Lambuzando o cuzinho da noiva

Lambuzando o cuzinho da noiva
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In the year and a half I'd lived with my brother Ryan, he'd gone through four girlfriends.

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None of the girls were especially pretty, but they all seemed to adore him. They adored him loudly in the middle of the night. I invested in a good pair of headphones and cranked the music whenever I started hearing the shrill, fake moans drift from his room. I never told him I could hear them. At first the muffled moans and sighs got on my nerves, but after a while, they were bothering me less and less.

I was lonely—I'd never had a girlfriend and was still a virgin at 20.

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One night when Ryan's girlfriend of the month—Samantha—was over, I felt a throbbing sensation in my crotch. My dick was hardening at the sound of Samantha's moans.

I gasped in surprise and immediately turned my music on to drown her out.

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Face flushing, I tracked down some porn and jerked off as fast as I could. I decided I'd just been horny and the sound of someone having sex turned me on. I didn't think about it any more. Two months passed and Samantha stuck around. She was spending more and more time at our place, until one day Ryan cornered me in the kitchen. "Is it all right with you if Samantha moves in permanently?" he asked.

"Yeah, of course," I replied coolly. "So long as she helps out." And so Samantha moved in. She had thick, glossy auburn hair and bright green eyes. She was short and petite, very pretty in a quiet kind of way.

She was friendly but somewhat awkward toward me. Samantha, I soon learned, was a bit of a nudist. Sometimes she'd wander out of Ryan's room wearing nothing but one of his shirts. She had nice legs.


Other times, she'd be wearing a loose-fitting housecoat. On several occasions the housecoat had fallen open a bit when she was talking to me—enough to expose a soft curve or two.

There was even one time when I came home earlier than expected, only to see her in the kitchen, back toward me, wearing nothing but a black thong. I froze and took in her soft pale skin, her gentle hourglass figure, her perfect ass as she, in a nervous voice, told me she wasn't expecting me back so early. And every single night I could hear them fucking.

Sam was a screamer, and she had to fight to stay quiet—I came home after being out for a while one day. They apparently didn't hear me come in, because she was screaming and moaning so loud I could hear her down the hall. I closed the door as quietly as I could, hoping they didn't hear me come in. Her moans continued as loud as they were before so I figured they hadn't.

Listening to her, I felt my hard cock straining against the fabric of my jeans. I stood right outside my brother's door and pulled my pants down. I fantasized about Samantha's creamy back, about her firm round ass. I started stroking my cock, picturing Samantha riding my brother as she moaned in ecstasy. I began fantasizing about fucking her myself, and suddenly I blew my load all over Ryan's bedroom door. I swore to myself and hurried to clean it up before they finished. I felt guilty for days after that.

I could hardly look Sam or my brother in the eyes. She was his girlfriend, for Christ's sake! I shouldn't think about shit like that. And yet, a few days later when I "accidentally" opened Ryan's door after he'd told me to wait, my cock hardened instantly when I heard Sam squeal and rush to cover herself up.

I caught a brief glimpse of her supple tits before she pulled a blanket over herself. That night I masturbated to her again, straining my ear to listen to her moans from my brother's room. Right as I came, I had an idea… I started planning. I had to have her.

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I had to experience her, what she gave my brother. I desperately needed it. I knew that Ryan had a night class on Thursdays, taking him out of the house from 6 to 10 pm. And I knew that sometimes, about twice a month or so, he goes to the bar with the guys in his class, keeping him out until about 12 or 1. I just had to wait until he was going out after class. It took a painfully long time. Apparently exams had started, or some such bullshit—and they didn't have time to go out.

To make matters worse, Ryan was staying home to study more often. I was about to explode after six weeks, and finally, finally I heard him say to Sam one morning: "I'm goin' out with the guys, Sammy, I'll see ya tonight?" "Sure thing, Ry," Sam replied, her voice like thick honey.

"Don't stay out too late." They kissed and he was off. My plan was in gear. That night, when Ryan had left for his night class after dinner, I cleaned up. Sam quietly retreated to their room, and soon I could hear some mainstream dance music pulsing from the door. I finished with the dishes and crept to the door. Pressing my ear against it, I could hear Sam singing the upbeat lyrics to the music. And soon I heard her sigh, rise from her chair… Her clothes made a soft flump sound as they landed on the floor as she stripped and tossed them.

She was in there, sitting at her computer, completely naked. I couldn't take it anymore. Wild with primal lust, I burst in through the door.

I heard her screech in shock and terror as she jumped out of her chair. I lunged for her naked body and grabbed her waist, shoving her beneath me on the bed. She was thin, with a perfect hourglass figure. Some nice, curvy hips and modest but stunning C-cup breasts. Definitely sexy.

And she was especially sexy struggling against my grasp and screaming hoarsely. I pinned her arms with one hand and slapped her across the face. "Shut up, bitch," I growled at her. She kept screaming for help. My cock was straining at my jeans by now.

With my free hand, I took them off—I'd practiced during my planning—and forced her legs apart. I pinned her with my legs now, and brandished the knife I'd hidden and held it against her throat while I clamped my hand around her mouth. She startled at the sight of the knife, and her eyes went wide and she started crying.

Her screams were now whimpers. "Good girl," I said. "Now, you stay quiet, and you don't do anything bad, I'll let you live." I threw the knife to her side. I dug my hand further into her mouth and pinched her nose shut. "Understand?" She nodded desperately. I could feel her desperately struggle for air. I was improvising at this point; suffocating the girl was not in my original plans. But there, watching her strain and flail under my grasp, feeling her body lurch as she desperately tried to breathe… it made my cock throb with delight.

She was so fucking sexy, her body beginning to shut down by my hand. She was withering. "You know I could kill you this way," I whispered in her ear.

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She flinched. "I could just sit here for a few more minutes and you're gone. Then you know what I'd do? I'd fuck your corpse, over and over. I'd rip your holes, all of them.

I'll paint you with my cum. It'll be a nice present for my dear brother, don'cha think?" Tears were spilling from her eyes, onto my hand that kept her nose clamped shut.

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I smiled. "Or, you can be a good girl, and do as I say, and you'll live." Samantha's body went limp. She had finally passed out. Her unconscious body threw me over the edge. I threw her flat on her back and thrust my throbbing, aching cock deep into her.

I made her body jolt with the force of it. I couldn't handle the sight of it, I lost control and fucked her as fast as I could. I was hypnotised by the way I forced her body to move with every thrust. I soon blew my load deep inside her pussy. I groaned and looked down. The slut was still knocked out. I wanted her awake now. I spat on her face and slapped her, hard. She jolted awake with a gasp. "You're so fucking beautiful," I growled, "I couldn't possibly kill you." I was hard again, still inside her.

I pounded her once, eliciting an involuntary gasp. "But I will if you're not a good girl.

Understand?" She nodded. I groaned and fucked her again. She was rigid beneath me, but it was all the more rewarding when I got to fuck her raw.

This time when I came I pulled out and shot my load onto her belly. My cum rolled down her sides in streams. She shivered and whimpered. "Suck my cock," I whispered. I shoved her head onto my cock and pumped it up and down.


"If you don't make me cum down your throat, you're not being a very good girl." She immediately began stroking my cock with her mouth, caressing it with my tongue, sucking it gently. Her mouth felt even better than her pussy. I shoved my cock down her throat and shot my load as she gagged in shock. "You've been such a good girl," I murmured to her, stroking her hair. "I think I want to keep you." She startled and tried to make a cry of protest with her mouth full of cock.

"Oh yeah," I said. I began thrusting into her face, slowly, softly, working my cock up to hardness again. "I think you're gonna marry my brother. You're gonna be with him forever. But…" I leaned as close to her as I could, and shoved my hard cock down her throat. "You're gonna be mine forever." I fucked her face until I came one more time. I pulled out of her mouth and slapped her face with my wet cock. I stood up.

"Go clean your filthy whore body," I ordered. "You're my slut from now on. I'll have you whenever, wherever, however I want to. And you won't say a fucking word unless you want me to kill you and Ryan. Understood?" She nodded feebly. I gathered my clothes and turned around. "Good," I said as I walked away from her.

"Get your act together. You can't let Ryan see you like that." I retreated to my bedroom and shut the door. She made no move.