Pai e filho me fudendo

Pai e filho me fudendo
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"Abi get in here" I shouted. My young assistant popped her head round the door. "What is this?" I said waving the report at her. "35 typos I've counted." "I'm sorry sir.

I'll make the changes." She said entering the room. She was beautiful. 25 with golden blonde hair. Piercing blue eyes and well defined features. She had an amazing body too, currently shown off to the full in a tight white and blue dress which hugged her curves in all of the right places. "Are you ok Abi?" I asked.

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"Yes sir. I'm fine." "Are you sure. It's just your work has been poor for a few weeks now. I missed 2 meetings last week because you forgot to organise them after I told you." "I know.

I'm sorry. It's just I've been having some trouble at home." She said. "I'm really sorry to hear that." I said, feeling my cock twitch. I could tell she was on about her boyfriend. I hadn't fucked her for 3 months since she had got with him. "It's fine. I'll sort it." She said. "Please do! I can't afford your home life impacting the office. You've been fantastic for me the last 3 years and I really don't want to get rid of you!" I said Panic spread across her face. "Please sir!

Don't fire me. I can barely afford the rent on my flat as it is! Please I'll improve. I'll work late. Whatever." I raised my hand to quieten her. I didn't need her whining and begging. "Look don't worry! I'm not going to fire you." I said trying to calm her down "Today!" I finished with a warning to show her I was still considering it.

"Thank you sir. I'll improve, I promise." She bumbled. I raised my hand as if I didn't want to hear it. I wasn't finished. "No I'm not going to fire you. But I don't think we can let these recent mishaps go unaccounted for can we?" I said. "Errm." I didn't need an answer, I was just enjoying watching her squirm.

"We did lose a 100 grand contract because I missed that meeting last week. Now I could dock your wages until you pay it off. But I don't want you to lose your flat. And I don't want you working too much overtime and burning yourself out." I said. She seemed relieved but still tense at what else I might think of. "No we'll have to think of another form of punishment." I said, raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly she realised where I was leading.


"Any suggestions?" I wanted her to say it. " could spank me sir." She said. "An interesting suggestion. Are you sure?" I said. She just nodded. "Ok then. Bend over the desk!" I ordered. She did, her arse looked incredible as the fabric of her outfit gripped it even tighter than before, so that the fabric was almost straining to contain her lovely arse. "How many mistakes did I say were in that report?" I asked. "35 sir!" She replied. "Then would you say that would be an appropriate number of spanks?" "Yes sir" she said, her voicing wavering slightly at the thought.

"Good. Shall we begin?" I asked pulling my hand back. She nodded; and my hand swing forward crashing into her beautiful behind. She cried out at the blow. And then again as I brought it down on the other cheek. And the same again as four more blows came down on each cheek. I loved the feel of her firm arse against my hand, but the rough fabric of her clothes irritated me.

"Take off your skirt!" I ordered. "It's a dress sir!" She replied. "Well take that off then" I said.

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Abi looked shocked, "Can I not just pull it up?" She complained. "No! I said take it off!" I snapped. She looked at me pleadingly but gave in to my stern look, reaching round and unzipping her dress, pulling it off her shoulder and sliding it over her hips and down her legs.

I looked at her, she was stunning. Her C-cup boobs were encased in a cute pink push up bra, she didn't have an ounce of fat on her smooth belly and she had lovely long, smooth legs, accentuated by sexy high heels.

She was a delight to look at. "Bend over!" I said. Abi retook her position. Much better I thought. Her tight little arse, was gripping a skimpy pink thong, giving me a full view of my target.

Now when I struck her bum; I could feel the muscle compress beneath my palm, the smoothness of her skin and the heat radiating off her with each blow. I struck her bare cheeks 10 times. "You ok?" I asked, looking down at her bright red tushy. She nodded. "Yes sir. Over halfway." "In that case I think we should up the ante" I said. And I went over to my desk drawer and pulled out a paddle. It was a good looking piece of kit, made of quality black leather, with a heart shaped hole cut into it.

"You ok with this?" I asked. Abi looked at it, biting her lip nervously, before slowly nodding her head. I positioned myself behind her and ran the leather over her buttocks, getting her used to the feel.

The black contrasted perfectly with the red skin. I then drew it back, took a deep breath as her whole body tensed in anticipation and then brought the paddle down hard.

It made a satisfying 'whoosh' as the air passed through the heart shaped hole and an even more satisfying 'thwack' as it struck Abi's beautiful behind. Abi screamed loudly, her body lurching forward with the force of the blow. I expected her to ask me to stop, but as I pulled the paddle back she resumed her position awaiting the next strike, a heart shaped welt now visible on her flawless skin.

I struck her again and again. Each time she'd cry out but retake her position. She'd taken ten strikes now with the paddle, and 30 overall.

Her arse was the colour of a strawberry. Then as I drew my arm back for the 31st strike, she shifted position. "Please!" She said putting her hand behind her to stop the paddle. "I can't take any more!" "Really!" I said frustrated. "There's only 5 left." "Please. I can't.


It hurts too much. Don't make me." She sobbed, tears running down her cheeks. I could see the pain she was in. I knew I couldn't continue despite how much I wanted to. So I put the paddle down. "It's ok sweetie." I said and I reached down and brushed her cheek.

"You did really well there." She tried to smile through the tears. Even when she was crying she was still beautiful. And then, I still don't know why I did it. I leaned forward and kissed her. Only briefly on the lips but it was enough. To feel her soft lips on mine was amazing. So full, they matched mine like a jigsaw. "Sorry I shouldn't have done that!" I said pulling away.

"It's fine sir." She said. "No it's not. You have a boyfriend. I shouldn't be taking advantage." "My boyfriend's an arse." She said, causing my cock to twitch again, as she picked up the papers to make the amendments. "Sir?" She said pausing. "Yes Abi" I said, glancing up at her. She looked nervous. "Can I have another kiss before I go?" My cock nearly exploded. Despite everything I had put her through, rather than just doing it because she felt obliged, this gorgeous girl actually wanted to kiss me.

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So I nervously planted another kiss on her lips. Nothing much, just a quick peck. "Not like that!" She said giggling nervously. "A proper kiss." She looked almost desperate, pleading me to do it. This was not like her to make requests.

It was normally me giving the instructions, but I knew this had something to do with her boyfriend. So this time I stepped up to her confidently, grabbed her hips and pulled her close as she draped her arms over my shoulders.

I looked down into her beautiful face, her sparkling blue eyes drawing me in, her lips already parted slightly waiting for me.

I leant forward and put my lips to hers. As we kissed I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her lips closed around it, I then withdrew and her tongue followed working its way into mine.

I started to up the pressure I was applying, giving her the most passionate kiss I could muster. I wanted her to remember this.

After 5 minutes I pulled away, and looked down into her sapphire eyes. She smiled. "Thanks" she said, not removing her arms from my shoulders.

"My pleasure" I said returning the smile. "My boyfriend never kisses me like that. I had forgotten what it was like. He did at first, now all he wants is sex." I didn't know why she was telling me this. But all I knew is I was getting hornier and hornier, so I let her ramble.

"He sounds like a right arse!" I said. "He is." She said laughing. "Then what are you doing with him?" I asked. "I don't know." She said looking sad and thoughtful, "I guess it was better than always going home alone." "Maybe. But you don't need an arsehole like him. You need someone who will treat you like a princess." She smiled at this and pulled me into another kiss, but I turned away. Suddenly I couldn't bear to look at her.

"Abi, I'm not that prince!" I said, grabbing her stinging bum as a reminder of the pain I'd caused her. I could tell she was hurt, but I knew it was necessary. I needed to remind her that her feelings were just lustful. She was nearly half my age, a young girl infatuated by my power. And I needed to remind her that anything we had would just be sexual nothing more. I didn't want anything more. I pulled away. I had to keep my distance, for her own good.

I was certainly no Prince Charming. She had started working for me 3 years ago. Straight out of college. She was bright and hard working and eager to learn. I'd take her on business trips with me. It didn't take long for her to get drawn into the jetset lifestyle.

A couple of bottles of wine later and she was naked in my hotel bed, my 10 inch dick ploughing into her pussy. I thought she would be embarrassed by it. I'd fucked my PA's before and they had felt cheap and slutty and soon found a new job.

But Abi stuck around. Going into work suddenly got a lot more exciting. We'd fuck almost every day.

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Doing all the classic role plays: Having her suck me off under the desk whilst I took an important phone call, re-enacting scenes from Secretary where she had to do tasks with her hands bound, having her spend the morning typing out minutes with a vibrator silently buzzing inside her.

If I had spanked her for the number of errors in those, I would have probably killed her.

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After a few months I realised that she was developing feelings for me. I suppose it was inevitable when we were fucking every day. But I didn't want a girlfriend. I never have, so I knew I needed to take a step back. So I stopped having sex with her. Well as much, it is very hard to resist a stunning twenty something girl offering herself to you when you are in your forties. But I set up some boundaries.

We would only have sex in the office. Even on business trips away, I resisted, as nice hotel rooms can stir up romantic feelings. It was also why I asked her to call me 'Sir' when it was just the two of us. To show her that we were not equal, like in a relationship. She was my employee and I had power over her. It felt wrong at first, but soon it started to turn me on, the power the control.

I made it clear to her that she was not a slave to me. She could refuse to do anything that was not in her job description, which of course sex wasn't. Although I may have to consider rewriting it for my next PA. We soon settled into this new relationship. Although I knew Abi still wanted more. I'd do everything I could to scare her off. I'd fuck her up the arse, make her wear the skimpiest outfits and work with nipple clamps on.

On business trips, I'd make her order me an escort and then sit at the next table as I wined and dined my guest. It was all designed to protect her, trying to stop the feelings she had for me. The easiest thing would have been to fire her but I couldn't.

So I continued this perverse method of keeping her at bay.

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I wasn't even sure it was Abi I was protecting. I didn't know what I felt. I clearly cared about her. But what it was I couldn't put my finger on. All I knew was it was best for Abi if we didn't start a relationship as I was scared what I may do to her if we did. Those escorts found out.

Forced to re-enact the sick dreams I had every night. Except in the dreams it was Abi who was suffering. Something I could never allow to happen in real life. She was too innocent and sweet, I couldn't live with myself.

Then 3 months ago she had got a boyfriend. I was sure it was to try and make me jealous. But it was what I wanted. I wanted her to find another man, someone who would look after her.

I even encouraged it. It wasn't like I couldn't get other action at work. There were plenty of junior members of staff who would be willing for the chance of a promotion or pay rise. And if I couldn't find someone else. There was always the eye candy on reception. They were constantly being fucked by everyone. Cum buckets for the entire office.

So I generally avoided them, but if I wanted anything really filthy that was where I went. And all the while Abi was sat outside my office working away. Never saying a word. And I would watch her leave at the end of each day, feeling very jealous of the young stud who got to slide in to bed next to her.

But it seemed that was no more and my heart skipped a beat at the thought. Abi was on the market again. And even though I had pushed her away, I couldn't help be excited at the thought. But I put that thought to the back of my mind and sat down in my chair without looking at her.

She bent down to pick up her clothes but I was too quick. "I'll keep this!" I said, taking hold of her dress. Abi looked like she was about to cry again. I didn't know if that was the rejection or the thought of being exposed at her desk, for anyone to walk in and see. "You can have it back when the report is finished!" I said cheekily.

She didn't respond. She just took the paper with all my red marks on it and left. I tried to go through some emails but couldn't concentrate; all I could think about was the image of Abi bent over the desk in just a bra and thong. 15 minutes later Abi returned, her face flushed red in embarrassment, and handed me an updated report. As I looked at her, I noticed a damp patch in her panties, maybe the flushed cheeks were a sign of something else not embarrassment.

So as I read over the report, I slid my hand between her legs. She gasped as she felt my hand cup her mound. "Have you enjoyed sitting there in just your underwear?" I asked, not looking at her, and gently stroking her snatch through the thin fabric of her underwear, as I read through the report.

Scribbling something in red pen, and thinking it matched her cheeks. "" she muttered. I turned to look her straight in her bright blue eyes. "Really?" I queried, "my hand is telling me differently." She looked so embarrassed. "I think it turns you on." I continued "The thought of being there in just your underwear for anyone to see. I think you think it is exciting.

Am I right?" She was too embarrassed to speak, but instead nodded her head, ever so slightly that it was almost too small a movement to pick up. "Well in that case! Take off your bra!" I ordered. She looked at me in shock! But without complaint reached round and dropped it on the floor next to her dress. Her boobs were perfect, C-cups so they filled your hand when you grabbed them.

And despite their size they hung perfectly defying gravity. In the middle were two small dark areolas with pointy little nipples.

"And your knickers!" I instructed. Abi looked like she was about to cry, but did not complain, she just slid them down her legs to unveil her cleanly shaven pussy. "Good girl!" I said "Now go back to your desk, I'm not going to be able to concentrate on your report with your incredible naked body next to me!" "But sir." she started.

"Please Abi. I don't have time, we have to get this out by 5!" Without another word she turned and left. I watched her as she went, wearing nothing but a pair of black high heels, which only accentuated the movement of her naked arse. God she was incredible. I noticed her brilliant bum had started to bruise to show the signs of her spanking earlier.

A twinge of guilt rushed over me. Maybe I had hit her too hard. 10 minutes later I called her back in. "We're nearly there only a few minor layout changes needed." I said.

"Ok" she said bending to pick them up. But I placed my hand on hers to stop her. "Just one moment" I said and reached my free hand between her legs. I could feel her wetness on her labias, but couldn't resist slipping a finger inside to explore further. She was absolutely dripping and started to moan as I stroked her velvety skin. "This really has got you excited hasn't it?" I asked rhetorically. "Sitting there with your pussy out for anyone to walk in.

I've got a meeting with the Head of Finance at 5, what if he comes early and sees you here in all your glory. Does that excite you?" Abi didn't lie. "Y.y.yes s.s.sir." Struggling to control herself. Her legs were starting to shake as my finger built her up close to orgasm. "Would you like have both of us fuck you at the same time?" I asked The look on Abi's face was one of pure disgust. "Eugghh.

No" she said trying to remove my hand from her crotch. "Good. I don't want to share" I said redoubling my efforts. Her pussy was really clamping around my finger now, I could tell she was very close to orgasm. She seemed pleased at that and was soon moaning in lust once more. "But since you like to put on a display, come with me!" I said, pulling my hand out and taking hold of her other hand, and lead her over to the window.

"Sir what are we doing?" She asked a panic in her voice. "You said you like to put on a show." And I pulled on the blind chord so that it flung to the ceiling. Abi's hand jumped to cover her breasts and pussy.

"Hands by your side!" I ordered grabbing her wrists and pulling them away. I then guided her so that her back was to the window and her bum was pressed into the glass. I then put my lips to hers and kissed her. "Don't worry there's only about a thousand people in that office opposite who may see us." I said as I worked kisses down her neck and over her chest, pausing to gently suck on each nipple.

I continued to work my way down her body, lowering myself onto my knees and kissing her belly. I then lifted her left leg and draped it over my right shoulder.

Her perfect young pussy was directly in my eye line. Cleanly shaven as I liked and glistening slightly. I leant forward and placed my lips on her mound before sticking my tongue out and running it over her labias. Despite her embarrassment at being exposed for the world to see, she couldn't help but react to my tongue running over her. "Oh my God!" She gasped as I continued to lick her snatch, working my tongue deeper inside her to taste more and more of her sweet nectar.

But I was not satisfied with her getting all the fun. So I pulled away and stood up. I then placed my hand on her shoulders and spun her round, before taking her hips and pulling her backwards, so that her pussy was lined up with my shaft. "Sir can we not do this on the desk?" She asked, still nervous of everyone seeing us. "No we do it right here." And I pushed myself inside her. Despite her complaints, her dripping wet pussy allowed me to slide inside her with ease; showing she wasn't that against this exhibitionism.

Her pussy gripped my cock like a velvet glove. I thrust into her, savouring the feeling of her walls sliding along my shaft. The force of my thrusts, pushing her tits against the glass. "Please stop. Sir I don't like this. Not here!" she cried. But I was beyond caring. My dick was inside her and I wasn't stopping until I had released my load.

She wasn't the only one who was horny as hell. I'd had a hard on for the last 4 hours, and at my age that didn't happen. My balls were aching more than her paddled arse. And despite her complaints her body was giving me all the signs that she was enjoying it. Her cunt was squeezing my cock like a vice. And in between her sobs and protests were the unmistakeable moans of her arousal. And as I fucked her harder and harder, thrusting my 10 inch rod into her. The complaints got less and less and the moans got more and more.

it wasn't long before her body started to shake, and her pussy clenched as she was overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. "Ugh.ugh.ugh. Oh my God!" She screamed, as her palms slid down the glass, like the scene from Titanic, as the orgasm flooded her body. I struggled to control myself too as her pussy squeezed my dick. I wasn't ready to cum yet. "Yes.yes.yes Sir. Don't stop!" She screamed. And then I did something I shouldn't.

I pulled out of her pussy and slipped slightly higher so that it was nestled between her arse cheeks. "Sir?" Abi said her passionate tones suddenly changing to panic. "What are you doing?" Despite how good her pussy felt. I hadn't stopped thinking about her arse all day, ever since I had paddled it, and now it was the only place I wanted to be.

"Please!.No!.It hurts too much" she begged. But I'd had enough of her complaining, so I clamped one hand over her mouth, and gripped her hip with the other as I started to push against her puckered starfish. She screamed into my palm and her tears started to splash on my knuckles, but slowly I felt the tight hole weakening and then with a loud pop it gave way and my head slid inside. It was so tight it hurt, but it felt so good as well and I slowly started to ease my way into her.

Luckily for her, my cock was so coated in her pussy juice that it lubricated the dry walls of her chute. Abi whimpered as my cock slipped in deeper stretching her anus wider and wider.

Her naked form was sprawled against the window trying to get away from the invader that was entering her behind. But there was no escape I was fully wedged inside her now. This gave her the added problem of my hips pressing against her bruised butt cheeks. I paused for a moment, enjoying the tightness of her pained muscles wrapped around my shaft before sliding half way out and thrusting back in.

She cried out again as I started to thrust in and out of her. Fucking her tightest hole with all my will, her soft bum cheeks providing the padding for my thrusts. Luckily for her she was so tight and I was so horny that it only lasted a few minutes before I felt my balls tighten and I started shooting my load into her anus. Abi whimpered as she felt my warm stream of fluid fill her cavity and as I kept pumping my cock to extricate every last drop. Then as my cock started to soften I slipped out and released her.

She immediately dropped on the floor in a heap, physically and emotionally spent. I walked over to the water cooler and poured two glasses of water. I put one on my desk and picked up a box of tissues and carried them and the water to Abi. "Thanks!" She muttered as I placed them in front of her.

"Here!" I said handing her clothes to her. "You get yourself dressed and head off home. I think you've earned an early finish today." I said realising I had gone too far. "But.What about the report?" She asked, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

I was amazed even after the abuse she had taken she was willing to do her job. "Don't worry about that. I'll make the changes and send it off.

You get yourself home and get an early night." I said caringly. I then left her in piece and returned to the report. She slowly sipped her water and recovered, then got dressed. She didn't even look at me as she left.

Just through her coat on and hurried out the door. I made the changes sent out the report. Then had my 5 o'clock meeting. I could barely concentrate on the monthly figures. All I could think about was her. I had time to think alone in the car home. I knew Abi had feelings about me, but what were my feelings for her. I thought I cared for her at least but today's actions were not one of a caring lover.

Would she go to the police. It was what I deserved if she did. But I knew she wouldn't. She loved me and I think I had accumulated enough brownie points to cover this one. I hoped anyway.

My driving was getting erratic. The mixture of emotions flying through my head was driving me crazy. I felt really guilty. I felt scared I also felt excited that her boyfriend was out the picture. But there was another emotion that I couldn't put my finger on.

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It was as I pulled up my driveway that I realised what that final emotion was and the cause of it. It was frustration. I was frustrated that I was 5 paddles short. I laughed at my own perverseness. Of all the things that had happened today, that still bothered me. So I went into my house and poured myself a large glass of scotch to dampen my emotions.