Officer Seduced By Thief Teen

Officer Seduced By Thief Teen
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This is my second story, I will admit that my first story was well horrible. Like before I take all comments to make this story better, good or bad. The Trip of a Lifetime It all started in the summer of 2005, I'm on my way to see my girlfriend in Texas. Unfortunately it was six states away. So I had a long drive ahead of me. While I'm driving I notice a Volkswagen Beetle on the side of the rode with two beautiful girls.

So deciding to be a gentleman I pull over and offer to lend a hand.

We made our introductions and I found out their names were Jessie and Taylor. Now let me tell you about myself and these incredible beauties. My name is Chris but everyone calls me CJ. I'm 19 years old and I'm about 6 feet tall and of average build. I wouldn't say I'm great looking but I get by.


Now onto the girls, I found out they were best friends and were on their way to Florida for Spring Break. Both were 18, but now on to their physical looks. Jessie was about 5'4" with brown hair and these amazing green eyes that could hypnotize you. I would guess a 34c bust. Now Taylor had this sweet southern girl look to her, I'd venture a guess that she was 5'6" with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

And a bust size of around 32b. Back to the story. So as I look at their vehicle and notice they are low on antifreeze, so it was a simple fix. But in their eyes, I was a hero, haha.

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They insisted on buying me dinner as it was quite late I didn't refuse. As we were eating and getting to know one another better, I feel Taylor's hand start stroking my dick through my pants.

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All the while my head is screaming at me "You have a girlfriend and shouldn't be allowing this" yet another part of me says "Its not cheating if your in a different area code". So after the bitter feud inside my head and much flirting on all our parts, the little head of my body won the war, and we ended up sharing a hotel that night. As soon as we got into the hotel the girls proceeded to rip my clothes off as well as theirs, I noticed my estimations on the size of their breast was correct.

I licked and sucked on their hard nipples, as they tugged on my shaft and fondled my balls.


Soon enough I'm on my back laying on the bed, as Jessie starts licking the head of my cock. While she continues her fellato on my member, Taylor straddles my face with her pussy dripping wet.

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I lapped her juices up quickly and attacked her clit with a passion. Tasting her sweet nectar sent me over the edge as I came down Jessie's throat. As I sat there regaining my energy, the girls decided to have fun on their own. And I wasn't going to complain as I watched the show unfolding in front of me. The night continued with many different variations of insertion, by the morning I had successfully penetrated all six holes cumming in Jessie's mouth and pussy.

And cumming in Taylor's ass because she informed me that she was not on the pill. We went our separate ways in the morning after exchanging numbers and addresses.

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After several more hours of driving I finally arrived in Texas to see my girlfriend. So I decide to call her up and it goes straight to voicemail. I was curious but not really bothered about this fact, figuring she was busy. I decided to head to her dorm room and surprise her when she got back. As I got to her room I noticed her roommate reaching the door.

So Megan (the roommate) let me in, unfortunately the scene before us was unbearable. My girlfriend was in the middle of a sandwich, with one guy on each end. Needless to say I stormed out. I know it may seem hypocritical that I can have a threesome but she cant, but I wasn't thinking.

On my way out I heard screaming and a door slam but surprisingly it was from Megan and not my girlfriend. So Megan caught up with me and was crying asking me if she could talk to me somewhere away from where we were. I wasn't quite sure why she would be upset with my girl doing two dudes.

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So we started walking to this park near by and she was crying the whole way. We finally settled on a bench, where she proceeded to cry on my shoulder and tell me one of the guys screwing my girl was her boyfriend and she didn't want to go back to her dorm that night.

Sensing this opportunity before me I offered for her to stay at my hotel and I would sleep on the floor so she would be comfortable. She thanked me profusely and we were on our way. We got to the hotel and ordered a pizza while we watched a movie on tv. As we went to bed I was just getting comfortable on the floor when Megan says I could join her if I want, that I might feel a lot better in the morning too. I immediately jumped into the bed and settled in next to her.

Once again she thanked me for letting her stay and started to kiss me, which I could only return the favor. As we were kissing my hands began to explore her body, my finger lightly trailing her slender neck. Only stopping at her magnificent breast ( I later learned were a 36c) before trailing down to my prize a beautifully shaved pussy. I sat there rubbing her clit and she expertly worked on my cock before I asked her to ride me.

She slowly climbed on top of me kissing my chest up to my mouth as she delicately lowered herself on to me. The feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around my cock was indescribable as she rode me up and down, slowly at first but eventually picking up the pace the more excited she got.

As I started to fuck up into her, the moans emitting from her body got louder and louder.

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Megan started riding me faster and harder, sensing her orgasm nearing I rubbed her clit which sent her over the edge cumming all over my cock, which triggered my own explosion deep into her.

She collapsed down onto me and asked how long I was staying, which my answer was that it was supposed to be a week but I didn't know now that my ex was with other guys. Her response was that my plans didn't need to change because of my ex and that I should stay so me and her could get to know each other better.