Pics of bondage male genitalia gay xxx The fellow is in desperate

Pics of bondage male genitalia gay xxx The fellow is in desperate
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Ranma 1/2: Camping Third night Ranma was sleeping in his bag again that night. He was wearing only his boxers and muscle shirt like normal since, wearing all his clothes didn't do him any good anyway. Akane was awake still. She wasn't planing on doing anything tonight, but she just couldn't get to sleep. Her mind was formulating a plan to amuse herself with Ranma again.

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The only problem was that after last night, she wasn't sure if it would work. She was worried about Ranma biting again, and if she did what she was thinking, it would hurt her a hell of a lot more than last time. His mouth would be at a much more sensitive spot on her body. <I got it. I know how to make sure he doesn't bite me. Although, it's gonna be dangerous.> Akane decided that the danger was a risk she was willing to take.

She undid her jammies and stripped them off. She proceeded to slide her panties off her legs so she was totally nude. She stood up and stretched. <Too bad Ranma s not awake right now. He'd be aroused by this scene,> Akane thought as she stretched her body. Akane went to Ranma's ear and whispered, Ranma wake up. Wake up. Ranma Wake up. She got a little louder every time she said it.

Ranma slowly stirred. "What is it, Akane?" He asked as he opened his eyes. Akane had changed her position when she saw him stirring. His eyes were squinted open when he suddenly had to open them all the way. He wasn't sure what he was looking at until he had them all the way open.

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"Oh my god." He was looking at Akane's vagina. It's your turn to please me Ranma. I did suck on you for quite a while earlier. Ranma's face was frozen in shock. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Akane lowered her back end so it was only an inch above Ranma's mouth. "You promised." She said sounding pouty. "Akane?" He questioned as he looked at the rest of her.

She was on her hands and knees, with her knees to the side and above his head. He could feel her breasts right above his crouch. "Ranma, no excuses.


I want your mouth and tongue in there now!" She ordered. Ranma didn't think he had a choice. She wanted him to do it and was practically forcing her cunt into his face. He also wanted to taste her and could feel his own manhood getting harder with anticipation.

Ranma lifted his head. It actually came as a surprise to her when she felt his tongue parting her lips. The sensation was great. She could feel the heat building in her body. She could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter.

She started to moan with pleasure. Ranma couldn't help but smile when he heard her moan. It didn't hurt that he was enjoying the taste of her juices in his mouth. He couldn't believe how much he was getting from her. <Man, she must really be horny.

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I can't believe this is the same Akane that I m engaged to. Wait a minute.I'm dreaming. That's why this is happening. I m dreaming.> Akane felt Ranma licking her just between the lips, every time going over her clit. She moaned even louder. It was so good.

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She lowered her mouth and bit onto Ranma s boxers. She tried to pull them down. She wanted to get at his Manhood. Ranma felt Akane pulling on his shorts. He raised his midsection to make it easier for her. He felt his shorts pull down to his knees. Then felt her warm moist mouth engulf his shaft. Ranma could feel Akane's hot lips rubbing every nerve on his dick. It was wonderful. He could feel himself getting ready to explode. Then suddenly there was no sensation. Akane could also tell Ranma was getting ready to blow, so she stopped.

After all, it was her turn to the full treatment. She could feel Ranma whimpering into her cunt. She started to laugh from the sensation.

Ranma whimpered even more. Akane couldn't stop laughing. Plee(hahaha}eese{hahahah) Stop (hahahah) th(hahaha)at(hhaha). She tried to say, but Ranma only doubled his efforts at making her laugh. He even moved his arms around so he could tickle her feet.

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<You'll be sorry for this,> She thought. She was now laughing so hard she could help what happened. She pissed.right into Ranma s mouth. Ranma started to choke on Akane's urine. It was not exactly pleasant. Akane started to laugh again when Ranma couldn't move because of her positioning. Ranma tried to spit out as much of the yellow water as he could, but he still swallowed most of it. Ranma started to make weird sounds. Akane stopped laughing when she realized Ranma was choking.

She got off him, and started pounding on his back. He coughed up the urine and lost conscience. Akane checked to make sure he was still breathing and his heart was beating.

Everything on Ranma was working fine. <Now how am I gonna pin this one on him?,> she asked herself. Ranma awoke the next morning and smelled something really bad. It took him a few minutes to realize he was smelling himself. <What the hell?,> he asked himself.

<I wet the It s all over me.> He looked at himself and realized he was naked also. <This is really getting strange. Why is this happening to me?> Ranma sat up as he thought and his face was full of panic. He looked over at Akane to make sure she was still asleep. She was. He got up, grabbed some clothes and went out to wash up in the lake. Akane laughed as soon as Ranma was gone.

His panicked look was just so funny to watch. <It seems I made the right decision last night. I'm glad I didn't try and set him up last night. It would have been to hard to come up with something good and realistic for that last one.> She said to herself.

Ranma-chan was in the cold lake washing her body as best she could. "What is going on with me?" She asked aloud.


"I've had more sexual dreams in the last three nights than I've had in a month." She paused a moment thinking back. "Although they were good, at least the one's with Akane." She absently put her hand on her breast and massaged it.

"What the.?" She said when she realized what she was doing. Ranma-chan quickly stopped. A few minutes later she was out of the water and drying off. A cold breeze blew by and froze her, causing her nipples to get hard. It was a strange and sexually feeling. She touched her nipples and played with them a little. <It does feel good,> She thought.

<I wonder if Akane does this sort of thing.AKANE!!!> Something in her mind clicked. Thought's from last night drifted into her head. <Man, she must really be horny. I can t believe this is the same Akane that I m engaged to. Wait a minute.I m dreaming. That s why this is happening. *I m dreaming.*> He was positive something was up. "I've never realized I was dreaming in a dream before." He paused again. "But the alternative is impossible." That evening Ranma, now back in his male form.

cooked dinner while Akane gathered some more firewood. Ranma had been training pretty hard all day and was very hungry. He wanted to make sure that he could eat his food too.


That was why he volunteered to cook. Akane was all too happy to let him too. She had been giving him that strange smile again. When Akane returned, Ranma served up some rice with meat and vegetables. The two ate everything that was cooked. Akane then cleaned off the dishes while Ranma prepared the tent for that night.