Mom anal toy homemade Dont Sleep On Stepmom

Mom anal toy homemade Dont Sleep On Stepmom
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I hate road trips when I'm not driving.

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I love the road, but I was grounded on the way up to Jersey for my grades. I couldn't wait for the break, though. It was Christmas at the beach. The name's Joe. 6 foot, average everything, brown, blue eyes. I guess I'm average Joe. We're at the beach house, and I unpack my shit.

My room is outlooks the road along the lake beside the ocean, in the back of the house.

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I got a lot of privacy up here, and my parents never thought I did anything bad. I opened up my pc, updated my facebook, and set up my ps3. I had a little tv that I watched movies on with my ps3 when I had time to chill. I put in The Warriors, and passed out 20 minutes in. I woke up with Lisa sitting on my lap facing to my left, right on my dick.

I don't think she means to be sexual in any way. We never got passed kisses on the cheek, we were kids growing up. She was my sister's best friend's older sister. Lisa was my age, but we grew up like bros. We did every first together: teeth pulling, driving, and trying a beer.

We weren't troublemakers, but we weren't perfect either. She woke me up sitting on me slapping my neck lightly. "Hey beautiful." I said half-awake. She blushed, and got off and lay down next to me.

"How was the trip?" I said, rolling over facing her, closing my eyes again.

"Long. Thank God my phone was charged. Speaking of phones, why the fuck didn't you answer yours?" "Do I really need to answer that?" "Oh yeah. What'd you bring?" I tossed her my bag. It had some cool shit. "My pc and tv are out already, but I got plenty of fun packed up. Some is in my car right now." She gasped.

"I know, right? I was saving up forever just for us." She pulled out a large amount of weed in a ziploc. My buddy at school hooked me up. "Are you KIDDING ME?

This is bad Joe!" "You'll love it. Trust me." I had come to fully appreciate my upstairs room in the house. It was a converted outlook room, so it was isolated from the house and had windows on all four walls.

"I don't know… I don't wanna go dumb." "You won't. You trust me, right?" She nodded, and put the dank back in the bag. It was 5, so it was too early around the parents to do any illicit activities such as smoking.

However, I had dip too. My buddy at school loves me. I quickly drank a water bottle, and I pulled a tin out of the side pocket of my bag. Lisa was pissed. "That's so gross. Why do you do that shit?" "All guys do it.

You wanna try it? It's rougher than weed." "No. Absolutely not. No." She rambled on. I opened it up, snapped, and put in a pinch. I spat, and she kept looking through my bag. Mostly it was dvd's and toiletries, until she found my mini-pocket pussy. I thought I had that stashed away good. It was in a cut away pocket, next to my pipe, which she also found.

"Honestly? Honestly. Are you that desperate?" I didn't respond. She sat down next to me, held my hand, and said, "How bad is the depression?" She read my mind and ate it up, spat it out, and slapped me in the face with it. I wanted to cry, and I think I started to. I couldn't though, I had a lip in. I threw it away, and lay back down. She rubbed my forearm in pity. "I'm here. We've been through it all. I only see you over a couple of weeks or so, but we do all the hard stuff together.

Let's get through this. Throw something away now." I didn't hesistate. I opened the window next to me, and chucked the tin into the tributary, hoping it would wash into the ocean. "I've been talking to my counselor since August about it. She said drugs would be the worst thing to do since college is around the corner. So, I've basically been a hermit since school started." "That blows.

You'll survive." "Yeah. Wanna go to the boardwalk?" "Yeah. You got a sweatshirt I can wear?" I gave her my football team hoodie and we went out. I grabbed my bag, wallet, phone, and keys, and went downstairs and out. We went to the little shop two blocks down, got knockoff starbucks, and sat on a bench. I put my arm around her like the good brother I am to her, because I was one. Then I kissed her on the cheek like a friend.

She was the coolest person ever.


After dinner we went upstairs, and with my sister Kelly and her Lisa's sister Natalie, we started to watch Anchorman. We decided on rooms that Lisa would take the bed upstairs, I get the aero bed, and the other two get the kids' room.

Lisa and I would get to chill. And do other stuff. Kelly and Nat go downstairs to set up and probably sleep, and I turn off the TV. "So." I said. "So." Lisa replied. I motioned towards the bag, and she shrugged, rubbed her elbow, and shook her head. "You trust me?" She didn't make a move. I took out my piece, packed it, and pulled out a lighter. I walked over to the window, and said, "Please." She walked over, and made me go first. I took a big first hit, exhaled out the window, and sighed.

"Mmm?" I sounded, pipe outstretched to her. She grabbed it, and asked me to light it. "Try to suck in the flame. Once you've sucked enough, inhale through your nose. That'll be easy for you." She coughed her first time, but tried again, breathed out the window, and smiled. "I'm not high." "Wait." I took another two hits, handed it over, and helped her. "Keep going." She took two hits, and said no more. "Okay. You good?" I asked.

She giggled, and closed her eyes, shook her head hard, and stopped. "WHOA." She was obviously loving the high. She fell back on the bed, and laughed real hard. "Shhhh!" I whispered. "Oh shit! Sorryyyy." She whispered. She couldn't handle it. I was being a little more subtle. I blew up the aero mattress, and she laughed hysterically as it blew up.

I motioned the kill sign to her, and she finally stopped. I lay down on her bed fully supine, and she cuddled up next to me, giggling. I kissed up and down her arms, on her head, and her stomach. She was crazy ticklish, so she was going insane. I put a finger to her lips to help her crazed mind stop. I had no idea what I was doing. "What are you doing?" She asked. I turned my back to her, and she whimpered. I looked back, and she giggled uncontrollably.

I got off her bed, jumped onto the aero bed, and passed out. I got out of bed. Lisa was there, snoring away. I grabbed some clothes, walked into the bathroom next door, and turned on the shower. I got naked, tossed my body wash into the shower, and got in. I was lathering up, and I heard Lisa get out of bed. "Oh my GOD!" She galloped across the hall, knocked on the door, and opened it, no lock guarding my way. "That was awesome Joe!" "You mind?" I didn't hear the door close, rather she was undressing herself.

"Lisa?" She got into the shower, nude. "What—Lisa!" She was so hot. Her tits were better than I had ever imagined, perfectly in between too much and too little. Her ass was amazing too, which I had noticed before. I had never been too concerned with because she was my best friend.

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I was erect already. "Dude. Really? We're friends." Lisa said, anotice to my erection. "You're hot.

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Sorry." "Aww. Let me help." "Whaaa—" She lubed up my dick with Old Spice body washed, and started to beat me off under the water. She wasn't too bad, and she started to finger herself. "Lisa?" "What? It's only a handy.

What's wrong with that? I had to repay for last night. That was the best thing ever." She picked up the pace. I straightened up, and grunted. I was close. "Shit, Sh—fu—nearly—there." She slowed down gradually, and stopped.

She pushed me to the back of the shower, and bent over. She wanted to fuck. "Lisa, are you sure?" "Do you trust me?" "Fuck you. Honestly? Have you had sex before?" "No." "Well it's gonna hurt then.

Did you break yourself already?" "Maybe. With a vibrator." "And I'm the bad guy with the pocket toy." I rubbed my dick up and down her slit, and eased in a bit.

"Are you sure?" "You're in already, go for it." I pushed in, and gained a rhythm. I went in and out. She was so hot and tight, it was ten times better than the toy. She started to fuck back, and I could not take my eyes off her ass. It was the best ass ever. I slowed and gained pace randomly, and she squealed when I went in fully. She rolled her hips a bit, which was so hot. "You're so good at this." I said. "Porn helps." She replied. I grabbed her hips harder gained more pace, and inched closer and closer to coming.

"Where do you want me to come?" "Don't." She stopped, got out of the shower, and grabbed a towel. "What's up?" I asked.


"Come on." She lay across the floor mat, legs up. I got out, stepped in between her legs, dried up, and kneeled. I centered her, lined myself up, and reentered. I put my hands on the floor near her shoulders. I looked her dead in the eyes, and she shut them, whispered a coo, and gasped.

I started kissing her neck, sucked on her nipples, and kissed her where I could, besides her lips. I brought my head back up, started pumping harder, and asked, "Where?" "Just do it." "Are you sure?" "Come on, don't be a puss." She shot back. I sped up to full speed, and exploded.

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My cum excited her so much she came right after I did. The rush on my dick felt great. It was the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced. "Wow." She said. We both stood up, and grabbed our clothes. I gave her my new shirt and underpants, and put my shorts on. I grabbed her shoulder from behind, turned her around, and kissed her, finally. Comment and rate. If it's too short, let me know.