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Busty pornstar tittyfucked and doggystyled
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Id be lying if I said I have never thought of my sister Audrey in a manner no younger brother should think of his big sis. But, then again, we haven't always acted the way we've been told a brother and sister should act. When Audrey was 15 and I was 14 we made out one night when our parents left us alone.

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It wasn't a sexual type of thing at that point though. .we were just watching a movie together and I made a comment about how sloppy the man and woman on the screen looked as they kissed. Audrey said something along the lines of.

"have you ever kissed a girl yet?". I said "no" and she moved closer to me on the sofa and said, "well, I have, and it really is a sloppy thing to do.wanna see"? Then she leaned in close, her lips slightly apart and pressed them to mine. Instinctively, I leaned my head slightly to the left and kissed her back.

My first kiss. With our lips together, I urgently tried to control my racing mind and call upon the memory of all the kisses I had seen in the hundreds of movies I had watched in my life. Not a single movie kiss came to my mind, I was blank. I had no idea what I was doing, but I know I loved how Audrey's lips felt pressed against mine. So soft, and warm with just a slight amount of moisture between us. Then, just as I thought this was all there was to kissing a girl, I felt her lips open a little further and, as I followed her cue, I parted mine as well.

What happened next, to say was a shock, would be a huge understatement. As our opened mouths created a seal from which no air could escape, I felt her tongue slowly making its way into my mouth.

Without knowing what my job was, without even thinking, as if acting on its own, my tongue also moved to meet hers. Our tongues met just inside my teeth line and slowly circled each ether, moving around and around in and between our mouths. It was all instinct from this point forward. My hands moved to the back of her head, gently caressing it and gently pulling it closer making our lips connect even harder. Our tongue movement became more fervent as we kissed each other deeper and deeper not even stopping as we each moved our heads from one side to another.

We stayed like this for what seemed an eternity but no where near as long as I wanted it to last. I began to feel a funny feeling between my legs and realized I had a hard on like no other I had had before and there was a cold wet feeling in my boxers too… I sort of freaked out at this point, but I didn't want Audrey to know so I just slowly pulled my lips away from hers and ended the kiss. Still face to face, only an inch apart, we stayed still, looking into each others eyes.

She had a look of disappointment on her face, but there was something else there too. Something I didn't recognize. Not knowing what to do or say, I just muttered."wow".and stood up and half walked, half ran to my room, shutting the door firmly behind me. That night, I jerked off for the first time with nothing in my mind except my sister. That night, I had the biggest orgasm of my life. That was 4 years ago. We never repeated that night or even mentioned it again to each other in all those years.

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Now I am 18. A senior in High School, top of my class and heading for Stanford University in the fall. Audrey is 19, More beautiful than ever, and a freshman at the University of Michigan. It was a Saturday night, Audrey was home for the weekend to do some laundry and eat real food and sleep in her own bed.

I was always happy when she care home. I couldn't believe how beautiful she stayed as she grew into a woman. But, except for that one night all those years ago, I never really gave any true thought to ever being able to feel her lips against mine again. Sure I fantasized about it.I fantasized about it many many times. Many t-shirts were stained from the product of my fantasizing about my sexy older sister. This weekend It was just her and I at home. Mom and Dad were gone on a retreat for 10 days.

I was doing what I always did on the weekends. Ignoring the phone calls and unrelenting requests to go out with my friends, choosing instead to stay home and prepare for the upcoming exams at school. Audrey was doing who knows what, in her room. I couldn't help but letting my mind wander and wonder if she ever thought of me like I think of her. I started to get a hard on and slowly I laid back in my bed and let my hands make their way down the front of my pants, grasping tightly around my now rock hard cock.

I had just began to move it up and down inside my pants when a light nock came on my door. I jumped, startled, sat up quick, threw my laptop over my lap to conceal my boner and said, "come in".

It was Audrey, of course. She had on the cutest yellow sundress, and as she stood in my doorway, with the lights from the hall behind her, I could faintly see the outline of her panties beneath it. "hey bro, im bored." she said, "I was thinking about going to the club or something, you want to go?"… still stunned at how beautiful she looked, and startled at the fact that moments earlier I was about to jerk off thinking about her, I stammered, "nah, I have a lot of studying to get done"… sadly, Audrey replied, stepping out of the doorway and entering my room, "that's all you ever do, isn't it?

You really need to make some time for fun or your just going to explode and go nuts. Ive seen it happen to people at school." Now she was all the way in my room and standing next to my bed.

She smelled wonderful, absolutely intoxicating. "what club were you thinking of going to" I said, robotically as I tried to convince myself that a night of drinking with her would be much better than staring at my computer screen all night. "JR's, just down the road. Come on" she pleaded, "Pleaeease". she was giving me her pouty face. There was no way I could say no. and there was nothing left in me that wanted to either.

"OK, but just for an hour or two", I really do need to study".I gave in. The club was loud and crowded, which was ok, because it made it easier for Audrey and I to drink without getting caught. We drank.waaay to much.

Every man in the room looked at Audrey, and I could see it in their eyes.I wasn't the only one who saw her beauty. Audrey was sloppy drunk well before I was. Right in front of me I witnessed, with disgust, her making out heavily with a boy I sort of recognized from school. I think he graduated the year ahead of me though, with Audrey.

I watched as they rammed their tongues down each others throats and hated every second of it, but did nothing about it out of fear that Audrey may realize my jealousy was more than just brotherly love. But, when the assholes hand started fondling her ass, I had enough. I stepped in between them and said, "I think we should get going now sis"… its all I could think of. Audrey looked at me, having a hard time focusing through the effects of the liquor, ran her fingers through my hair and said, pouting, "but I was just starting to have fun!" the boy she had been kissing then spoke up and said, "yea, we were just starting to have fun, get lost dude"… and put his hand to my chest in an attempt to push me away.

Apparently he was more drunk then he realized and failed to notice, I was hardly a scrappy little weakling. I filled out pretty good myself in the past few years. I ran everyday, worked out in the gym.and treated my body just as I treated my studies… His shove to my chest didn't' budge me an inch.

It also pissed off Audrey, who seeing the impending pummeling this guy was about to get, quickly stepped between us, put both her hands on my chest and said, "your right bro, bring me home"… instantly the rage that had welled up inside of me subsided. Her hands on my chest felt wonderfull.but I didn't let on. Instead, I picked her up, and carried her out of the bar. It was a short walk home, I carried Audrey the whole way, being careful not to put my hands in places they shouldn't be.

At our front door, I set her down to unlock the door and as I did she muttered something that sounded like, "you've got pretty sexy little bro"… I acted like I didn't hear it though, mostly because I wasn't sure if that was she said, or if that's just what I wanted to hear.

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Once the door was unlocked and opened, I picker her back up, threw her over my shoulder, walked her up to her room and set her down on her bed.

That was when I realized just how trashed she was. She was awake, but couldn't even sit up on her own. With an air of chivalry, I gently laid her down on her bed and pulled a blanked up over her. As I turned to leave she said, " I cant sleep in all these clothes, will you help me, please"… I was stunned… did my drunk sister, the woman I had lusted after all these years just ask me to help her get undressed?

Could I control myself, my urges, my desires enough to do this for her and then just walk away? Of course I could. So I walked back to her bed, pulled back the blanket and helped her sit up in order to unzip the back of her sundress. I nervously, fumbled with the zipper and slowly moved it down, revealing the most perfectly shaped back I had ever seen.

Once I reached the point where her braw strap was, I stopped and stared thinking, this one strap is all that separated me from the most perfectly shaped breasts on the face of this earth. Without acting, though, I simply unzipped the dress a bit further and asked if she could pull it off herself now. "UGH.I don't think so, would you please do it for me?" she slurred.

Chuckling nervously, I said, Sure. Moving in front of her, one knee on her bed and one off, I slowly pulled the sun dress over her head and off, throwing it into a pile on the floor. There she was, in front of me, in nothing but a lacy black braw and matching panties, my sweet sweet sister.

I couldn't help myself any longer, I couldn't control my tongue, without even thinking I said. "damn Audrey, you are absolutely perfect in every way!" and I meant it too, In all the movies I've seen, all the music videos I've watched and magazines I've thumbed through, never have I seen such a perfect specimen of a woman as her.

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Immediately I felt stupid and embarrassed for saying it, so quickly I added, "sorry". I don't know what I expected her to say back, but I know it wasn't this. "don't be sorry little bro, I'm pretty fond of your body too" and she said it with meaning. She said it without stammering, with a wonderful half smile on her face and looking me straight in the eyes. After a moment of silent, a moment of staring into each others eyes, a moment I never wanted to end, Audrey said, "do you remember that time we kissed each other when we were young"?

I was in disbelief. Of course I remembered, I've replayed that scene literally thousands of times in my head. " yes, we were crazy back then, weren't we" I repliedtrying not to show the passion in my voice I was feeling in my head. Silence again. "I think of it all the time" she said quietly, looking away, embarrassed.

It was time for me to take control of this situation, and fast. I gently grabbed her chin and moved her head so she we were once again looking each other in the eyes and said, "so do I Audrey.

All the time, that was my first kiss, and the best kiss I have ever had" and I smiled at her. Then, I started to get up. My intentions were to leave this wonderful night as it was and retire to my room. Audrey wasn't' ready to let that happen though.

As I stood up she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her. I lost my balance a little and fell into her making her lay back on her bed with me half on top of her and half off, our faces only inches apart. "kiss me again" she said. "please". "just one more time. I have to know if what I felt that night was just a fluke or if you really are the best kisser in the world"… I didn't waste a second thinking about it.

Softly I moved my lips to hers, slightly parted just as we had done before, all those years ago. Only this time it only took about a second before our tongues were touching, wrestling playfully with each other inside her mouth. I was in heaven! We kissed like that for about 10 minutes, when I began to get a cramp in my leg. so I pulled myself completely up on the bed and on top of her. Her breasts now fully pressed against my chest. Almost immediately as I did this Audrey's breathing became more forceful and her kiss became much more passionate.

I didn't even think that was possible! After about 10 more minutes of making out, Audrey pushed out from under me, forcing me on my back. She stared at me from the top, her lace panties pressed right on top of my now hard as a rock cock and began to slowly move her pelvis up and down my clothed shaft as we again kissed like lovers straight out of movie. I came a little almost immediately from the feeling and the knowing that my one and only sisters wet womanhood was rubbing against my manhood.

My hands now had a mind of their own. I reached behind her back and grabbed her ass cheeks pushing her down harder on my shaft as I began to rock my pelvis to the right and left in perfect motion with hers. We were now dry fucking.I was dry fucking my sister! And amazingly, If Im not mistaken she was about to have an orgasm! Audrey started shaking all over, she couldn't even continue kissing me, she buried her head in the pillow next to my head and violently jammed her pelvis up and down on my cock as her entire body trembled and shook.

In my ear she said, in short broken words.

"oh my god honey, im coming.im coming!"… After the orgasm had passed, Audrey looked at me, still on top of me, still slowly moving her pelvis up and down she whispered…"I know this is wrong, but I've wanted it for so so long…are you ok with all of this?" I just smiled, brought her lips to mine, and just before the met, I whispered, "yes Audrey, I am very much ok with all of this" and passionately slid my tongue back into her mouth.

Seconds later, I felt my sisters hands undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my jeans. I did the only thing I could think of… none of this seemed real to me anymore.

I reached around her back and undid her braw. As the lacy black thing fell off her it revealed the most perfectly shaped breasts I already knew were beneath.

Audrey had completely undone my pants and had moved off the top of me in order to pull them completely offboxers and all. As she was pulling them off I said.

"yours too then". and she did. I watched as she stood up beside the bed and let her black lace panties fall to the ground. Then, with us both fully naked she got back onto the bed and straddled me once again. This time here bare pussy lips were parted by the shaft of my bare cock. We didn't move an inch. Not a muscle. We just laid there for a few minutes feeling our naked bodies pressed against each other. And.like a director was telling us what to do, at exactly the same moment, without a word, Audrey lifter her pelvis off my cock, reached down, grabbed it and positioned it just in front of her hole.

But before she put me inside her she looked up into my eyes and said." I love you, I always have".and then slid down onto the head of my cock. Slowly working herself all the way down, working my shaft completely inside of her. I cant even describe in words how wonderful it felt to finally be completely inside my sister. She was so wet and so hot and still soo tight around me. We seemed like two pieces of a puzzle had finally been fit together.

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Up and down she slid on me. Up so just the head was still inside her and down completely moving left and right as she took me inside. We were kissing all the while, deeply and passionately. My hands were moving from her smooth as silk small ass cheeks to her perfectly small breasts and wonderfully shaped nipples. For hours we made love to each other. Sometimes with her on top, sometimes with me. We tried every position we knew of, stopping only long enough to orally pleasure each other.

She swallowed my cum and I lapped hers up like a little puppy. I lost count of how many times we both came, but I do know that every single time it was at the exact same time as each other.


I told her I loved her and always have and she said the same to me. I blew my load inside of her so many times I think by the end I didn't have a single drop left.

We fucked, screwed, made love until the sun had begun to come up in the east. Then we slept next each other, naked for hours. At a little after noon we woke up together and fucked again and again. She didn't end up going back to school until Wednesday and called in pretending to be my mother to get me out of class for those days as well.

We never left her bed except to eat, but even then we screwed on the kitchen floor, the dining room table and every piece of furniture in the house. That was 1 year ago. Since then, Audrey and I have made every opportunity to be together. I went to Stanford as planned, Audrey transferred to Berkeley to be closer. We got an apartment together and make love every single night. I love my sister, and she loves me… Love is enough for us.and it always will be.