Elegant gal charms with her nasty cowgirl riding skills

Elegant gal charms with her nasty cowgirl riding skills
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Hello, this is just a short story, written from a female POV and in first person. I am experimenting with styles so please tell me if this works or not. it would be greatly appreciated if you could vote/leave comments so I know how well or badly I have done. I hope you enjoy! P.S This story has a lot of suggestive peado references but I can promise at no point was this story supposed to have any under-age character in it.

It's all up to how you perceive what I have written. The house is quiet and I am all alone, every creak fills my ears like the scream of a thousand ghosts. Slowly I rise from the couch and make my way to the back door, upon opening it I am met by the bitter breeze of a dull winter, I look up at the stars only for a moment before I hear the fumble of heavy footsteps inside the house.

Growing up in the countryside has made me aware of every minute sound, especially those of an intruder, in the middle of nowhere, where no sound is ever heard. A moan can be heard from the wind brushing past the trees. The house is black, with only shadows to guide me. I make my way gingerly towards the kitchen with intentions of finding something to protect myself with. I hear the fumble again, it's closer now. The silver moonlight fluoresces on my face, running down my cheekbone past my ear and onto the bare skin of my collar bone.

As I hear the deafening fumble again my hand comes to my chest, my lungs draw in air sharply, no escape, a place where no scream is ever heard. I daren't move in fear of discovery. All that can be heard is the gentle tapping of a clock in the background, it feels like a dream, but all too soon I realise that what is about to happen is all too real. One footstep, no fumbles or shuffles, one deliberate footstep from behind me creeps up like a spider to its prey, taking it into its lair, deep into its lair.

A million thoughts rush through my head but before I can turn to meet the eyes of my captor your hands wrap around me, drowning me, but never once covering my mouth, because you know if I scream I won't be heard. You turn me around. Prepared to meet your face I breathe out slowly.

My heart beats intensely, never stopping, you sense this as my body turns to face your strong chest. My eyes look but never see anything as the darkness closes in. Suddenly aware of my surroundings I feel your lips on mine, my hands rise to your iron chest to push you away, but you resist, knowing what I want even if I'm not aware of it yet.

Then slowly you pull away from me, as silent as the night before me I wait for you. "You taste just as good as I thought you would" A single shiver runs down my spine, that accent. I knew it, but where from? I try to think, I think hard, every accent, I can't place yours. You wait for me, knowing that when I figure it out I will embrace you tightly. I open my mouth to speak "Oh-" "You took your time" With that you turn the lights on, exposing me.

The first time we meet wasn't supposed to be this way, but the release of tension tells me otherwise. I push myself towards you, your arms wrapping around me, protecting me from the harsh winter's breeze.

Just as we had promised you hold me, softly, warmly, just the way we both need it so badly. As I draw back I look up at you, with respect, with admiration but more importantly with love. My eyes glimmer with the sparkle of a thousand stars and yours look down at me glimmering with anticipation. A flicker of thought plays across my mind and my face, tonight you have come here with the intention to get to know me better, my heart speeds up as realisation catches up with me.

I slide my fingers into the gaps between yours, a perfect fit. You tighten your grip on my hands and look towards the stairs. Your big hands cup mine, small but satisfying. With a smile from ear to ear you urge me "Ladies first" I softly bite my lip as the corners of my mouth rise slowly, making a smile that could light a thousand homes. I let one hand go but still holding you, never letting you go for one moment I lead you up the stairs, into your unknown and into mine. We climb the stairs with excitement, anticipation hangs in the air.

Making my way across the hallway I never quite realised how long it would take, it seems like a lifetime in your hands.


We reach my bedroom, it takes one second for me to register what I am about to give you, but it doesn't stop me, eagerly I place my hand onto the door handle. Your grip becomes tighter, making me aware of how nervous we both are. Twisting the door handle I let you into my world, it's everything you expected it to be, the room of a young woman.

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Filled with books, clothes and other womanly things but still filled with little reminders of my childhood, a one eyed teddy, the blanket at the bottom of the bed and little photo's scattered around the room of a younger me. This place is mine but I have no objection to you leading the way. You reach the bed, but before you have your way with me you look into my eyes.

Fixated on each other the comfortable silence turns to tension and I begin to close in. My head drops slowly as my cheeks turn to a pale pink, embarrassed by ideas of what you thought you would get and reality. You look at me deeply and lift your hand to my head, running you fingers through my soft hair, feeling it for the first time. You realise you can touch me now, you are no longer restrained, you can touch me anyway you want.

But you know you should wait, because you know if you do, my favour to you will be one that no one else can give.

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Your hand reaches my shoulder. I look down. Your voice reassures me "You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen" A tear falls from my eye; it rolls down my skin filling every ridge slowly, caressing it gently.

I believe you now. Every doubt I have ever had about meeting you, every tiny moment I thought that this would never work out has escaped me. Every word. I try to think of words to say, words that mean the same to you as they do to me, but all I can conjure is a shallow whisper "Thank-you" Innocence fills my face, just the way you want it to. I am scared for the first time tonight. Prepared for an intruder, to meet my fate, but never ever prepared for you. I am wearing jeans and a blue layered shirt littered with little butterflies, and you, you need nothing to make yourself look handsome, baggy jeans and a black t-shirt is what you wear.

It's enough to make my mind spiral out of control. I run my hands down your strong arms, one of the things I had thought about doing for so long.

The knowledge of being able to do it was unbearable, it didn't seem real. But I knew it was and that made me happy. I can feel every contour of your solid arms, my breathing becomes heavier as the excitement builds inside me.

You know I have wanted to do this for so long, so you stand solidly, never taking your eyes off mine. When I realise how much time has passed since I first started exploring you my eyes drift back to yours and a shy smile creeps onto my face. You smile back, but much differently, much more suggestively.

Your voice, the one voice that makes my stomach flip every time I hear it tells me "Don't worry baby, I'll take care of you, after all you are my little princess" My reply comes without hesitation "And you are my hero" Unsure of weather I was overdoing it I search your eyes for an answer, no reply.

But your hands reply instead.

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You run them down my shoulders over my arms and to my waist where you pull me closer. I can feel your breath on me as your mouth pulls closer to mine, you want me so bad, but even though the physical restraint is gone, you never forget the mental one.

You remind yourself how explosive this could be if you treat me just right because without knowing it I could just give you everything you have ever wanted. You move closer now, your lips meet mine you kiss me softly, emotions run through my mind.

My first kiss. What do I do? But your hand rises up to my head guiding me closer to you, and for the first time I kiss you back, softly, gently, hesitantly.

Your tongue slips into my mouth, everything I have ever learned about oral hygiene tells me to pull away, but I don't.

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Not for a second. I enjoy this moment as I know it will never come again. I make circular motions with my tongue hoping that I am doing it right I open my eyes and look to you. Still kissing, your hands call for more. You don't want to stop but you have to tell me, you have to let your emotions be known, you pull away ever so slightly, our faces are just inches apart. My innocent eyes look to yours "You, you are a very good kisser, and that smile on your face tells me you know it too" With a cheeky giggle I go to kiss you on the cheek but you swivel and pull me back to your mouth.

As we embrace each other once again, the tireless motion of kissing is more than I can handle and I don't know if I can keep it up. You sense me coming out of my love filled daze but you intend to send me back. Your hands firmly holding my hips nudge me towards the bed.


I stumble onto my bed. Knowing what is about to happen makes my heart beat a little faster. You lean further into me, but not so hard that you will hurt me. Then I feel your hands exploring lower down my body. As I feel your finger trace just over my pelvis I shudder with desperation and despair.

For now the roles have changed, this is your game no longer mine, my desperation for you to take me is building higher and higher. You know this but never do you stop, you tease me a little more before returning to my upper body. As your hands return you intentionally run my top up with them, I turn my face away so I do not have to see you when you discover what I look like under my disguise.

As you run my top up you can feel my cold skin running over the palms of your hands. The silence in the room is broken by my heavy breathing, but your focus is never shifted, you take mental photos of this golden moment, the moment where I show someone my body for the first time. You reach the bottom of my bra and with one soft move you run your hands over my breasts and my top goes too. I pull the straps down my arms urging you on, urging you to teach me, to show me what I like.

I can feel my stomach exposed and a light red fills my face, this is make or break time for me. The last 6 months all lead up to now, my stomach churns.

As my top falls to the ground you press your chest against mine and move back up to kiss me, running your fingers down my arms, making my skin tingle with every motion. In reverse this time you run your fingers up my arms making my breathing heavier, but I never stop kissing you, only now do I realise why everybody likes it so much. One hand slips under my back, one hand is all it takes to undo the clasp and release the straps from my back, and one hand is all it takes for you to pull them out from underneath, ready for the grand reveal.

You run your fingers to the straps and gently slide them over my warming skin. The feel of your fingers on mine makes me gasp; you look at me in confusion. I tell you "It's okay, your hands, they are like fire" You smile "All the better to warm you up with my dear" I turn my head to the side again in embarrassment.

But your eyes beckon me back. My bra is loosened now, and so is your mental block. You want me and I want you and we both know it. With a single swipe you brush my bra off, teasing me your fingers trace the outlines of my perfect breasts. I want you to lick me, but your taunting fingers only lengthen my need. More and more the tension builds, my nipples rise as I can feel your breath approaching. You run your chin just over my breasts approaching my perky pink nipples I believe you are about to do it.

But not a moment sooner does your chin just run over the top of my nipples as you kiss my neck, softly, slowly. Not what I wanted but I know it's going to be worth the wait. Your hands run over my glowing skin, the essence of beauty at your fingertips and all the power is in your hands. My breathing becomes elevated and you know now is the time, you kiss back down over the skin of my breast approaching my nipple. Your lips fall onto my nipple; you plant one kiss after another.

It feels like all the energy escapes my body from that one point when you kiss it. Again and again. My breathing moves in time with your kisses. As your kisses tighten so does the tension in my body and the smallest moan floats out of my mouth and is received by you with a husky groan of approval.

You make your way over to my other breast that eagerly awaits the same treatment. You can feel the wetness of my nipple through your fingers as you fondle my spare breast gently, just how I like it. I reach up to my face with my hands, gently I run one hand through my hair as my eyes close and my breathing gets harder.

I can't help it but another moan escapes from me as your kisses get deeper. Then your eyes rise to mine as you pull away from my breast. "you are amazing" A mild laugh spills from your throat slicing the silence. My turn.

My hands find the bottom of your chest, as far as my arms can reach as you tower over me, my protector. I slowly roll your black t-shirt up and my bare skin against you makes your stomach tremble, but you would never admit it.

As your stomach trembles your shirt falls past your head and onto the floor. My eyes widen as your strong chest lays before me, inexperienced my hands run down your chest as you pull me to my feet.

Once standing I realise how much taller and stronger you are than me. I notice from where I am standing I could kiss your chest, once, twice, three times. This is my return favour to you.

But I know what you really want, so with that I take your solid arms and turn you gently to where I previously stood and lie you down on the bed.

I get down to my knees and place myself in between your legs. My little hands run up your legs to your crotch, I am surprised at how big you are, but this surprise never graces my face as know you already know how amazed I am. I undo your button, the sound of the coarse denim against the solid metal cuts into the tension like a knife. I pull your zipper down, notch by notch, watching your face the whole time, keeping my eyes fixated on you, never moving.

As the zipper reaches the bottom you feel the same desperation as I did, my turn to tease you. I slide your trousers of ever so slowly, making you feel every fibre run down your legs like a feather. As they fall off, I stop and stand. I look you in the eyes and climb on top of you, my legs straddling you.

I lean over, your hard cock pressing against my jeans, I plant one kiss on your chest and work towards your mouth, kissing you just as I did before, a hot moment shared between only the two of us. As I kiss you my hips begin to grind against your cock only making it harder, and making your torment worse. I pull away and make my way down to your damp pants. I put one finger each side of the elastic holding them up and I pull slowly, I see your cock emerge, so big and so very hard.

All for me, my eyes widen and I bite my lip, but I never forget to look up at you so you can see my expression, an innocent mask with a devil behind. Your cock now lays in front of me, up in the air, solitary and so very big. My little voice conjures "you are so much bigger than I ever imagined, I don't know if I can take you all" A sly sympathetic reply "Baby, you manage whatever you can, all I want is you" My stomach tingles and with that I run my hands over your thighs and plant a kiss on the very centre of your warm balls, then I work my way up the length of your cock, kissing it ever so gently.

But with all the meaning in the world. When I reach the tip a small groan shoots from your mouth. I know from this I should continue. As I kiss the tip I start to open my mouth wider and work my way further down the tip until I reach the body of your huge cock.

My warm silky lips run over the base taking you all in until I can fit no more. You can feel your senses heightening and all of your energy runs to your cock, making it harder, making it sore. My mouth journeys up and down over your cock slowly at first, I won't let you cum until you are deep inside me.

I can feel pre-cum on my lips lubricating your cock making it easier for me to slide over you, I moan as I can feel you getting bigger inside me. I start to pick up my speed and you thrust your hips so slightly to aid me in my first ever blow job. Just as I see you getting into it, as I feel your cock getting wider, longer, hotter, I stop, pulling my mouth away from you taunting you. You take my invite to play my little game. You stand up and take me by the shoulders; you sit me down on the bed, taking charge of me.

You push me back so I am lying down and you pull my zipper down, just as I did yours, slowly, agonisingly slowly. You pull my trousers down to reveal a pink pair of panties with a little frilly bow right in the middle. You kiss from my naval to the top of my pelvis teasing me with your tongue. I moan a little harder this time as my fingers play with my breasts. You look at me, almost sternly "Honey, no, that's my job to please you, you have to watch, never touch" With a kinky smile my hands drop to my sides "Whatever you want" You continue to kiss my pussy through my wet panties, all the time tracing your finger up and down my thigh.

This feeling I have never felt before, I think I want you more, embarrassed by the dirty thoughts in my head I want you to taste me, I want it so bad. You give in, you know you want it as bad as I do, so with little hesitation you roll my panties down and as they fall to the floor you look at my pussy, hot and wet, all for you.

You savour this moment so when the morning comes you can remember, you are the first person to ever see my pussy, the first person to touch it, the first person to lick it, and the first person to make it shiver with pleasure.

With this thought in mind you part my soft wet pussy lips and trace your tongue from the top of my clit to my the bottom of my pussy. You taste my juices for the first time. Savouring them, you say "Baby, just like I said earlier," I look into your eyes "You taste just as good as I thought you would" Your mouth continues to run up and down my pussy, making it shudder every time you go over the bump.

My back arches and my moans grow louder as your licking becomes faster. Now you lick a little deeper when you work your way down. My sweet taste fills your mouth, making this experience even more of a blessing.

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You cherish every moment, so it can be revisited at a later date. Your tongue just pushes a little into the opening of my pussy making me moan sharply with unexpected surprise.

You continue this for a few minutes until you notice my heat rising and my heart pounding, you know I want to come. But you remember how I treated you; it was time for the final round. You stand up; your arms come down to my face as you lean over me. One kiss is all it takes, I want you in me, I want you deep in me, right now. I am whipped up into a frenzy as you stand there over me, preparing to take my first time. Guard it like gold. We both know what comes now, your brain remembers it before mine, but with the clumsy time gap I soon remember.

I run my hands up your chest as you place your cock on the opening of my pussy, I look deep into your eye and my hands roll over your shoulders. The silence is unbearable. What happens now is the signature of everything we have talked about. Everything you want lies in these six words. If I don't say them we both know you won't do it. Our bodies are radiating massive heats and our eyes are fixated on each other.

I pull myself up. I lean into you ear. I take one breath and utter the final words of my virginity "I want you to take me" With this I kiss you on the neck and you lean in closer to me and without hesitation you push into me. All time stops for me. My face becomes strained with pain and with immense pleasure. You hand reaches down to my cheek to comfort me. Your palm is rested on my lips so you can feel my breath as you take me. I moan considerably louder this time, my stomach quivers and you are fully in me, my silky wet pussy tightly caressing your huge hard cock.

My words, simple but so satisfying "Oh yes, yes, oh god, I… I love you" I open my eyes to see you looking deeply at me; they glisten with the tears of happiness. This is all I have ever wanted. You pull out slowly so as not to hurt me. You motion starts at a slow steady pace and soon my pain turns to pleasure.

I can feel you filling me up every time you push into me with all the love in your heart. I look at you, I want you to go faster, I want you to take me further. You start pushing harder almost thrusting now; I can feel you on my spot rubbing against it slowly as your fingers tease my clit. This moment has been all I have wanted for so long. I want you deeper in me.

You see this in my eyes and the grin that plays across your face is obvious. You are going to take me, hard, deep, and fast. You pick up your pace, only making me moan louder, my chest rises and falls with every breath I take as you fill me up, your balls slapping against me. I want to cum, and you want to feel me cum. My moans are more frequent more erratic as your speed picks up and your thrusting is in motion with the thrust of my hips. I can feel you getting bigger which only makes it harder to control my moaning, so I moan as loud as I can, no fear because you and I know I live in the middle of nowhere, where no sound is ever heard.

I can feel my heat raising my skin is shining with a thin layer of glistening sweat. You can feel yourself reaching a climax. You go to pull out of me, and the words you want to hear so much tumble out of me "Inside, I want you to cum inside me" Placing your hands on my little face, you hold me softly as you look deeply into my innocent eyes.

You let go, all of the strength and pleasure of this moment is released now, I arch my back and your muscles tighten, together we cum onto each other. Your grunting slows as your cum fills me, hot and heavy, my moans become gentle whispers in the night.

You roll onto me still inside me as our orgasms die down. You kiss my forehead and tell me "You were right to wait for me, I never want to lose you" I smile softly and look into your eyes.

You roll to the side of me and we both lay there breathing hard holding each other's hands. I lean to the side and you cradle me. Your little princess.

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You pull the blanket over us and we drop off into the night, both dreaming of what the future holds. When I wake up in the morning the room is filled with a bright golden glow, as I look towards the window I see your face, your eyes open just watching me as I slept. You kiss my forehead and I tell you "You know, I think I really do love you"