Hot doxy fucked in anal hardcore blowjob

Hot doxy fucked in anal hardcore blowjob
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True story of a day that will live on as a good example of taking chances. The day started like any other work day. I slept nude most of the time, so I slipped on my navy blue shorts with silver strides on the sides and made some breakfast.

Watched alittle tv after, then I grabbed my ipod and headed to my gym room. I loved working out to music. My skin is a light brown like warm sand at a beach, or cinnamon, and I was ripped out so much my girl use to say my abbs went on forever. Can't say I didn't love hearing that. As if Id admit that to her. Couple hours after, I stepped into the shower, and had to get to work by 3pm.

My boss hated it when I was late. She'd ride my ass if I was late one more time. I got there about 2 minutes after to find a side lipped sarcastic bad boy lecture waiting for me. I'd catch her checking me out after with a smug expression at side glance after clocking into my register.

The day was ok, and at the end of it all, Id get to see my girl, Becca. She was white, about 5' 4", blonde hair, with Double D's that filled out a shirt tightly, and a curvy soft ass. Thinking about her body made my cock throb with anticipation. She walked in shortly after.

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Think of the devil. "Hey" was all she said with a sly smile and a gentle wave of her hand. We left to her moms house after work in my car. Her mom was alittle thinner then Becca, with rooted blonde hair and tight jeans. She was loading up her car and leaving town for the night. She wasn't one to care who was home with her daughter, she simply said bye to everyone and left.

During the movie, we'd make out and she'd rub my cock between grindings, then there was a knock at the door. It's Jessica, her best friend. She was 5' 2", clear white skin redhead with tits bigger than Beccas. 34DD. I checked her out sometimes and thought about her naked.

She came back from track and wanted a shower. "I'll be a few minutes so you guys can, ya" Jess said giggling. Becca jumped on me legs wrapped around my waist saying "Oh take as long as you need" while giggling. "Oh god Becca" Jess said sheepishly smiling, walking into the bathroom.


Becca wanted a soda, so I got up to get us some. I saw through the make-shift door Jess naked soaked body. DAMN!!! I thought, my 8inch thick cock fully erect while watching her rub her big soft tits slowly in sudds. I could tell she was having fun because she was playing with her hard nipples and massaging herself slowly.

She came out shortly after dressed in a tank top and jean shorts and sat down with us. "Hi" she joked grinning.


"Hi" Becca joked back hugging me. I couldn't be happier. Before I knew it, they were talking about doing me and Jess revealed she saw me watch her.

"I couldn't help it. The doors just a wood slab and it was low" I apologized. Becca giggled and began to rub my cock while Jessica's hands were on me moving down. "Ya, you want to do her don't you?" she asked me. Becca stood up and pulled Jess to her feet. They hugged, kissing each other shy like while they're hands were all over each others tits.

Jess smacked Beccas ass, she moaned as I stood up, being led to the bed and pushed onto it. They took each others tops off while kneeling onto the bed on both my sides.

They both unzipped and pulled off my pants, then my boxers as my cock bent straight out erect and ready. "Wow!" Jess said shocked then rubbed me slowly.

"I told you he had a big cock" Becca giggled. "Ya he does" Jessica agreed licking her lips looking at me. "You want to suck him?" Becca asked, sucking me hard then offering to Jess. Jessica sucked my cock with her soft lips once slowly, then "mmm'd' sucking more and more.

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I moaned out happily watching them take turns sucking my cock. Becca stood up taking off her pants, curving out her ass at me like she always did. Jessica smacked her ass again giggling. She stood up and had Becca take off her shorts, revealing a blue/yellow thong. Jessica peeled off her thong, then shaked her small bubble ass. They laid next to me kissing each other.

"We were all NAKED in bed together! YA!" I thought kissing Becca lustfully as Jessica watched rubbing circles around her breasts and clutching them on and off. Becca jumped onto my cock, sliding down slowly, letting out a soft moan. "ohh" she began moaning kneeling up and down on me, hands rubbing my abbs. Jessica watched as I kissed down her neck rubbing her tits and sucking them slowly. They were soooo soft, yet firm. She mmm'd abit as she reached over rubbing Beccas tits.

Jess kissed me and rubbing her pussy she giggled out "ya ride that cock, Becca." Becca could feel her walls being rubbed, the intensity running through her body. " Ohh yah. Ohh. oh god!" she let out slowly, thrusting harder. She began cumming on my hard throbbing cock, slowing down her thrusts. Jessica hugged and kissed her.

Becca got off me, slowly after kissing me tenderly.

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She rubbed Jessica between her legs slowly. I sat up, watching them both, kneeling, their breasts pressing up against each other while both their asses were curving out. I continued enjoying such an awesome view. Wheres my cell phone when I need it? I kneeled behind Jess, massaging down her back til I was rubbing her pussy hard.

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I did a TRICK I had that every women I was with really seemed to love. My hand could move and rub vibratingly so fast. Oh Ya! Jessica had a look like she was tingling. She was leaning against Becca breathing hard, moaning between giggles overwhelmingly. I kept going grabbing her tits with my other hand, squeezing abit hard and pinching soft circles around her nipples. I fought the urge to bite onto her neck, remembering she had a dick asshole of a boyfriend.

I didn't like the guy and I wasn't gonna pass up my chances at enjoying the company I had now. I kissed around Jessicas neck, lifting her ass abit while getting close to her big beautiful cheeks.

I penetrated her pussy slow, even though it seemed like she wanted it somewhere else rising abit with that ass. She let out a moan, followed by "uh.ah.uh.mmm" I slammed back and forth into her wet pussy with excitement and held her tits clutched hard then softly as I squeezed massagingly. The girls continued kissing. Beccas hands were all over Jessicas body so lovingly they had giggled and joked on how hard their nipples were. I pulled Jessica over me by her curvy ass and made her bounce around as her moans went to near screaming.

Becca moved on towards me, opening her legs over my face. She had never done this before and always thought that it would be disgusting.

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She had lost herself in erotic emotions. Her pussy lips tingled, her ass tightened, and she gasped out moaning with eyes closed while my tongue lashed across and around her clit.

She came immediatley. Jessica came to Beccas scream like moans shortly after. I couldn't hold back anymore. As I layed Jessica onto the bed, they kneeled in front of me, kissing eagerly then rubbing my balls. Jessica and Becca began sucking my balls and rubbing them as I jerked off to their moans. "I'm gonna cum!" I said as my cock throbbed. Then Becca remembered what I asked if this ever happened. She and Jessica moaned with open mouths, eyes closed as my cum shot out fast into their faces, wetting their mouths.

Becca sucked my dick shortly after while Jessica worked my balls. They leaned away sighing happily, licking up all the cum on each of their faces and kissing afterwards. I rested on the bed between them both, one in each of my arms.

We rested until the morning came like a loud door slam. Damn, its her mom!!! "Becca, what the fuck happened?" she screamed with her arms at her sides. Becca woke up upset, yet joked about having a hard night.

Jessica agreed. "Ya uh huh. Get dressed now and I want them out" said her mother sarcastically then angry. Jessica and I left the house laughing to each other while I gave her as ride home.