Beautie picked up for sex in public

Beautie picked up for sex in public
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Chapter 2 Without uttering a word to each other, they instantly knew what they had to do to protect themselves from the wrath of their parents. Jade, working quickly, picked up all of her clothing, and ran for the stairs, hoping that the two intruders wouldn't find her in such revealing clothing, especially with her brother being almost as naked as her.

Not moving nearly as quickly as his sister, all Tommy could do was sit panicked and think, 'SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! (etc. etc.).' He looked around quickly, he found exactly how he could explain all the flower petals, the low lit lights, and the fact that his dick was sticking out of his pants, while at full mast.

'NO! DO NOT DO THAT! ANYTHING BUT THAT! WE'LL HAVE TO GO TO THEREPY FOR THAT,' Tommy's genitals shouted in full force, knowing what his rational side was thinking. 'Please! Anything but that!' 'Sorry ol' chum, but it has to be done,' his rational side rang back. 'Trust me, I don't like it any more than you do, but it'll be the easiest way to explain it.' Tommy, ignoring his bickering extremities, quickly flipped on the television and scanned all the nearby channels he could, praying he could find what he was looking for in time.

"Geez," he heard his step-mom Linda saying from the hallway leading into the living room, "You'd think that you two were trying to lead your father and I into a cheesy romance movie. What's with all the rose petals? " "Maybe our children are romancing each other," Tommy's dad retorted with a chuckle. Tommy's heart froze, praying that his dad wasn't serious. While he continued to scan for what he was looking for, a small part of his brain played through possible scenarios if his parents did find their children's new secret lust for each other.

He came to these two conclusions: A) He and his sister would be cast out of the house to fend for themselves.

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They would be humiliated, and everyone would look down upon them for their transgressions. The only thing they could do would be to go to the deep South, where such a thing was common, and in fact, welcomed; or- B) His parents would be way too cool with the situation, and be supportive of such strange actions. If such a thing were to happen, perhaps the parents would be interested in joining the fun their kids were having. Suddenly, Tommy nearly had an aneurism, not knowing which in fact would be the worst outcome.

The only thing keeping him from being the first ever case of death by imaginary scenarios was the love he had for Jade, and the love he had for Jade's curves. So deep in thought, Tommy nearly missed the exact thing he was looking for.

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With being nearly eighteen, Tommy, much like many his age, had a job. And with this job, he was afforded a bank account. And with said bank account, Tommy found himself in ownership of his very own debit card. Now, being without a girlfriend (at the time of said debit card ownership), but with a debit card, and being a very aggressively horny and constantly hard, Tommy had a subscription to a few premium porn sites.

He had found himself a kick ass multi-pass to a number of porn sites for a choice price. At his convenience, he could summon up any genre of porn he so desired. It was available on television, it was available online, he even had a private P.O. box so he could receive the latest issues of whichever kind of smut he wanted.

So, when he found himself being straddled by his amazingly beautiful step-sister (and potential girlfriend now), and his parents walking in the door hours before schedule, Tommy found that the only way to get out of this jam, would be to pretend that he had been jerking off to some porn on television. "Um……what the fuck is going on Tommy," Linda questioned, standing at the threshold of the living room, taking in a picture she never wanted to witness.

"Whoa whoa whoa! You guys are home way too early, and were never supposed to see this," Tommy shouted as he grabbed a pillow to keep himself decent. "J-just turn around! Stop looking!" Covering her eyes, "Well, I wouldn't have to stop looking or turn around if you weren't masturbating in my living room!" "DON'T SAY THAT WORD!" "What?

Masturbating," his step mother said, slightly confused. "YES! THAT WORD! DON'T SAY IT," Tommy was shouting, with his face growing redder. "Well, it's true, that's the word you kids use isn't it? Would you prefer I use one of your derogatory terms that nobody seems to think anyone over the age of 30 knows?" "What?!" "Would you prefer if I said that I wouldn't have to turn around if you weren't 'slapping the monkey'?" Blood quickly draining from his dick and rushing to his face, Tommy dropped his pillow and clamped his ears shut.

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"Dear God, woman! That's even more vile!" "Well?! You leave me no choice!" "Whoa whoa whoa now. I'm not accustomed to hearing an open discussion about my two favorite past times, so, forgive me when I am confused as hell as to what you two are talking about." Tommy's dad stepped up behind his new wife, rubbing her shoulders reassuringly trying to put her mind at ease.

Then his eyes drifted to look upon what his wife had stumbled into. Unable to control himself, Tommy's father started laughing. Clutching his stomach, he roared with laughter, completely taken by how odd and surreal it was to walk in on his son masturbating out in the open. "You know what? Since you find it so funny, why don't you talk to your son.

I'll be upstairs," Linda started to turn and walk away, but before she started up the stairs, she stepped back to her husband and whispered, a little too loud for Tommy's preferences, "You'd better hurry your ass upstairs, I'm still ready to finish what we started," as she smacked her husband on the ass.

'Well, that definably explains where Jade gets it from. And puts to rest the mystery of the grunting noises keeping us up til five in the morning,' Tommy's rational side said, making as much light of the situation as possible. 'While it puts the goddamn puzzle together for you, I hope you know that I'm never getting fully erect.

EVER. AGAIN," said Tommy's genitals. All Tommy could do was shake his head and die a little on the inside. After pecking her on the cheek, Tommy's dad walked over and plopped beside Tommy on the couch, eyes locked with the television. Not looking away he started to speak, "I know you're a guy, Tom. And, all guys have the urge to 'bust a nut' every once in a while." "Oh God, dad! Do NOT ever use the terminology again!-" "But you have to realize," he continued," there's a time and a place for that.

The time can be any time you're in your bedroom with the door locked and the keyboard close enough to shut down any web browser you're perusing your naughty films on if someone does stumble upon you. The place&hellip.well, that's defiantly NOT in the living room. I mean, look," his arm made a sweeping gesture to the coffee table in front of them. "This is where we play Monopoly some nights! And I can tell you, if you knew what your new mom and I have done on this table&hellip.well, let's just say, you wouldn't be doing what you were doing so close to it." All Tommy could think of was his parents screwing on the coffee table, with the whole family playing Monopoly as well.

This thought, also, made him die a little more on the inside, and left his face firmly in a position of utter disgust. "So, next time, just& more careful. And don't go through all the trouble to romance yourself. I know it's fun to set the mood, but the petals were a bit much. You don't have to worry about yourself putting out. Also, I didn't know you were into transgender porn! It's awesome that we have similar taste in spank material." Tommy looked up, not knowing what the hell his dad was talking about, and nearly gasped in horror to see that he had accidentally chosen a channel dedicated to acts of sex performed solely by transgendered persons.

He didn't realize that he could be this embarrassed in life&hellip.until he looked over to see his father's arm outstretched to give him a fist bump. It being clear that his dad wouldn't leave until he got the fist bump he wanted, Tommy raised his hand with extreme displeasure, and lightly tapped his fathers knuckles with his own. Once Tommy's father received his moment of father/son bonding, he skipped away singing loudly, "I'm gonna go have sex now! I'm gonna go have sex now!" Tommy, only buried his face in his hands and groaned loudly, pulling his face away only when his dad spoke to him again.

"Also, Tom, I know it's been awhile since, well, that whole May debacle. But, you have to move on from her. I know it's been tough, you know, with the divorce and that she-bitch dumping you, but, you'll find someone to 'take care of you', I know it." A little touched by his father's moment of tenderness, he was left wide open to be appalled once more when after turning to thank his father for his moment of solace when his father suddenly smiled and shouted, "Now, it's time for me to fuck my wife!

Have fun kiddo!" As his dad leapt up the stairs, taking them two at a time, Tommy felt himself about ready to throw up on everything Exorcist style. Managing to hold it all in, Tommy collected himself, putting his, now fully flaccid penis back into his pants, turning the television off, and picking up the rose petals and throwing them away. Tommy climbed the stairs, and passed his parent's room, plugging his ears so not to hear them bumping uglies.

He was about to enter his own room and take in everything that has transpired for the day, when he looked over and saw that Jade's bedroom door was wide open, with her sitting on her bed, laptop in front of her, changed back into a tank top and shorts, with her head in her hands. Tommy knew how she must have been feeling at the time and walked toward her, making sure not to make any noise. "Hey," Tommy said to Jade softly, taking care not to make her jump. "Hey," she replied, not moving from her position or even looking at Tommy.

"So&hellip.," Tommy started. "If you want to pretend like that never happened or just forget about what I told you, that's okay, I'd understand." Baffled, Tommy replied, "Why in the hell would I want to do that?" "Well, it might not be in our best interest to do anything about what we did today. I mean, we could be caught and either our parents would disown us, or, knowing how their more horny than a couple of rabbits, they might want to join in on us, and I just don't think that you want to go through something like that." She finally turned to look at him, tears starting to form in her eyes.

Without responding, Tommy turned around, walked to the door, closed it, and firmly locked it, then started to walk back. "Wh-why did you do that," Jade asked, making sure not to let any hope drip into her question. "So our parents don't walk in on us when I do this," without letting her respond, Tommy leaned down and kissed Jade on the mouth with as much passion and love as he possibly could. Letting his kiss say everything, Jade knew, at that moment, that no matter what, Tommy would never leave her, consequences be damned.

She let herself be taken by her step brother's love, as he let his hands creep beneath her legs, and lift her effortlessly into him, locking her legs behind his back and embracing one another even deeper.

Looking for a better hand hold to keep his sister attached to him, Tommy's hands lowered themselves to Jade's tightly formed ass, grasping each of her supple cheeks, massaging them. Jade thrust her hips at Tommy as best she could while trying not to make him lose his balance. Without thinking, Tommy bit down on Jade's collar bone, causing Jade to thrust and moan a little too hard and a little too loudly, causing Tommy to collapse onto the bed, Jade on top of him.

They both laughed at each other, both infatuated with each other, both incredibly happy. With Jade still atop Tommy, he slid his arm around her back, and flipped the both of them, leaving Jade on her back and her breath taken away by Tommy's boldness.

Tommy teased at Jade's lips, almost kissing them, but always pulling away, driving her insane. She tried to sneak her lips up to Tommy's, but he was too fast for her, chuckling at her feeble attempts to taste him on her lips again.


Getting fed up with being teased, she grabbed Tommy by the back of the head, and forced a kiss onto him. Responding with enthusiasm, he let his tongue slip into her mouth, and dance with her own. As his mouth was occupied with Jade's, Tommy let his right hand slide down to her navel, lifting her shirt up to the bottom of her breasts.

His hand gently brushed against her sides, and across her stomach. Tommy allowed his hand to sneak their way up to Jade's breasts, and started teasing them He kissed his way down to her neck, then simultaneously bit down on her neck and gently tugged at Jade's sensitive nipple. "MMmm-Oh god," Jade exclaimed in between moans of ecstasy. Concerned that their parents might hear them, Tommy tried to use his other hand to cover her mouth, but misreading his signals, Jade started to suck on Tommy's middle finger, catching him entirely by surprise.

Tommy gasped loudly, trying not to moan.

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Attempting to keep his mind off of how well she was suckling on his fingers, he started nibbling on her ear while continuing to play with her breasts. Jade wrapped her legs around Tommy and started to thrust herself against his painfully erect cock.

Tommy pulled his hand away from Jade's mouth, pushed on the bed, away from his lover, unlocking her legs, and started moving his body down her body, coming to let his lips kiss all along her bare navel.

When Tommy brought his face up from Jade's well sculpted abdominals, he allowed his eyes to take in the full sight of his topless step-sister. First he saw her eyes, filled with a passionate fire, and then let said eyes fall to her full and naturally full pink lips. Then, skipping ahead, his eyes became fixed upon the most glorious set of breasts he ever had the pleasure of looking upon; if he had to venture a guess, probably a full C Cup.

Her skin was fair, but not pale, with her areolas and nipples standing in a focused center of each of her breasts. Her areolas were puffed up slightly, and her tiny nipples standing on end, each a lovely shade of pink.

Not wanting to seem greedy, Tommy found his way back to Jade's navel, and began working his way up to Jade's unattended breasts, gently teething, and kissing, and licking his way up.

Having never been teased like this, Jade's breathing intensified. Jade attempted to hold in her moan, but failed. "Mmmmmmmm, ooooooohhhhhh, yesssssss. Please Tommy, don't stoooop." Obeying her commands, Tom finally reached Jade's prefect pink breasts, and without skipping a beat, Tom's mouth latched onto her right breast, as he used his free hand to knead and pinch on Jade's left nipple. Completely focused on her pleasure, Tommy started to gently nibble on Jade's breast, making her breath heavy, so engrossed with her own feelings of sexual fulfillment that she couldn't even manage words.

Taking this to mean that he wasn't doing a good enough job, Tom switched his technique so his mouth was on her left nipple and handy work on her right.

Finally eliciting a moan from Jade, this encouraged Tommy to bite and pinch Jade's nipples harder. "Toooooommmmmmyyyy," Jade moaned. Tom paused everything he was doing. "Jaaaaaaaaade," he said in a playfully mocking tone. "Please Tom!

I need relief," Jade nearly shouted. "Aww! But I enjoy teasing you to death," Tom replied, with a wide shit eating grin. Jade sat up with a look of fire and intense lust in her eyes. "If you do not start fucking me, or eating my pussy in the next five seconds, I will make it my life goal that every day of your life, you will endure the most painful case of blue balls any man has had the misfortune to endure.

Now," punctuating her point with a devilish and charming smile, "what will your next move be?" Tommy didn't need the full five seconds.

In three, he had his hand down her shorts and was gently fondling her clit outside of her purple thong that she had yet to take off, causing Jade's eyes to open wide and her to let out a low deep moan of pleasure.

Using this as a mild distraction, Tommy used his other hand to yank her shorts down past her knees with Jade helping by shuffling them completely off of her body. "That's more like it, Tommy boy," Jade managed to say between deep gasps of air. Encouraged by his sister, Tommy planted his hands on either side of Jade and used his teeth to bite onto the purple thong, now soaked with Jade's juices, and pulled it all the way down her long beautiful legs.

Instead of throwing them off to the side, Tommy quickly stuffed the thong into his pocket as a souvenir. When Tommy looked back to his sister after stealing her thong, she gave him an incredulous smile. "If you're gonna keep 'em, I'm gonna make you wear 'em some day." "I think I could be talked into such an activity," said Tommy, before leaning up to Jade's face and kissing her fiercely.

"As much as I love your kissing skills," Jade said, breaking the kiss, "I would much prefer you put your tongue to better uses near my love button." To stress the importance of this request, Jade batted her eyes and bit her lower lip. Finally taking the hint, Tommy looked to the next avenue to give his lover carnal pleasure. As his eyes wandered from Jade's emerald green eyes, down her toned body, to her hips and thighs, Jade spread her legs out wide, inviting Tommy to make his way down and give her what she wanted.

Tommy maneuvered his way down, positioning his face directly in front of her warm pussy and intoxicated by its musky scent. Facinated by how beautiful it looked, Tommy noticed that it was completely hairless, apart from a tiny triangle of bright red pubic hair just above her slit. Continuing to stare at Jade's hot pink pussy, Tommy felt a pressure against his cock, realizing that his cock was growing incredibly hard, and pressing against the bed with all its might.

Determined to focus on Jade's pleasure before his own, Tommy began to kiss the inside of Jade's left thigh, licking up some of her juices that had run down her leg, noting that it has a distinct strawberry sweetness to it. No longer putting up with Tommy's teasing ways, she leaned up, grabbed two fistfuls of Tommy's hair and forcefully shoved his face right into her pussy, immediately feeling Tommy's tongue rub up and down her pussy lips, leaving no crevice untouched.

He started at the bottom of her pussy, widening his tongue and pulling it all the way up her pussy til it made contact with Jade's burning clit. "Oh! OH! OOOOHHHHYEESSSS! MMF!" as soon as she made her pleasure known, she quickly released both hands from the back of Tommy's head and covered her mouth attempting to stay quiet while Tommy assaulted her sensitive clit.

Tom smiled to himself; feeling reassured of his success at making Jade feel amazing, he continued to lap eagerly at her clit.

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He felt Jade's legs begin to tighten and her breathing became even more ragged. He knew that meant only one thing. Jade looked down and saw Tom's eyes piercing her own, full of passion and desire for her. Nobody had ever made her feel this way before.

She couldn't suppress flashing Tom a quick smile before she felt an amazing energy suddenly build and then burst from her. "MMMMMFFFF!

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MM-MMMFFFFF!" taking her muffled yells for sensations of pleasure, Tommy kept up eating at Jade's slick and beautiful pussy filled with a need to make her cum so hard, she'd never forget it. Keeping eye contact, Tom saw Jade's eyes flutter, then open wide as she rode her orgasm to the fullest, then suddenly closing as Jade's body went limp.

Confused, Tommy approached Jade's face, looking to see if she was okay. He leaned close and put his ear close to her mouth and hear that she was still breathing. Then it hit him: he had made Jade, the woman of his dreams, his crush for months, the one woman that was willing to put his cock in her mouth, had just passed out from cumming too hard. Tommy couldn't suppress a chuckle to himself as his rational side and aroused side high fived each other.

Even though Tommy had drank much of Jade's juices, he was incredibly parched. Tom made sure that his stiff cock was hidden from view and started sneaking downstairs. He tried to tip-toe his way down, making sure that his parents couldn't hear him, but each stair seemed intent on make Tommy's journey well known to all. Finally reaching the bottom stair, Tom strolled into the kitchen, opened the fridge and began to peer around for some bottles of Gatorade for himself and Jade.

So intoxicated with love and pride, Tom was completely ignorant to the fact that his father was sitting down at the kitchen table lazily enjoying a sandwich. "Sounds like you and Jade are having a hell of a time," Tommy's father said, startling his son so bad, he dropped the bottles he was holding and spun so fast he lost his balance and fell right on his back.

Refusing to look at his father, Tommy stared straight up and asked, "What makes you think I had anything to do with- with that…ruckus coming from her room? Hmm? I've been in my room enjoying some damn good Batman movies." "Haha, as if.

Look, if you wanted to lie convincingly, you would look me in the eye, as well as actually have your door closed, so I couldn't easily peer in and notice you NOT sitting at your desk watching a Batman movie." "Still.

What makes you think it was me? Could be some guy Jade snuck into her room. Huh, never thought of that, did you," Tommy said, smug and continuing to not look at his father.

"Yeah, that excuse could work, if I didn't hear the words, and I quote, 'Mmmmmmmm, ooooh, yessssss, Tommy, please don't stop,' being shouted by Jade from her room," Tom's father retorted. Tom remained silent as his father finished off his sandwich, put his plate in the sink, and grabbed one of the dropped Gatorade bottles from the ground. As he walked away, he said over his shoulder, "Don't worry, I won't tell your step-mum. She passed out right after I finished rocking her world." As Tom's father closed his door, for the second time in that day, Tommy thought to himself, 'Huh, like mother like daughter.' Tom finally stood up, grabbed another bottle of Gatorade, closed the fridge, and walked back up to Jade's room.

Before walking in, Tommy felt something knock against his toes, looking down, he noticed a three pack of Trojan condoms that had been placed in front of Jade's room. There was a note attached that read: Be Safe. Have fun fuckin'. Best wishes, Dad. Groaning, Tom picked up the small box, and opened Jade's door.

He smiled to himself as he saw Jade splayed out on the bed, looking around with a half-smile on her face, alternating her hand from rubbing her pussy to tasting her hand. He closed the door as Jade spoke softly, "I swear, I've never actually cum that hard before. Even when just playing with myself. How did you manage that?" Tommy tossed Jade a bottle of Gatorade and belly flopped onto her bed, head propped up with his hands, staring at Jade between her legs.

"I watch a LOT of lesbian porn," this caused Jade to laugh while taking a sip of her drink, causing her to cough and shake her head.

"Well, it seems to have worked out pretty well," she said, while capping her drink and tossing it aside. Jade reached down between her legs, and grabbed Tommy by his collar, pulling his face close to hers, and kissing him very hard.

Tommy could taste his step-sister's juices on her lips, which caused him to smile and chuckle involuntarily. "And just what is so funny," Jade said pulling away slightly. "Oh nothing, just that while kissing you, I couldn't help but notice the abundance of strawberry flavoring on your lips," he chuckled. Looking puzzled, Jade licked her own lips. "Oh my God, you're right! I do taste like strawberries!" Smiling momentarily, Tommy grabbed the back of Jade's head, "I never did tell you how much I love strawberries," and before he could let her reply, he kissed her hard and deep, letting his tongue explore her mouth, as she explored his.

Without breaking contact, Jade let her hands begin exploring Tommy's body, feeling his toned stomach and muscular arms. She was feeling his strong back as Tom slipped his hand onto her wet mound, and began teasing her clit again. As soon as he touched her sensitive button, Jade felt bolts of electricity to run through her body, and her nails quickly dug deep into his back.

Without thinking, Tommy's hips jumped forward, his cock yearning for release. Taking control of the situation, Jade managed to roll Tommy onto his back, straddling his stomach. "Well Tiger, I think it's about time for you to get your much needed relief." 'A pet name?

Huh, I can dig it,' Tommy thought to himself. Jade leaned down to continue kissing Tom, all the while, she kept her hands busy trying to unbutton and de-pants Tommy.

As she continued to get more and more frustrated, her kisses got more aggressive, and she started to gently bite Tom's lips and neck. While Tommy was enjoying the rough treatment, he started to sense just how frustrated Jade was becoming.

"Hey, don't worry, I'll take them off," reassuring her with a broad smile. Giving him a pouty face, Jade dismounted Tommy and lay down on her bed, prepared for Tommy to start taking all of his clothes off.

Not wanting to miss anything, Jade reached over to her nightstand and picked up her small Nikon camera, prepared to capture every moment for posterity. After Tommy pulled the shirt over his head, he noticed that Jade was snapping photos of him. Quickly, he reached across the bed and snatched the camera out of her hands.

"Hey!" Jade nearly yelled, "I'll let you take some of me as well!" "No no," Tommy said, "You left the flash off, and the lighting in here is shit." He handed her the camera back with a giant smirk on his face, enjoying the fact that Jade's embarrassed cheeks were almost as red as her hair. "But I'll hold you to that," Tom said with a wink. Then Tommy clasped his belt, and started unhooking it, then moving on to his button and fly and slipping out of his pants, leaving his body bare, except his boxer briefs.

All the while, Jade was snapping photos just as fast as her camera could. When he hooked his thumbs inside his boxers, he decided to give Jade a bit of strip tease. He turned away from her, and started to bump and grind in rhythm to a song only he could hear. Suppressing a laugh, Jade continued to snap away picture after picture. Eventually, he decided that he was finished teasing her, and quickly spun around, letting Jade take as many pictures of his engorged uncut cock as she wanted.

Finally feeling satisfied, Jade set the camera back down on her night stand, laid back, and beckoned Tommy to her. Not wasting a moment, Tommy jumped onto the bed, next to Jade. She quickly straddled his stomach again, drenching him with her flowing pussy juices. After kissing each other for a time, she pulled away and looked deep into his eyes, not believing that she had fallen in love with her own step-brother.

Social taboos be damned, she was going to have her way with him, but only if he wanted to. Concerned at his sister's pause, he chimed in, "Hey, don't worry. If you want to slow it down, I'm totally cool with that," secretly hoping that she didn't want to slow down. "Well, I'm just…I dunno. Are you sure you want to do this…with me? Your own sister," Jade asked.


"Haha, well, first, it's STEP-sister," eliciting a chuckle out of Jade, "and second, I love you, and only want to do this if you want to." Jade, now assured that she made the right decision, lifted her hips placing her hands on Tommy's chest, and aligned her pussy up with his cock.

"Now, please, can we go slow? At least just this first time," Jade asked, laying as much charm as possible, hoping that Tommy wouldn't be displeased. "Wait. Is-is this your first time too," Tommy was completely confused. "Um," Jade said, more nervous than she was just moments ago, "actually, it is. Is that a problem?" "No! Not at all! I just thought, someone like you would have found her man already and already done something with him, because she doesn't need to work for it, and it's my first time because I never get anywhere with girls, and that whole thing with May and…I'm gonna shut up now." Jade was giggling at the fact that Tommy had just rambled on and on.

It was part of his charm at times. Finally feeling set, she started lowering herself onto Tommy's fat cock. They both gasped at how incredibly it felt. Jade's pussy was tighter than Tommy ever thought possible, enjoying the hot warm sensation engulfing his cock.

Jade had lightly fingered herself in the past, but nothing felt half as good as Tom's cock sliding into her. Taking it incredibly slow, Jade allowed Tommy to sink further into her another few inches before she felt a barrier within her. Both of them were breathing incredibly hard, their actions finally hitting them in full.

Their eyes locked, they nodded to one another, and without another moment's hesitation, Jade let all support for herself go, and dropped onto Tommy's cock, feeling it break through her cherry.

Tommy, felt her tightness increase as his cock was finally fully into her pussy. He looked up and saw that Jade was on the verge of tears. Not wanting her to regret any part of her decision, Tom sat up and wrapped his arms around her. He started to kiss her, pulling away briefly that he was ready to continue whenever she was. Nodding, she continued to kiss him as she felt the pain slowly wash away, to be replaced with the incredible feeling of being full, and for that sensation to be replaced by intense pleasure as she felt his cock pulsating inside of her.

But it wasn't enough for her, she needed to feel more. Jade pulled away from the kiss she was sharing with Tommy, and nodded to him. Tommy understanding what she meant, laid back down, and started to focus on his pleasure again.

He enjoyed how tight her pussy was around his dick, and how he could feel her juices run down the base of his cock. Tom started to let his hands explore all over Jade's body, pinching her nipples, and feeling her back slick with sweat. Then she started to raise herself up a few inches, then fell upon his cock again. Jade continued doing this, feeling the remnants of her pain finally disappear from her mind, and really enjoy just how full she was.

Tommy could not believe how good it felt, and started to thrust back at her, enjoying every little sensation that was being offered. They started breathing harder and harder, becoming closer to cumming with every thrust, feeling himself coated with sweat.

"Tooooommmmmmmmyyy," Jade started gently moaning to herself. "Jaaaaade, oh my god, you feel so good," Tom nearly shouted. "Don't stop, please don't stop Tiger, I'm so close!" "Me too," Tommy uttered back, thrusting harder every second, until Jade stopped, and sat on his cock.

Jade's eyes suddenly went wide and rolled back into her head as she ground her pussy onto his cock, and felt the onset of a completely different feeling orgasm hit her.

She felt numb from her head down to her toes, then, felt waves of immense pleasure radiate through her body. Jade couldn't stop herself from yelling Tommy's name, and just how good she felt, while Tom gritted his teeth, attempting not to move at the risk of unloading into his step-sister. Jade's body started to convulse with pleasure, until the feeling started to taper off, and she was able to breathe at a more normal rate.

Managing not to pass out this time, she did flop her body onto Tommy's trying to think straight. They laid like that for a few minutes, until Tommy's balls started to ache dully, urging Tom to finally cum. Then Jade spoke, "Oh my god…that felt so fucking amazing Tiger!

I can't believe you made it feel so good! Most girls at school complain that their first time is a complete wash." "Well, I'm glad to be of service," Tom paused for a moment, "…my love." Jade's eyes went wide as she propped herself up with her hands on Tommy's chest.

"What did you say?" "Um&hellip.I-I-um…I dunno," Tom lied, scared that Jade might not be happy with his choice of affectionate name for her.

"No no no, Tommy," Jade cracked a smile, "don't worry. Please, say it again." "…My love." Jade felt a renewed strength as she kissed him hard on the mouth. "I like the sound of that." She started to grind her still wet pussy on his cock enjoying the last bit of her high of an orgasm float through her body. "Um, you might wanna- wanna stop," Tom said, barely above a whisper. "Why?" "Well, I am like," Tommy held his index finger and thumb close to one another, "this fucking close to cumming, and I don't know if you're on protection, and I completely forgot about the condoms." "Oh my god," Jade exclaimed, "I'm so so sorry!" Taking care, she pulled herself off of Tommy's still fully hardened cock, and laid herself down next to him.

"You've completely worn me out, but, well, I kinda have a thing for a guy's cum, and, if you want, could you please cum on my tits," hoping to persuade him, she pushed her breasts together, managing to make them look fuller, and bit her lower lip.

Without wasting a moment, Tommy straddled Jade, and wrapped his hand around his still slick cock, and began pumping his cock with fervor. "Mmm, that's right Tiger, cum all over your girlfriend's tits! I wanna feel your cum all over my body," Jade's encouraging words finally sent Tom over the edge. Tommy's cock shot out long thick strings of cum, coating Jade's breasts and chest with his spunk, gritting his teeth, letting out a low moan. "That's right!

Keep it coming!" For what felt like forever, Tommy felt and immense pressure release itself from his cock, as a day's worth of cum continued to spill out of him, until it finally tapered off, and he felt an immense sense of weariness over take him while he felt his body fall to the side of Jade's.

"Oh my god," Jade exclaimed, "I didn't even know a guy could cum that much." Jade started massaging her own breasts with his cum, enjoying how slick it felt on her tits. "Well, this guy with two thumbs can," Tommy managed to say in between heavy breaths. After a few moments of silence, Tommy looked over at Jade, and saw her bright green eyes staring back at him. They smiled at each other, content with themselves. Tommy slid an arm under Jade, and pulled her close to him, while Jade rolled onto him, resting her head on his chest, allowing her free hand to be clasped in his.

"Hey Tommy." "Yes my Love?" "Will you stay here with me for the night? I like the way you feel next to me." "Of course," Tommy looked down and saw Jade looking up, tears of happiness beginning to well up in her eyes. They shared a brief kiss and finally drifted off to sleep.