Hawt milf twats ready to gangbang

Hawt milf twats ready to gangbang
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The Gymnast, My Sister & Mom Let me give you a little back ground first. My Dad was a collegiate track star and my Mother was a top college gymnast who just missed going to the Olympics.

They met in college and were married when they both graduated. They had two children, my sister and me. My Dad is a Doctor and my Mother teaches gymnastics to young 6 to 15 year old girls who aspire to becoming Olympic champions.

We live in the suburbs of Los Angeles on a five acre horse ranch. My Dad built Mom a big gym with a sauna, showers and bathrooms to accommodate a dozen people. We have three horses a pony and two dogs. My sister who recently turned 14 is the spitting image of my Mom. Sis is 5'2" and weighs about 101 lbs. Mom is 5'3" and weighs about 110. My Dad is 6'1" and weighs approximately 190lbs and is getting a little thick around the middle.

As for me I will be 16 next month. I'm 5'10" and weigh 160lbs. My mother started my sister in gymnastics when she was six. She is really good at tumbling, balance beam, and floor exercises.

She is the most flexible person I have ever known except for an Indian rubber man we saw at a carnival. She could do splits, bend over backwards and touch the floor with her feet still on the ground and could sit with both legs straight up with her feet behind her neck, awesome. I was only a fair gymnast with my specialty being the rings.

I worked out with weights so that I could do the necessary requirements for the rings. I'm also a camera bug. I like to take pictures of people and animals. My Dad gave me a Polaroid when I was ten. I use to take all kinds of pictures of the girls who came to work out with my Mom, the ranch and our animals. My Story really begins when I was twelve. I caught my sister taking a shower when she had left the door open a crack. We had a rule in our house that if the door was closed you had to knock and wait to be asked to come in.

Anyway I had to pee and I walked into the bathroom. She was in the shower and I could see her thru the glass. I went back to my room and got my camera and went back to the bathroom just as she was getting out of the shower. I leaned in and took a picture and ran back to my room. As soon as the picture developed I took a good look at it.

She had no hair around her pussy and her little tits were just buds with tiny little nipples. She told Mom and I got hell for it. Mom tore up the picture and took my camera away. For some reason I could not get the picture of my naked sister out of my head and I started looking at her in a different way.

I even began looking at Moms body and became aware of how great she looked. She had small but firm tits, a nice butt and legs. I started thinking what she would look like naked. That Christmas my Dad gave me a digital camera. I was delighted and took pictures of everybody I came in contact with. My first sexual experience was just after I was fourteen. My job was to make sure the bathrooms and the sauna were kept clean each day. This one evening about eight o'clock I went to the gym to clean.

It was dark except for the light in the sauna. I started to turn on the gym lights when I heard this moaning coming from the sauna. I walked over and peeked in and to my astonishment there were two of the gymnast in a sixty nine position eating each other. I grabbed my camera which I was never without and began to take pictures.

They must have heard the clicking because they both sat upright. I continued to take pictures of their faces tits and twats. They cried Oh Bobby (that is my name) please don't tell. Your Mom will kick us out of the program. Well I said "What will you do for me?" The one named Jennifer said we will do anything you want if you promise not to tell anyone.

I said OK I want to fuck both of you and you have to each give me a blow job. I really didn't think they would do it. I just heard some of the guys at school talk about getting a blow job and fucking some girls so I thought I'd give it a shot.

To my surprise Jennifer answered what would you like first? I said, well why don't you suck my cock first and then I'll fuck Margaret (that was the other girls name) then I'll fuck you followed by her sucking my cock.

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I had no idea what I was asking. I just said what came to my head. Jennifer reached over and undid my belt letting my pants drop to the floor. I had a big hard on from watching them eat each other's pussy. She pulled down my boxer's and took hold of my cock that was just under seven inches. My she said that's a nice one and proceeded to put it into her mouth. My god I couldn't believe how warm her mouth felt on my cock.

She began to move my cock in and out of her mouth. I kept jumped a little because her teeth were scrapping the sides. It didn't take long before I felt that feeling coming on just like when I would jack off. I didn't think to tell her I was about to cum, I just grabbed her head and shoved my cock in as far as it would go and exploded into the back of her throat.

She started choking and spitting as much of it as she could but she had swallowed quit a bit on that first shot. Christ she said, you could have told me that you were Cuming. Sorry I just couldn't hold back it felt so good. She smiled and said OK. I still had a hard on and said OK, Margaret it's your turn. Margaret had the better figure of the two. She was already naked and had these really nice round tits. Her nipples were sticking out about a ¼ inch from watching Jennifer suck my cock.

She lay back on the bench and opened her legs letting me see a nice crop of brown soft pussy hair. I leaned down and she took hold of my cock and guided into her pussy.

I damn neat came she was so wet and the inside of her cunt was hot like putting it into real warn water. I began to pump my cock in and out of her fuck hole. At 16 she was no virgin and took all I had. Within five minuets I felt my balls well up and I told her I was going to cum.

She said, that's ok go ahead and cum because she was on the pill. After hearing that I really started plunging in and out of her wonderful wet glory hole with my rock hard cock. I whispered, Oh god I'm cummmming and I let lose a load of my spunk deep inside my first pussy. I think in spite of already Cumming once I spilled at least a 1/8 of a pint into her. We just laid there with my cock inside that wonderful hot cavity for about ten minutes before I began to subside.

Margaret said that she enjoyed my fucking her and that she would have to do it again some time. I heard my Mother calling me and I said we will have to continue this tomorrow night. They both giggled and said it's our secret right.

Right I said. I got up early the next morning and went into the gym and cleaned it before Mom's classes started. I was glad I did because there was some cum on the sauna seat. As I was walking out of the sauna I saw my sister Rachel come into the gym and began to change into her leotards. I backed into the sauna and peeked out thru the door.

She removed her dress, braw (a training braw) and her panty's. I could see she looked a lot different than the time I had taken the picture. She was getting a nice crop of peach fuzz over her little twat. Her tits were starting to form nicely, I suddenly got mad at myself because here I was getting a hard on over my baby sister. As soon as she went into the toilet I snuck out. That afternoon Moms class was in full swing. I came in and took a couple of pictures of the girls doing their acrobatics.

I got a real good one of Rachel doing a double layout on the mat and another of a girl doing a flip on the balance beam. The best one tuned out to be of a fourteen year old on the mat.

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She had done a flip and cart wheel ending with a split. When I viewed it later I was rewarded with the fact her leotard had pulled over reveling her shaved snatch.


Believe me I got some use out of that one over the next six months. I think I must have jacked off two dozen times looking at it.

After lunch I went back to the gym. Jennifer and Margaret were there working out.

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I sat and watched them go thru their routine. Jennifer was the better of the two. I think Margaret's tits were getting in the way. She was about a "C or D" cup. When they took a break the girls came over and Jennifer grabbed my crotch and said, "You still owe me a fuck and Margaret a BJ.

Same time same place? I grinned like a Hyena and said yes. As they walked away I saw my sister Rachel looking at me. I thought, Oh shit, if she saw and tells were all in trouble. Before I could get out of there she came over and asked, what was that all about? I said "What" You know perfectly well what I mean, you and Jennifer.

I don't know what you're talking about; She just asked me if there were any cokes available. She just looked at me and walked away. After dinner I told Mom I was going to the Gym to get it ready for tomorrow. Jennifer and Margaret were already there and were doing some heavy petting. I sat between them and started kissing and playing with their tits. I fondled and rubbed Margaret's nipples until I turned and put one of Jennifer's tits in my mouth.

I could get the whole thing in and I rubbed her nipples with my tongue. Margaret took my dick out and put it in her mouth. She was a much better cock sucker than Jennifer.

She must have had a lot of experience because she was able to take the whole length and when she sucked I felt like she was going to suck my inside out.

I came in a matter of minutes. She took the whole load without losing a drop, swallowing it all. Jennifer said "OK it's my turn, but first I want you to eat my pussy. Boy I wasn't prepared for that because I had never done that before and was not sure if I wanted too. She laid back and spread her legs with her knees up in the air. She had a shave pussy and I reached over and slid my finger into her pouch and preceded to finger fuck her until she had an orgasm. I took my finger and smelled it and tasted it to see if I wanted to continue.

She had a slight pungent odder and she tasted a little salty but not bad at all. I bent down and parted her lips and the inside was a nice pink color. I kissed her outer lips and then buried my face between them sticking my tongue in her hole as far as I could. I kind of circled her pussy insides with it.

Then I began to lick her up and down her pussy, sliding my tongue over the upper part of her slit which caused her to jerk and begin to moan. Seeing the reaction it made me lick that spot even more. The more I licked there the louder she moaned. She grabbed my head and buried my face as deep into her pussy as she could make it go and screamed, OH fuck yes, Bobby, that's it Oh christ yessss, yesssssss.

I could hardly breath she held me so tight. I felt a warm liquid spill out of her pussy into my mouth, cheeks and chin. When she finally let go I began to lick her clean. She came again not as much but she shoved her ass up hard when she did. I felt Like king Kong.

Here I was eating my first pussy, fucking my first two pussies and I was only fourteen. I moved up and took Jennifer's tit in my mouth swallowing it all. I tickled her nipple with the end of my tongue and started sucking as I put my stiff rod into her pussy. She started moaning and shoving her ass up to meet my down strokes. She was tighter than Margaret but just as juicy so I could easily slid in and out of her.

For the first time I was able to hold off awhile by fucking her with long easy strokes. We fucked for about fifteen minuets before I came. I think she came several times by the way she would grab my ass and hold me tight against her for a few seconds each time.

I was going to lay there with my dick inside her pussy like I did with Margaret the night before but Margaret had different Ideas. She rolled me off Jennifer and took my dick into her mouth and began to suck. When I got good and hard again she straddled me and sat down on my cock letting it slid all the way inside her. Again I couldn't believe how wet she was.

She already had pussy juice running out of her cunt and down her leg onto my stomach. She began to rotate her hips allowing me to slide easily inside her hot box. She fucked me like that for close to a half an hour Cumming at least half a dozen times.

My abdomen and stomach were coated with her juices. When we were through and they had left I started to clean the sauna and gym. I herd the side door to the gym close so I went to the window and saw my sister enter the house. I wondered if she had seen us and if so how much. When I came into the house Rachel never said anything to me but she did look at me kind of funny. The following morning Saturday Dad was out mowing the lawn with his automotive lawn mower.

Mom & Rachel were in the Gym where Mom was giving a lecture. After going to the bathroom I walked by Mom & Dads bedroom. The door was ajar so I went in and looked around.

I went thru their drawers, looked at some of Moms underwear but didn't find anything of real interest. I went into their big walk end closet and looked around.

I found a box with some pictures in it. I got real interested when I saw some of them were of Mom naked. Evidently Dad had taken them when they were in college. She was posing in a number of different posses. However one especially caught my eye. She was squatting with a full frontal view. Her hairless pussy was looking directly at the camera and I began to get hard as I stared at her lovely cunt and perfectly round tits.

She was smiling and it seemed like she was inviting you to look and look I did. In fact I stole the picture and took it to my room and master bated until I came. For the next six months I was either master bating or fucking Jennifer or Margaret or both.

One Saturday night just before I turned sixteen my folks went to a concert in town. They told us they were staying over night at Dads townhouse in the city.

My dad stays there Monday thru Thursday and comes home for the weekend on Friday. The town house was just a block from the hospital where he worked.


Anyway I had been watching television in our living room when I had to pee, so I got up and went to the bathroom. As I walked by Rachel's door I heard this low moan coming from her room. I went ahead and relieved myself. On my way back I put my ear to her door and I could hear this very soft moaning. I new I shouldn't but I quietly opened her door since none of them had locks, only we had this unwritten rule that you always knock before interring.

I peeked in and what I saw floored me. My knees got weak and my cock started to harden. There was my sister stark naked sitting in the middle of the floor with her legs straight up and feet behind her neck eating her own pussy. What a sight. I closed the door and sprinted to my bedroom and got my camera. I snuck back and opened the door. She was still at it, licking and sucking her own cunt.

She started a climax just as I took the picture and I heard her murmur ohhhhh,Ummmmm. I moved to a position in front of her and took another picture.

She heard the click and looked up and I took another picture with her face covered in her own pussy juices and her cunt starring at the camera. "YOU SON OF A BITCH" she screamed. How dare you come into my room like that! Then she started to cry saying she was so humiliated. I suppose your going to tell Mom and Dad now?

If you do I'll never speak to you again in my whole life. And besides I'll tell Mom you're fucking two of her students Jennifer and Margaret." I sat down next to her and put my arm around her and told her not to worry we could work it out. I reached down and began to rub her very wet pussy. She grabbed my hand and said what you think your doing. I looked her right in the eye and said I'm going to fuck you sis.

She stammered "you're what?" I pushed her flat on her back and kissed her. She resisted at first and then I felt her relax and she parted her lips and let my tongue enter. I started massaging her breast and kneading her nipple and then leaned down and took it into my mouth sucking and kissing her areola and her nipple. I moved my hand between her legs and put a finger into her pussy. Rachel whispered Oh Bobby we can't, we shouldn't its wrong and as I began to finger fuck her hole she added but it feels so good.

I felt her stiffen from her climaxed. I moved my finger up and across her clit and I swear she shoved her little pussy right at my finger and sent it back inside her as far as it would go. I slid down between her legs and proceeded to kiss and tongue her sopping pussy.

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Oh Bobby you make me cum so quick she purred. I reached down and undid my pants and pushed them along with my under pants down to my ankles. I took my cock and slid the end of it into the entrance of her hole. Boy was she sight. If she hadn't been so wet I don't think I could have gotten in. I pushed a little harder and I entered about two inches into her.


I reached under her butt and got a little of her pussy juice's and put it back onto her hole. I went another inch before I felt her hymen. I told her to suck in her breath because I might hurt her. I then shoved down as hard as I could. There was a moment's pause and then her hymen tour open and I entered all I had into that tight little hole, and we were belly to belly.

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She screamed christ Bobby that hurt like hell. I waited about a full minute and then I began to pump my cock in and out of her love spot. I was so close to Cumming so I began to talk.

How do you do that sis, you know eat yourself? She said remember when we went to that carnival and saw that Indian rubber man? Ya, what about it. Well I watched how he was able to contort himself into all those positions and when I got home I began to practice it.

About a year ago I got in the position that you saw me in and my face was right next to my vagina.

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I could smell the pungent odor it gave off so I reached out with my tongue and licked myself. Bobby, you have no idea how good it felt. I had my first orgasm that way.

I like it so much I started doing it every night before I go to bed. I never thought about fucking until I saw you fucking those girls. Ever since then I have fantasized letting you do what you're doing to me right now. I continued to slide in and out of her with long slow strokes like I had learned from Jennifer. I felt her cum twice more before I felt my balls begin to swell up. I started pumping faster and harder in and out of that glory hole.

Rachel started shouting, yessss Bobby, fuck me harder oh god I'm going to cum again Yessss Bobby, Bobby, don't stop oh yessssssssssssss. Just at the last moment before I shot my load I realized she had no protection and I yanked my cock out and shot my thick seaman all over her belly. I scrambled up and shoved my cock into her mouth as another gob shot out of my piss hole.

She choked but swallowed it as best she could. We laid like that with my cock in her mouth as we fell asleep. I woke up about one o'clock with Rachel straddling me and my cock deep inside her belly. She was rotating her ass and hips and my cock was so deep I could feel the tip against her uterus. Just as I was about to cum I heard her murmuring, Oh Bobby I can't stop Cuming and I can't stop fucking you, I feel so wonderful. I said you better stop I'm about to cum inside you. She said that's ok, I took one of Moms birth control pills while you were sleeping.

About that time I could hold back no longer and I shoved my cock up into her and exploded. I fucked her two more times before we fell asleep. That morning we ate each other and tasted our own juices. Just before we got up to eat breakfast Rachel said, I don't care if it is a sin I hope we will be able to fuck like this for the rest of our lives. Well I don't see why not I told her. (Continued) all rights reserved to the author