Gefesselt in strumpfhosen

Gefesselt in strumpfhosen
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Chapter 6 It has been a little over 3 weeks and life could not be better. My two doggy sluts have been serving extremely well.

I had mom go to an adult sex store and purchase two sets of leather wrist and ankle cuffs and leather collars along with 2 butt plugs and new vibrators. Early on I had made both doggy sluts bring their toys from where they have hidden them and bring and place them on the kitchen table. While they are inside they only wear the wrist and ankle cuffs and leather collar.

I told them since they are both doggy cock sucking sluts they will dress like one as well. I have split the days up into odd and even on a chart. On even days mommy comes into my room in the morning to relieve my morning hard on by sucking it, making me cum and swallowing before leaving the room.

On the odd number days Vic comes and does the same thing. It is a good thing I am young and recover quickly and being horny most of the time is a big benefit.

Before all this, all I could dream of was being able to get a glimpse of mom or Vic naked. Now I feel like I am in Heaven. I have been doing research on the internet and using mom's card have registered on a couple of real kinky websites. On these sites I said my age was 19 and have had some real interesting chat sessions with some women, wife's whose husbands did not know they were signed up, or about their secret needs and desires, and others.

One ad in particular caught my eye. It was a young wife who lives about 40 miles away. She said she felt something was missing inside and she had these strong fantasies of being taken and being forced to perform sexually in very nasty and taboo ways. Things that a normal woman would not even consider. I had mom log on and send her a chat request. She accepted the invitation and in a minute or two was saying hello and telling mom about her fantasy of being controlled and forced to sexually perform in very taboo and dirty ways.

Mom replied as I watched saying she understood completely as she felt the same way for many years and it was not until recently that she had found someone who understood her needs and wants and used her in these taboo ways.

The young wife replied saying her name was Jan and asked mom if she would tell her one of the ways she has been forced to perform. Mom replied that she had been tricked by her younger daughter who is 17 and said she was having strange feelings for some time and for the past month has been letting the dog lick her pussy everyday and making her cum everyday as well. Never had any thoughts of anything like that before, mom said hearing that and imagining her daughter doing that for some reason made her pussy get all tingly and wet.

Jan replied that she had similar fantasies along with being wet or dirty as well. And asked what happened after. Mom replied that both her and her daughter were laying on the bed in mom's room naked. As her daughter continued to tell what happened mom said that she had started to gently play with herself as she became more aroused and hearing the things. Not remembering how things started she felt her daughters mouth sucking on her nipple while her fingers joined mine between my legs and together we stroked my pussy which made it even wetter.I closed my eyes as my daughter continued to tell me things she has done with the dog and what he has done with her.

My arousal grew even stronger and suddenly something was licking my pussy like I had never felt before. My legs spread wider as the licking jacked up my arousal ten fold. Jan replied, Oh My God, just listening to you has made me wetter than I have been for a long time. please tell me more… Mom replied that as she lay there feeling the amazing way she was being licked, her daughter told her more and began to play with her tits and pinch her nipples which just made me even more wetter.

Finally the tongue licking me pushed me over the edge and I had the strongest orgasm I have had in a very long time. It made me so limp I could not move.and the feeling of loss when the tongue stopped was almost painful. Finally able to lift my head and look down I saw our dog Duke sitting there licking my cum from around his mouth.

Jan replied that she was so hot and wet and how bad she needed to cum…Mom sent a reply I gave her asking Jan if she had anything planned for the next 3 or 4 hours. Jan replied she was free nothing going on and home alone as the husband was on a two day out of town business trip… Mom responded by asking if she would like to come here to meet and talk about things.

Jan responded that she would love to come and meet and after getting directions from mom replied that she would be there within the hour.Mom responded that she was looking forward to meeting and talking with her. Now I said talking to mom we need to get things set up and ready for when she arrives.

Telling mom not to be overly aggressive when talking about things with Jan give her enough information for her to imagine those things are happening to her. When she arrives and you answer the door naked with the cuffs and collar on explain to her that is what you are required to wear when in the house, and your daughter is required to do the same. Then have her sit on the couch with you sitting close to her. Start by telling her how free you feel being naked and ask if she has ever just went around naked in the house.

Ask her if she would like to experience how it feels and move closer to her. Stroke her face gently and see how she reacts to your touch and if she likes it gently let your fingers brush across her breasts and tell her how you would enjoy being allowed to undress her. If no resistance, remove her clothing and say you have extra cuffs and collar if she would like to wear them as well. When she is naked and wearing the cuffs and collar take her hand and stand up and lead her upstairs to your bedroom.

I will be in mine with the computer recording everything happening in the room. Sitting on your bed, tell her you cannot even describe the feeling when Duke licks your pussy and that she would have to experience it to understand.

Wait for her reaction or response to that before laying back on the bed and say how relaxing it feels while you start to use your fingers to play with your pussy. Ask her to lay back and close her eyes and just let go and feel. The air passing across your nipples, the musky scent filling the room from your pussy and hers.

If she is still sitting, reach up and gently take her by the hair and pull her down next to you. Let her watch you play with yourself and tell her don't be shy, and to go ahead and let her fingers play with her pussy and tell you what and how she feels.

Instructing mom that as Jan plays with her pussy to reach across and stroke her tits and let your finger nails scrape across her nipples and to continue doing so if she doesn't stop you. Continue telling her how Vic let Duke use her and how she felt so sad in not giving Duke as much pleasure as she was getting from him.

Hearing the doorbell ring and looking at the time that has passed watching from a hidden corner as mom opens the door and standing there naked see the shocked expression on Jan's face. Mom invites her in and not knowing what else to do Jan comes in as mom closes the door and leads her to the couch. As Jan sits down I see that she is wearing short shorts and a nice blouse with sandals on her feet.

She has a nice tan and as mom sits down closer to her asking if she would like something cold to drink.

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Jan says that would be nice and as mom stands up her nicely shaved pussy is only a short distance from Jan's face briefly before mom moves to the kitchen. I watch Jan as she watches mom walk away and see her squeeze her legs together while she wets her lips. I watch quietly as mom returns with the drinks and sitting down even closer then before takes a sip and begin to tell her how free she feels being controlled and kept naked with only the leather on.

I watch as Jan takes a sip and listen as mom asks her if she ever goes around the house naked. When Jan replied no, mom asks her if she would like to see how it feels. Jan does not say no and mom reaches out and softly strokes her hair and face and lets her fingers move down and brush across Jan's nipple under her blouse. I watch as Jan inhales quickly and squeezing her legs together sitting there.

Mom tells her how much she would enjoy undressing her and asks her to stand up. Jan hesitates briefly before standing up in front of mom, I watch as mom reaches out and removes first the blouse and then unbuckles Jan's shorts pulling them down and off.

Seeing Jan standing there in bra and panties mom stands up and moves behind Jan and unsnaps the bra and lets it fall to the floor freeing up Jan's breasts before moving in front of Jan and on her knee's reach up and insert her fingers under the waist elastic of the panties and slowly drag them down her legs exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.

Mom tells her she has a nice pussy but it would look so much better shaved clean. Mom tells Jan that she has an extra set of cuffs and collar if she would like to wear them like mom. Nodding her head yes, mom gets up and goes to the desk and gets the cuffs, and collar, returning to Jan she first puts the collar on and adjust it so it fits snug.

The she does the same with the wrist and ankle cuffs before sitting back down and tell Jan to sit also. I can see Jan's nipples and they are very hard, her legs are spread slightly and I can just see her pussy lips peaking out and see some moisture on them. Mom sits there talking to Jan describing things done with the dog and turning more towards Jan spreads her legs and tells Jan to look and see how nice her pussy is without all the hair.

Jan's eyes look down between moms legs and without thinking licks her lower lip quickly. Mom asks her, doesn't it look so nice, clean,smooth and pretty.

Jan softly replies yes it does. Mom says she would enjoy shaving Jan's pussy to match and feel how exciting it feels. Mom stands up and takes Jan's hand in hers and helping her stand up takes her up the stairs to mom's bedroom.

Having Jan sit on the bed mom tells her to relax and enjoy all the new sensations as she gets the shaving things ready. In my room watching on the computer and recording everything, I watch mom come back and place everything on the floor between Jan's legs and see her push her back on the bed. Mom tells her to put her feet on the edge of the bed and to spread her legs. As Jan complies I am rewarded with a birds eye view of her wet pussy.

Mom takes the scissors and starts to remove most of the bulk hair letting her fingers brush across Jan's clit on purpose. Once the bulk of Jan's bush is gone mom takes and wets her pussy with warm water as she spreads the shaving cream on it. Taking the new razor I watch as mom begins to shave Jan's pussy smooth. with her fingers pulling and stretching Jan's pussy lips to be able to shave her clean I watch as Jan's ass moves around slightly, and hear a soft moan from her.

Mom tells her to put her hands behind her knee's and to pull her legs way back and out so she has access to the rest of her pussy.

Jan complies and mom shaves her lower area clean and smooth. Mom takes her hand and dipping it in the warm water rubs her wet hand all across Jan's pussy cleaning the rest of the shaving cream off. Then mom takes a wash cloth and uses it to finish cleaning.

When she is done Jan is still holding her legs open and spread. Mom tells her how sexy her new pussy looks and leans in and licks it from the bottom to the top. Jan moans louder and mom licks it once more and tells Jan how good she tastes…moaning Jan tells mom her husband won't do that saying pussy is dirty.

Mom tells Jan to let her legs down and relax, and to keep her eyes closed. That is my notice to get Duke and let him into moms room… Quietly leading Duke I gently open moms door and let Duke go inside before closing it.

running back to my room I am just in time to watch mom lead Duke up between Jan's legs, and telling Jan to keep her eyes closed let Duke start to lick her fresh shaved pussy. With no hair covering it Dukes tongue slides across it easily and the sensations that Jan is feeling makes her moan and cry out, OH MY GOD, please don't stop, Her hands clench the covers.

Her ass moves up and down forcing Dukes tongue harder and deeper into her hot pussy. Mom reaches across and begins to suck and bite her nipples making Jan cry out louder, It does not take long with Duke licking her wet pussy and mom sucking on and biting her nipples Jan screams out loud, OH MY FUCKING GOD I'm going to cum. The orgasm is so powerful Jan goes limp as she passes out for a brief time.coming back around mom leans in and whispers into Jan's ear that it was Duke who made her cum so hard, and opens her eyes and looks down see that Duke is sitting there quietly licking himself.

She watches as Duke's pinkie sticks out slightly and mom takes her hand and helps her to the floor where they both crawl over to Duke. Look how sad he looks mom says, He gave you so much pleasure and he has nobody to lick him making him feel good as well.

mom takes Jan's hand and places it on Dukes cock above his balls , feel how hard yet how soft as well mom says. go ahead stroke him watching as Jan starts moving her hand up and down.

Everyone hears Duke whine slightly, mom tells Jan she is starting to make Duke feel good. Look at his pinkie mom says. see how it is growing as your hand pleasures him.lick it mom says, see how good it tastes and using her hand gently pushes Jan's head and mouth closer to Dukes growing pinkie.

Mom watches as Jan licks her lips moving closer and slides her hand between Jan's legs and begins to stroke her pussy from behind. The new sensations from moms hand make Jan lean in more and opening her mouth sucks Dukes pinkie deep into it. Duke whines louder and as Jan strokes and sucks him Duke jerks his hips and begins to fuck Jan's mouth deep and starts shooting hot loads of doggy cum into her mouth making her swallow again and again to get it all down.

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After, Duke moves and his doggy cock slips from Jan's mouth as moms working fingers bring her to another orgasm with the taste of dog cum fresh in her mouth. Watching my cock was hard as a rock and my fingers stroking it kept it hard. I got up and walked down to mom;s room and walked in looking at both of them laying on the floor… Jan, Jan, Jan I said.

Look what a naughty girl you have been, letting Duke lick your pussy until you came really hard and how you went and stroked his cock, sucking it until he shot doggy cum in your mouth and swallowing it. Mom lay there smiling knowing she had done well in pleasing me… Jan I said, I have recorded everything that has happened in this room.

You are such a good doggy cock sucker and cum eater I think all of your friends and family would love to watch you. Looking at me she softly cried Please, Please I said, Please what? Please don't, Jan says, I will do anything, anything you want or ask. Jan, I will consider adding you to my little doggy cock suckers, while I sit here and think about it. help mom get up on the bed with her legs on the edge and spread them wide.

then use your tongue to lick her asshole and then her pussy until she cums in your mouth for me… I smile as Jan gets up and helps mom on the bed, then kneeling between her spread legs she pushes them back more raising moms ass up and leans in to start licking moms asshole over and over, pushing her tongue into it and then licking up thru moms hot wet pussy, sucking her clit and licking deep into her pussy over and over until finally mom reaches down gripping her head tight and pulling Jan's face hard against her pussy begins to cum and squirt on her face and mouth filling it and making Jan swallow it all.

Very good Jan I tell her, now kneel in front of the bed and put your arms on the bed, mom get up and move behind her and take the lube and lube her asshole good. As mom complies and quickly finishes I tell her to spread Jan's ass cheeks and to hold them open as I move up behind her and take my hard cock place it against her asshole and push steady forcing her ass to open and swallow my cock as it goes in deep, Jans cries only excite me more and I begin to fuck her ass deep and fast and shortly pull her tight against me and begin to squirt my hot load deep into her ass.

Standing there until my soft cock slides from her ass tell her to turn around and suck it clean. as she does and finishes, I stroke her hair and tell her she is a good doggy cock sucker and cum eater and pleasuring me so well I will accept her as another doggy slut to use as I want, when and where I want and will keep the video and its copies in a safe place and will not send copies to her friends and family as long as she keeps pleasuring me.

Nodding her head in acceptance Jan replies Yes Sir. as I walk out I tell mom to clean her up and to put her into the extra cage until later… Chapter 7 Today was the start of a new week and we still had two more weeks of school before getting out for summer vacation.

Today was Vicky's day to suck me off and after she had finished and left to get ready for school, I did the same. Then before going downstairs I set the computer up to record from the spy cam all day. Coming downstairs I went into the spare room where I had the cages and went to the one that Jan was in.

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Walking over I looked at her laying there naked with the leather cuffs and collar and told her what a good doggy cock sucker slut she has been and how she will get even better. I picked up the leash and opened the cage and called her out and while she remained on her hands and knee's attached the leash to her collar and led her out into the kitchen where mom had my breakfast ready.

While sitting at the table eating breakfast, I had Jan kneel beside my chair so I could stroke her and said to my mom what a good doggy slut Jan has been since she came here yesterday. Knowing that Jan's husband was returning from his trip tomorrow afternoon told mom that Jan was hers to use as she wished while I was in school. I also reminded mom that Jan would have to go back home early in the morning before her husband returned and to put no marks on her that would show tomorrow.

Vic and I then left as usual heading off to school. On the way Vic met up with her cheerleader friends and acted like nothing at home ever happened. Snotty prick teasers all of them. All day at school at times I wondered what I would discover on my computer.

After we had left for school, mom walked over to Jan and picked up her leash and led her to the door to go to the privacy fenced back yard. Taking her out into the grass mom told her she was a good puppy and to go ahead and do her business. At first, Jan didn't know what to do as she was still crawling on hands and knee's, but soon enough nature called and Jan needed to pee.

Mom stroked her hair waiting, holding the leash. Finally, Jan could hold it no longer and she spread her legs wider and squatted back slightly and started pissing, a small amount at first and then building up to a steady stream. Mom stroked her hair and said Good Girl, hearing that gave Jan a pleasurable feeling.

Mom led Jan back into the house and led her over to the couch and removing the leash told Jan to sit down. Mom then went up to her bedroom and got the spy cam and went down and sat next to Jan.

Jan, in our conversation we had on the computer when we first met, you mentioned that you had thoughts of being wet and dirty. In a shy timid voice, looking down, Jan replied Yes I did. Mom reached over and brushed her fingers across Jan's breast and gently scraped her finger nails across her nipple.

Jan inhaled sharply as her nipple responded getting hard. Stroking her breast and nipple softly, mom asks Jan to tell her the fantasies she has of being wet and dirty. Moms fingers are giving Jan pleasurable sensations and hesitant at first, Jan begins to tell her how she thinks about being used by a group of men and women as a dirty little piss slut. How they have taken her to a home where there was a party going on and how they took her to a large room and stripped her clothing from her and then put them into a locked trunk.

In the center of the room was a small wading pool that she was put in and bolted into the floor next to it was a small chain attached to a collar. The collar was put on her and then locked in place.

The woman doing this then told her to lay down in the pool and during the party her guests were able to come in and use her as a toilet. pissing on her, pissing in her mouth, ass, or pussy, or just pissing all over her body. She was just her piss whore for the evening. then lifting her skirt and wearing no panties the woman squats over her face telling her to open her mouth wide. Jan said she can see the womans hairy pussy moving closer and can smell her as well.

Then watches as the womans pussy opens and a stream of warm piss start to cover her face and the woman moves slightly directing the stream into her mouth where she has to start swallowing.

When she has stopped pissing she squats lower and has me lick her wet pussy clean and dry. Then she stands up and leaves the room. Listening to this mom's other hand has moved between her spread legs and was playing with her pussy that had got very wet. Jan continued saying how for the rest of the evening at various times men came to piss on and in her.

Women came to do the same, at times both men and women together used her as their toilet. She said how she lay in the wading pool all night drenched and laying in piss. She told mom how aroused she had become and how she had played with herself when she wasn't being used like a toilet.How she felt with the locked collar and chain bolted to the floor, along with her clothes locked in the trunk. How helpless she felt knowing she could not leave if the woman did not want to let her go.

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What her husband would think or do if she didn't return home.How all of these thoughts and use gave her such powerful orgasms. Mom's arousal growing stronger listening to Jan told her to get on the floor and kneel between her legs as she lay back on the couch and put her feet on the cushions exposing her pussy. Jan obeying as instructed knelt between her legs as mom told her to start licking her from her asshole up across her pussy.

Jan leans in and using tongue does as she was told. Jan's tongue felt so good and was increasing mom's arousal. Her pussy got even wetter and Jan's face was coated with it.

Finally her arousal getting ready to peak, Jan's tongue makes one more trip licking moms asshole and moving up thru her pussy lips to her clit where she sucked on it hard. Moms hips bucked up sharply and she screamed out as a very strong orgasm crashed thru her body.Shaking and out of control, mom rocked back and forth, legs opening and closing on Jan's head until what felt like hours, but was only minutes mom regained her senses and lay there on the couch limp.

The scent of sex and pussy filled the house. Coming inside Duke stopped and sniffed the air and came into the room where mom and Jan were. Moving up to mom, Duke moved close and sniffed moms pussy before licking it once and sitting down&hellip.Mom sat up and told Jan to kneel facing the couch and place her arms on the cushion.

Getting up mom moves behind Jan and moves her legs further apart. calling Duke, mom lets him sniff and then lick Jan's pussy. Jan start to moan as Dukes tongue works its magic.Duke smelling the strong musky scent from her wet pussy moves and with a small jump mounts Jan.

As Dukes tries to find the opening, Mom reaches down and grabbing Dukes cock pulls it to Jan's asshole and helps guide it in. Duke feeling this pushes hard and his cock slides into Jan's ass deep.

at first Jan screams No, but as the cock fills her ass she starts to push back as Duke fucks back into her. Mom has made sure the spy cam is recording everything and moves it to record Jan's face and moans.Jan is saying over and over, Yes, fuck my ass, I am your dog bitch, fuck me, fuck me. Then Duke starts to push his knot against her asshole. Stretching it even further Jan screams it won't fit, he is tearing me apart, and with a powerful forward thrust, Duke pushes his knot into Jans ass, locking him and her together.Jan's cries have turned to, yes, fill me, so full, so big, a big dog cock in my ass.

Then feels Duke start to shoot his hot dog cum deep into her. YESSSSSS, she cries fill me with that hot dog cum&hellip.Mom has made sure all of this has been recorded. They remain locked together for at least ten minutes. During this time Jan continues to moan softly…Finally Duke is able to pull out and goes to sit down.

Mom, using the spy cam gets a shot of Jan's well fucked asshole that is still wide open with dog cum just starting to leak from it. Mom gets a bowl from alongside of the couch, she tells Jan to squat over the bowl until all of the doggy cum has leaked from her ass.

Jan does as told and setting the spy cam to record the cum leaking mom goes into the other room and gets the nipple clamps and some of the ropes and returns to the room where Jan squats.

Mom moves in front of Jan and reaches out and attaches the nipple clamps to Jan's nipples, The bite of the clamps make Jan moan loudly…but it also makes her pussy wetter… Looking in bowl and at Jan's asshole, Mom can see all of the doggy cum has leaked into the bowl.

Mom tell Jan to get on her hands and knee's in front of the bowl and then lick and swallow all of the dirty doggy cum from the bowl.

Mom records everything for me to watch when I get home. When Jan has cleaned the doggy cum from the bowl, Mom attaches the leash and takes her back to the cage. Removing the nipple clamps, mom places her in the cage and locks it, leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

In the cage, laying down, Jan is experiencing feeling she has not had before. The feeling of being free, like some kind of former restraints holding her have been taken off. The feeling of satisfaction, knowing she has done her best to please the ones who have used her like this.

The feelings of want and need, wanting to be used and in more taboo, dirty ways, and the need to please the one who controls her. She closes her eyes and still tasting the dirty dog cum she has eaten, smiles and drifts off to sleep.

Chapter 8 When I return home from a day at school where I had a hard time not thinking about my doggy cock sucking slut back at the house. One in particular, my newest one Jan. Mom greets me by kneeling close to the door with nipples clamped and a butt plug inserted in her ass. May this doggy slut suck your cock and provide you with pleasure. Still thinking of Jan I give mom permission and watch as she unsnaps my jeans and after unzipping she slides my pants down and then slides my jock shorts down so she can lean in and slide her mouth over my just getting hard cock.

Standing there, thinking about some of the new ways I have come up with to use not only her, but Vic as well. I tell mom that is good for now and to wipe my cock clean before I put it back and pull up my jockey shorts and jeans.

Moving into the living room I tell mom to follow as sit down. Tell me about how you spent the day while I was gone. Kneeling there and smiling mom tells she used the spy cam and recorded everything for me to watch. She then told me how she had used Jan, and how it made her feel. She also thanked me for allowing her to control my doggy slut while I was away. The front door opened and Vic walked in.

She asked permission to go to her room briefly and waited until I said yes. While she was upstairs I told mom what a good slut she was and how she pleased me with her actions while was away. Then Vic came down the stairs naked except for cuffs and collar, coming to stand in front of me with her legs slightly spread. Looking at her, told her to tell me about her day at school. but first move closer and spread your legs more.

Then I reached out sliding my fingers through her pussy lips feeling how wet and hot it was. Smiling, I sat back and said tell me about your day. She started saying that her first class was PE. And after class when she and her friends were getting undressed to take a shower, when she took off her panties and they saw her shaved pussy, they were speechless.

Finally one of them asked when and why did she shave her pussy. Before responding she said she thought of the weekend, when it was shaved, and how she felt. She told me she started to get aroused and her pussy got moist&hellip.

She then said to her friends that over the weekend when alone she was surfing the internet when this adult site popped up. She admitted to being curious and clicked on it where it brought her to the home page…She told them how she had registered with a fake name and address and then logged in as a member.Her friends just stood there wide eyed, not saying a thing. Vic then went on telling them she read some sex stories and in one and some of the pictures all of the women had their pussy shaved.

Admitting to being horny from looking at all this, she wondered how different could it feel, so she went into the bathroom and shaved her pussy clean like it is now.

She told them that it really did feel different. How the air brushing across it feels like a gentle touch. How when she is wearing clothes how the fabric of her panties rub against it and how good it makes her feel. All they said was No Shit, looking down at their own hairy little pussy's as she left and took her shower. She also told me that later in the day, one of her cheerleader friends that was there stopped her to ask if she could come by the house later.

When Vic said sure what's up, boy problems again… Her friend said no boy problems, I have been thinking about what you said in PE class when we were taking showers. Well come by the house after school whenever you want I will be home. That gives me an idea I told her. picking up the spy cam saying lets go up to your room.

In the room I had Vic sit on the bed then looked for a place to put the spy cam for the best view. I told Vic to remove the cuffs and collar and to put on a pair of her sexy panties, her bun hugger shorts, and a T-shirt with no bra…Just as she was finishing the doorbell rang. Both of us went downstairs and told mom to go into the other room with Jan. Looking at Vic and nodding my head, I went and sat on the couch. Vic opened the door and her cheerleader friend walked in and seeing me sitting there, with smirk on her face said well, well, if it isn't Little brother in a smart ass way… Looking at me, Vic just lifted her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders.

Then told her friend. Lets go upstairs to my room and they both left me sitting there.Waiting a few minutes before going up to my room smiled and thought Later Bitch,, In my room with the door closed, I sat at the computer and watched and listened as Vic and her friend Barb sat on the bed next to each other. Barb looked a little embarrassed and she kept moving slightly sitting there. Vic asked, What's up Barb you look like something is bothering you. Barb replied that she can't get the picture of Vic's shaved pussy out of her mind and what she said about what it felt like.

Vic asked Pat if she had ever thought of this before, Pat replied saying no, not until this morning when I saw your shaved pussy. Vic got up off the bed, and standing in front of Barb, slides her thumbs under the waist of her shorts and pulls them down and off. Barb says nothing and just sits there looking. Vic then slides her sexy panties slowly down her legs sliding them off and places them on the bed next to Barb.

Vic says might as well get rid of this as well and pulls the T-shirt off and drops it on the floor. Standing naked in front of Barb, who says nothing but just looks at Vics bald pussy. What do you think Vic asks as she spread her legs to give Barb a better view while letting her hand rub across it.

Barb is speechless, her hand moves between her legs. Move over Barb Vic tells her and then laying back on the bed spreads her legs wide exposing her bald pussy even more. Look at me Barb, Look how sexy and pretty my pussy looks. Barb turns and looks at Vic, Her eyes take in all of Vic's naked body and her gaze locks on to her open wet pussy, licking her lips slightly. What do you think Barb. Barb responds in a soft little girl voice that it looks very pretty.Vic tells her use her hand and touch it to feel how smooth and soft it is.

Barb,hesitates at first, but then slowly reaches out with her hand and lets her fingers touch Vic's pussy. go ahead, rub your fingers and hand over it see for yourself how it feels. Barb moves her fingers and lets them rub across Vic's bare pussy over and over while saying softly, it feels so soft, so smooth, nothing like when my fingers touch mine.

Vic tells Barb to stand up and take off her clothes so Vic can see what her pussy looks like. Barb stands and removes her clothing.

give me your hand Vic tells Barb. Barb moves next to Vic and holds out her hand. Vic takes it, and still laying there takes it and puts it between her spread legs and moves it up and uses it to rub her wet pussy. Barb says nothing and just looks, Vic then takes Barb's hand and moves it so her fingers slide between her lips. Feel how hot it is…feel how wet it is, the fabric rubbing it, the air moving across it makes it like this.She lets Barb hand go, but Barb does not move it from where it is.

Vic says, yours can feel like this if you want. Barb looks up at her. Let me shave your pussy for you Barb.let me help you to feel as good as I do. Slowly looking at Vic, she nods yes. Vic has Barb lay back on the bed while she goes to get the shaving things.The spycam works great as usual and I can see Barbs pussy clearly.I also watch as Vic is gone, Barb rubs her pussy fast and hard trying to make herself cum quickly.

Not going to happen I say to myself as I watch Vic come back into the room with everything. Barb quickly removes her hand before Vic can see it.

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Lift your ass up Vic tells her as she places a towel under her…spread your legs wider and keep them there…I watch Vic take the scissors and begin to remove the bulk of the hair from Barb's pussy. Finished with that Vic places her hand in the bowl of warm water and gets some to wet her pussy before putting the shaving cream on.

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Taking the new razor Vic starts to shave Barb smooth. Her fingers probing and pulling on Barb's lips have her squirming some. Vic pretends not to notice but spends more time than she needs pulling, probing, shaving…Barb can't help herself and lets out a soft moan.

Vic turns and looks at me and smiles…she tell Barb to put her hands behind her knee's and to pull her legs back and out so that Vic can finish shaving around Barbs little asshole.


Barb does as told. Vic then takes the wet wash cloth and cleans the shaving remains from around and in Barbs pussy. Then looking at the fresh shaved pussy while Barb holds her legs in position Vic leans close and blows a strong stream of air across Barbs clit.

Barb cries out softly OH, OH, Oh. Barb your pussy looks so pretty Vic tells her and then sticks her tongue out licks Barb from her asshole all the way up through her pussy lips and across her clit. Barb cries out,, OH MY GOD, her hips buck upwards and with a loud moan Vic watches as Barb's pussy opens and closes as she squirts cum on Vic's face. Vic takes her mouth and sucks Barbs clit hard.

Barb screams once again and her hips buck wildly against Vic's mouth as a powerful orgasm hits causing her pussy to squirt even more and harder. Watching this, my cock is hard again, and I have been stroking it gently. When Barb has finally calmed down, Vic moves to lay alongside and lets her fingers play with Barbs tits and nipples.Vic talks to her saying what a little slut she turned out to be.and how much she liked Vic licking her pussy.

Vic leans over and with Barbs cum still on her face and in her mouth and places a big French kiss on Barbs lips. Barb opens her mouth as their tongues meet, she can smell and taste her cum on Vic. Lifting up Vic, pinches Barb's nipple as she moves her leg up and over straddling Barbs face and head.

Barb can see and smell Vic's pussy and watches as Vic slides down so her pussy is over her mouth and tells Barb, Lick it slut, Lick my pussy and make me cum. As she starts to grind upon Barbs mouth, Barbs tongue snakes out and starts to lick Vic's pussy as it grinds on her mouth.

The smell and taste is overpowering and it makes Barbs pussy wet once more. Things could not be more perfect I think, and I stand up and hurry to get Duke from the backyard. within a few minutes I am back with Duke and quietly open the door and let Duke in. quickly returning my room I sit and watch as Barb continues to lick Vic's pussy her legs are spread wide, the musky scent from both pussies fill the room and sniffing this Duke moves up between Barbs legs.sniffing once more Duke lets his tongue slide up from Barb's asshole thru and over her pussy.

The new unknown sensation has Barbs hips humping looking for whatever it was. Duke knowing what to do continues to lick that hot wet pussy over and over.Barb's hip are humping uncontrollably, her tongue licks Vic more forcefully and as both quickly build up to cum Vic humps Barbs mouth harder, Duke licks faster and deeper in Barb's pussy and together both of them have a powerful orgasm at exactly the same time…Vic humps hard on Barbs mouth as Barbs hip hump quickly on Dukes tongue… Vic squirts strong streams of cum into Barbs open mouth, as Barb squirts on Dukes tongue and towel under her ass.

Time for me to let Barb know how things are and how they are going to be.

Zipping up I walk over to Vics door and open it and walk in…Duke sits down and for a few minutes Barb is unaware of my being in the room. I stand where she can see me when Vic gets up off of her face.

Shortly Vic lifts up and slides off Barb on the other side of the bed. Licking her lips Barb turns her head and opening eyes see's me standing there smiling.Not knowing exactly what to do she lays there waiting. I reach down and run my hands over her wet pussy. my my I say, you are so wet, and such a naughty little slut.she opens her mouth to say something and I hold up my finger which stops her.Look down at the end of the bed I tell her. she does and can see Duke sitting there.

Yes Barb, he is the one who was licking your pussy so good as you licked Vic's. A dog Barb, you let a dog lick your pussy and he made you cum so hard. I have a hidden camera in here and I have been watching and recording everything that went on from the time you walked in and closed the door.

Now unless you want copies of that to get to all your friends and family you belong to me, you will do what I want, when I want, with who I want understand.

still shocked and embarrassed she can only nod her head yes in acceptance. Good I tell her.Now get on the floor on your knee's.

Quickly she does as told. While Vic and Duke watch I tell her to take my pants off and start sucking my cock. She quickly does this and while sucking my cock I tell her…Not such a little brother Barb,Not such a stuck up smartass anymore are you… She sucks harder.Vic, get the KY lube. Vic goes to the drawer and gets the KY. Now Barb, kneel in front of the bed, lean over and place your palms flat on the bed. Having done so, I tell Vic take the KY and make sure her asshole is lubed up properly.

Vic places a large amount on her fingers and begins to rub and push them into Barbs ass to lube it properly, Barb grunts and moans softly every time Vic pushes her fingers deep into Barbs ass. Moving back Vic says, she has been lubed properly… I move behind Barb and tell Vic to spread her ass cheeks for me, Vic does so and holds them apart as I place my cock against her asshole and begin to push it in.

Barb grunts loudly with each push until all of my cock if fully inside her hot ass. I wait briefly and then begin to slowly at firs fuck her ass. As it open even more I start to fuck it hard and deep, making her grunt loudly with each deep thrust.Doesn't feel like Little Brother is so little anymore does it slut. She can only grunt loudly as I continue to fuck her deep and hard until I start to cum hard and fill her ass with squirt after squirt…This causes a long drawn out moaning to come from her open mouth as kneels there.


pulling my cock from her cum filled asshole tell her to turn around and when she does I tell her to open slut mouth and pull it on my cock and tell her to lick and suck it clean…she does so quickly and when I pull my cock from mouth she just lay on the floor exhausted…This has also been recorded slut,,the fucking of your ass and the cleaning of my cock just pulled from your cum filled ass with your mouth.

I turn and as start to leave the room tell Vic to explain the rules to her and that I will be in contact with her… Vic nods her head as I walk back to my room.