Hailey hart in doggie style fucking by ed powers fingering and brunette

Hailey hart in doggie style fucking by ed powers fingering and brunette
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Lesbian Mind Control Incest A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Three: Daughter's Taboo Reward By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! "That's it, work that tongue into my ass, Lily," I moaned, kneeling on my bed beside my wonderful, eighteen-year-old daughter Janet. She had a look of rapture on her face, mirroring my own, as Alison, her older sister and my eldest daughter, rimmed her ass. "You love my ass, you lesbian slut." "I do, Mistress," Lily moaned, her auburn hair fanning over my ass like silk as her fingers clenched and relaxed.

I shivered as her tongue swiped across my asshole, tonguing and rimming it. Hot flutters shot through my body straight to my pussy. I shivered, clenching hard as I savored the sweet delight of my ex-girlfriend's nineteen-year-old daughter tonguing my asshole. She was such a whore. My whore. Just like Alison was. "Lick my ass, you nasty dyke-slut," Janet moaned, her round breasts swinging beneath her body, her black hair sliding across her shoulders as she rocked back into her older sister's nasty licking.

"Jam that tongue in me. Eat my ass. Oh, yes, you love it." "Because mom made me," Alison wailed, her voice throaty with pleasure. "But, yes. I love it. Your ass tastes so sour and yummy, Mistress Janet." My youngest daughter shot me a glowing grin. Having our asses eaten out was the perfect way to start our Saturday.

It was a new life for all of us. Everything had changed last night with the arrival of the mysterious Halo. Who sent it? And why? Why choose me? Why did they give me the power to control people's minds?

I didn't understand the motivations to the Institute of Apotheosis Research, nor did I care. Because I loved controlling people's minds.

It was a thrill. A rush. A wicked, naughty delight. I was such a bad mother. I had converted my bratty daughter Alison and her best friend into my lesbian sex slaves and my youngest daughter, Janet, into my lover. She was far better than that bitch Bianca.

I hoped she contracted every venereal disease fucking all those asshole men in Vegas. I hoped they left her dripping cum. Cunt! I can't believe I loved her. I can't believe I trusted her. My fingers clenched on the bedspread savoring Bianca's daughter rimming my asshole. Lily's tongue pressed into my butt-hole, swirling around my bowels. I groaned, my head snapping back, my black hair flying about my head. My large breasts swayed beneath me as I rocked back and forth.

The morning sunlight streamed into my bedroom, warm on my back and left tit. I wiggled my ass, drinking in the sun's kiss along with the delight of Lily's tongue.

Her mother never would have licked my asshole. She always thought anal was disgusting. And now her daughter was my anal whore. "Oh, yes, you dyke-slut," I hissed. "Oh, Lily, I bet your cunt is so hot from licking my asshole." "So hot, Mistress," she moaned between licks.

"I love worshiping your ass. Right, Alison? We love it." "We do," groaned Alison, still fighting against my powers but unable to deny the commands I gave her. The Halo, integrated into my body, let me overwrite her brain waves or some sort of nonsense like that. I didn't care how it worked. It just did.

"We love worshiping your ass, Mommy-Mistress, and Mistress Janet's ass." Janet squealed. "Oh, Alison, you anal-whore! Oh, that's it. Mmm, lick my ass. You were so bad last night. You and Lily were such bad whores." "So bad," Alison moaned. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs. I loved my new life. Especially with Lily's tongue rimming my asshole.

I glanced at Janet, and she beamed at me, her glasses slipping down her nose. She was so cute. So wonderful. Such a good girl. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth. Our tongues met, dueled. We moaned into each other's mouths as the pleasure of our sex slaves rimming our assholes shot through us. It was wonderful. This naughty, wet heat that rippled through me, making my nipples ache. Janet gasped, breaking the kiss.

"Oh, Alison, yes, finger my pussy. You're being such a good slave. Good slaves get rewarded. And you want to be rewarded." "Yes, Mistress Janet," Alison groaned, so eager for it and hating herself all at the same time. "Yes, rewards," Lily groaned and suddenly her right hand slipped down from my ass and three of her fingers reamed into my pussy.

"We love being rewarded." Lily took better to being a slave. Alison objected to the incest. Which made it so sexy when she buried her tongue deep into her sister's asshole and fingered her pussy.

Janet's head snapped back, her breasts swaying as she rocked back into her sister's pumping digits, face scrunching with pleasure. It was so hot seeing my daughters engaging in incest. The Halo had freed me. I could act on any desire that popped through my mind. All those time seeing my daughters as sexual beings, feeling ashamed for lusting after their barely legal bodies, was erased.

No one could judge me. Anyone who did would be reeducated. It was intoxicating. I had no idea what I would do with my powers. But I did know I would enjoy myself. "Yes, yes, yes," I hissed, my body shuddering. "Ram those fingers deep into me, Lily. Make me cum harder than your whore-mother ever did." "I will, Mistress," she moaned between licks then jammed that wonderful tongue deep into my bowels.

She wiggled her tongue around, eager to stir such pleasure through me while her three fingers pumped in and out of my pussy. The friction was wonderful. Pleasure rippled through my body. It had me trembling, swaying. I groaned, eyes rolling back into my head as I savored them. I drank them in. Janet moaned louder and louder, her head thrown back, her face flushed with her pleasure. Her orgasm built and built. I shivered, eager to see my youngest daughter cum on my eldest daughter's tongue and fingers.

Distantly, my front door crashed opened. "Where are you, Maria?" a woman shouted. I frowned, my body trembling, on the verge of cumming. Who was in my house? "I can't believe you left me in Vegas! You are paying me back for the $507 I had to pay the damn cabbie to get home!" Bianca burst into my bedroom dressed in the same slinky dress I had seen her wearing in Vegas yesterday, though it was far more rumpled, her makeup smeared, her auburn hair disarrayed.

She had fury crossing her face that then froze. "Lily?" Lily didn't stop licking my ass and fingering my pussy as her mother stood in the doorway in stunned shock.

Fear rippled through me. My ex-girlfriend stared at me as her daughter devoured my asshole and pussy. In our relationship, Bianca had always taken charge.

She instigated our fun. She bought our sex toys. Almost all of the ones in my collection were picked out by her from our local sex shop, Pink Pussycat Delights. It was her idea to go to Vegas for our girls' weekend. And it was her idea to fuck two guys and try to get me to join in. "What the fuck is this?" she demanded. "Lily, what the fuck are you doing?" "Eating Mistress's asshole, Mom," Lily answered, her voice choked.

"Stop that right now! She's a my daughter, Maria! What the hell!" For a moment, fear held me. I wanted to cower against her anger. I never liked standing up to people. I wasn't assertive. I let Alison run wild, unable to discipline her properly, and I let Bianca think flirting with other guys and propositioning me for an orgy with them was something she could do. She didn't respect me. Alison hadn't respected me. Now she would.

"Shut the fuck up," I snapped, my mind tingling as my brain waves shot out to hers. "I'm trying to cum on your daughter's mouth." Bianca shut the fuck up. Her jaw slammed shut. Her eyes widened, panic crossing her face as she tried to speak. Her jaw refused to move, though her lips twitched. Her large breasts rose and fell beneath her rumpled party dress.

She opened her mouth, working her jaw, testing it, but then she tried to speak again, and nothing happened, her eyes growing wilder. "Just stand there and watch, you whore," I hissed. "Watch your daughter make me cum. She loves worshiping my asshole." "I do, Mom," moaned Lily. "It's so delicious." "So delicious," Alison echoed.

"I made sure your daughter wouldn't end up as a filthy, man-fucking whore like you, Bianca," I hissed. "She's my lesbian slave now. She understands her place." "Worshiping Mistress and her lover," moaned Lily. "With Alison, my girlfriend." I shivered, smiling at Bianca as she stood there, her green eyes wide in shock. She swayed, struggling to move, but her legs wouldn't obey. The muscles in her neck twitched.

She didn't want to watch her naked, nineteen-year-old daughter make me cum. I groaned in delight, my orgasm swelling as Lily's three fingers pumped faster and faster. Her tongue churned my asshole into a froth. Ripples washed through me as I came closer and closer to cumming, my thoughts whirling. Bianca had to be punished. "Oh, Lily, you're doing such a good job. Mmm, yes, lick my ass. You're going to get such a reward today." She swirled her tongue faster, eager. I stared into Bianca's wild eyes.

Tears beaded the corners. "Oh, yes, your daughter is such a good anal-slut. Mmm, she loves my asshole. She's going to make me cum so hard." "So hard, Mrs. Carter," groaned Janet. "Oh, Alison. Oh, you slut. Oh, make me cum. I. Yes!" Janet screamed her head off. She always came so hard, popping off like a firecracker. She swayed beside me, her juices gushing out of her pussy and running down Alison's right arm. Alison moaned into her sister's asshole, tonguing her hard, giving Janet all the pleasure she deserved.

She was such a good girl. Lily's thumb rubbed my clit. I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her plunging fingers and my asshole spasmed on her swirling tongue. The two different delights met in my core. My back arched, my body tensing. "I'm going to cum so hard on your daughter's tongue and fingers," I moaned to Bianca. "Oh, she's such a slut. My slut!" "Always!" Lily breathed between licking probes of my asshole.

Her fingers jammed deep into my pussy. Tears fell down Bianca's cheeks. My orgasm exploded in my pussy. My asshole and cunt both writhed about Lily's probing body parts. Rapture flooded through my body. My hair whipped about my head as the ecstasy reached my mind.

It was so hot. I could feel Bianca watching her daughter be my whore, pleasing me the way Bianca should have pleasured me.

If she had been a good girlfriend, then she wouldn't need to be punished. And I would punish her. "Yes, yes, yes," I howled to the ceiling. "You've been bad, Bianca. So bad! And bad sluts are punished!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Bad sluts are punished," breathed Deidre Icke, savoring the newest revelation from the goddess.

"Yes, yes, of course." The President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research stared at the computer monitor in her office, watching the spy camera placed in the ceiling of Subject 1's bedroom. The new goddess head tossed back and forth as she came on her slave's mouth. Apparently, the angry woman was the slave's mother. And she had wronged the goddess. "How will you punish her?" Deidre asked, her fingers plunging over and over into her pussy. Her clothing was rumpled, her normally crisps business skirt and blouse wrinkled and stained.

She had slept in her office chair, falling asleep masturbating to the spy footage of the first new god of the modern age use her powers. Deidre hadn't expected lesbian incest to be embraced or that sexual slavery was something that should be desired.

But that was why she watched. To learn the revelations for the new gospel. Just like her dead guru, the amazing Dr. Henry Blavatsky, had wanted. Her eyes flicked to his picture on her desk, his wife standing beside him, both smiling.

Neither had lived to see his dream realized. But Deidre had insured it was a reality, pioneering the Halos. A knock came at her door. "Mom?" Deidre shivered as her eighteen-year-old daughter, Alexis, opened the door of her office.

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"You've been here all night and. Oh, god, Mom." "Come here," Deidre moaned. "The goddess has given me such revelations." "She has?" Alexis asked, her eyes widening. The eighteen-year-old beauty, her eyes averted from her mother's half-nudity, walked towards the desk.

"What sort of revelations?" "That we need to have sex. Incest between mothers and daughters is a beautiful thing." A grin crossed Deidre's face. "And bad sluts have to be punished. Have you been bad, Alexis? Have you been a slut?" The girl's eyes widened in shock as she stared at the computer monitor. Deidre took her daughter's hand, pulling her closer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Strip," I said after recovering from my amazing orgasm. "And you can move from the spot, slut." Bianca, tears still falling down her cheeks, pulled off her clothing with alacrity, her stretch dress coming off, revealing her braless tits, her large breasts bouncing and swaying.

I grimaced at the hickeys covering her soft flesh. The men had left their mark on her. She wiggled out of her lacy panties, her shaved pussy looking raw from being fucked all night by those men. I grimaced. "How much of a whore were you last night?" I asked. She opened her mouth and let out a strangled gasp, eyes even more wild as she struggled to speak but couldn't. She clutched her throat, her face growing red, her green eyes bulging. I gave a dismissive wave and told her she could speak again, my brain tingling.

"I was such a whore," she said between coughs. "I.I fucked five guys. They invited friends." "Mom, gross," Lily said, cuddled up to Alison. "They're men." "So nasty," Alison agreed, her face twisting in disgust. "And she was your girlfriend, Mom?" Janet said. I nodded my head.

"Oh, you're such a bitch!" Janet hopped off the bed, her round tits bouncing, and slapped Bianca hard. "You were my mom's girlfriend, and you thought fucking a bunch of guys would be better than being with her! I would never do that to Mom." She was such a good girl. "We were in Vegas to have fun," Bianca said, clutching her hand to her cheek, fresh tears falling.

"How are you doing this? How are you making me do things, Maria?" "Because I'm special.


I'm a goddess." I liked saying that. It was easier than explaining dumb things about nanomachines and brain waves and all that technobabble. "And you had your chance to be at my side. But you showed your true face. You're nothing but a filthy, man-fucking whore. A slut. A degenerate bitch. Five men in a single night. Gross." "Super gross," Janet agreed. I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her to my side.

"Luckily, I have my princess now. I don't need you, Bianca." "Fine," Bianca said, holding her head up. "I have nothing to apologize about. We weren't girlfriends. We were just fucking around. You're the idiot who—" Janet slapped her again. Hard. Bianca stumbled and bumped into my dresser. "She is not an idiot, you dumb whore." "You filthy bitch," Bianca snarled and lunged for my daughter. "Stop, Bianca!" My mind tingled hard. Every muscle in Bianca's body froze in midstep.

She crashed to the floor, lying rigid like she was frozen solid. Her momentum rolled her onto her side. The command was so strong she wasn't even breathing. I stared down at her big breasts jiggling to a rest, my anger flaring. "You can move. But you are never to attack me, Janet, or one of my slaves, whore!" Thoughts itched. Bianca moved. She let out a mad wail, scrambled to her feet, and bolted out of my bedroom, running as fast as she could down the hallway.

I grimaced, the acrid scent of piss filling my nose. It flooded down her thighs, dripping onto my carpet. "Don't run, you filthy bitch! Oh, god, you're ruining my carpet." Bianca slowed to a walk as she reached the living room, but kept heading for the front door, moving as fast as she could.

"You can't leave the house without my permission." I shook my head. "In fact, get in the bathroom and scrub yourself clean. Especially that diseased pussy. Then you're going to shampoo the carpets in my entire house for what you did. God, there's a puddle of piss in my bedroom." "Such a filthy bitch," Janet hissed. "Isn't she, Mom?" "Your disgusting, Mom," Lily gasped. "I can't believe you would ruin Mistress's carpet." Bianca trembled, more tears falling down her face as she walked back down the hallway and then headed into the bathroom.

The door closed. Her sobs were drowned out when the shower hissed on. I shivered, staring at the wet spots, the large one in my bedroom spreading. "I can't believe I ever liked that bitch," I said to Janet. "I always had terrible taste in lovers." "Dad," Janet agreed. "Yeah," Alison said. "My dad's even more of a deadbeat than Janet's." "She pissed on your carpet," Lily said. "That's so icky, Mistress." "It is," I said. "And you two," I glared at Alison and Lily, "have the rest of my house to clean after last night.

I want it spotless. Janet and I our going to take a nice, relaxing bath." I had a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom, my own reward for myself I had installed a few years ago.

"Have breakfast ready for us in a half-hour and clean in the mean time." "Yes, Mistress," both Alison and Lily said, then the pair darted off naked. The bath was so relaxing. No sex—I was a little worn out from last night, we were up late enjoying ourselves—but just cuddling with my daughter. She was so wonderful. I stroked Janet's hair as she cuddled against me.

We soaked in the hot water. It was heavenly. We stayed in until we were both pruny. The house had already improved when we came out.

Bianca, still naked and her body clearly scrubbed clean, fumbled with my rug shampooer while the smells of omelets beckoned from the kitchen. Alison was cooking while Lily busied herself in the living room, cleaning up from the disaster my daughter's party had left last night. After breakfast, Janet and I retired to the backyard to bathe naked in the Southern California sunshine while my house was put back into order.

I was a goddess now. I didn't have to clean up after other people's messes. Never again would anyone walk over me. "Mommy-Mistress," Alison said, kneeling down beside my chaise lounge chair a few hours later, "the house is clean. And that whore is hiding in the closet crying. She's not happy we took away her dress." Alison had a satisfied smirk on her face. "The carpet is still wet, but drying from the shampoo." "No stains?" I asked.

Alison shook her head. "Good." I stood up. "Well, let's get dressed. It's time to go shopping." Janet pushed up her glasses. "Where at?" I grinned at her as I stood naked, my breasts bouncing. It was wonderful sunbathing nude. I had never done it before. We returned to the house where everyone, except Bianca, dressed. I found my ex cowering in the closet, half-buried beneath a few jackets. "Please," she sobbed. "Let me go. I'm s-sorry I pissed on your rug.

I was scared. You're scary, Maria. And I'm s-sorry I was a whore. I d-didn't think about how you w-would feel." "And that's why you're being punished," I told her, brain prickling. "Stand up. We're going out. You will not get more then ten feet from me. You will not cover your breasts or your pussy. You will hold your head up high and let everyone see your body.

Because you are a filthy whore." "A filthy whore," she repeated. "Wait? I'm going outside naked?" I didn't answer her.


I just walked away. Jackets rustled as she dove out of the closet to follow me. She had to stay close. It was intoxicating. Her big boobs slapped together as she darted to keep up with me.

My daughters and Lily waited in the living room, all four wearing short skirts and tight blouses like me, no bra or panties.

"Oh, god, oh, god," Bianca muttered as I opened the front door, the noon sunlight pouring through. "Come on," I told her, pointing. Her hands twitched. She tried to cover her breasts as she went outside, but they wouldn't rise higher than her stomach. She tried to shove them down to hide her pussy, but they stopped at her shaved pudenda, fingers reaching, stretching, but unable to hide her cunt. She stepped out into the sunlight.

Across the street, one of my neighbors watered her flowers. She turned to wave and froze at the sight of naked Bianca. "She's being punished," I shouted, my thoughts tingling. "She's been bad." I smacked Bianca's ass hard. "She's staring at me," moaned Bianca. "Oh, god, oh, god. Please, Maria, I'm so sorry.

Don't make me do this." "You're a whore," I laughed. "And this is how whores are treated." I sauntered to my car, taking my time.

As soon as I was within 10 feet of it, Bianca darted to the vehicle, grabbing the passenger door. Janet slapped her hand away. "I'm her princess. You can ride in the trunk." "That's where filthy whores belong, Mom," Lily nodded, opening the back door. Alison slid in on the other side so the pair could cuddle in the back.

I popped the trunk with the button on my fob. "Hop in, Bianca." She whimpered again as she crawled into my trunk. It must be sweltering in there. It was so hot in my car. I grimaced as I set down the seat, the vinyl hot on the back of my thighs, my steering wheel burning.

I started the car and jacked up the AC immediately. "So where are we going, Mistress?" Lily asked. I grinned. "Pink Pussycat Delight." "The sex shop?" blurted out Alison. "Cool," Janet said. Janet bounced eagerly in the passenger seat, her breasts molded by her tight shirt, her nipples so hard with her excitement. My two sex slaves squirmed in the back, holding each other's hands. Bianca whimpered in the trunk. She should not have wronged a goddess.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mom!" Alexis moaned, her pussy spasming on Deidre's fingers. "Praise his name! Yes, yes, yes." "See," Deidre purred, watching the camera feed from Drone 17 as it followed Subject 1's car through Thousand Oaks.

"See how wonderful her revelation is." "So wonderful, Mom." Alexis had taken some convincing that mother/daughter incest was truly the new goddess's proclamation.

My daughter was fearful of the old morality that had choked mankind. But she had been raised in the teachings of Blavatsky and his wife. She had grown up anticipating this day. So understanding came. "Now you get to please me," Deidre smiled, pulling her fingers out of her daughter's pussy. She brought them to her mouth, licking them, savoring her juices.

"Yes, Mom," Alexis moaned, sinking to her knees and pushing her mother's thighs apart. Deidre watched the screen eagerly as her daughter's sweet tongue took its first swipe through her pussy folds. She had known the revelations from the new gods and goddesses would be amazing. But she had no idea that they would be this pleasurable.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We stepped into Pink Pussycat Delight, Bianca darting through first, eager to get off the sidewalk, her big tits flopping. Her entire body was sweaty after the fifteen minute ride in the trunk, her hair plastered to her forehead.

She groaned in relief as she stepped into the shop. It was a well-lit store set in a strip mall, its front windows tinted dark so people on the street couldn't see. It catered more towards women, with a huge collection of sex toys and naughty outfits that dominated the bulk of the store. In the back were crammed the pornos, both magazines and DVD's. It wasn't seedy like older sex shops that catered more towards men, but inviting.

You felt safe in there. "What the fuck?" the woman at the cash register gasped. She was young, her hair dyed violet and cut short, her nose pierced by a silver ring. "You can't have a naked woman in here. And is she old enough?" "She's legal, barely," I grinned.

"All three of them are. And nudity is welcomed. Even sex is allowed." My brain tingled while outside I thought I heard a whirling sound. The woman blinked, frowning. "But it's still illegal for them to be naked, right? I mean." "Laws don't matter. Only what I tell you. So relax. Enjoy the show." "Show?" Bianca asked, her eyes widening. "Your punishment," I said. A man browsing the DVD's in the back let out a groan at the sight of Bianca.

I didn't blame him. She was a stunning, sexy woman. Her body fit and curvy despite being a mother with a eighteen-year-old daughter. She took care of herself and it showed. "You get to enjoy the show, too," I told him. "She's a whore. A filthy degenerate. Right, Bianca?" "I'm a whore," she said, her voice choked, her cheeks flaming and covered by tear tracts. "A filthy degenerate." "Her number is 555-6834," I told the man. "Remember it. If you ever want to get laid, call it and say, 'I need your whore-pussy' and she'll be right over.

Just cost you $100." I glanced at Bianca, my thoughts tingling. "And you, if anyone calls you and says 'I need your whore-pussy' you drop what you're doing, go to them, and fuck them for $100. Then you return to me and give me half.

Understand?" She nodded her head, sniffling. "Don't cry," I snapped. "You wanted to be a whore. You should be happy. I'm giving you just what you wanted. All the guys to fuck that disgusting pussy. You're to filthy to ever please a woman" "So why are we here, Mom?" Janet asked, her eyes so wide as she stared at the sex toys.

"To buy your first strap-on, sweetie," I told her. "Find the one you like then fuck Alison with it. Just to make sure you'll like being fucked by it, too." "Oh, thanks, Mom." Janet hugged and kissed me. Then she broke away and darted for the dildos, taking Alison's hand as she ran by. "Let's find the perfect one, slave!" "Yes, Mistress Janet." I looked at the dildo's, too. I wanted to find the biggest one they had. Something perfect for fucking a whore's pussy, to really stretch it out.

I shivered at the sight of one thicker than my forearm and at least a foot long. It was obscenely huge, almost a parody of a dildo. I couldn't imagine stuffing this monstrosity into my pussy. I picked it up, the fleshy shaft wiggling in my hand, the tip painted dark-red. "Do you think your whore-mother can take this dildo, Lily?" I asked, turning to my redheaded slave. "I know I couldn't," she said, wincing. "But Mom is a grade A whore." "Oh, god," Bianca gasped when I turned to her. Color faded from her cheeks.

"Find me a harness, whore," I grinned, tossing her the dildo, "and strap this on me once I'm naked. Lily, strip naked then strip me." The door opened. Another man appeared. Another customer for Bianca. They would get to see her in action. Know that she was worthy for their cocks. Oh, it made me so wet. The perfect punishment to fit her crime.

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Lily stripped with eager delight, not caring that another two men and a woman had walked into the sex shop. My thoughts prickled as I cried out commands, so glad to see my powers affecting more and more people. They gathered, eager to watch Bianca get broken in by my new dildo while I told them all her phone number. She would be so popular. I bet she could quit her job and be a whore full time even after giving me half of what she made.

Bianca wasn't crying any longer when she returned with a harness. She watched as her daughter stripped, baring her large tits that were almost as big as her mother's. They jiggled and swayed with youthful perkiness. She pushed down her skirt, wiggling, exposing the landing strip of fiery hair that led straight to her pussy.

"Isn't that just yummy?" I asked Bianca, my finger stroking down the landing strip to Lily's tight pussy. She was dripping wet with her excitement. "No," Bianca gasped, revulsion crossing her face, the thick dildo wiggling in her hands. "That's my daughter's pussy." "What a terrible mother," I told Lily. "You have a very yummy pussy." "Thank you, Mistress," she gasped as my finger pushed into her hot, wet depths.

Her tight silk clenched down on my probing digit as she shuddered. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and brought it to Bianca's lips.

She flinched as I smeared her daughter's cunt on her lips, making them all glossy with the tangy musk. Then I shoved it into Bianca's mouth, forcing her to taste her daughter. "Oh, isn't that just delicious?" I groaned as Bianca jerked back, her lips popping off my finger. "No!" she gasped. "That's so fucked up. She's my daughter." I just grinned, raising my arms over my head as Lily pulled up my blouse, my large tits spilling out.

The naughty minx took a moment to lean in and nibble on my tit. I shivered at her as she fell to her knees and pulled down my skirt, her lips nuzzling into my dark bush, her tongue licking at my pussy.

She was so hungry for it now. "Mom!" squealed Janet, darting back up to me with a red dildo, smooth and sleek with the tip hooking up into a blunt point, angled to massage a woman's G-spot as she was fucked.

"Isn't this so hot? Alison will love it." "I will," Alison nodded, already pulling off her top. She knew what was about to happen. She was eager for it despite how much she pretended to hate it. "She's going to fuck me so hard, Mommy-Mistress." "Damn," one of the watching guys said, his phone out.

"No recording," I snapped, brain tingling. "You can film Bianca once me, my daughters, and Lily leave." Then I glanced at Bianca. "I'm naked." She shivered, realizing that fact, and my earlier command sprang her into action. Lily moved out of her mother's way which sadly forced her to stop licking my pussy. I stepped into the harness as Bianca knelt before me, the huge dildo thrusting through the front of the harness.

She drew the black vinyl up my thighs, adjusting everything, cinching it tight. "That's such a huge dildo, Mom," Janet beamed as Alison did the same for her.

Then Alison licked the red toy, flicking her tongue across it like it was her sister's cock. Janet, naked like the rest of us, shivered, her round, barely legal breasts jiggling. "We're going to have so much fun fucking our sluts," I grinned at her. "Alison and Lily will love their rewards." "My reward, Mistress?" Lily frowned. "I thought you were fucking my mother." I grinned at her as Bianca cinched the harness tight.

"You will receive your reward, Lily." I smacked the dildo into Bianca's face. "And you, whore, on your hands and knees like the cheating bitch you are." Bianca whimpered, clearly wanting to cry but unable—whores don't cry. She turned around, going down onto her hands and knees, her perfect ass wiggling at me. A faint tan line ran across her butt-cheeks and dove for her shaved pussy. She wasn't wet. That wouldn't do.

"Whores are always wet when they're being fucked," I ordered, mind pricking. "And you're about to get fucked." Bianca let out a moan. It was like a faucet had been turned on in the depths of her pussy.

Juices trickled out of her folds, beading on her lips, dribbling down her thighs. I had never seen a woman get wet so fast. "On your knees, too, slut," giggled Janet.

"I'm going to fuck you hard." "Yes," Alison gasped in eager delight. My oldest spun around, her small tits jiggling. She had tiny breasts, smaller than her younger sisters.

But they were cute mounds topped by pink nipples. Like Lily, her pussy was shaved save for a landing strip of black hair. Her body toned and athletic, such a sensual sight. "Fuck me, Sister-Mistress," she moaned, wiggling her hips. She was dripping wet, too. Janet wasted no time playing with her new toy.

I was entranced by her youthful breasts jiggling as she fell to her knees.

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She placed the red dildo against her sister's pussy and slammed in with a single thrust. Flesh slapped together. Breasts bounced. Janet groaned. Alison gasped. The watchers moaned.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck your sister-slave," Alison moaned, her hips rocking back, her black hair swaying about her face. "Pound me. Oh, my god, Mistress, this dildo is amazing." "Good," Janet moaned. "We're swapping. You get to fuck me next." "You spoil me," Alison beamed. My pussy clenched it was so exciting watching my daughters getting along, to see Alison understand and accept her place in our family. She was here to please us. And by doing that, she would get all the wonderful rewards she could.

"Lily," I said, falling to my knees behind Bianca, "stretch out before your mother. Your reward is to cum as much as you want as she licks your pussy." "Oh, thank you, Mistress," Lily gasped. "What?" Bianca's head whipped around. "I am not licking my daughter's pussy." I raised an eyebrow and slapped her ass with the huge dildo. Her butt-cheeks rippled as I drummed back and forth. "Why do you think that, Bianca?" Her eyes widened.

She realized I could make her do anything. Lily dropped before her mother, legs spread wide, tight pussy gaping open. Her pink flesh beckoned. I licked my lips, eager to devour her. It was such a juicy pussy. Bianca turned, staring down at her daughter's cunt and blocking my view of it. The mother shivered, then she lowered her face without me giving her a command. She knew it would happen either way.

"Mom!" Lily moaned in pure delight, her hands snagging her mother's auburn curls. "Oh, Mom, yes, lick my pussy. Make me cum while Mistress's reams your filthy whore-cunt." "You are such a sweet thing, Lily," I grinned, feeling all the eyes on me. Janet and Alison both gasped and moaned beside me, Janet fucking her older sister with such passion, her hips almost a blur. It inspired me, my pussy aching, my clit throbbing against the monster dildo's base.

I dragged it back, bringing the huge tip to Bianca's pussy. And pushed. The base of the dildo pressed on my clit. My bud ached and throbbed as the whore's pussy lips spread wider and wider. I groaned as I watched. They expanded to engulf the tip. She was so wet, her juices lubing the way. My hips pumped, pushing the cock deeper and deeper, inch by inch.

Bianca's moans were low and muffled.

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Her ass clenched as she took more and more of the dildo into her whore cunt. Lily shivered, her big breasts writhing as she humped against her mother's licking mouth, having a good time. "Eat my pussy, Mom, while Mistress fucks your whore-cunt!" gasped Lily. "Oh, yes. Eat it. Devour it." "Yes, devour her pussy," I groaned, smacking Bianca's ass as I drove the dildo in another inch.

She took over half of it before I bottomed out in her cunt. I shivered, sliding back and thrusting in again and again. My clit ached and throbbed. I gripped her hip with one hand, the other squeezing my breast, twisting my nipple as the store echoed with incestuous passion.

The doorbell chimed. "Come watch," I commanded. "See the new whore in action. No filming. No freaking out. Enjoy!" "Fuck yeah," a young man said, watching the action, staring at us with hot eyes. He wanted to fuck us all, but only Bianca was a whore.

I thrust harder and harder, ramming the cock over and over into her pussy. Her lips were stretched tight over the huge girth. My clit ached every time I thrust forward. The sparks shot through me, mixing with the sheer exhilaration of being watched while I fucked a mother eating her daughter's pussy.

Beside me, Janet gasped and squeaked, her tits bouncing as she reamed her sister's cunt. Alison moaned out her pleasure, babbling as she slammed back into her sister's thrusts, enjoying their fucking so much. "You're gonna cum, aren't you, slave?" moaned Janet, smacking her older sister's ass. "You love it." "So much, Sister-Mistress," she panted. "The tip's stroking the top of my pussy." My pussy clenched.

Juices dripped down my thighs as I came closer and closer to erupting. I pounded Bianca. I fucked her with all my anger and hurt. I pounded her pussy, my fingers digging hard into her hip. "Take my cock, whore," I hissed. "Take it while you lick your daughter's pussy. Oh, you love it.

You love being fucked by huge cocks. Because you're that filthy.

Aren't you?" "So filthy," Bianca moaned into her daughter's pussy. "Just a disgusting whore," moaned Lily. "Oh, yes, Mommy, lick my clit. Oh, you naughty whore. Make me cum and. Yes!" Lily bucked hard, her big tits jiggling as she came on her mother's face. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She screamed out her pleasure as she thrashed. And Bianca kept licking, kept tonguing her daughter's barely legal snatch, making her cum.

Making her explode in lesbian passion. "You're so hot," Alison moaned. "You're so hot when you cum, Lily!" "So are you!" Lily moaned. "Cum with me!" "Yes!" Alison gasped, her head tossing back, cumming on her sister's dildo.

"Oh, you naughty slut," Janet moaned. "Oh, yes. Mommy, this is so hot!" She slammed into her sister, and joined her in cumming. I savored the sight of both my daughter's cumming, their bodies writhing in their shared, incestuous passion.

Janet thrust one final time into her sister's cunt, then she collapsed over Alison, hugging her from behind, their lips meeting in a hot kiss.

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Sisters sharing their lusts. Lily gasped again, cumming a second time on her mother's lips, humping so hard. My own orgasm swelled. I buried the huge dildo deeper and deeper into Bianca's pussy. Every thrust stretched her out more and more, breaking in her pussy for her new life. And then my groin smacked into her ass.

"You took it all, you dirty whore," I moaned as my orgasm exploded through me. "I did!" Bianca moaned, her head snapping upright. She came, too. I wasn't shocked. She was such a whore. Pleasure burned through me. It shot up to my mind, bubbling through my brain as my clit ground on the base of the dildo. Juices flooded down my thighs as I savored my new powers. I had such power. I could do whatever I liked.

It was amazing. I was so lucky to be chosen. Like the letter said, I was selected out of all the billions of people on this planet. That made me so special. It was like winning the lotto on steroids. As the pleasure shot through my mind, I had visions of expensive houses and cars, of beautiful women swirling around me, twin sisters, mothers and their daughters, all eager to serve in my harem. To worship me. To love me. And my daughters and Lily. Those three would be the core of my harem.

My princess and our two closest slaves. And in the corner, Bianca would be fucked by all the horny men who couldn't touch my women. They could only fuck the filthy whore. She would have all the cocks she ever wanted. She would be fucked day and night. Her pussy taking dick after dick. A whore forever. "Damn," I groaned, pulling my dildo out of Bianca's pussy.

"She's all ready for you boys. Remember, you tell her, 'I need your whore-pussy' and she'll be right over to collect your $100 and let you fuck her." "I need your whore-pussy," the young guy called.

Bianca shuddered, crawling to him as he pulled out a wad of twenties from his pocket. I grinned as my whore took her first payment, turned around, and presented her gaping cunt for the young man to use. "Come on, ladies," I purred, to my harem. "Let's leave the whore to her fun and play with Janet's new toy at home. Bianca, you no longer have to stay within ten feet of me.

And make sure to keep your phone charged and always on you so you'll never miss a client." She only moaned like a whore. Lily, my daughters, and I didn't bother dressing this time. We strode from the store, Bianca moaning like the whore she was, and stepped out into the sunlight. The world had changed. I didn't understand why this had happened. I just knew I would enjoy every day of it with my daughters and Lily.

Alison and Lily held hands, so happy and in love with each other. "Keep an eye out for any hotties you want to play with," I told my girls as we headed to the car. It was time to enjoy our new life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mom!" gasped Deidre's son, Alex, as he walked into her office.

"What are you doing?" "Experiencing our new goddesses revelations," she moaned. "You must have read the reports." His cheeks ruddied. He was eigheen, Alexis's twin. "I did. Is my sister.?" Deidre nodded my head, shuddering as Alexis's tongue slid through her pussy folds. "She's embraced lesbian incest." Her eyes flicked to the papers in Alex's hand.

"Is that.?" "Subject 2 has been located. The Halo is ready to be sent." "Yes," Deidre moaned and came on her daughter's mouth. The END