Group of couples swap partners and orgy

Group of couples swap partners and orgy
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Okay bare in mind that this is my first story I chose to wirte about. This is my first experience outdoors, me being a 25 year old white male. I'm 6'2" tall maybe 6'3" and I weigh about 250lbs.

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I also have light brown hair almost blonde and one green eye and one blue eye. The girl she is 19 year old latina, and about 5'4" and she is beautiful she's not thin, but she isn't fat like she claims she is. She has long black hair that almost goes to her perfectly round ass.


She also has the most beautiful brown eyes, the kind of eyes you just melt for when you see them. So now to the story at hand, it was late at night probably around 11:30pm or so.

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We we're driving around and me being still kinda new to the neighborhood I asked her if she knew a quite place for us to go.

She did and gave me directions turn by turn for the new destination. After about 5 min of driving she told me to stop and we ended up next to her old middle school. We both got out of the car and she led me to the bleachers by the baseball field. Once at the bleachers, she had her back towards the bleachers as if she was leaning on them. I leaned in and started to passionately kiss her and feel up on her nice 38 C breasts.

As I did this she started to rub up on my 7" cock that is probably close to 3" in girth. She then started to unbutton my jeans and take off my belt and at the same time I started to slide her nice round breasts out of her bra and shirt that she had on. Before she could finnish taking my pants off I bent down and started sucking on her now hardening nipple.

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Her nipple felt so soft in my mouth and I love the feel of how her nipple hardend in my mouth. Her nipples arn't that big and her areola's are probably a little biger than a silver half dollar.


After I got done sucking on her nipple for about a minute she kinda pushed me back so she can take my cock out of my pants, which by this point is throbing and fully hard. She then took my cock in her hand and it felt extreemly good with her soft hands. Before I could get a word out the next thing I knew she squatted down and started sucking on my throbing cock. She let out a nice little moan as she did this "mmmmmmm" like she was humming on it.

This felt sooo good. I have had only a few people suck my cock at this point in my life and she is by far the best at giving head. She told me that I'm the first guy she has sucked and man is she a natural. Anyway back to the story, as she was sucking on my hard cock all I could do was grab the back of her head and make her try to take as much of me in as possible. I get to the point just to where she gags and I love it. She can only manage to take a little more than half of my cock into her 19 year old mouth.

I then start to fuck her face with my cock pumping in and out of her little mouth. I do this for probably 10 minutes or so. She then stops and looks up at me and tells me that she wants me to fuck her.

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It was almost like one motion of me helping her get to her feet she slid her pants and underwear down at the same time. She has a sweet shaved pussy that looks so sexy with her nice round latina ass. I then take her over to the bleachers and instruct her to get on her hands and knees, which is hard to do on bleachers but she managed to do so.

I then begin to rub my cock head up and down her soaking wet pussy.

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She is already moaning with me doing this and practially begging me to shove my cock inside her pussy. Because I like to be a tease I slowly inserted my cock inside of her, first making her feel my thick cock head enter her and then inch by inch I go in. God she is so tight. I begin to pump in and out of her picking up my pace. I remember pulling her hair as I'm fucking her at a steady rythem, and hearing her moan "ooOOOhhh AhhhHHH" followed by "Smack my ass" I kept up my same pace and without her asking twice I gave her ass 2 nice smacks.

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All I hear is "OOOoooHHH GoDddd you fuck me so good" I then asked her to say something to me in spanish. I don't know much spanish but all I could make out from what she was saying is harder, harder.

At this point I'm pounding the shit out of her pussy going faster and harder than I ever gone before.

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With each thrust it felt like I was so deep that I was in her belly. I began squeezing her nice round tits, while I'm pounding her pussy with all my might. I then told her that I was gonna cum soon and I wanted to cum in her mouth. After I said that she slid off my cock and turned so she could start sucking on my cock that had her sweet pussy juice on it and man my cock was soaked in her juice. She took my cock out of her mouth for a second so she could lick and suck my balls for a second before she took my cock back in her mouth.

She was jerking and scuking for a few minutes before I couldn't take any more of it. I told her that I was going to cum and she let out a soft moan "mmmmmmmm cum for me baby cum in my mouth" After she said that the first spurt of my load went straight down her throat which made her gag a little and back off my cock.

The next few spurts then hit her on her face and chest. I was actually shaking by my huge orgasim. I don't think I ever came so hard in my life. She then pulled out a moist towelette and cleaned off her face and chest before we left that middle school that she once attended.

Let me know what you think positive or negative. I can handle it. Again this was my first story that I wrote I may write more depending on the feedback I get.