Banane Guss mit frischen schüchtern Teen eva

Banane Guss mit frischen schüchtern Teen eva
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Fbailey story number 169 Penny King In 1957 when I was ten years old we had just gotten a television set. It was quite the entertainment center too. It was a big wooden cabinet with all of the doors closed.

It was sort of divided up into four quarters. The upper left corner was a twelve inch television with the record cabinet below that. The upper right corner was a radio and below that was a record player.

Mom and dad had some of the older 78s that were thick and only cut on one side but they also had some of the new thinner 33s too that were cut on both sides. Back then western shows were very popular in the evenings like Gunsmoke, Tales of Wells Fargo, Have Gun Will Travel, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Cheyenne, Wagon Train, Sugarfoot, and Zane Grey Theatre.

We liked to watch Lassie too. But it was the Saturday morning shows that I really looked forward too like The Roy Rogers Show, The Gene Autry Show, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, Adventures of Superman, and especially Sky King. I was absolutely in love with Penny King. She was Sky King's niece. He flew an airplane but she was the star of the show as far as I was concerned. Penny King was played by Gloria Winters who was born late in 1932 so she was only 24 years old at the time.

However to a ten-year-old boy she was gorgeous. She wore a lot of blue jeans and tight white sweaters that sure showed off her breasts and her ass very nicely. Of course in the world of black and white television she could have been wearing white, yellow, or even pink sweaters and no one would have known the difference. That fall a cute new girl moved into my neighborhood and her name was Penny King. She was thirteen years old and I was instantly in love with her. The very first time that I saw her walk by my house on her way to school.

She was wearing blue jeans and a white sweater that showed off her nice new breasts.


I immediately walked up to her and asked her if I could walk her to school. It was the most daring thing that I had ever done. She introduced herself as Penny King. After that we became close friends and hung out a lot together. Every Saturday morning I was either at her house or she was at my house watching 'Sky King.' We both loved that show a lot. Other than I love Lucy, Dale Evens, or Lassie's owner there really weren't too many girls on television in those days.

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We even wrote fan letters to Gloria Winters and then one day we each received a black and white photograph. They didn't have color yet, I don't think. She even signed them to us. She wrote on Penny's photo, "To Penny King from Penny King.

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Love. Gloria Winters." At Thanksgiving we got Thursday and Friday off from school and that gave us four whole days to be together. Except we had to go with our parents to other relative's houses. Wednesday before I had to go home, Penny kissed me. We were in her bedroom and it seemed so natural. We had seen Penny King on television kiss a boy the Saturday before that and I knew that Penny had gotten excited when she saw it.

So she just up and kissed me. I pulled away and wiped my mouth with my shirtsleeve. Penny kissed me again and told me not to wipe it off if I ever wanted any more kisses from her. Well the truth is that I didn't want any more but for some reason I didn't wipe off her kiss either. Penny smiled at me and kissed me again. Then I kissed her back.

We must have kissed for a long time because her mother had to yell at us again that it was time for me to go home. At the front door Penny kissed me on the cheek right in front of her mother.

Apparently she wanted her mother to see her do it. Thanksgiving Day was a drag. I was at grandma's house with all of my father's brothers and sisters and all of my cousins. The best part of the day was watching the 'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade' on their television set and eating dinner of course.

But after that I was ready to go home but my parents weren't. When "Miracle on 34th Street" came on television one of my youngest Aunts, Aunt Tina, sent some of us older bored kids up to her bedroom to play. My cousin Judy asked me if I had ever kissed a girl before so remembering Penny from the day before I said that I had and lots of times too. She told me to prove it so I kissed her. Apparently I had passed her test so we kissed for a while then she passed me to another cousin.

For some reason I was the only boy in the room with three of my girl cousins. I kissed them all and then when Judy got me back she started kissing me again. The next hour went by much quicker than I wanted it too.

Judy let me feel her tits through her clothes and so did my other two cousins. Judy was twelve and my other two cousins were eleven. So I was the youngest one in the room but I was the oldest grandson in the family too. They were the oldest granddaughters in the family. So I got to feel their tits while I was kissing them.

It was great.

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Judy wouldn't let me reach up under her shirt but she dared Sherry to let me do it to her. Sherry let me. So while I kissed Sherry she let me play with her tits up under her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, just a T-shirt under her other shirt. She had small rounded bumps that I found to be very exciting and her tiny nipples were fun to play with too. She said that it tickled but she let me do it anyway.

Next Judy dared Brenda to let me feel her breasts too and she did. Brenda's beasts were just about the same size as Sherry's breasts and she was just wearing a T-shirt under her shirt too. Finally Judy let me reach up under her shirt. She was wearing a bra and her tits were a little bigger than the other girl's tits but she wouldn't take her bra off for me to get a really good feel. Screw that I went back to Sherry's tits and kissed her. That made Judy jealous so she reached up her back and unhooked her bra for me.


So I started kissing Judy again and this time I got a nice handful of tit. Her nipples were bigger and harder than our other two cousin's nipples were too. Judy had dared both Sherry and Brenda to let me feel them up so it was only fitting for them to dare Judy to let me feel her pussy. They were all dressed in long skirts so I reached down under Judy's skirt and she grabbed my hand.

Sherry and Brenda laughed at her so Judy cupped her hands around my ear and whispered, "My panties are wet from you playing with my nipples. Please don't say anything. Please." Then Judy let go of my hand and it slipped up under her skirt until it rested on her crotch.

I just held it there cupping her moist panties. I couldn't help but slip my fingers into her waistband and search for her hidden treasure. She didn't stop me. I found it too and was it ever slick. I finger fucked my cousin but when I accidentally hit her clit she jumped. I knew that had excited her so I kept it up.

She really liked it. I didn't even know that girls could cum until she told me that she was cumming. Thanks to Judy daring Sherry and Brenda to let me feel them up too I got to do it to them both. Then as I kissed each girl I got to finger fuck her, tweak her nipples, and tickle their clits to orgasm. It had turned out to be the best Thanksgiving ever. Judy and I were in a lip lock and my fingers were buried in her pussy when our Aunt Tina entered her bedroom.

She took one look at us and we jumped and tried to straighten ourselves up. She just smiled and told Brenda that her parents were getting ready to leave. She looked directly at me and said, "I think you had better say goodbye to Brenda next. When you two are through send her down." She wasn't mad at us at all.

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Brenda got on the bed with me and told me to do a good job, one that would last her for a week of dreams. I had gotten pretty bold so that time I lifted Brenda's shirt up to her chin and looked at her small breasts then I kissed each one of them while Judy and Sherry watched me. Next I lifted up Brenda's skirt to her waist and lowered her panties with my fingers as I kissed her pussy. Her breasts and pussy were the first ones that I had ever seen.

That was certainly a very bold move on my part but Brenda had let me do it so I did had. Then I slipped my finger into her pussy and kissed her on her lips to say goodbye. I hated to see Brenda leave. I liked what she had let me do to her and I really didn't want it to end, neither did Brenda. After Brenda went downstairs our Aunt Tina came back in.

She said that I had better say goodbye to Sherry next and then she left. Sherry got on the bed next to me and smiled up at me as I lifted her shirt up to her neck and kissed and sucked her hard little nipples.

She closed her eyes and loved it, so did I. Then when I lifted her skirt Sherry lifted her butt up off from the bed to help me get her skirt up to her waist. As I lowered the front of her panties I could see that she had just started to get some pubic hair. She was lucky because I didn't have any yet. I kissed her downy covered mound as I finger fucked her pussy. Then I removed her panties, spread her legs, and opened up her pussy lips to look inside of her.

I saw her moist pink hole and her tiny clit. I kissed her clit and put my tongue in her pussy. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Sherry loved that too. So I finger fucked her and massaged her clit then I kissed her nipples and her sweet lips until she had an orgasm. Our Aunt Tina hadn't come back in yet but Judy wanted her turn with me so she pushed Sherry to one side and lay down between us.

Sherry still had her tits and her panties showing as I lifted Judy's shirt and bra up above her tits. I got to compare the two sets of breasts. Judy's tits were at least twice the size of Sherry's tits but her mother had big tits too. I kissed and sucked on Judy's nipples then leaned over to kiss and suck on Sherry's nipples.

When I raised Judy's skirt she lifted her hips for me then she lowered her own panties to her ankles for me to remove. I compared their pussies. Judy had more hair on her pussy and it was darker but the hair on her head was darker too. I kissed her pussy and opened up her lips to look inside. Her hole was very moist and there was some white creamy stuff in it too. I poked my finger in and tasted it then I poked my tongue into it.

I used my tongue on her clit too and she liked it. Soon I had Judy move over so that I could kneel between them and play with both of my cousins at the same time. They didn't seem to mind. We were lost in our own little world when our Aunt Tina came back into her room and caught us like that.

She just closed the door behind her and smiled at us. Our Aunt Tina asked me, "Have you fucked them yet?" No I hadn't and I didn't exactly know what she was talking about either. So she told me to take my pants and underwear off. I did as I was asked. I was harder than I had ever been before. Next my Aunt Tina helped me get my cock into my cousin Judy's pussy.

At that very moment we both lost our virginities. Before I could cum my Aunt Tina made me put it in Sherry's pussy since she was going home soon. It didn't take me very long to cum in her at all.

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It was a lot better than jerking off. Our Aunt Tina just got some Kleenex and cleaned Sherry up a little. Then our Aunt Tina leaned over and kissed Sherry's pussy and welcomed her to womanhood. It didn't take me long to get hard again so I put it back in Judy again. Sherry still wanted some more of my cock too so our Aunt Tina suggested that I take turns and fuck them both at the same time. She also cautioned us not to tell our parents what we had done or we all would get into trouble.

This time I lasted a little longer and cum in Judy because it was her turn. Our Aunt Tina then showed the girls how to give me a blowjob and started sucking my cock hard once again. Before I could cum in her mouth though she told me to stick it back in Sherry's pussy before she had to go home.

Judy didn't want to be left out but our Aunt Tina said that she wouldn't be. So I fucked just Sherry and cum in her pussy for the second time. Again Aunt Tina wiped her up with Kleenex and then she was told to get dressed and go downstairs to her parents. Then it was just Judy and I with our Aunt Tina watching us.

Judy gave me a blowjob but stopped short of making me cum in her mouth. We both wanted my cock back in her pussy. I was invincible and I cum in Judy two more times. I had cum in my Cousin Sherry twice and in my Cousin Judy four times. With all of that I was still sorry that my Cousin Brenda had left before we got around to fucking. Judy's parents were getting ready to leave so she had to get dressed and go downstairs.

My Aunt Tina told me to stay in her room and then she said that she would be back in a little while. When she came back in she told me that I had about another half-hour or so before my parents would be ready to go home. Then she locked her bedroom door. Why hadn't we done that before?

Aunt Tina was eighteen years old and a senior in high school. She told me that she didn't want Judy, Sherry, or Brenda to ever know what we were about to do. Okay! Then I watched as my Aunt Tina undressed before me. Wow! She was a real woman and she was undressing for me.

I could hardly believe my eyes as she exposed her big beautiful breasts to me and again when she exposed her hairy bush to me. Then she lifted my shirt over my head so that I was just as naked as she was. Aunt Tina got on her bed and opened up her legs up for me. I got my first lesson in sixty-nine that day as we each ate the other out at the very same time.

That was pretty cool. Before I could cum in her mouth she had me turn around and fuck her. She was taller than I was but somehow we had managed to sixty-nine but as I fucked her she stretched up so that I could suck her nipples as I fucked her hairy pussy.

I must have lasted over ten minutes that time and I think Aunt Tina had two orgasms with my cock in her. She told me that I was one of her better lovers and she said that she meant it too. She said that I was an eager learner and a very good student.

She also promised to teach me more the next time I was over. I knew that would be Christmas Day and my Aunt Tina told me that she would teach me all about anal sex that day.

She hoped that Judy, Sherry, and Brenda would be there too. So did I. The next day I couldn't wait to show Penny King what I had learned. Aunt Tina told me that a nice girl like Penny might not want to know that I had fucked three other girls before I had gotten around to her. She told me to play it cool and try not to say too much. She said that every girl wanted to be the first one to do it with a boy. When we got up to Penny's bedroom I just kissed her up against the back of her door as I locked it.

She had wanted me to do that to her for the past day or so. I told her that I had been dying to kiss her too. She liked hearing that. Aunt Tina was right about telling Penny what she wanted to hear.

It wasn't actually lying if she didn't ask me a specific question however I was certainly prepared to lie to Penny. As we kissed I slipped my hand up under Penny's sweater and cupped one of her breasts. Her breasts were just as big as Judy's breasts were and maybe a little bigger too.

Then again Penny was a year older than Judy was. I was pleased that she didn't stop me from playing with them. I really wanted to get into her pants and fuck her but my Aunt Tina had warned me to go slow and not to scare Penny off. I worked Penny over to her bed and sat her on it as I continued to kiss and fondle her breasts. She leaned back and I went with her but I had her sweater up far enough so that I could kiss and suck on one of her nipples. As I held it between my lips I could feel it getting harder.

I too was getting harder. Penny held the back of my head and held me to her breasts as she would a nursing baby. I was able to change nipples and suck on the other one for a while before going back to her mouth again. This time I introduced Penny to French kissing. Aunt Tina had taught me how to do that just the night before. Penny seemed to like it after her initial shock. So for an hour I took turns kissing her lips, her breasts, and her belly along with sucking her nipples until she had an orgasm from me doing that to her.

Then her mother called up to us to come down for lunch.

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When her mother asked Penny why she always wears pants instead of dresses and skirts like the other girls I had to smile. It would be harder to get into her pants if she didn't want me too. Penny told her mother all about the niece on Sky King and the fact that she always wore pants. He mother understood but sent Penny up to change into a skirt anyway. Later as we sat in the living room listening to the radio Penny came down in a skirt that was above her knees. Her mother approved and had her sit on the couch next to her.

I had to smile because I could see up between Penny's legs. She wasn't used to wearing a skirt and keeping her knees together.

I got to see her pink panties as she sat there. Her mother apparently didn't know how unlady like Penny was from wearing pants so much. I sure wasn't going to say anything about it. I tried not to stare too much either. I didn't want to let on to her mother what I was doing. Penny noticed what I was doing though and would open her legs up for me whenever she distracted her mother to look in the other direction or to get us something to drink.

She was enjoying herself but I got an erection that I had to take care of. I adjusted it in my pants a couple of times but I wasn't sure that it helped any, especially with Penny teasing me like that.

Then a new song by Elvis Presley came on the radio. It was called Teddy Bear. It was slow and romantic so Penny made me stand up to dance with her. I resisted because of my erection but Penny just smiled at me and pulled me up anyway. Then she pressed her crotch tightly into my erection to cover it up. If she was trying to help me out it sure wasn't working one bit. She was swaying her hips back and forth just so that she could rub my cock more.

When the song ended Penny just stepped away from me so that her mother could see what she had done to me. Her mother just stared at my crotch and then she turned red. She had a big smile on her face when she excused herself and went into the kitchen. When her mother was gone Penny lifted her skirt up to her neck to show me her pretty pink panties.

She looked so good. Then she lowered her skirt and lifted her sweater up to her neck next. She was not wearing a bra and I got to see her wonderful tits. Yes they were almost as nice as my Aunt Tina's tits were but they were certainly better than Judy's tits had been. She just barely got her top back down in time when her mother came back into the room.

I sat down immediately. Her mother took one look at me and suggested that we go back up to Penny's room and play. As Penny walked by her mother, her mother grabbed her arm. I kept going once my cock was aimed away from her.

When Penny came up to me she was laughing very hard. She said that her mother had told her to stop teasing me. She said that some day Penny was going to go too far and that she would have to take care of a boy's problem that she had caused. Then Penny asked me if I wanted her to take care of my problem. I smiled and told her that I did indeed want that.

When Penny asked me if I knew what I was going to do I lied and told her that I sort of had an idea of what I was supposed to do. She smiled and said that she knew what to do because her mother had told her all about the facts of life the year before.

I watched as Penny locked her bedroom door and then lifted her sweater up over her head and took it off. She turned it back right side out and placed it over a chair. Next Penny took off her skirt and stood there in front of me in just her pretty pink panties. I took my shirt and pants off and stood there in white Jockey shorts with my cock poking straight out. The head of my cock had apparently found its way into the opening in my underwear and it was exposed to her gaze.

The head was almost purple from all of the blood that it contained. Penny lowered her panties and I lowered my underwear. Penny then got on top of her bed, lifted her legs straight up toward the ceiling and then separated them out to the sides. Wow! Penny looked so beautiful and inviting.

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Inviting is exactly what she did too when she motioned me toward her nude body. I was magnificent as I slipped my cock into her waiting pussy and kissed her nipples on my way up to her lips.

She wrapped her long legs around my back and started thrusting her pelvis up at me. Who was fucking whom? It didn't matter at all. All that did matter was that my cock was in the girl that I loved for the very first time. Penny didn't have to know that she was my forth girl to fuck in the last twenty-four hours either. I was certainly in no hurry to cum in her and end this wonderful joining of intimacy. Penny said that if she had known how phenomenal sex would be that she would have done it last year when she lived in Kansas.

I was glad that she had waited to do it with me. That night as I lay in my bed I thought back over the events of the last few days. I was only ten years old and I had fucked Sherry my eleven-year-old cousin, Judy my twelve-year-old cousin, Tina my eighteen-year-old Aunt, and Penny my thirteen-year-old girlfriend. No one in my class would ever believe me even if I told them, which I was not going to do. I wouldn't take a chance on screwing this up after all Christmas was only a month away and Aunt Tina is going to teach me all about anal sex.

Brenda would be there too. I was already counting her as number five. The End Penny King 169