Latina swingers Angel and Valentina blow a geek

Latina swingers Angel and Valentina blow a geek
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When Natalie began to return to consciousness she first became aware of soft butterfly kisses on her neck. For a second or two she was so dazed she wasn't sure what was going on, then reality flooded back to her and she blinked her eyes open to find Mila staring down at her. "Good, I was beginning to worry that I'd worn you out already." Mila said with a grin before gently pressing her lips to Natalie's and then lying down next to her, "Mmmmmm, it's been way too long since I ate pussy, and you were super sweet.

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Just like I thought you would be." Mila then kissed Natalie again, this time long enough for Natalie to kiss back, welcoming the other girl's tongue into her mouth, Mila smiling at her co-star's willingness. The idea that she had pleased Mila enough to make her smile set a thrill through Natalie's body. After all those orgasms, the last one of which still felt like it was making its way through her body, the least Natalie could do was kiss her friend back.

This was the reason Natalie didn't object to Mila taking her hands and guiding them to her body, coaxing Natalie to slide her hands over soft girl flesh, Natalie marveled at the thrill that merely touching Mila's sides and back gave her. Soon Natalie was caressing Mila's body of her own accord, her hands tracing Mila's pretty face, toned stomach and arms, and eventually she felt brave enough her co-star's breasts.

Mila gasped and then finally broke the lip lock to stare down lustfully at Natalie, "I know this is your first time… and you don't have to… but…" The words were left unspoken, probably in an attempt not to freak Natalie out, which was probably a good thing and she was more than on the verge of doing so, but she felt suddenly compelled to repay Mila for the ecstasy she had delivered to her body. Besides, since she had succumbed to her curiosity Natalie might as well fully satisfy it.

With the sudden burst of energy that Natalie she rolled her co-star over so she was on top of her, Mila grinning up at her happily before accepting the surprisingly deep and passionate kiss Natalie gave her.

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Calling upon her acting skills Natalie was able to create the illusion of confidence as she worked her way down Mila's body, stopping at the other her full breasts to take a swollen nipple into her mouth and suck on it and scraping at it with her top teeth before sucking it hard into her hot mouth. Looking up at Mila, Natalie spent long moments sucking and nibbling on her hard elongated nipples. In retrospect Natalie could understand why Mila had all but skipped foreplay giving she probably thought Natalie might change her mind at any moment, but they were past the point Natalie felt she could do that and while she may have missed out on getting her tits played with Mila wasn't going to suffer the same fate.

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Natalie loved foreplay, and as much as it made her blush under the circumstances she couldn't imagine her friend felt any differently, and while she had no experience of doing this Natalie simply did what she liked and it seemed to work. Mila was moaning softly in no time, the sound encouraging Natalie to suck harder her nipples and Natalie did letting her tongue swirl around and over each nipple so that she went back and forth between them.

Meanwhile her hands which had been previously so reluctant to touch Mila in the beginning were now all over the other girl's boobs, caressing the soft flesh as her mouth and tongue sent shivers through Mila's hot body. "That's it Natalie… just like that. Mmmmmm, suck my tits." Mila whispered huskily, "Suck on my nipples. Ohhhhh, good girl." Natalie blushed at the words but they fuelled her onwards even more than the moans, which were still plentiful, Mila clearly noticing how Natalie seemed to enjoy her words and capitalized on it.

"You like it too don't you?

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You like sucking on my nipples?" Mila questioned rhetorically, "Yes you do, don't you? You love playing with my tits. Mmmmmm, I'm glad you like it, because you can do it as much as you want. Please Natalie, have your way with my tits. Oh fuck it feels so good!" Natalie did as she was told, continuing to work on Mila's tits for what felt like an eternity until her curiosity could no longer be sated by the foreplay.

Natalie quickly kissed her way down her friend's flat stomach and down between her legs. When her face was inches away from Mila's pussy, Natalie paused for a moment, her apprehension and nervousness briefly flooding back to her before she pushed it aside, closed her eyes, extended her tongue and gave a long, soft lick to the wet cunt lips in front of her.

Honestly Natalie wasn't sure if she had been expecting it to be wonderfully good or horrendously bad but the reality was something in the middle, at least at first. When she began sliding her tongue over Mila's pussy lips in a continuous licking motion her began to love the slick wetness of her friend's cunt flesh and her tastebuds got used to this new and yet familiar flavor, Natalie liked it more and more with each lick.

And the more she liked the taste of Mila's cunt the more eagerly she licked, until there was no doubt left in her that she… that she loved the fucking taste of pussy. She, Natalie Portman, was a cunt licker. She liked sliding her tongue all over Mila's pussy, moving it up, down, clockwise and anticlockwise.

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She teasing the entrance of Mila's cunt that jamming her tongue in as deep as she could swirling and twisting for everhy ounce of Mila's juices. Then she would let her tongue run quick pirouettes over Mila's stiff, throbbing clit until Mila's moans and whimpers become like music to Natalie's ears.


The tune of that music changed when Mila began verbally encouraging her again, "Yes, yes that's it, oh fuck lick me.

Lick my cut you hot fucking diva bitch! Yes, just like that, mmmmmm, you're licking my cunt so fucking good." Natalie blushed at the words, but not as much as before, and as the blush faded all she was left with was arousal, that arousal pushing the slightly her friend onwards, Natalie licked Mila with more confident strokes of her tongue, slowly pushing it inside Mila's extremely welcoming wet cunt hole.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSS!" Mila cried out loudly, a few guttural noises escaping her lips as Natalie gently pushed her tongue all the way inside the other girl, slowly pulled it out, and then slowly pushed it back in again, "Yes… yes… oh… yes… fuck me.

Tongue fuck me my cunt Natalie." Mila sounded amazed. Natalie guessed her co-star wasn't expecting her to go this far. In all fairness neither was she, but Natalie felt like she couldn't help herself. Mila was just so delicious, and Natalie couldn't bare the thought of wasting a drop of Mila's pussy juice. Without even really being aware of it Natalie's curiosity for the taste of pussy juice had turned into want, and then a burning need, the star of Black Swan pressing her face as deep as it would go in between her co-star's legs, her mouth creating a tight seal around Mila's cunt lips so she could eagerly swallow as much cunt cream as she possibly could.

The heavenly liquid seemed to endlessly flow into her mouth to the point of overflow, Natalie's face and even her hair becoming coated in pussy juice, as her tongue continue tongue fucking Mila with long, steady strokes.

"Fuck me. Fuck me Natalie. Fuck me with that soft little tongue of yours. Mmmmmm, it feels so good inside me.

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It feels so good inside my cunt. Ohhhhhhh Natalie, please, give me more. Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder with your tongue. Ahhhhhhh yeeeesssss, that's it, harder, fuck me, yeeeessssss, yeeeeeessssss, oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss tongue my cunt you hot bitch!" Natalie felt Mila's hand on the back of her head, as she began to grind her cunt into Natalie's mouth pushing her tongue deeper into her pussy as she neared the edge of her orgasm. Instead of being put off Natalie began thrusting her tongue in and out of Mila as hard as she could, for the first time in her life desperate to make another girl cum.

"Oh my God, oh my God, ooooohhhhh myyyyyy Gooooodddddd!" Mila screamed, "I, oooooohhhhhh, I knew it. Mmmmmmm, I knew you'd like eating pussy. I… I knew if you just got a one taste of my sweet cunt you'd be hooked. Mmmmmm, just like me. Isn't that right Natalie? Yeeeeessssss, you're, ooooohhhhhh, you're hooked.


And after tonight you're going to be craving it. Craving cunt. Ahhhhhhh, oooooh, soon you're going to be a cunt craving pussy addict… a lesbian whore… a little lezzie slut just like me! You're… you're…" Mila's next few words were incoherent, and even if they had been Natalie wouldn't have even been able to concentrate on them as a forceful spray of Mila's hot cum flushed her waiting mouth washing over her lips and down her chin. Mila was squirting just as she had done.


The next wave of cum hit her full on the face as she gasped for air and Mila screamed seeing her cum wash over Natalie's beautiful face. Natalie stopped the tongue fucking long after she swallowed every drop of what she could only assume was Mila's cum before going right back to it, determined to make the other girl cum as much as she had previously not simply because she wanted to return the favor, which she did, but because she wanted to taste another hot shot of Mila's cum n.

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No, she needed to taste Mila's cum again. She needed it more than she'd ever needed anything else in her life.  

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