Homemade cheating teen hidden cam caught boyfriend

Homemade cheating teen hidden cam caught boyfriend
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I am Kevin Brown and I have been teaching for nearly 12 years. It has mostly been a positive experience. The parents of my students, however, present another challenge.


Every holiday season, I get invited to a few holiday parties from my students' parents. I usually find one or two to attend, as they always seem like work to me and, as a respectable teacher, I have to behave.

I did the usual this year with one party at my student Sara's home of her parents Tim and Joanne. Pretty typical party and I left after a couple of hours but, as it was warm out that evening, I managed to leave my coat at their house. The next morning, I called Joanne's cell phone (I have the number due to her being her daughter's emergency contact) up to see if I could swing by and pick it up. She said it was fine and mentioned that Sara was gone for the day. I didn't think much of it at the moment but I did find it odd that she included this information.

When I arrived, I quickly remembered how pretty Joanne is. She is quite tall, about 5'10", short blonde hair ("mom cut") and green eyes. She wore a black turtle-neck that accentuated her chest. While I am no expert I am certain she was clearly in D-cup range. Plus, she had on tight leggings that showed off her womanly hips and sexy rear.

I stammered a bit as she called out "Tim. Kevin is here to pick up his coat." With no answer, Joanne requested I follow her upstairs to see if we could find it. As we climbed the stairs, I visually drilled a hold in her leggings.

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I could just barely make out the outline of a tiny thong across the top of her ass. Being a single, healthy guy, I quickly felt myself growing.


I am certain she caught me staring as she winked at me as we reached the top of the landing. We entered her bedroom, the make-shift coat room from the night before, and I felt Joanne grab my hand. It felt awkward at first, but very warm and delicate. I saw Tim standing in the room by the head of the bed. "Kevin came to get his coat," Joanne said, "but I am hopeful he can stay a while since Sara is gone until later tonight." I wasn't sure what she was referring to, but another reassuring wink game me some indication.

"Tim and I would love to show our appreciation for teaching our daughter." She released my hand and ran it across the outside of my pants. My semi-erect cock flinched at her touch, which made her smile. "I think he wants out," the sexy mom whispered in my ear before kissing my lips. I was eager to see more of her so I grasped the bottom of her turtleneck as her tongue touched mine.

It was electric and I continued to tug at the fabric, finally pushing it over her hair and avoiding getting it caught in her earrings.

She wore a lacy black bra that was sheer in all the right places. I kissed her lips again and I notice her husband moving closer to unclasp her bra.


As the lacy fabric fell to the floor, I was treated to a beautiful sight of her naked tits with larger areola capped by very firm nipples. There was a bit of sag, but it was not a problem as I snaked my tongue over very now erect buttons atop her chest. Tim took her by the hand and had her lay on the bed. I took the opportunity to run my hands up her leggings to the elastic at the top. I began to pull them down as Joanne lifted her ass to allow them to be removed quickly.

Her tiny black lace thong covered her pussy and her arousal was evident by the small wet spot that had developed.

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I kissed her thighs as I moved closer, running my fingers on the outside of the material before pulling them down as well. Her pussy was beautiful with a perfectly trimmed brown landing strip pointing to her "outie" pussy lips. I looked up to see Tim removing his pants and offering his cock to his wife's mouth. While I am not bisexual, the image of her running her tongue over her husband's cockhead was quite an erotic sight.

I moved in lower, eager to push my tongue into Joanne. I used my fingers to spread her butterfly lips and licked lightly up and down. Hearing her moan, I knew I was on the right track. I pushed harder again moving up and down. Her wetness covered my tongue … and eventually my chin. I pushed a finger inside her as I looked up and saw her taking her husband's cock into her mouth. I began to slowly finger fuck her as my tongue circled her clit. In and out my fingers went, becoming covered with her juices.

I had to take a moment and step back. I always enjoyed working with my parents, but this was another level. I removed my sweater and t-shirt and my jeans. Precum from my cock had already made an impression on my boxers, so I was eager to remove them. I am not huge by any means, but from what I could tell my cock was a little longer than Tim's. He had me beat on thickness, but I knew we could make Joanne very happy.

Joanne took a moment to remove her socks and Tim was quickly naked as well.

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I told Joanne to get on her knees, and she was very happy to do so. Her ass, while not tiny, was well toned and very smooth to the touch. I again pushed a finger inside her pussy from behind, and then added another finger to her tight cunt. Tim offered his cock to her greedy mouth, which she was happy to accept. I knew my cock needed attention, so I removed my fingers and lined up my member against her smooth pussy lips.

I pushed in, and heard Joanne moan and continued to push further. Inch by inch, filling up her very-milfy pussy. She was so wet, she covered my cock with her cum quite quickly.

I grasped her hips and began to fuck her harder, and then harder. She removed Tim's cock from her mouth in order to concentrate on being fucked. This also allowed her to begin talking like a sailor on short leave. "Ohh…fuck my pussy …it feels so good…you cock is so amazing," she panted. I had to spank her ass which she apparently enjoyed immensely as her pussy began to convulse against my very rigid cock. I pulled out of her, with my cock covered in her wetness. I moved up higher on the bed as Tim replaced me below.

I watched intently as she cleaned her cum off my cock. Just using tongue strokes at first and then by taking my cock into her mouth. She couldn't take all of me inside her mouth, but she also wasn't afraid of gagging a bit, which made her look even sexier. She flipped over on her back and Tim began to push insider her pussy. I moved my hands to her tits and tugged at her nipples as they moved back and forth with Tim's thrusts. "Fuck," moaned Joanne, "I love having two cocks to play with. Fuck me baby," she cried out to her husband.

Tim didn't last long and he grunted "I am gonna cum." With that he removed himself and let loose with two strong blasts of cum that covered Joanne's stomach and engorged pussy lips. The white fluid contrasted with her freshly-fucked pussy. I had a strange idea to use my still-erect cock and use it as a scoop (of sorts) to feed her husband's cum to Joanne. I moved to her stomach and straddled her.

Tim's cum was hot, but Joanne's tongue was eager to clean his cum off my cock. It was very hot to see her eating his cum and giving me head at the same time. I couldn't wait any more and I needed to explode inside this woman.

I again had her turn over and lie flat on the bed. Her pussy was well fucked, and I wanted to see how far I could push the situation. I ran my fingers up her legs, glancing across her sensitive lips and reached her stellar ass. I pushed my finger against her little asshole and I could feel her tense up. "Don't worry," I whispered in her ear, "I promise you will enjoy this." As she exhaled, I pushed my finger in a little deeper, her tightness against my index finger was amazing and I knew that I had to fuck my student's mother in the ass.

Tim was eager to help as he handed me a bottle of lube they had in their nightstand. I covered one of my fingers and then another, and returned to pushing into her ass.

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She squealed a bit at first, but as we went slowly, I sensed that she was being turned on while I stretched her tight hole. Tim muttered that he "wants to see him fuck your sexy ass," of which I was eager. I slathered my cock in lube and had Joanne move to her knees, allowing me better access to her tight little hole. I pushed my cockhead against her asshole and it didn't budge. I had her exhale again and the head slipped in with a yelp of "fuck" coming from Joanne.

I left it there for a bit as Tim moved closer to rub her pussy, perhaps to distract her. After a very long 30 seconds, I pushed a little deeper. Again Joanne yelped, but she didn't tell me to stop. Tim was using his fingers on her clit as I pushed deeper and deeper. After I was all the way in, I waited again for her little ass to get used to my cock. As I began to fuck her, I could feel my cock being gripped in every inch of her ass. It was then I realized that Joanne had probably never had a cock in her ass before.

I was likely taking the anal virginity of one of my student's parents and it felt so good. I fucked her harder and harder, as I heard her squealing with each thrust. I knew I was not going to last long, so it wasn't a surprise when I began to cum in her ass. I felt spurt after spurt leaving me and I felt Joanne's ass clinch around me. As I removed my cock, I got to watch the cum slide out of her gaping asshole and covering her long pussy lips.

A few minutes later, I got myself dressed (and got my coat) while Tim and Joanne lay naked with her covered in cum. "I look forward to your next party," I said with a smirk on my face. I knew that Monday was going to be strange trying to teach a student when I fucked her mom in the ass the day before but the next parent-teacher conference was going to be great. Next: I join the parents and Sara for a very enjoyable dinner for all.