and Terrence to stop laughing at her. "Alright, alright. Sorry. But yeah, Sam and I did do a lot of stuff together," X said simply, and Candice smiled wide.

"Like what? You ever ate her pussy?" She asked, and Dani looked between them both before looking at X's lips. His lips were plush and a soft shade of brown—he took good care of himself, and Dani couldn't ever recall a time where his lips were cracked or dry. "I ate it whenever I could, if you want me to be real," X replied. Candice giggled loudly as Dani tried to stay still in her seat. "Y'all ladies really don't know how we feel about head," Terrence chimed in with a small laugh.

"I wouldn't know," Dani commented, and the three of them looked at her curiously. "I never had head before," She mumbled. "What? Nobody's done that to you?" Terrence asked, and Dani noticed the look on his face. It was almost like he was offended that no one had taken the time to eat Dani out.

"The guy I lost my virginity too kept it really simple," Dani shrugged softly, and X sucked his teeth. "Amateur. That's what the fuck he was," X commented, and Terrence laughed a bit as he shook his head. "I'm kind of surprised, Dani.

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You never got eaten out before, really?" Candice asked, and Dani nodded slowly. "Did he give you any foreplay at all?! Like, what kind of shit?" She added with a chuckle.

"I didn't know that was a thing to be required," Dani sucked her teeth, now a bit jealous that she had never felt what it was like. "It is! Especially if a guy wants you to suck his dick. Never suck dick unless you're gonna get eaten out," Candice shrugged.

"Foreplay in general is just amazingggg, ugh," Candice almost moaned as she ran her fingers through her damp curls. "Candice should show you how it's done," X commented, and the four grew silent. "What? I'm just saying, you know? It'd be weird if me or Terrence did it," He explained. "It'd be weird if any of you did it! We're outside and you're all here and…no way! Get the fuck out of here," Dani argued, her face reddening slightly. "I was only saying because I thought girls do that shit sometimes.

Sometimes y'all be experimenting on each other. And plus, we're all cool with each other," X shrugged. "We still got some hours to ourselves…if you're gonna try foreplay, why not now?" He asked.

"You just wanna see me eat Dani's pussy," Candice laughed before she glanced at her friend. "I mean; I wouldn't be opposed. I've seen you naked in the locker rooms, Dan—my God, your body is amazing and you have a cute and fat little CT," Candice laughed, and Dani's face reddened deeply.

"Oh my GOD, Candice.

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You're so off," Dani scolded as she continued to blush. She didn't want the boys to know she had a camel toe. "Oh, shush. You're so wound up.

Loosen up for once," Candice walked over to her and stood in front of her, putting her hands on her hips lightly. "So let's do it.

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It'll be our little secret. You know I won't tell," She promised. "I…I don't know," Dani bit her lip as she looked over at X and Terrence. "Don't…don't tell anyone. Or I swear I will get you both," She threatened. "You know I'm not gonna tell anyone, Dani," X said. "I won't either," Terrence announced. Dani looked between the three of them and noticed how hot she felt. She wasn't sure why but she did want to know what it was like to be played with by someone else.

"Can we at least go inside and do this?


I don't feel comfortable doing it outside," She said, and everyone obliged. They grabbed their sodas and their clothes, heading inside the house. The boys moved the coffee table in the living room to the corner of the living room as Dani went upstairs and grabbed a towel from the linen closet.

Heading back downstairs, she laid it neatly on the ground before sitting down. Terrence sat on the love seat in the living room, and X situated himself in the single recliner. Candice sat down across from Dani and smiled softly, gently running a hand over Dani's soft brown hair. "I won't be all rough, I promise. Unless you're into that," She joked, and Dani chuckled lowly before Candice leaned in and kissed her softly.

It was the first time Dani ever kissed a girl in a sexual manner ever—she had kissed her mother or aunt before, but in a family manner, usually on the cheek.

But she had never kissed like this, and Candice's soft lips were doing something to Dani that she would have never expected. The girls' kiss was innocent at best, and Candice seemed to be focused on taking her time.

With time the kiss grew deeper, and Candice grabbed Dani's chin as her tongue slowly slipped between her friend's lips. Dani knew how to French kiss, so her tongue naturally swirled and mingled with Candice's, the erotic gesture slowly making her aroused.

As they pulled away, Candice softly licked Dani's lips as she smiled, pecking them slowly before laying her back against the towel.

Candice took off her own clothes first, untying the bottom of her bikini before tossing it to the floor. Dani looked down and examined the mound between Candice's shapely thighs. She didn't have a camel toe like she did, but it seemed soft and inviting, even with the small tuft of hair that sat near Candice's slit.

Candice then slipped off her bikini top, letting her breasts bounce out of the top. Dani couldn't believe the body that Candice had and it seemed even more amazing without clothes.

Her breasts were full and round, her areolas dark and her nipples hard. Candice then reached down and tried to help Dani out of her bathing suit, pulling the straps down over her shoulders. Dani's breasts soon came into view. "Wow," Candice grinned at the sight of Dani's breasts—they were not as big as Candice's but nonetheless full, with chestnut brown areolas and hard, perky nipples.

Candice leaned down and let her tongue swirl around Dani's right nipple, flicking her tongue back and forth against it slowly. Dani whimpered softly, even more turned on than before as Candice sucked and licked on her nipples, alternating back and forth as she slid the bathing suit down Dani's toned stomach.

Dani glanced upward and she bit her lip as she noticed Terrence and X watching intently. Terrence was already gripping and grabbing at the bulge in his red and black basketball shorts. Candice kissed down Dani's stomach before running her tongue around her navel, making Dani giggle as her face reddened.

Candice smiled warmly before kissing her navel, lifting up Dani's hips to rid her of the bathing suit once and for all. Dani was completely bare now, and Candice smirked at the fact that Dani's puffy lips were already protruding and slightly glistening with wetness.

"You're already horny," Candice quietly observed before parting Dani's legs open, the wet sound of her pussy lips parting quietly echoing throughout the living room. Candice took in the sweet yet musky smell of Dani's anticipation, and she leaned in and gently kissed against her pussy. Dani moaned softly as she felt Candice's tongue wiggle against her now exposed slit, gasping when Candice wrapped her thick lips around her clit.

Dani squirmed slightly as she looked upwards, seeing Terrence now masturbating—his dick wasn't as long as X's but it was definitely toe-to-toe in thickness. He stroked himself slowly as he bit his lip, and Dani seemed to like the idea of being watched now. Dani had never liked talking about sex, but she had fantasies galore…being watched was a to-do that she could cross off the list.

Her head snapped back to Candice when she felt the girl's tongue slowly prod inside of her entrance, and she let out a cooing moan as she tilted her head back, closing her eyes. Candice continued to lick and lap at Dani's insides, letting her tongue catch the sweet juices that seemed to ooze out of the girl by the passing moment. She was totally into the moment, and so was Dani as she played with her own breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples.

She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling her clit twitch slightly when she heard the soft grunts and groans from the boys. She opened her eyes and she looked over, and there was X again, stroking himself as he watched the two girls enjoy themselves. Dani couldn't believe she was turning him on, and part of her was happy about it. "Ooh fuck," Dani moaned out as she felt Candice's tongue stiffen inside of her, watching as Candice's head moved back and forth, her tongue stroking inside of Dani's little pussy.

She couldn't believe she was being tongue fucked by another girl, but the feeling was amazing. Even more, she loved that the boys were watching them. Candice pulled away from Dani's pussy and licked her lips before tilting her head, that same knowing smile on her face. Dani furrowed her eyebrows as she waved X over. X raised an eyebrow and walked over, getting on his knees next to Candice before she tapped his cheek.

He opened his mouth, and she slipped two of her manicured fingers into the boy's mouth. He softly licked and sucked on her fingers before she took them out, slipping them inside of Dani's pussy.

"Oh my God," Dani gasped softly as Candice gestured behind her, and X moved behind her before he buried his face into Candice's pussy, eating her from behind. Dani's thighs shook softly at the sight, looking up as she watched Terrence closely. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Dani gently waved him over, and he made his way over to her before he leaned down and began to suck on her nipple.

His tongue passionately flicked against her nipple as he sucked, using his other hand to gently fondle her unattended breast. Dani was surprised at how he seemed to want to tend to her pleasure. After a while, he pulled away before he leaned up and kissed her softly, his tongue slowly slipping into her mouth. Dani allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as their mouths meshed and moved rhythmically, her moans getting lost into his mouth as Candice continued to finger her pussy, her mouth wrapped around Dani's clit firmly.

Before long Terrence pulled away from Dani's lips and sat up on his knees, gently stroking his dick. Dani bit her lip before sitting up on her elbows, leaning over before she wrapped her mouth around his thick and meaty length.

He was a little bit of a hassle to handle, but Dani was so into the moment that she made herself take him into her mouth. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth at the same speed that Candice fingered her, her thighs shaking every time Candice's moans surged and vibrated through her sensitive clit.

The clearest groans came from Terrence, who was thoroughly enjoying the warmth and wetness of Dani's mouth. The four seemed to be getting it on pretty well—Dani quietly sucked and jerked at Terrence's dick as Candice pleasured her pussy, and X sat behind Candice, licking and slurping away at her own wetness. But before long, Candice halted everyone's movement and they moved the positions around.

Candice got down onto the towel and laid back as X kneeled by her head, prepared now to give her a dick to the face. "You wanna eat my pussy, Dani?" She asked sweetly, and Dani bit her lip slowly. "What if I do it wrong…?" Dani worried, and Candice giggled. "Just do it like I did. And don't afraid to nibble on my clit.I love that shit, mama," She grinned, before Dani nestled herself between her friend's legs. She felt Terrence positioned behind her, and Dani gasped as she felt Terrence's warm and thick tongue inside of her.

She leaned down and closed her eyes, letting her tongue slowly play with Candice. Dani could hear her moan, and she figured she was doing it correctly. Terrence had given Dani the vibe that he loved giving head to girls, and he was proving it correct—his tongue was licking at Dani's cunt as if he would never eat again, and he gently held onto her ass cheeks as he spread them apart, keeping his face deep within her privates.

Dani moaned as she got into Candice, trying to mimic Terrence's cadences as her tongue slowly licked and teased every inch of her friend.

Her eyes glanced up and she watched as X stroked into Candice's mouth, and she gasped against Candice's pussy as she realized that X was basically fucking her n the mouth. Their eyes met, and she grow wetter at the look on his face. "Fuck…keep eating that pussy," X mumbled, and Dani could feel her walls clamp down against Terrence's tongue. She was so excited that she could barely contain herself, and she obliged to his request.

She slipped her tongue inside Candice, and moved her head back and forth, using what she learned and observed earlier. She gasped loudly when Terrence pulled his tongue out of her, smacking her ass before squeezing it with his strong hand. She squeezed her eyes shut as his nails dug into her skin, but her eyes popped open when she felt his tongue slowly and purposefully lick her ass hole.

She had never thought that Terrence would ever be one to rim a girl, but the sensation felt so great that she nearly climaxed right there. As weird as it felt though, she didn't stop him, and he continued to lick from the top of her clit to the rim of her ass and back again. Before long, Candice pulled back from X's length and pushed him away. "Y'all move—I want to show Dani one more thing," She said, and she pulled Dani up gently as Terrence pulled away.

The boys went back towards their seats, and Candice moved back into the dominant position on top again. "I've never done this before either…this will be new for us. I just…you're so sexy, and I want to try it," Candice pleaded. "Oh…okay," Dani shyly laid back against the towel, watching as Candice moved between her legs, lifting up one of them before she moved one of her legs to the side of Dani's body. Dani had seen a couple of lesbian porno movies to know what was coming next, and she was surprised that Candice wanted to try it.

Their pussies pressed together slowly once Candice brought her hips downward, and the feeling was enough to make Dani moan softly. They both moved their hips together, and the two girls moaned as their clits pressed and rubbed against one another. Dani reached up and gripped Candice's breasts, rubbing and massaging them as Candice continued to rock her hips, tilting her head back as she let out a moan.

"You feel so fucking good," Candice whined as Dani flicked her thumbs across her nipples quickly. Their hips moved faster and faster, and Dani looked up, seeing the boys in their own zone, groaning and grunting as they began to climax at the scene before them.


Candice was pretty much bouncing on Dani now, and for every moment that their pussies smacked together, the two girls let out louder and louder screams of pleasure. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking cum," Dani breathlessly announced, and Candice halted her movements before she reached down and rubbed Dani's clit harshly and quickly. Dani moaned and squirmed, letting out a light scream as her orgasm took over, feeling herself cum all over Candice's fingers.

The room grew silent as Candice gently laid against Dani, slipping her wet fingers into Dani's mouth. Dani gasped at the sweet taste of herself and sucked softly on Candice's fingers as the boys were heavily breathing in the background.

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Candice smiled and kissed her friend's cheek before whispering in Dani's ear, "There. Now next time, you can stop being scared and just go fuck X." Dani blushed a bit and rolled her eyes before pecking Candice's lips.