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I know it has been more than a week after my previous story but I have been going through a rough patch in my life with me being distracted by a girlfriend and then breaking up with her again. So yeah I haven't really gotten time to post something and then the one day I was sitting in Mugg and Bean and this story just came to me and I started typing it and I honestly didn't know where this was heading but I hope you guys enjoy it.

=================================================================================== Hi my name is Patrick. I am about 1,8 meters tall with dirty blonde hair just touching my ears.

I have deep brown eyes that seem to stare into your soul every time you look into them. I am your average high school guy, not too muscular and not too fat. I wouldn't say that I can get every girl I want but I have had my fair share of them in the past.

At the moment I don't have a girlfriend I seem to stick to being single. It is not that I am turning gay it is just that the girls that are around me and that are my age seem to bore the living daylights out of me. I am a person that is looking for excitement and challenges in life. I want someone that I have to fight for and that I know the reward will be great. I dont know how I knew it but I just knew that this year something is going change whether it is with me or with the girls.

I live in a small town with a very small population so everyone knew each other. It was a very helpful community that helped each other out in bad situations and we stick together like white on rice. It is my last year in high school and at the end of the year I am turning 18. I can't wait but I am actually going to miss school. All my friends and the fun times we had together. The school semester had just started and I picked out a locker because I knew I wasn't going to carry around all my books.

I gave off a vibe as being nerdy having everything in a neat little bag with flip files and folders but I liked organization and order. I didn't have many friends at school. Like I said I came off as the nerdy type so I only had a tight nit group of a few friends. I got my school roster and walked over to my new homeroom class. Luckily it was close to my locker so I wouldn't have to walk far in the mornings.

I walked into the homeroom class with my bag over my shoulder and planted down on a seat at the back of the class. I peered at the rest of the pupils in the class to see who would be in my homeroom class this year. Not one of my friends in my nerdy group was here and I felt a bit alone. I didn't know why but I was used to being alone because of me never having any siblings.

Mom got sick when she had me and they had to remove something from inside her. To this day I don't know the right name for it all I know is that mom told me that the house where your brother or sister would grow up in has been taken away.

I was scanning the room when all of a sudden I saw the prize of the class. The hottest girl I know that lived. Jennifer Silverwood.


Already turned 18 she has brown hair that reached to just below her shoulders and deep blue eyes. She is about the same height as me.

She usually wears skirts that just stop below her perky ass that shows of her smooth tanned legs. She wore a jersey that clung to her body and her round perfect breasts. Oh how I wished I could hold those gifts to men in my hands and fondle them to my heart's desire.

She was chatting with her other hot lady friends and seemed to be too preoccupied to even see me staring at her. She would never go for a guy like me and I knew I would never have a chance in a million years to score with a girl like her. I looked down at her legs and she crossed them and her skirt rode even higher and I could feel a familiar tingle in my pants at the sight of that.

I shook my head to get that image out of her bending in front of me and shaking her ass while biting her bottom lip. I returned from my imagination and the noise of the class suddenly became apparent to me. I wonder where the teacher was because it was getting late and we had a lot of things to do in the morning of the first day of school.

I relaxed back into my chair and my phoned vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and looked at the message Yo dude I got Mrs Richards this year. Ugh she has already started picking on me just the way my hair looks. I smiled at the message. Let me tell you about Mrs Richards.

She is the type of teacher that once she has you in her sights and puts you in her black book you are there forever and ever. She hates your guts and takes any opportunity to put you down. She looks like the old lady that lives next to you that wants to kill you as soon as you kick your ball into her yard. She has red hair and wears the weirdest of clothes. Every day it is a new style that just screams for attention.

I replied to the message. I don't know who I got. The teacher seems to be a bit tardy this morning. I looked around the class and everyone was still going at it nonstop. My phone vibrated once more and I opened it and checked the message. Dude did you hear the rumour of a new teacher coming to our school. They say that she has just finished her studies to become a teacher and she is eager as a beaver. Plus they say that is hotter than Jennifer. I shook my head and knew that no way in hell that the new teacher would be my homeroom teacher.

I folded my arms and stared straight at the board and then the classroom door opened. The next thing I saw changed my life. There she was. A girl walked into the class and my jaw nearly hit the floor. The girl looked to be in her early 20's and she was carrying a lot of files in her hand and set them down on the table. I stared like some idiot at her admiring every aspect of her body.

She had the face of an angel with emerald green eyes and long blonde hair that reached down to the small of her back. She wore glasses but the square ones not the ones nerds wear. She looked around at the class and saw me staring at her. What I have noticed over the years is that I have this look that I give to girls when I am looking at them that just says "Hi there I would like to know you better". She smiled and what a smile it was. I smiled back at her at her in my naughtiest of way possible and she winked at me.

I felt a shock of electricity starting at my neck reaching down all the way to my back and shot straight to my groin. She wore a silver plaid skirt that reached to her knees and a white button shirt with a silver plaid jacket that she left unbuttoned. I looked more closely and saw why she didn't button the jacket. Her boobs were too big for it to be buttoned up.

Her buttons of her shirt strained against the sheer size of them.

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I couldn't see her bra underneath so I supposed she was wearing a white bra; totally understandable given the circumstances. We wouldn't want any of the boys in class to get any ideas or any special girls if you know what I mean but that is a story for another time. It seemed that I was the only that noticed the teacher standing in the room.

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The teacher pushed her glasses up her nose and cleared her throat and the rest of the class died down and turned to the front. "All rise" The teacher said and everyone slowly stood up. "I am Mrs Hodgekins your homeroom and new biology teacher for the rest of the year". Her voice was calm and collected but there was a hint of authority in it that just seemed to peak my interest. Mrs Hodgekins scanned the room and looked over at me and beckoned me to come over. I sighed and walked over.

"You are?" Mrs Hodgekins asked. "Patrick.

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Patrick James mam" I replied gulping. "Well Patrick one of the lessons I will be teaching you in biology would be the reproductive systems of the human body.

In your opinion who in this class would be a healthy candidate to reproduce with" Mrs Hodgekins said putting her hand on my shoulder and squeezing it. I was floored. Did she really just ask me that? It seems that I didn't answer quickly enough and she continued before I could answer. "So in other words who would you have sex here with and why?" Mrs Hodgekins added. I looked at her with eyes bigger than plates and I am sure the rest of the class also did.

"Mam I can't answer that" I responded looking at the rest of the class but my eyes seemed to dart directly to Jennifer. Looks like Mrs Hodgekins seemed to catch me looking at Jennifer. "You there little miss hotness come over here" Mrs Hodgekins said beckoning at Jennifer. Jennifer pointed at herself to make sure that it was her but I am pretty sure she knew it was her.

Mrs Hodgekins nodded in response and Jennifer made her way to the front of the class and stood next to me. "So little Patrick over here seemed to stare at you intently when I asked him the question maybe he subconsciously wanted to pick you out the rest of the fine girls" Mrs Hodgekins said putting her hand on Jennifer's shoulder and squeezing it.

Why was she doing this to us? "I mean who wouldn't want to sleep with a pretty girl like this and I am sure that she has the personality to go with the looks" Mrs Hodgekins said and Jennifer blushed redder than a tomato. "Patrick, am I right in thinking that you would like to have sex with Jennifer" Mrs Hodgekins said looking at me and I nodded slightly and Mrs Hodgekins smiled. "Jennifer, would you allow Patrick to have sex with you?" Mrs Hodgekins asked and the whole class held their breath.

My heart was pounding my throat almost constricting it. Jennifer turned to me and I could have sworn she had that look of sorry in her eyes. "No I wouldn't" Jennifer whispered and my heart sank but not that hard because I knew that I didn't stand a chance. "Well there you have it class and don't think this will be last little embarrassing episode you will witness. Every day or so I will ask someone else an embarrassing question just too know a little bit more about the class I am going to give lessons to" Mrs Hodgekins said and she showed us back to our seats and the whole class sat down.

I sat in shock at what just happened. The hottest teacher I ever saw did the most outrageous thing I have ever seen and she didn't even blink at that. Hopefully nobody reports her for what she did.

Could somebody report her? I don't know but the thing I did know is that this would probably not be the last that something like this would happen. The bell rang and surprisingly we finished with all the things we needed to do in homeroom and Mrs Hodgekins asked Jennifer and I to stay behind because she wanted to discuss something with us. We stood nervously next to each other and I could have sworn Jennifer brushed up against me and I whispered softly "I am sorry" and Jennifer just nodded in my direction and we looked at Mrs Hodgekins who kept looking down at her table writing something.

"Do you know why I kept you two behind" Mrs Hodgekins asked net even lifting her head. We both answered "No" at the same time and she looked up and took her glasses off. "I want to create tension between students because I was also put in a situation like that with a boy I liked.

I know Patrick has an eye for a beautiful girl like you Jennifer and you probably just overlook him as another guy that wants to get into your pants or skirt in this situation" Mrs Hodgekins continued and we just nodded. "The tension I created was to see what would happen between the two of you and if you would just leave it at that or if you would pursue it further" Mrs Hodgekins stopped writing and put her pen down.

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"Now I understand if you two would hate me for what I did but I want you to go think about what I did" Mrs Hodgekins said and she waved her hand to show that we should leave.

We both exited the class and walked down the hall in complete silence. Jennifer turned to her locker and I walked past but something pulled me back towards her and I turned back and there she was looking at me.

I walked closer to Jennifer and I was a few inches away from the hottest girl in the whole school. "I am really sorry about what happened in class now and yes it is true that I would like to have sex with you but I know a girl shouldn't just be used for her body" I said and I don't know where the words came from but they just came.

Before I could continue speaking Jennifer put her finger on my lips and spoke in an angelical voice. "I lied when I said I don't want to sleep with you.


You are actually a very nice guy and I love your personality of being neat and tidy but I was always scared of what you might think of me because I am always with so many guys" Jennifer confessed and I shook my head.

"I think you are the most beautiful and wonderful girl I have ever met and I knew that I wouldn't stand a chance with you but I would like you to know that I don't think anything bad of you" I replied and Jennifer smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek and I blushed and my cheeks warmed up like a fireplace in the winter.

She closed her locker and winked at me and walked away swaying her ass at me. I rested against her locker and sighed a breath of relief. I turned around to head to my locker to see Mrs Hodgekins standing outside her classroom staring at me. I looked at her and she showed me thumbs up and winked at me before leaving. This was turning out to be a very interesting year.

The week went on just like normal but Biology class with Mrs Hodgekins was very interesting and she kept on looking at me and Jennifer. Jennifer recently had a change of heart and came up to me in the cafeteria one day. I was sitting on my own that day having lunch. Not wanting to be with anyone. I usually have one of those days in the month. I was munching on a piece of toast staring off into the distance and then Jennifer sat down in front of me.

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"Hello Patrick" Jennifer greeted with a smile and I smiled back almost choking on my piece of toast. I swallowed and managed a hello myself and she pulled out her phone and put it in front of me and I looked at her quizzically and she just smiled and continued to take a bite out of her toast. What did she want me to do? I looked at the screen of the phone and saw that it was on the screen where you type in a number to phone somebody so I took the hint and type in my number and saved it on her phone.

She looked at me and raised an eyebrow and I put her phone in front of her and she took her phone and I pulled my phone out and she took it from me and typed in her number and saved it and handed it back to me. We didn't converse for the rest of the entire lunch break.

We stood up and hugged each other and I felt her tits mash into me and she turned around and left. One of my friends named Steven walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Did you and Jennifer just exchange numbers?" He asked and I turned to him and nodded. "Well great going Patrick I am proud of you" Steven said and I smiled at him and we walked to our class. It wasn't a day or two and I got a message from Jennifer asking me if I wanted to go to the movies with her.

I responded immediately with a Yes of course and we decided on a date and it was the Friday the week after she asked me.

I couldn't wait until Friday arrived and everyday that passed I was getting more and excited. I sat in Biology class the one day and the bell rang and Mrs Hodgekins asked me to stay behind after class. I stood and walked over to her desk after everyone left.

"Yes mam you wanted to see me" I asked and Mrs Hodgekins looked up at me. "Yes I see you and Jennifer are bonding very well lately. You see that is why I created the tension between you to see if you guys could actually start communicating" Mrs Hodgekins said putting her glasses down on the table and rubbing her nose. "Yes mam we are and I want to thank you for it but how did you know it would work out this way" I asked and saw that something was indeed wrong with Mrs Hodgekins.

"I haven't been around a long time but I know a few things" Mrs Hodgekins said looking down. "Are you okay Mrs Hodgekins" I asked putting my hand on her shoulder. "Yes just a bit stressed out that is all, nothing to worry about my dear? I am starting an afternoon class for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge on biology if you would like to come." Mrs Hodgekins asked pushing a pen and paper towards me.

The list was empty and I looked at her and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. So I signed my name up and Mrs Hodgekins said that she would give the lesson next week after school.

We said our goodbyes and I left. Friday finally came along and I rushed home and started getting ready for my big date with Jennifer. I washed and cleaned up as if I was getting ready for the biggest event of my life.

I put on a pair of jeans and a button up shirt that was light blue and I spiked my hair up a bit and put on some nice cologne. I wanted to make an impression on the girl and show her who I really am. I arrived at the mall and nervously checked my watch every few minutes but I knew that I was a bit early. I stood at the movies and looked at the selection.

I was in my own world wondering how Jennifer would look and then I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around. My eyes almost popped out my head.

There Jennifer was in a black dress reaching down her knees with high heels. She had make up on that showed off her deep blue eyes and her hair was tied into two ponytails and she looked so gorgeous. We hugged and I smelled her perfume. It was so intoxicating to me that I just had to get another whiff of it. "Wow someone looks gorgeous" I said and she blushed and looked away.

"You don't look to bad yourself" Jennifer replied and we decided on a movie. We watched a horror movie and Jennifer grabbed onto my arm every few moments when something scary would appear on screen.

I just smiled at that. At one point in the movie a really scare part appeared and Jennifer buried her face into my chest and held onto my arm as it was going to fall off. The movie finished and we walked but Jennifer subconsciously kept on holding onto my arm but I didn't mind. Only when we got to a restaurant to sit down she noticed it and pulled away and blushed.

We sat a local restaurant and talked over coffee about a lot of things. I figured out that she liked to study hard and that she wanted to get good marks for college.

She wanted to become a beautician to help other people feel good about them because she believed that everyone has beauty they just needed a bit of encouragement and a helping hand from someone. I told her that I wanted to become a writer and be famous and she laughed at that said that when I become famous that I should write a book about her.

We continued having a nice night and I waited for her ride to come pick her up and told her that I would like to do it again sometime. The weekend flew by and it was Monday once again and I saw Jennifer standing by her friends and they pointed towards me and she turned and waved at me and then turned back and her friends giggled and she slapped them playfully.

Guess they were talking about the movie we watched. The day was painfully slow and my final class turned out to be Biology with Mrs Hodgekins.

The final bell rang and everyone packed up and left the classroom. I sat at my table and leaned back and Mrs Hodgekins stood up and walked over to the door and locked it and walked over to the windows and pulled a the curtains closed of each window and walked seductively over to the front and pulled down the projector screen.

I was wondering what was happening and then she put on the projector and took her jacket off and sat down on one of the tables and with her laptop and opened a lesson and told me make notes. Have you ever had that fantasy of having a private lesson with your teacher and then she teaches you more than a normal teacher would? Well I thought this was going to be like this but all that happened was that I was making notes on boring work.

"Did you and Jennifer enjoy your movie" Mrs Hodgekins asked still looking at the screen. "How did you know we went to a movie" I asked and she put her laptop aside and walked over to me. "Because I saw you guys at the movies and followed you guys to the restaurant also" Mrs Hodgekins said resting against my desk and I couldn't help but look at her shapely ass being pushed by the table.

"Why would you do something like that Mrs Hodgekins" I asked wondering where this was going. "Well since the first time I saw you and you looked at me with that look I know too well and yeah I am going to confess I was a bit jealous when I saw you with Jennifer because it reminded me of the time I was in school and I liked a boy but he wasn't into me at all just like with Jennifer.

I tried everything to show him that I was there but it didn't work and when it worked with you and Jennifer my heart skipped a beat and then the jealously set in like a poison. Am I a bad person of wanting that?" Mrs Hodgekins asked looking at me with those eyes of saying that she had just spilled the biggest secret ever.

"No Mrs Hodgekins you are not a bad person. I am going to admit that you peaked my interest the first time I saw you and when you helped me with Jennifer I was a bit disappointed because I thought that you didn't like me or I did something wrong" I said and Mrs Hodgekins turned around and stared directly into my eyes.

I looked back into her emerald green eyes and my eyes dropped and I looked down her shirt at those perfect tits. She caught me looking and looked down and up again at me and whispered "Do you like what you see Patrick" Mrs Hodgekins said and she unbuttoned a button. I was at a loss for words. Was my fantasy coming true? Was the lesson taking a turn for the better? Mrs Hodgekins climbed off of the desk and sat on the desk in front of me and unbuttoned another button and I could see the top of her breasts showing.

She bit her bottom lip and it turned me on much I started getting more and hornier on the spot. "Patrick If I was Jennifer in class and she was the teacher calling us to the front would you have sex with me?" Mrs Hodgekins said and she unbuttoned another button and could see to the bottom of her breasts now and she seductively opened her shirt to show her ample breasts.

I nodded in response and Mrs Hodgekins opened up her legs and let them dangle on the sides of the table. I was instantly rock hard when I looked up her skirt to see her wet white panties. She unbuttoned another button and then the last one and opened her shirt.

"Mrs Hodgekins you look amazing" I said looking at her delicious body. "Call me Monica naughty little boy" Monica said and then she grabbed her tits and squeezed them and let out a moan that could be heard down the hall. It felt like I was being taken over and I pushed my books and pencil case off of the table and patted the desk and Monica climbed off the table and got onto my desk.

I leaned forward and she kissed me and my hands help onto her smooth thighs and I squeezed them and she reached behind and unclipped her bra and it fell off and I quickly caught it and I looked at the cup size. 36D. I knew she had breasts but my favourite size just encouraged me and I looked up at her again she smiled.

"Go ahead Patrick. Lick them for me. They need attention so badly" Monica said and she leaned closer and held up her tits for me as an offering and I took one of her nipples into my mouth and she gasped as I locked my mouth around it.

I began sucking on it lightly and flicked my tongue over it and she rubbed her hands through my hair and moaned. I kept on sucking and her nipple got harder and harder by the second. I still couldn't believe my luck; I was sucking on the perfect tits of my homeroom teacher. I decided that her other nipple deserved the same treatment so I switched and she continued playing with my hair all through the process.

"Ahhh Patrick you animal ahh that feels so good keep sucking on them you naughty boy I am going to cum soon" Monica moaned and I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them lightly. God they felt so soft and elegant. "Ahhh Ahhh Ahh Patrick!" Monica moaned and I felt her shudder signalling her first orgasm. She grabbed my head and held it against her as she panted like a wild animal in heat. She stopped shaking after what seemed like eternity and looked at me with lust in her eyes and got off the table and pushed it back with her ass and got onto her knees in front of me.

Now I have had my fair share of experiences with girls but I have never had a girl go further than a hand job. She rubbed her hand over my crotch and smiled. "Hmm looks like someone is awake and ready for some action" Monica purred.

I looked down at her and closed my eyes for the feeling of her soft hands on my crotch was driving me insane. I heard a zipper go down and my jean button being undone. I opened my eyes to see Monica fishing out my cock and taking it in her hands. She started jacking me up and down slowly, looking into my eyes with burning desire and lust. I felt pre-cum flowing out of my cock and Monica leaned down and licked the tip of it and licked her lips. "Hmmm you taste sweet" Monica said before lowering her mouth over the head of my cock.

I was in heaven right there and then. Her mouth was so wet and hot as she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I haven't pleasure of this magnitude before and knew that I wouldn't last much longer. Monica bobbed her head up and down on my hard cock and looked into my eyes the whole time. I started groaning with pleasure. "Monica I won't be able to hold it any longer" I whispered and Monica pulled my back until just the head was in and I started spewing my load into her mouth and she sucked it all down her throat like a trooper.

She pulled my cock off and showed me my cum and then swallowed and continued licking my cock clean. She stood up and I was out of breath and looked at her and she lifted up her skirt to show me she was dripping down her legs. "Look at how wet you got me you naughty little boy" Monica said and she pulled her panties down to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. My cock twitched at the sight of her pussy and she grabbed a hold of it and started jerking it slowly while with her other hand she started rubbing her pussy lips up and down.

"Would you like to stick your cock into my soaking wet pussy Patrick" Monica said seductively and she pushed 2 fingers into her pussy and pulled them out again and before she suck them clean I grabbed them and sucked on them. Damn she tasted sweet as strawberries. I took her hand off of my cock and lowered myself onto my knees and she spread her legs more and I took hold of her thighs and smelled her pussy. I leaned closer and licked from the bottom of her slit to the top and back down again and my hands travelled upwards and I spread her pussy lips to reveal her pink inner beauty.

I was enthralled. I have never gone down on a girl before so this is my first time but it felt like I had a hand guiding me. I saw her pussy juices trying to make a run for it and licked up like a hungry dog. I stuck my tongue in her love hole and Monica flipped her head back and started arching her back pushing her tits forward.

"Ahhh Patrick eat me out like I am the last meal you will ever have" Monica moaned and played with my hair twirling it between her fingers and pulling on it every time my tongue brushed passed over her sensitive clit.

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I wiggled my tongue in and out of her love hole and got bolder and tried something new. I started humming and Monica's voice changed and she eyes and stared at me like I did something wrong but started rotating her hips around my tongue as I was humming. It looks like I hit gold when I did that and continue with it on and off just to keep her on her toes. I felt she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm because she closed her legs around my head and it felt like my head was going to explode with the pressure she was pressing with.

She gave a high pitched moan that reverberated through the whole room and her orgasm started on the spot. Her juices flowed out of her pussy like a raging river and I drank it all up as fast as I can but there was just too much and it started pouring out of my mouth flowing over my chin onto my shirt.

"Ahhh my fuck Patrick that is the hardest I have ever cum before in my life. Where did you learn to do that?" Monica asked panting like a wild animal leaning back against the table to steady herself. I looked up at her and smiled and licked my chin and around my lips. God she tasted so sweet I could continue eating her out for as long as I lived.

Monica looked down and saw that my cock had risen again as if it woke from the grave. She gave it a tug or two and I took that as the signal that she is ready.

"Patrick I want you in me now if you are ready to fuck out my brains" Monica said and all I could do was nod. I still couldn't believe my luck. Was I really going to fuck my homeroom teacher in her class?

I got on my feet and positioned my cock at her love hole. Damn the heat that was coming from her body was intense and I could feel her lust being transferred onto my body. The anticipation of what was going to happen was killing me.

Time slowed down as she took my cock at put it at her entrance and I slowly pushed into her and her eyes rolled back into her head. "Slowly my boy Patrick it has been a long time since I have been filled up with someone as big as you" Monica said as I pushed deeper and deeper.


Damn she was right. She was tight. Even though it was my first time it felt so tight. I pushed deeper and I could feel her slick juices coating my cock all the way and I couldn't stop myself from letting out a slight moan at this brand new feeling. Her blowjob was awesome but this was on a whole new level. "Okay Patrick now that you are all the way inside me slowly start fucking me and then pick up the pace. Easy as that" Monica said pushing her glasses up her nose again.

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I have no idea but that seemed to turn me on even more and more. The whole teacher thing seemed to be my weak spot and I started going in and out of her pussy slowly at first but then faster and faster like she said. I decided to try something else and I pulled back until just the head was inside and I pushed in hard and she leaned forward and bit my neck.

That was unexpected at first the whole biting story and I am going to be honest it hurt like a bitch but after a while she started sucking on it as if to say that she is sorry about what happened and it felt better already.

Before I knew it someone possessed me and I was fucking Mrs Hodgekins like an animal. In and Out In and Out I went. She grabbed onto my shoulders and held on for dear life and I grabbed her ample ass and squeezed it and she scraped her nails across my back and it turned me on even more and more.

She ripped my shirt open and the buttons flew across the room. At that moment I didn't really care what happened I was having too much fun to complain now.

Like I said this was my first time so I wasn't used to this much pleasure and I was getting close to my orgasm.

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"Monica I am going cum should I pull out" I asked as I pounded away at her pussy. "No don't you dare do that. Cum in my pussy I want to feel your warm seed in me" Monica screamed and that was all I needed and I started shooting rope after rope of cum into her love hole. Monica lost control and dug her nails into my back and started to cum also.

We held onto each other for what seemed like eternity too busy recovering after our orgasms. "Oh my gosh Patrick that was mind blowing! I can't wait until lesson number 2" Monica said as I got soft and pulled out of her love hole.

We both started getting dressed and I looked at my shirt being ripped and shrugged. "I wonder how I am going to explain this one to my mom" I said and Monica blushed and giggled a bit. I must admit she also looked like she needed to give some explaining herself. She looked exhausted. "Now you have the knowledge to give Jennifer what she wants to have.

Remember you can come back anytime you want for more lessons I will always be your biology teacher" Monica said and winked at me as I unlocked the door.

Once outside I smelled the fresh air and poked my head back inside the classroom and it reeked of sex. I gave a devilish grin and walked down the hall with my bag over my shoulder totally content with what happened.