Musik Sex Video ja können wir ficken

Musik Sex Video ja können wir ficken
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Fbailey story number 609 Three Big Beautiful Teenagers My daughter Vanessa asked, "Daddy am I pretty?" I replied, "Honey, your mother was the girl of my dreams and you are just a younger version of her. Of course I think you are pretty, even beautiful." Vanessa said, "But I'm fat, Daddy. Everybody says that I'm fat." I replied, "Then they are all wrong. You are a big beautiful teenager." Vanessa asked, "What about Tina and Lois?" I smiled and said, "The three of you girls together is more than I can stand." I gave the next part a little thought but then said it anyway.

"You girls cause me to jerk off whenever you are here together for a sleepover." Vanessa said, "I love you Daddy, but you're lying." I swallowed hard and said, "I'm serious. You three girls drive me absolutely crazy. When you have a sleepover I have to go to my bedroom to stop myself from molesting you girls." Vanessa said, "Do you really jerk off to thoughts of me?" I replied, "That is not an appropriate question to ask your own father." Vanessa giggled and said, "You do, don't you.

Otherwise you would have said no." I must have turned every shade of red possible. Then Vanessa said, "Can I invite my girlfriends over for the weekend? It's Friday and you would have forty-eight hours to convince me that you are telling me the truth about liking big beautiful teenagers." I stammered out, "But you girls are only thirteen and I'm thirty-nine.

That is a total of all of your ages put together. That's wrong and I can go to jail." Vanessa said, "I won't tell anyone, I swear." I asked, "What about Tina and Lois?" Vanessa replied, "I'll ask them but I already know what they will say." There was a brief pause and then, "They think you are the perfect man to give their virginities too.

I agree with them.

In fact we have been planning to seduce you for over a month now but you always hide up in your bedroom when we get started." Shocked I said, "You girls have been trying to seduce me." Vanessa replied, "Yes! Why do you think I've been kissing you goodnight in my bra and panties? Why did I start sleeping in the nude hoping that you would come in and accidentally catch me? Why do I leave the bathroom door open a little whenever I'm in there, using the bathtub or the toilet?

Why do we girls have to go down on one another when we all know that you're in your room jerking off? What a waste!" In twenty minutes both Tina and Lois knocked on the door.

Vanessa had me answer it. The girls smiled at me and lifted up their large T-shirts and showed off their big breasts. Neither girl was wearing a bra. When I let them in and turned around my daughter was topless, also without a bra. It was the first time that I had ever seen my daughter's big breasts uncovered. They were large and they were magnificent. Of course they droop under their massive weight.

Her nipples were incredibly hard looking and protruded twice as far as the other girl's nipples did.

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She took after her mother in that regard. I really have missed her mother, she died a year ago and I have not had sex with a woman since then. Shortly the three girls were down to just their panties. Then we sat around in the living room with the drapes closed and the television off. We all turned off our cell phones and just talked.


Mostly I talked about how much I had loved my big beautiful wife, how we had met, and what I liked about all of her body parts.

I started thinking about how much I missed her too. In the end the four of us were crying.


My story of love involved a lot of sex. The sex involved everything under the sun that two people in love could do for one another. The girls asked about loosing their virginity, giving blowjobs, and taking it up the ass as if they were really serious.

Finally, Vanessa asked her girlfriends if they were serious about giving their bodies to me and not saying a word about it to anyone, not even writing about it in their diaries.

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There was a resounding, yes…from all three girls. Then they removed their panties and vowed not to get dressed or say no to any of my requests for the next forty-six hours. I smiled and took my three big beautiful teenagers up to my bedroom, where I had a king-size bed. My wife and I had needed it, she weighed over three hundred pounds and I loved every inch of her. My daughter and her two girlfriends each weighed more than I did.

Vanessa topped the scales at one hundred and eight-nine pounds. I started with kissing them and they really liked it. I then moved on to their breasts, massaging each of them with both hands, and sucking on their nipples. By the time I had gotten to their pussies they were all wet. They were ripe, they had strong scents, and they were ready for me.

I took a deep breath and forced my tongue into my daughter's fat pussy lips first. I closed my eyes and pretended that she was her mother.

I got lost in her. I had no idea how much time had passed or how much pleasure that I had given her. All I did know was that I was exactly where I needed to be. I did not remember crawling up her belly to place my cock inside her, all I do remember is calling her my amazing sex queen.

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That was my pet name for her mother. Vanessa said, "Oh Daddy, I love you, I feel like a woman now…a real woman. Please don't ever stop loving me." I smiled and asked, "How could I ever stop loving you? I'm your father and I'll always love you." Vanessa replied, "No not that kind of love Daddy, the kind where you make love to me every single day of my life, like you did to Mommy." I said, "I will.

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I promise." Tina and Lois asked, "What about us?" I said, "Look girls I will make love to you whenever I can but just until you find a man of your own." That weekend I deflowered all three virgins and made love to each of them several times. Our house had always been a place where they felt loved but now it really was a place that they felt loved and it was for many years.

My daughter did find a nice young man and settled down with him and gave him three beautiful girls. Lois found a nice girl that truly loved her and they moved in together. Tina moved in with me after we were married.


Vanessa has sisters the same ages as her daughters. Lois and her wife baby sit for our children whenever we need to get away.

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I am looking forward to my young daughters growing up into three big beautiful teenagers. The End Three Big Beautiful Teenagers 609