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Jia's Awakenings Chapter 1 - It all began with Erica While this story is told from first person and sounds like a true story being told, it is in fact a work of fantasy fiction, please enjoy!

A few years ago an opportunity came along that was just too tempting to pass up. This story doesn't begin with Jia, but as time went on, my entire world ended up revolving around this sexy teenager and the people we came into contact with and enjoyed together and through each other. My name is Jeff, and I'm a 32 yr old single guy who has had a few relationships with women in the past but found nothing that lasted more than a few years. As time went by I began exploring other avenues besides just sex with women.

By the time this story begins, I had enjoyed sex with many women of various cultures, quite a few men, some of whom dressed up as women, and I even enjoyed several shemales. I have been top and bottom with men, CDs, and shemales, but I mainly prefer to top. I do get quite a thrill from wearing panties I have to confess. And I had quite a toy collection that I used on myself, especially on my webcam.

Though I enjoyed all genders for sex and pleasure, women were truly my passion when it came to relationships.

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I lived in a residential area in Toronto, renting a 2 bedroom basement apartment for myself. I had one room set up as an 'office' where really I stored lots of stuff and had my computer desk where I liked to show off on cam.

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One Thursday after work I was walking along the street to my house when a girl from a few doors down greeted me as she sat on her front porch. "Hiya neighbour, could I ask you something" she called out to me. I figured I'd be friendly and see what she wanted. "Sure, what's up?" I enquired as I walked up to the steps. She got kinda shy and stammered "Ummm, I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out. My parents have taken off on a long weekend getaway, and I was kinda hoping that I could go to a friend's party Saturday night, but they said I have to bring a bottle of alcohol with me.

My folks would find out I stole theirs, so I'm wondering if you might be willing to get me something from the liquor store. I'd pay you for it too, don't worry!" I chucked a bit and asked her "Have you been drunk before?" I was concerned as she was quite young, I figured mid teens somewhere, and I know that sometimes teenagers do things due to pressure, and she seemed unsure of herself.

"Yeah, lots of times" she replied hastily "What's your name first?" "Oh right! Sorry about that! I'm Erica, nice to meet you." as she put out her hand. "I'm Jeff. I live 3 houses down in a basement apartment" "Yeah, I've seen you sometimes for the last several months. So you'll do this for me?" "Hell, why not, but with some conditions. First, what's your poison?" "Huh?" She was confused by my question, which I kinda counted on "I mean what do you like to drink?

What should I get for you?" "Oh, right, ummm, ahhh, well you are older so why don't you suggest something" Erica answered. I said to her then "Erica, you've never been drunk in your life have you?

If you drank much at all, you would know what you like. Tell you what, in order to appease my conscience, let me get a few bottles and we'll have a few drinks tonight at your place so I can see how you handle your booze and I'm not going to feel guilty that I've sent someone off to the wolves. If you do OK, then I'll get you your bottle and you are on your way to your party. Sound fair?" She was quite shocked at my offer and just said "OK" "What are you doing right now? Why don't I grab some bottles from my place and we'll see what you enjoy" "My parent's left a couple hours so I'm free now and I have no plans tonight, so sure" Erica replied.

"OK, let me go home and I'll be back in 15 minutes" I told her. I was a little shocked that I'd just arranged to 'go drinking' tonight with a girl about half my age, but amused too.


I went home and got changed out of my work clothes and freshened up a bit. Putting on some casual shorts and a tshirt. The I opened my liquor cabinet to evaluate what I should bring with me. I decided on some red wine, some irish cream, peach schnapps, and a bottle of scotch. Some variety would let me figure out what she'd prefer. I headed over and rang the bell, as Erica wasn't outside anymore. She answered the door and brought me in. I noticed that she had changed too from the tshirt and jeans she earlier wore.

Now she was wearing a flowing yellow skirt and matching top, but a couple inches of tummy showed in between.

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I mentally chastised myself for 'checking her out' since she was much younger than me. We got some glasses out and looked over what I had brought. We decided to start with the red wine and I poured us each a quarter of a glass, just enough to enjoy a few tastes of.


We started chatting, and I found out she was originally from Brazil and now in grade 10 and had her sweet 16 coming up in a couple months. Next I made us each a fuzzy navel and we kept chatting. She had no boyfriend right now, and thought all boys in high school were jerks. The party on Saturday was going to be just a bunch of girls getting together to drink and have fun.

Kelly was the hostess and had a few of these each year apparently and this was the first time Erica was invited so she was quite excited. After those drinks I had her take a sip of scotch, and she made a very funny face at it, so that was off the list.

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So we tried the irish cream, but the combined tastes in her mouth just made it taste weird. She had enjoyed the fuzzy navel, so I made another one of those and we sat back to talk some more. She was getting quite giggly and tipsy, which I noted and was concerned that after just 2 1/2 drinks she was drunk. I'd have to talk to her the next day about drinking more slowly at parties and in the future. Erica decided we needed some music, which sounded good to me.

She put on some latin music and immediately started moving her body to the beats. It seemed this teenage girl was quite good at dancing. I enjoyed watching her body swing around and bounce to the rhythms.

She tried to get me to join her, but I know I'm not nearly coordinated enough to dance as she was, so I declined and told her I was just fine enjoying the dance performance.

The next song came on and it was a hard fast beat to it, and she started dancing even more feverishly. With a grin on her face, she was bouncing her hips and shaking her body to it. I noticed that her teenage tits were not bouncing all over the place but seemed quite firm and just bounced slightly as her body moved.

Also she was able to move her hips like you see in music videos and such where the girls do an incredibly fast bouncing action of their ass. I couldn't see as well as I wished I could because of her loose skirt. I shouted out a compliment for her dance skills and she just seemed to get more invigorated by my encouragements. By the fourth song she was grabbing handfuls of her skirt and moving it along with herself, but that also sometimes pulled it up enough that I got peeks of ass cheeks, and I could tell she was wearing a thong.

I was quite enjoying the show and was finding myself a little turned on. The next song began a much slower and she took on a gentle swaying of her body. I noticed her hands moving on her own legs and hips and then she turned towards me and looked at me as she ran her hands up her body and over her breasts, closing her eyes like a lover just stroked her body for her.

I was mesmerized by this young dancer before me. She walked over to me and quickly without asking or saying anything stepped up on the couch I was sitting on, straddling my legs and sat down on my lap facing me while still swaying to the music. I was shocked and asked her what she was doing. "You seemed to really like watching me dance, so I thought you'd like to feel me dance too" With that she pressed her body against mine as she moved back and forth.

I could feel firm teenage breasts pressing my chest, and her hips slowly grinding into my lap. I moaned a little bit and then I said "Erica, you are too good at this, and it's making me a bit uncomfortable" "You like it though, and I want you to want me. I've been watching you look at me and I think you do" she replied. I was a bit shocked at that answer.

I guess I had been staring more than I meant, and she had caught me doing it. "All the boys at school just want a quick fuck and don't know how to please a girl. A few girlfriends have told me that men can be much better at sex. I want to know what it is like. I want you to take me" Erica told me and then pulled her shirt off to reveal a yellow bikini top. She rose up a bit and pulled my face between her tits.

I was so stunned all I did was breath hotly against her skin, and she shuddered gently at that. She sat back down in my lap and had shifted so that she was pressing herself against my hardening cock. It felt quite nice and I noticed she had managed to slip off her skirt and was just wearing this thong bikini now as she continued this lap dance for me. My hands moved without me realizing and I suddenly was holding her ass cheeks, feeling her roll her hips to the music, grinding against me.

I was rock hard now, as this 15 yr old latin seductress mesmerized me. Erica leaned in and kissed me deeply. Our tongues twirled and she began pressing into me more and more urgently. Her breasts were crushed against my chest and I wanted to free them, to lick them and play with them.

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My hands ran up her back, fingers dancing along her skin. I found her bikini tied behind her neck, so I pulled on it and the knot came undone. We still kissed, and feeling my hands beginning to reveal her caused her to kiss and grind with a newer even more vigorous passion. I found another knot tied in the middle of her back and that one also was undone. Then she leaned back, her eyes pure lust gazing at me. She didn't even look down as her bikini top fell away to reveal her wonderfully perky 34b tits that stood up nice and firm, with tiny brown nipples that were like little bullets.

"Oh my, they are amazing" I exclaimed and then dove into her breast on my right with my tongue, while my left hand cupped and squeezed and played with her other breast.

Damn but they were amazing. So firm and she gasped loudly as I sucked and licked at her tender teenage breasts. I took turns with each of them, like it was my last meal ever, devouring them, licking all over, sucking as much as I could into my mouth and releasing them with a loud 'pop' sound.

As I did this, she kept up her grinding into my cock. After what seemed like forever, I finally brought her lovely face back to mine and we kissed deeply once again, as I massaged her breasts. She was breathing so deeply and seemed lost in the feelings of it all. Suddenly Erica jumped up, and just as I was about to ask what was wrong she knelt in front of me and said "I've got to see your cock, it feels soo hard and large!" as she began tugging at my shorts. Not wanting to disappoint, I lifted my hips up and helped her pull my shorts and underwear down.

My cock sprang out, it felt like stone at this point. Erica wrapped her little hand around and just purred while looking at it. Now I'm not huge or anything, just 7" when hard and about 5.5" around, but enough women and men have said it's a wonderful size for fucking, not too big and definitely not too small. I asked Erica "Do you like it?" and she replied "Oh yes, very very much" and with that she leaned in and swallowed half of it.

I moaned and leaned back to enjoy her cock sucking. Overall she wasn't too bad, but she still had lots to learn, especially if she wanted to swallow the entire thing ever. After a few minutes of her sucking on me, I decided I wanted to return the favour and also see this pussy that had so eagerly been rubbing against me. As I stood Erica up, she must have read my mind, as she reached down herself and pulled the knots on either side of her thong, and it just fell away.

Right before me was now the shaved bare pussy of this 15 yr old teenage girl.

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I grinned and told her I needed to lick her. She smiled and jumped on the couch and spread her legs for me. I knelt down and started kissing my way up along one thigh.

As I got to where her legs met, I took my lips off her skin and began just breathing hotly and hard, making her whimper as hot breath washed over her already glistening pussy. I began kissing and licking the inner thigh on the other side. I worked my way along till I got to her knee, and then I licked a few times on the back of her knee. She squealed and giggled, saying that it tickled. I worked my way back up the inside of her thigh with my tongue and lips.

When I got to her pussy, I spread her outer lips with my fingers and gazed and the wet pinkness for a moment before I dove in with my tongue.

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Erica cried out loudly in pleasure as her body jumped from the feeling of my tongue working her clit and slit. I licked up and down, pushing in a bit, then working back up to her swollen clit and then sucking it into my mouth.

She was riding a rollercoaster of ecstasy. I pushed her spread legs up, forcing her ass to rise, and I ran my tongue down and flicked it over her oh so tight anus. She jumped at that, surprised, but coooed and asked me to do it again. I love eating ass, so I dove in, flicking my tongue all over and around her tiny rear opening. Eventually I wet a finger and began rubbing her back door entrance as I move back to sucking on her clit.

She was going crazy from all this oral attention. I then took a chance and pushed a finger into her pussy, just up to the second knuckle. Erica tensed suddenly and reached for my hand and expected it to be pulled back, but she jammed it deeper into her incredibly tight pussy and started squealing and shaking.

Not wanting to miss the chance, I simultaneously sucked her clit back into my mouth and tongued it hard and I shoved one knuckle worth of finger up her ass. All of this drove her further over the edge into orgasm and Erica tensed even more and opened her mouth in a silent scream as she convulsed over and over. Finally she let go and collapsed letting out a shout of "Oh my fucking god that was intense" I had withdrawn all fingers and tongues and was caressing her body for a few minutes when she finally turned to me and smiled and thanked me.

"I haven't had an orgasm like that since my first one a few years ago" she shared with me. That really got me thinking, how naughty IS this girl?

But I liked where it might be leading. "I see your cock is still hard. You want to fuck me now?" Erica asked "Hell yeah, are you ready for it?" She just smiled and rolled me over and got on top. She positioned herself over my cock and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips, which were almost dripping wet.

Eventually she placed it at her pussy opening and began to work herself down onto my hardness. She was so incredibly tight I could hardly believe I was going in. Erica sighed as she got about halfway down, and started to slowly rise up and then come back down on my cock. I reached out and began caressing her teen breasts, pinching at her nipples lightly and massaging them. It felt soo nice to have her tight teen cunt squeezing me so hard as she rode up and down. She was enjoying it more and more too.

She slowly was moving faster up and down on me. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper too, with little moans mixing in. I reached around and cupped her ass cheeks again and helped her bounce. After a bit, I reached a bit deeper and began rubbing a finger at her back door again. That just got her fucking me more vigorously and moaning more, which I loved. Eventually I stood up and held her in my hands as I continued to hold her on my cock. I actually walked her from the living room to the bedroom while still fucking her as she hung off my neck.

I laid her back on her bed, grabbed her tits, and leaned down and kissed her deeply as I continued to fuck her. I was speeding up, fucking her deeper and deeper. Erica was gasping and moaning as I pounded into her over and over.

All of a sudden she tensed up again and began to let out a long low wail as she orgasmed a second time this evening. The crushing tightness of her pussy on my cock sent me over the edge and I cried out her name as I began to cum.

I kept pounding in and out as I filled her tender young pussy with my load.

Lots of it leaked out and ran down her ass and onto her bed. We were both gasping and the incredible pleasure we shared. I leaned down again and kissed Erica deeply, holding her down on my bed with my cock still in her. After a few minutes, I rolled over and lay beside her. "Fuck Jeff, that was incredible!" Erica gasped "I've never had a guy treat me that well." "Then there are a lot of stupid guys out there!" I told her "I wish I had more energy, I'd do it again" Erica rolled over and looked happy and teased "I've got the energy, what's wrong with you?" I just laughed.

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Then I realized I'd just filled a 15 yr old girls pussy with my cum and I started feeling panicky and asked her if she was on the pill. Erica giggled and assured me she was safe. I was very relieved to hear that.

We got up and cleaned ourselves up and got dressed again. I said I should go but I'd be back tomorrow to check on her and to give her a bottle of booze to take to her party. Erica kissed me goodbye and I went home to sleep like a log after so much exercise and excitement of the evening. Little did I know this was just the beginning.