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Masturbation arab gay sex The fur covered daddy is in need of some
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"Sir? Sir? I have news about Project X." Colonel Redding sat at the security desk, laying back in the chair, eyes darting from t.v to t.v trying to see how on earth Project X escaped.

He'd been doing this for over an hour now, ever since at 0100 hours he escaped. At 0300 hours they stopped searching and had resorted to using their satellites, tracking devices and anything else that would aid them in their search for him. He had been furious at the guard for letting him escape and was now hellbent on finding some clue as to to how he escaped, so when they do get him back, all the correct measures will have been taken to ensure that it never happens again.

His eyes hurt, maybe he would give it a break, but at the moment he heard the voice of Corporal James. "Hm?" the colonel grunted. "We have news about Project X." "Ahhh." the colonel breathed a sigh of relief. Finally! With all the state of the art equipment, he was wondering why they hadn't found him yet. "What is it?" "We have no idea where he is sir." "What?! Corporal you'd better have a good goddamn reason for coming in here and telling me bullshit like that!" "I-I'm s-sorry sir y-y-you told me t-to keep you informed." Everybody was afraid of the colonel and the young soldier was no exception.

It was made even greater when he got up and stood toe to toe with him. Not super tall, but massively well built, Colonel Redding stood at 5'10''. He had a sort of hourglass figure, the finely tuned muscles in his legs and arms bulged even in his uniform.

He looked him directly in the eyes reveling in the fear he caused. "Corporal turn around." He didn't think it was possible but the young grunt's fear of this beast of a man skyrocketed.

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"Sir please I'm sorry, you told me to keep you informed!" It was true, he had but right now he didn't give a shit, he was horny and this kid was going to have to do. "Did I ask you all that? No I don't think I did, now turn the fuck around." The calmness in his voice just fueled the soldier's drive to get out of this situation, even if he had to get on his knees.

Because everybody knew what the colonel did to Project X, and even though he was government property everybody still felt pretty bad for him. "S-sir please I was just doin- " He didn't get to finish his sentence for at that moment Redding backhanded him across his face. So hard in fact, the poor kid's nose started to draw blood.

Redding started to unzip his pants revealing his extremly thick 9'' penis. "Oh God please! Sir please I'm sorry!" "Stop your whining bitch! You'll only make it worse for yourself." In one swift movement he pulled down his pants, prepared his handcuffs and was ready to restain Corporal James. In a last effort to escape the corporal kicked at Redding. Seeing the colonel momentarily stunned, he took the chance to jump up on his feet, pull his pants up and sprint for the door.

He would have made it too, but the colonel was too fast for him. Grabbing him by the collar and the back of his shirt he threw him across the room. The young soldier's face hit the chair Redding was sitting in moments ago with a nasty thud. Redding spat in his hand and procedded to James all the while lubricating his dick.

He grabbed both of his wrists and handcuffed them. He took him by the hair and looked him in the eyes, his penis throbbing almost calling out to him. "Corporal how old are you?" he drawled sadisticly.

Shaking with fear he replied 24. "Are you afraid of me?" "Yes sir.

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Very m-much so sir. Please let me go sir!" "Shut the fuck up. One last question: Have you ever got your salad tossed?" "No sir! Please sir don't!" "Well you know I've never raped a 24 year old." he said with a cruel grin. "Guess this is a first for both of us right? Hahahahahaha!" Not want to waste anymore time he ripped off James' drawers and shoved his cock in his little asshole. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sir take it out please!" "Damn you're tight! Guess I'm going to have to change that!" In the first thrust he only got about two inches in, he was afraid that if he took it out it would be very painful getting it back in, so slowly painfully slowly he pushed even deeper.

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Grabbing his hips for support, it took all his willpower not to just start pumping like crazy and blow his load in seconds. No, he had better plans for the corporal. "Ugggnnh goddamit. You ready bitch?" "Please sir noooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" In order to shut him up he took it all out and thrust his entire tool back in, all the way to the hilt.

He grinned when he saw blood drip out, and smiled from ear to ear when he heard him crying. Throwing all caution to the wind he started thrusting like mad, not caring if he was even concious. Sadly he was, and he was feeling everything this madman was doing to him. Digging his nails into him he started to thrust even faster. "Hahahahahahaha!

Damn I fucking love raping little ass bitches like you!" Sobbing uncontrollably, he didn't even hear a word he said. "Ahhhhhh!

I'm cumming! Ya hear that? I'm gonna blow it all inside you motherfucker!" With a loud grunt he ejaculated inside the poor boy, his nails dug in so much, he started bleeding. Hearing the slight pop when he takes his dick out of someone always made him grin and this time was no exception.

Looking at his fingernails, all bloody made him smile even bigger. Slowly he brought his hand up to his mouth and tasted the blood. "Not as good as Project X, but still good nonetheless." Going over to the desk he grabbed a napkin and started to wipe the combination of blood, shit and cum off his dick.

Throwing out the disgusting napkin he took his SIG P 226 out of its holster, kicking him over so he could look in his eyes, while he aimed his pistol at his head. "Hey Corporal have you ever been shot in the head?" he said with the cruel sadistic drawl again. "N-no s-s-sir please!" the Corporal whimpered. "Well I've never shot a 24 year old in the head before. So I guess this day is full of firsts isn't it?" "Nooo please si- Bang.

The young soldier's pleads were cut short. As the colonel pulled the trigger, there was no sign of remorse in his eyes, no sign of mercy. Just a look of a stone cold killer.

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James' blood was splattered everywhere. Some of it got on Redding's face. Opening the door, speaking with a certain level of annoyance he said "If anyone comes into this room with information regarding Project X, you'd better make damn sure it's good or else I will fucking kill you. And if you don't believe me come in here and see what I did to Corporal James." He said all of this with a cool calm voice, which did more to scare the Project X team more than if he screamed it.

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"Oh and can someone get me a cup of coffee? Thank you." With that he retreated back into the security room, and took his seat at the desk, with the bloody body of Corporal James right behind him. Suddenly he heard a gasp and the sound of a mug breaking. Looking up he saw a female soldier staring at James' body in utter horror.

Standing up, trampling over James's body he made his way to the terrified woman. "Was that the yellow mug?" "Y-yes sir." she stuttered. "That was my favorite one." Her eyes darted to the bloody body then back to Redding then back. "Hey! My eyes are up here. Listen." very slowly he said "Get me another cup, but try not to drop it. Got it?" "Y-y-yes s-sir.

Should I get a clean up crew?" "Oh I don't think we need an entire crew for my broken mug, just get a broom and pail." With a look of disgust she said "No for him." "What? Oh yeah call a clean up crew to pick that" he pointed at James' body "up off of the floor.

I don't need it rotting in here." "Yes sir." she said through gritted teeth. Shortly the clean up crew had arrived and took James' body out of the room. Now content with his mug of coffee and his memory of raping the corporal he continued to watch the security tapes. It was just then did he notice the speck of blood on his face. Wiping it off with his finger he said "Not as good as Project X, but still tasty.

Hahahahaha!!!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Godrick had been running for hours, he was tired both physically and mentally. Just a little while ago he had escaped that hellhole he had called home for 16 years. After he got out they had looked for him, using that much of his mental powers at one time had exhausted him enough but he still had to put as much distance between him and the lab.

So he ran, and ran and ran. Taking a short break in an alley (of course avoiding the chopper that was looking for him) he continued running. He was still very tired but he had to do what someone in his position would do; use his powers.

Brainwashing a taxi driver to drive as far to the east as possile took a lot of mental concentration and energy, two of which he had very little. Poor guy almost broke through but Godricks hold was still pretty stong. So here he was running, again. "Oh fuck this I'm going to rest, I can't take it anymore." It was now 6:00 in the morning the sun was starting to rise and he would look pretty suspicous so he decided to rest.

" This looks comfortable!" At the moment he was staring at an alleyway with a huge garbage can and a couple of cardboard boxes stacked up on each other. He flattened some of the boxes and made a makeshift bed for himself. "I'm really starting to hate alleys, but I guess it's better than nothing. Hey who are you little guy?" A little grey tabbycat walked up to him its big brown eyes narrowed at him, clearly angry at him for destroying his house. "What's wrong?

Oh wait was this your spot? I'm sorry you think we can share?


Look I just escaped from a really bad pla- Hey where are you going? The cat, losing interest apparently starting waltzing away. Godrick jumped up to his feet trying to catch the grey cat, not really keen on spending his days living on boxes by himself.

"Hey can you just wait a minute?!


I'm not going to hurt you!" Spending your entire life imprisoned in a government research facility like a lab rat, you tend to not learn important things. Like not grabbing a cat that you don't know very suddenly around the waist.

This was a lesson that he was going to learn - the hard way. As soon as he touched the tabby the cat screeched, turned around and scratched Godrick's arm. "Owwww! That hurt!

Look I'm sorr- You know what? How about I try this." In the second that his eyes met the cat's the cat went still, for Godrick was breaking through his mind.

He was used to entering human minds and the occasional animal. Animals had a different mental wall, of course smaller than a human's but still different, this caused additional stress on Godrick's mind. "Ah finally the source of your anger!" Its okay, its okay you don't have to fear me, he thought to the cat.

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It's anger didn't completly subside, which meant even deeper mental probing. "Damn, a tough cookie huh? I'll crack you eventually." Straining his powers even more he went even deeper into its mind. He saw the cat's previous owners, his gender (which was female) and why she didn't live with them anymore. Apparently the kid couldn't take care of her so they abandoned her, left her in the middle of the street to die.

Poor girl, he thought. I'll take care of you, just stop being so angry okay? This time her claws retracted, she got out of her defensive stance and she even started purring.

'Sigh' "Wow that was more tiring than in thought. Well at least I made a new friend. I'll call you-" He thought for a moment " Elizabeth. You like that Elizabeth?" She purred in contentment and stroking her hair lovingly he looked into her mind to she if she got her shots.

She did, which was good for both of them. She would have a good owner, and he would have a companion. They were both living on the streets, and the best they could do is stick together.

"Hey!" Godrick froze. His thoughts racing, a cold sweat forming on the back of his neck. He didn't turn around.