Horny mature play pussy with sextoy

Horny mature play pussy with sextoy
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Jenny woke up unexpectedly from a very pleasant dream. She was having flashbacks to the events of the night before, when she and her best friend Becca had sucked off each others' little brothers in a hot tub.

"Dammit," Jenny swore, "and it was just getting good, too." Jenny couldn't always remember her dreams, but she always remembered her sex dreams. Those were her favorites, and her most frequent. She reached down and slipped two fingers into her pussy. She was wet, as she expected. She brought her hand back up and sucked her juices from her fingers, loving the taste of her own pussy. She never questioned why Becca loved eating her out. She glanced at the clock, and noticed it was still pretty early.

"Kevin's probably not even awake yet." She thought about using her extra time to masturbate, but realized she was horny for what she was doing in her dream. She needed to suck cock again. She smiled, knowing just where she could find someone willing to let her have her fun. Jenny stood up, left her room, and walked down the hall to her brother's room. She stood in her brother's doorway, wearing just a pink nightie and panties.

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"Oh Kevin, wake up!" she urged in a sing-song voice. Kevin groggily woke up. Upon seeing his sexy older sister in his doorway, however, he was instantly at full attention, as was his cock. "Mornin' little brother. How would you like a quick blowjob before school?" Jenny asked, with a naughty grin on her face.

".Am I still dreaming?" Kevin asked, kinda lamely. Jenny giggled. "No, silly, if this were a dream I'd be naked already. Now c'mon, come sit on the edge of your bed here." Jenny said, walking over to the side of Kevin's bed.

Kevin pulled his covers off him and swung his legs around so he was sitting up with his legs dangling over the side of his bed. He was only wearing a pair of boxers, and his hard cock looked like it was already about to pop out.

Jenny licked her lips. "Now, let's get started." She grabbed the hem of her nightie and pulled it off of herself, exposing her bare tits to her brother. Kevin was practically shaking with excitement. For the first time, his sister was actually going to suck his cock. Jenny got down on her knees in front of her brother, wearing just her pink panties, reached out and took her brother's cock out of his boxers. She stroked it with her hand just to get a good feel of it; it was already rock hard.

Jenny moaned. "Mmmm, I really need this." She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Kevin's cock, and slowly moved down, taking it all into her mouth. Jenny had had experience with many larger cocks, so she slid her brother's dick into her mouth with ease and started licking and sucking it. As she slid his dick in and out of her mouth, every now and then she would let out a tiny, sexy moan.

But pretty soon she started to pick up the pace. As much as she was enjoying herself, and despite wanting to pleasure her little brother as much as possible, she knew she didn't have a whole lot of time, and she wanted his cum as fast as she could get it.

Her moans of pleasure were soon replaced by sloppy slurping noises as she sucked her brother's dick as fast as she could.

Kevin was in heaven, and he was still so amazed by the whole situation that he didn't even think to warn his sister when he was about to cum. But Jenny was so used to guys cumming in her mouth, it didn't even phase her. As her brother's cock erupted in her mouth, she swallowed it all like a dutiful whore. God this is hot, Jenny thought, my own brother is cumming in my mouth! Jenny kept sucking until she was sure she had gotten every last drop. She was still on her knees stroking his dick when Kevin fell onto his back, completely drained.

"Mmm, Becca was right!

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You do taste good, little bro!" "God that was awesome. Thank you, Jenny." he said. "No problem, little bro." Jenny gave her brother's cock one last kiss before standing up.

"What are big sisters for, anyway?" she giggled to herself. Then she slipped her tiny pink panties off, said "here," and threw them onto her brother's face. "I know you like jerking off into my panties, little bro. Feel free to use 'em whenever you need to." Jenny picked up her discarded nightie and left her brother's room still naked.

She felt so deliciously dirty after that, and she couldn't wait to tell Becca all about it. *** When Becca woke up, at first everything felt normal. But then she remembered her slutty display in front of her brother the night before, and knew things were gonna be way more fun around the house now. She got out of bed, wearing just her bra and panties like usual.

But instead of walking down the hall to the bathroom before taking them off, she stripped them off right away and walked down the hall naked. She left the bathroom door wide open and climbed right into the shower.

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Kyle heard his sister walk down the hall, but when he got to the bathroom he was surprised to see the door completely open.

In the past, he had always had to peek in through a crack to watch his hot sister undress. Becca could see through the fogged up glass of the shower that her brother had entered the bathroom, wearing a T-shirt and boxers.

He stood in front of the mirror brushing his teeth. It was obvious he was watching Becca shower, because Kyle never took more than a few seconds to brush his teeth, and he was there for minutes.

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Becca made a show of lathering up her impressive tits for a while, then turned the shower off and stepped out. "Hey, little bro." Becca said casually. Kyle had just spit into the sink, then he turned, and stopped and stared in awe at his older sister's wet, glistening, naked body.

Becca took a towel and brought it to her face, taking longer than necessary to dry it off so her brother could get a nice long look at her amazing teen body. When she finished, she held the towel down, and saw Kyle had a massive tent in his boxers.

She laughed and pointed at his crotch. "Wow, bro, that's some serious morning wood. You want some help with that?" Kyle looked down and noticed what she was talking about. He looked really embarrassed.

Becca laughed again. "Hey, relax, little brother. Don't be shy, you should be proud of that. You got a pretty big tool for a guy your age.

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Jenny really seemed to enjoy it last night, but then again that little slut loves every dick she sees." Becca, still wet and completely nude, got on her knees in front of her brother. "Here, I'll give you a hand." She pulled Kyle's boxers down and his hard dick sprang out. She took it in one hand, spit on it for lubrication, and started stroking it. Becca gave great handjobs. She'd started jerking off her guy friends in 7th grade, and she'd loved doing it ever since. Something about helping a guy masturbate just thrilled her for some reason.


She started using two hands to pump her brother's cock, and Kyle had to grab the bathroom counter to keep from losing his balance and falling over. After just minutes of Becca's skilled handiwork, Kyle started to cum. She held her tits up with one hand, and kept stroking and aiming Kyle's cock at her tits with the other hand.

Spurt after spurt of her brother's big white load splashed onto her tits. Becca loved when guys came on her tits, and she smiled a devilish smile as she watched her brother's load spill out onto her chest. "There, that better?" Becca asked as she milked the last drops of cum from Kyle's dick. When he was finished and his cock started to deflate, Becca started rubbing her brother's cum into her still wet tits.

Then she laughed. "I'm such a whore, I just showered and I couldn't even go five minutes without getting dirty again!" "Thanks, sis." Kyle said.

"Nah, don't mention it. You ever need help with your morning wood, I'd be glad to lend a hand." Becca responded. Then, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, Becca finished toweling off and walked back to her room to finish getting ready for school. *** Jenny left her house and began walking along her usual route to the bus stop. When she got to Becca's house, Becca had just left the front door and was waiting for Jenny to catch up.

"Well, I sucked my brother's dick." Jenny announced. "Good morning to you, too." Becca said dryly. Jenny giggled. "Sorry. Mornin', babe. But I just had to tell you. I had a dream about last night and woke up super horny, so I just had to suck him." "His cock was fun to suck, wasn't it? Just like I told you." "Uh-huh!

What about your brother's? Have you gotten a taste yet?" "Oh. No. But, I gave him a handjob after he watched me in the shower. I let him cum all over my tits." Jenny giggle. "Oh you slut, you just love gettin' guys to cum on your big titties, don'tcha?" "Yes, but not as much as you love getting guys to cum on your face, or on your ass, or in your mouth, or just about anywhere!" Becca laughed.

"Good point, I am a bit of a cum slut, huh? How long did it take ya to figure that one out? Anyway you gotta suck your brother off after school today." "Are you gonna suck off your brother again after school?" Becca asked. "No, I'm gonna fuck him. I probably would've this morning, but I guess I didn't think I had time. You should totally fuck yours too, come to think of it." "Fine, after school we'll fuck our brothers." Becca said.

"Deal. Let's kiss on it." Jenny said. The two best friends stopped for a moment and leaned in for a slow, lust-filled, sensual kiss. Becca's hands moved down Jenny's back and up her skirt, grabbing her tight ass.

They stopped kissing for a second for Jenny to giggle, then resumed their make-out session as Jenny started grabbing Becca's tits through her top. Secretly, they both hoped some of the neighbors were watching them.

They finished their kiss and continued walking, and Jenny gave Becca one last slap on the ass as they went. "Dressed a little different today, aren't you, Becca?" Jenny said. "I know! I'm actually wearing pants! Weird, huh?" Becca was dressed in a pair of tan short shorts, just barely covering her ass.

"Those are not pants! They don't count as pants unless they're at least two inches below your ass!" "Well then what would you call these?" "Those are booty shorts! And I hope you enjoyed that spanking, because the guys in the hallways are gonna be giving you lots more, all day!" "Really?" Becca asked. "Yes! You never really notice, because you're always wearing skirts and dresses and guys are too busy trying to upskirt you.

But I've been wearing booty shorts since 6th grade, and guys always smack and grab my ass in the hallways. "And yet you keep wearing them." Becca added. Jenny smiled. "I never said I didn't like it. Not today though, just an ordinary, totally-not-slutty cheerleading uniform for me." Becca laughed.

"I bet your dad didn't like you wearing booty shorts in middle school." "Oh, he hated it! He still does, too. He still comes into my room every now and then and picks up, like, a pair of my jeans shorts off the floor and asks 'What is this, denim underwear?'" Becca laughed again.

"Oh my god! My dad does the same thing! He'll be like 'Is this a belt or a skirt?'" The girls kept laughing and telling stories about how their fathers berated them for their choice of clothing until the school bus arrived. *** At lunch, Becca sat at a table in the cafeteria with five of her guy friends. As she ate her lunch, she was leaning forward slightly reading a book. As with most of Becca's choices in tops, she was showing ample cleavage as she leaned forward.

She felt something small hit her in the chest, and looked up to see a few pieces of popcorn and some tiny carrots scattered on the table in front of her. Then she looked up at her friends, confused. Her friends laughed, then one of them said, "Sorry, Becca. We were trying to see who could land something in your cleavage first!" Becca glanced down and realized how much cleavage she'd been showing, then smiled and looked back up.

She put her book down, crossed her arms on the table, and leaned forward even more. As she leaned into her arms, her tits squished together, showing even more cleavage than before. "Well, take your best shot, boys!" Becca told them. "Is there some sort of prize involved?" One of her friends asked jokingly. Becca thought for a second, then smiled deviously. "First one to get something between my tits, gets to put something else between my tits," she said slyly.

Excitedly, her friends started pelting her chest with tiny pieces of food, trying their best to get something in. All of them had gotten handjobs and blowjobs from her in the past. She had shown them all her impressive tits many times as well. But a chance to actually get tit fucked by "Big Tits" Becca would have been something else. That's how most people around school knew Jenny and Becca, Big Tits Becca and Blowjob Jenny.

Her friend Mitch was the lucky winner, and actually cheered when he made it in. All the other guys made disappointed noises, then congratulated their friend. Becca stood up and walked over to Mitch, then bent over so her tits were in his face. "Go on, reach in there and get it," she told him.

Mitch put his hand down her shirt and picked up the piece of popcorn that had won him a free tit fuck. Becca opened her mouth, and he plopped it right in. She ate it, smiled, stood up straight, and told Mitch, "Come get your prize!" Then she took him by the hand, and led him out of the room, swaying her ass as she walked. Her other guy friends cheered as they watched them leave. Becca was looking forward to what she was about to do.

She remembered Mitch had a big dick. The last time she'd seen it was at a party at her house. She had walked in on him masturbating in her bathroom, then finished the job for him. Becca led Mitch to the boys' bathroom, which she was already very familiar with, and took him into an empty stall, locking the door behind them.

The speed with which she sat him down on the toilet seat and yanked his pants down made it obvious to Mitch that she was just as excited to do this as he was.

He was already hard. "Ooh, you are big! This is gonna be so much fun!" Becca said before spitting on her hand and stroking Mitch's cock. Mitch was enjoying the handjob, but his eyes were still staring down Becca's shirt as she knelt in front of him. Becca didn't even need to follow his gaze to notice this, and she giggled.

"Man, you really wanna see my boobs, don't you? Can't say I blame you." She reached down with both hands and took her top off. She wasn't wearing a bra. Becca smiled, "Like what you see? Good. Now, let's get to the part where I fuck you with my tits." Becca spit on her hand and rubbed it between her tits.

Then she cupped her tits in her hands, leaned forward into Mitch's cock, and squished her tits together around it. She started to slowly push her tits up and down, jerking Mitch's cock. Mitch couldn't resist letting out little moans of pleasure every time the tip of his dick slipped through Becca's tits.

Every few strokes, Becca leaned her head forward and sucked Mitch's cock head for a second or two. "Christ you're good at this!" Mitch gasped. "I am, aren't I? Hard not to be with titties like these. I mean really, just look at 'em! They were made for putting dicks between 'em!" "God I love your tits, Becca." "Aww, thanks! Lovely, aren't they? So much better than Jenny's tits, huh?" Becca and Jenny liked to compete over who's the sexiest, the sluttiest, and the best fuck.

Just a friendly competition, that ended up working in just about every guy's favor. "So much better." Mitch said. Becca smiled and picked up the pace. She started slamming her tits up and down Mitch's shaft vigorously. "Holy fuck Becca this is so good! I'm gonna cum!" "Go ahead and cum, Mitch. All over my tits. Come on, Mitch, I know you wanna." Mitch couldn't take it any more, and came. His cum spilled out, getting smeared all over Becca's tits as she continue to pump his cock.

Some squirted up, hitting Becca in the chin. She stuck her tongue out, trying to catch more cum as it shot up into her face. When Mitch was finished, Becca slowed down. She leaned back and lifted her cum-drenched tits to her mouth, sticking her tongue out and licking up Mitch's cum. After getting his pants back on, Mitch thanked Becca.

"Not a bad prize, I'd say." He joked. "Well, maybe we should play these games more often then. I can think of plenty more prizes." Becca suggested, winking. *** While Becca was busy taking care of Mitch, Jenny was entering the cafeteria looking for her. She was horny as hell from having guys upskirting her in her cheerleader uniform all day, and she was aching for a quickie with her best friend.

She looked around and saw some of her guy friends sitting where she'd normally sit, and walked over to them. "You guys seen Becca?" Jenny asked. "Oh yeah, we've seen her. Lots of her." One guy said, making the others laugh. "Figures. Well, where is she now?" Jenny asked. "She's in the bathroom. With Mitch." "Dammit. That slut!" Jenny said. Well, might as well fuck one of these guys then, Jenny thought.

She looked at the guys sitting around the table. These guys were in Becca's grade, so she didn't know them as well as Becca did. More specifically, she didn't know the size of their cocks as well as Becca did. So she chose the best looking one. "You, Tom," she said, pointing at Tom. "Come with me." "Why?" Tom asked. "Tom," another guy said, "when a cheerleader asks you to come with her, you don't ask 'why?' You just go with her!" The other guys starting laughing.

"Alright, alright, jeez. Just first reaction, y'know? I'm going." Tom said, standing up and taking Jenny's hand. Jenny laughed too. "Oh, don't worry about them." She turned so she could look at Tom's friends as she said, "They're not the ones gettin' some cheerleader ass right now, are they?" Tom smiled smugly to his friends as they walked out of the cafeteria.

Jenny pulled Tom into the first empty classroom she could find and locked the door behind her. Grabbing Tom's shirt, she backed up into a desk and pulled Tom into a deep kiss. As they made out, Jenny took Tom's hands in hers and led them to her ass. He began feeling and squeezing her ass as she stroked his cock through the front of his pants. This went on until Jenny was sure he was as hard as he'd get. Then she turned around and grinded her ass into Tom's crotch, feeling his hard dick between her ass cheeks through her skirt.

Not a bad size, I sure know how to pick 'em, Jenny thought. Jenny pulled her sexy pink panties down to her knees, bent over resting her arms on the desk, and pushed her ass out.

Her cheerleading skirt rode up perfectly, exposing her tight ass to Tom. "Fuck me, Tom." Jenny said, wiggling her ass back and forth. Cheerleaders at their school were well known for getting fucked during school in the exact position Jenny was in. They loved being fucked in their uniforms, and the short skirts were seemingly tailored perfectly for it. It happened so often that fucking a girl bent over a desk with her panties around her knees and the rest of her uniform still on became known around the school as "Cheer Style," even when doing it to the lacrosse and field hockey girls, who were also huge sluts with similar uniforms.

Tom lined his dick up with Jenny's pussy, grabbed her hips, and slowly pushed his way in. "Ohhh yeahhh," Jenny moaned.

Once Tom had his whole dick in her, he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. "No need to be gentle, Tom. Just fuck me." Jenny said, looking over her shoulder and smirking at Tom. Not one to disappoint a lady, Tom started humping her faster. Jenny closed her eyes, basking in the feeling of having a big dick filling her pussy over and over.

"Mmmm, harder baby!" Jenny cried. Tom was now slamming his cock into her, his balls making a slapping noise on her ass every time he filled her pussy.

"Ohhh, that's it!" Tom and Jenny were both in heaven, and they were both getting close to cumming. "Mmm, smack my ass." Jenny ordered. Tom was more than happy to oblige, so he slapped the cheerleader's tight teen ass as he continued to fuck her as hard as he could.

Jenny moaned in blissful pleasure as she felt the blow of his hand. "Jenny, I think I'm gonna cum soon." Tom warned. Jenny got excited. Time for her sweet, sweet reward.

"Okay, baby. We can't make a mess though, so I'm gonna have to swallow." Tom pulled out and Jenny turned around and got on her knees in front of him. She grabbed his cock with one hand and started hungrily sucking it. The fact that he was already close to cumming combined with Jenny's expert blowjob made Tom finish quickly.

Several ropes of hot cum shot into Jenny's mouth as she continued sucking, not slowing down at all. A few seconds after he stopped cumming, Jenny pulled back and looked up at Tom. She opened her mouth and showed him the pool of his cum she had collected, then closed her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.

She opened her mouth to show her it was empty, and giggled at the look on his face. "You're like something out of a porno!" Tom complimented. "I'm a much better fuck than Becca, huh?" Jenny smiled. "I've never fucked her before." "Oh, that tease! I don't know how she keeps her guy friends happy!" Jenny laughed. Jenny knew Becca would flash her friends and let them feel her tits whenever they asked, and she'd give them all handjobs whenever they wanted, so she never quite got why she didn't just let them fuck her.

Jenny stood up and pulled her pink panties back up. "Well, see ya later, Tom. You're a good fuck, I'll remember that." Then she winked at Tom, and left the room to go about the rest of her day. *** Becca walked home from the bus stop with a sore ass that day. Jenny had been right about the shorts. Not only had they perfectly shown off her ass, but they also allowed her panties to stick out the top and be visible whenever she bent over.

Being rather busty, Becca was used to getting groped somewhere higher, but that day, guys' hands had been drawn to her ass, and a few guys got a little carried away with the pinching and the slapping. I don't know how Jenny deals with it all the time, Becca thought. When she got home, she entered her family room to find her brother sitting on the couch watching TV.

She'd taken the late bus home, so he'd gotten back a little before she did. "Hey, Kyle." She greeted him and sat on the other couch so she could face him. "Hey, Becca." Kyle was surprised by how casual Becca was, feeling a bit awkward himself after the incident this morning. Becca, however, didn't seem affected by it at all. Kyle was glad, though. He could relax knowing she didn't feel guilty, figuring he didn't either, and there was always the possibility of doing something like it again.

Becca asked him about his day, and he told her the usual. Keeping with the polite conversation, he asked his sister about her day. "Heh, you would not believe the day I've had, little brother.

See these pants I'm wearing? Yeah, big mistake. Jenny warned me that wearing 'booty shorts,' as she calls them, like these would cause all the guys to grope and spank my ass. Course she knows from experience, the little slut, so she was right, and wow! I may as well have written 'spank me' in big letters across the back of these, and it wouldn't have even made a difference! Kyle, you're a guy, what is it about shorts like these that make guys wanna touch so much?" Kyle was checking out his big sister's legs the whole time she was talking.

The short shorts really made them look sexy, and she was currently laying back on the couch stretching her legs out. "Uh, well, I don't know exactly. I mean, no offense, but at my school at least, all the slutty girls wear really short shorts, and they love being touched.

So, like, I guess guys just kinda assume that's what girls wear when they wanna be touched?" Becca smiled at her little brother's bold honesty. She also liked the way he accidentally implied she was slutty. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense," she said. "Jenny's been like that since back at your school." She closed her eyes and yawned, pulling her arms up behind her head, causing her tits to push up against her shirt.

Kyle couldn't help but stare at his sister's cleavage. Becca noticed, and continued. "This top got me some attention today, too. Course, when I show this much cleavage I always attract attention, but today, my friends started throwing stuff at me, trying to get it down my shirt!" Becca briefly explained how it turned into a contest that ended up with her tit-fucking the winner in the boys' bathroom.

When she finished, she said, "And I tell ya, I really wasn't expecting to take two loads on my chest today!" Kyle laughed along with Becca, although he was a little more nervous than she was about referring to what they'd done that morning. Despite that, Kyle was still incredibly turned on from listening to Becca recount her slutty encounter, and Becca noticed the bulge growing in his pants.

"Oh, jeez little bro. Sorry about that," she said, pointing at his crotch. "You need some help again? Here, I'll take care of that for you." Becca stood up, walked over to her brother, and got down on her knees in front of him. She undid his pants and pulled them down, then immediately started stroking is hard cock. Kyle just laid back and enjoyed it for a bit, then he had an idea. "Uh, Becca, could I maybe have a blowjob this time, please?" Becca found it funny the way he was so politely asking his sister for something like that.

I'll bet he and Kevin told each other about their mornings, Becca thought. Kyle must have been jealous that Kevin got a blowjob from his sister, and all he got was a handjob. She decided she had to make it up to him. She smiled at her brother. "Sure thing, little brother.

I've always loved jerking guys off, but I won't say no to sucking cock." Without another word, Becca wrapped her lips around her brother's shaft and started to suck him off. Kyle's cock was about the same size as Kevin's, but Becca enjoyed sucking Kyle's dick way more than she enjoyed sucking Kevin's the night before.

She was sucking her own brother's dick. She knew this was probably the sluttiest thing she'd ever done up to that point, and that thought made her extremely horny. She wondered if Jenny had felt the same way that morning. As his sister knelt before him sucking his cock, Kyle was having similar thoughts. Last night, he had gotten a blowjob from the more experienced Jenny. But even though Becca didn't suck cock as well as Jenny did, he was more turned on now than he'd ever been before.

He put his hands on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on his dick. Becca was getting more and more into it, sucking her brother's cock faster and faster the hornier she got. Eventually, Becca got so turned on she couldn't take it anymore. She'd jerked off her brother over her tits, she'd tit-fucked a guy in the boys' bathroom, she'd been stared at, groped, and spanked all day, and now she was sucking her brother's cock. It had been building all day, and now she was too horny to stand it.

A blowjob wouldn't cut it. She pulled her mouth off her brother's cock, and said, "Kyle, I need to fuck you. Right now. I've been horny all day and now I need a cock in me." Kyle was speechless.

This day just keeps getting better and better, he thought. "C'mon, let's go to me room." Becca said, pulling Kyle's pants up a little, taking his hand, and pulling him upstairs. Once in her room, Becca shut the door and pushed her little brother down on the bed. She pulled his pants back down and his cock shot straight up. As fast as she could, she pulled off all her clothes until she was completely nude.

Normally, she gives the guys she fucks a little striptease at this point, but she needed to get fucked as soon as possible. As she got on the bed and straddled her brother, Kyle said, "Becca, I've never done this before." "Don't worry, little brother," Becca said. "Just let your big sister take care of you." She leaned back, slid his cock into her pussy, and quickly impaled herself on his dick. She rode her brother's cock for all she was worth, bouncing up and down as fast as she could, trying desperately to get herself off and give her little brother a great first time.

Kyle was mesmerized. He lay back, unable to believe how lucky he was. He watched his sister's huge tits bounce up and down in front of him as he bathed in the pleasure of finally sticking his cock in an incredibly hot girl, his sister. It was one of his biggest fantasies come true. Kyle started to get involved, as he began thrusting his dick up into Becca's pussy over and over. When Becca felt this, she kept riding him and started moaning.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Mmmmm, fuck me, Kyle! That's it! Oh God! Yes! Yes!" Both of them started to go harder and harder until Becca couldn't take it any more.

She screamed out loud as she reached a mind-shattering climax. She collapsed onto her brother's body, they rolled over so she was laying on her bed. "Hurry, Kyle.

Finish on me." She urged her brother. Kyle got up and stood over Becca, jerking his hard cock. With a few finishing tugs, he started cumming, covering Becca's face and massive tits with his load. When he was done, he fell over and lay down next to his sister. Becca slowly, dreamily lifted her hand to her cum-covered tits and scooped up some of her brother's cum with her fingers.

She lifted it to her mouth and sucked the cum off her fingers, lingering for a moment to enjoy the taste. "Mmm." she moaned, her eyes closed. "Three loads on my tits in one day. Must be a record." Becca thought for a moment. "Well, three nonconsecutive loads." She said, remembering some of the more interesting parties she'd been too. "That wasn't bad at all for your first time, little brother." Becca told Kyle, still laying nude next to him.

"We'll just have to make sure you get plenty of practice." *** "We're almost to your house, babe. You better hurry up." Jenny didn't say anything, but she started sucking faster.

She was currently riding shotgun in a car being driven by some lacrosse player. He had agreed to give her a ride home from cheerleading practice in exchange for road head. So jenny, still in her cheerleader uniform, was sideways and bent over sucking the guy's dick while he drove. She had been going pretty slowly before, because she wanted to be sucking his cock the whole ride. Sometimes when she gave road head, she would finish earlier and let the guy cum on her face so she could enjoy watching people react to seeing her cum covered face as they drove by.

But today she was still horny from some of her antics during and after practice, and wanted a dick in her mouth for as long as possible. As the car pulled into her driveway, Jenny was fucking her face on the driver's dick like her mouth was a pussy.

The driver put his car in park and leaned back just as he came into Jenny's mouth. She was still sucking enthusiastically, swallowing his hot cum as she sucked. Only a few drops manage to escape her mouth and dribble over her lips, which she tried to lick up quickly as best she could.

"Damn, babe. You really live up to your name." Jenny smiled. She loved having her oral skills complemented, and she loved her nickname. "Thanks! Ask the head girl for me next practice if you want another. Anyway, thanks for the cum. And the ride." Jenny said as she got out of the car. Jenny looked down at her uniform as she entered her house. It had some dried cum on it from practice in a few places.

She smiled, thinking her brother would get a kick out of seeing her dressed like this. Her brother got home before her today because she had practice, so she went right upstairs to his room. She stood in his doorway, and found him sitting at his desk in front of the computer. "Hey, little bro." She said. Kevin hadn't been looking at porn just then, but he still flinched and spun around. Seeing his sister in her cheerleader outfit always made him horny, and seeing it with what appeared to be cum stains on it turned him on even more.

"What's the matter, little bro?" She asked in mock innocence, "do I have something on my face?" What Jenny didn't realize was she actually did have something on her face. A visible blob of white cum was still clinging to the right side of her chin. "Uh, well." Kevin said, indicating what he saw by wiping his chin.

Jenny took a finger and scooped up the cum, genuinely surprised but very happy, then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it up. "There," Jenny said, "all clean. Guess I didn't swallow it all after all!" Jenny laughed. Kevin laughed nervously along with her. Then, Jenny spotted her pink panties from that morning crumpled up on the floor by Kevin's desk.

Guess he'd been jerking off with them earlier, Jenny thought. She smiled and walked towards her brother's desk. "Well well, what have we here?" She said, picking up her used panties. Kevin freaked out for a split second, then remembered his sister had given him permission to jerk off with her panties this morning.

Jenny laughed at the look on his face. "It's alright, little bro. I think it's kinda hot that you do this, jerking off into your big sister's panties. Any time you need to get off, you can just take a pair from my room or the laundry, hell, just say the word and I'll slip off the ones I'm wearing and give 'em to you!" Kevin had jerked off not too long ago, but his sexy sister was making him hard again already.

"God, you're so damn hot, Jenny." Kevin said. He was incredibly thankful that his sister was such a fucking slut.

"Aww, thanks, bro. You're so sweet." Jenny smiled knowingly as she eyed the growing bulge in his pants. "And you know," she said, throwing her cum-covered panties onto Kevin's bed and stepping closer to him, "jerking off with your big sister's panties is fine when I'm not around, but if I am, I'm always happy to do it for you." "Really?" Kevin was getting excited.

"Of course! What kind of sister would I be if I let my little brother go without a nice handjob every now and then?" Jenny was now leaning forward, stroking her brother's hard cock through his pants. "Ooh, feels like you need to be taken care of right now! Y'know, I just gave a guy a blowjob on the way over here, and I'm always up for another. You want me to suck your cock again?" "Oh God yes!" Kevin said. Remembering just how good his sister's mouth felt around his cock this morning, Kevin was aching for another blowjob.

Jenny smiled smugly. "I thought you might." Jenny got down on her knees in front of her brother, still sitting in his chair. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear and took his dick into her hand. Like before, it was already hard, but Jenny stroked it anyway, loving the feel of a hard cock.


Jenny leaned forward and spit on Kevin's dick, then twisted her hand up and down his shaft to get it all wet with her saliva. "Y'know, Kev, I never brushed my teeth this morning. I've been tasting your cum all day, little bro." Kevin was leaning back in his chair, enjoying his sister's skilled hand as she worked his shaft with it. "In fact, I've been thinking about this cock of yours all day. It had me real horny." Jenny leaned forward, stuck her tongue out, and swirled it around the head of Kevin's cock.

Jenny began alternating between talking to Kevin and sucking his cock, taking his dick deeper into her mouth each time she went back down on him. "I got so horny today," Jenny continued, "that I couldn't even wait until practice to get fucked." She slurped around his cock again, already almost taking it all the way in and making the wettest sucking sounds she could. "I had to pull some random guy into an empty classroom in the middle of the day." Kevin moaned.

Listening to his sister talk about the slutty things she does really turned him on. Jenny deepthroated her brother's cock and held it there for a moment.

Then she pulled up and said, "Speaking of fucking, you wanna fuck me, little bro?" Kevin opened his eyes wide in surprise. He had expected the blowjob to be the best he would get for awhile.

After recovering from his initial shock, he hurriedly agreed. Jenny stood up and walked over to Kevin's bed, casually slipping off her pink panties and letting them fall to the floor on the way. She got on her hands and knees on the bed, sticking her ass out invitingly. "Come on, little bro. Give it to me." Kevin got behind Jenny, excited to lose his virginity, and stuck his dick in his sister's pussy.

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"Ahhh, that's the way. Now, when you finish, pull out and cum on my back. Don't worry about ruining my uniform, guys cum on it all the time." Jenny said, looking back at her little brother and smiling. Kevin started fucking her, slowly at first as he was inexperienced.

He started to pick up the pace after he got used to it and with some encouragement from a very horny Jenny. Eventually Jenny was moaning and screaming with pleasure.

"Ohhh, yes! Yes! Fuck me, little brother! Fuck me! Fuck your slutty sister! Harder! Yes! Yes! Ohhh." She had her eyes closed for awhile, and when she opened them she saw the panties Kevin jerked off with on the bed in front of her. She grabbed them and shoved them in her mouth, making her feel deliciously dirty and reducing her moans to muffled sounds.

Just after she did that, she cried out as she had an amazing orgasm. While she was still in a daze of pleasure, she felt Kevin pull out of her. As he came, she could feel his warm cum hitting her uniform and soaking through to her back. Jenny collapsed onto the bed, basking in the feeling of what she had done.

She had fucked her own brother. She felt so dirty. She felt sluttier than she'd ever felt before. And she loved it. After she regained her senses a bit, she pulled her panties out of her mouth and rolled over. She saw her brother standing there at the end of the bed still, his cock covered in her juices. Smiling, she crawled to her brother. "Where are my manners?" she said.

"Let me clean you up." She took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. When she finished, she stood up and grabbed the panties that had been in her mouth.

"Well, did you enjoy that?" Jenny asked, knowing full well what the answer was. "Yes, yes I did." Kevin said, pulling his pants back on and sitting back down in his chair.

"Thanks, Jenny. That was amazing." "I thought so." "Can we do that again sometime?" Kevin asked hopefully. "Well, duh! You didn't expect me to let a good cock go to waste in my own home, did you?" Jenny smiled, knowing she was turning her brother on again already.

Still panty-less, Jenny walked out of her brother's room, swaying her barely-covered ass as she went. *** The next morning, as Jenny was walking to the bus stop, she started running towards Becca as soon as she saw her. When she got to her, they embraced and Jenny practically tackled Becca to the ground. They immediately started an intense make-out session.

In the middle of it, Becca pushed Jenny's head back and said, "I fucked my brother." "Good morning to you, too." Jenny said before going back to sucking her best friend's face. After they were both satisfied with their greeting, they got up and started walking.

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"I'm guessing you fucked your brother too?" Becca said. "Yep! It was great!" Jenny said. "We gonna do it again today?" Becca asked. "Absolutely! In fact, let's make it a foursome! Maybe we can switch partners too!" Jenny declared. "I like it. This is gonna be so much fun!" "God, I'm getting horny just thinking about it!

Let's meet up at lunch, with a guy or two. No way am I gonna make it 'til the end of the day!" "Agreed." The slutty best friends walked on, knowing they had opened up all kinds of new possibilities.