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BELLATRIX'S PLAYTIME Bellatrix Lestange placed the dirty plate and cutlery she had just used into the sink and turned to face her nephew Draco who was sitting at the dinner table finishing his meal. " Draco I am going to venture upstairs shortly and tend to the boy Potter and the mudblood Granger,but before I do is there anything you wish to ask me?" " No aunt Bellatrix, what do you mean?" Draco looked uneasy and shifted in his chair.

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Bellatrix Lestrange smiled a wicked smile and stepped forward towards the table, her bosom heaving as the tight corset she was wearing struggled to contain her large white tits!

She circled the table and stroked Draco's hair with her hand, the other hand slid down towards his crotch and grabbed at it! "Dont try and pretend Draco, I know what you want, I can see it in your eyes and if im not mistaken I can feel it in your loins!!

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You want to see your auny Bella's tits don't you? You want to see me naked dont you?

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Is that what you wish Draco?" " Ummm, I dont, I mean," "Hush boy all in good time" Bellatrix licked the side of Draco's face and slid her tongue round to his mouth and forced it into his mouth, then quickly back out again.

She squeezed his cock through his jeans and stood up over him once more. "Aunt Bellatrix is going to let you fuck her Draco, oh yes!!" She said with a cackle. " But for now you are to keep guard down here and make sure no one enters this house, am I understood Draco?" "Yes aunt Bella" "Good, now I am going to see to the filth upstairs and I do not wish to be disturbed, am I clear?" "Yes aunt Bella" And with a swish of her cloak she walked out of the room and headed for the stairs brandishing her wand in her right hand.

As Bellatrix Lestrange moved up the stairs towards the landing her tits bounced as if trying to desperatly free themselves from the corset, her hair as wild as it always was and her tight backside straining beneath her robes as she climbed the last stair and reached the landing.

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Her eyes fixed on the door at the end of the narrow corridor, once again she smiled a wicked smile and she only had one thing on her mind!

She pushed the door open and enter the large bedroom. There was a large 4 postered bed and to one side sat a boy of 15 strapped to a chair and with a lightening scar on his forehead.

In the corner of the room was another chair which was playing host to Hermione Granger,she too was bound and gagged! "Well, well where to start?

Aunty Bellatrix has a few orders and I insist that they are carried out for there is a dozen death eaters outside this room ready to kill if instructed!" She lied! Bellatrix knelt down in front of Harry Potter and undid his trousers whilst she licked her lips! She released his semi-erect cock and pointed her wand. "Engrosseo" And with this Harry's cock grew to around 10 inches. "Much better, wouldnt you say Granger?" Tears swam in Hermiones eyes. Bellatrix put Harry's cock into her mouth and slurped at it wildly, licking every inch and biting softly and it like a dog.

She could feel her knickers getting moist beneath her robes and she quickly stood up and crossed the room towards Hermione! "Now Granger my filthy little mudblood, did you enjoy seeing me lick Harry's cock,bet you've dreamed of that havent you?

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Bellatrix pointed her wand at the chair and said "Reliseo!" Hermione was freed from her restraints and the gag fell to the floor. " Now Granger I want you to lick aunt Bella's arse!" With this she lifted her skirt,pulled down her knickers and turned around.

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She bent over and instructed to Hermione, "Now LICK!" Hemione got to her knees and licked at Bellatrix's arse, she licked in circles before sticking her tonge deep into Bellatrix's arse. "Mmmmmmm" Bellatrix moaned. " Fuck that arse with your tongue, come here, I want to taste it!" She turned to Hermione and kissed her passionatly. Bellatrix pulled her tits from her corset and and shouted, " suck my tits and finger my arse!


Make me come and I will let you fuck the boy Potter! Bellatrix went wild she moaned and screamed as she came and crouched over Hermione's face as the cum trickled down. Bellatrix couldnt contain herself piss started to leak from her cunt untill gushes flooded out onto Hermione.


"Oh Bella yes, cum on my face, piss on me! Ive wanted to fuck you for so long, to suck on you tits, to lick you cunt and fuck your arse!!! Bellatrix collapsed onto Hermione and they kissed each other for what seemed like hours!! " I dont think ill be needing Harry Potter now Bella, not now ive got you!! "excellent I was hoping you would say that my filthy,dirty little mudblood!!!" said Bellatrix as she smiled again, I will let you fuck him and suck his cock with me but you are mine now and my arse could use some more fucking!!

With that Bellatrix shoved Hermione's face to her arse and Hermione licked away furiously! THE END