My pussy is very wet for you

My pussy is very wet for you
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Disclaimer: This is a 100% true story. I am now 20 years old and my brother and I both sat down one day and decided to write the story of our first time together. Everything in this story happened the way I wrote it.

I tried to add as much detail to the story so you could picture what was going on at every moment. Enjoy. Well, it all started when I was 13 and my brother was 21. I was at his house for a week during summer so I could swim in his pool and stuff. At the time I didn't know the first thing about sex, other than what the other girls at school sort of talked about.

Anyway, one day I was in my brother's back yard trying to tan in a one piece bathing suit my mom bought me, she wouldn't let me wear 2 piece suits yet because she said I was too young.


My brother came out of the house and started to heat up the grill to make some burgers for us. I was bored just laying there and at the time my favorite game to play at school was truth or dare, just because we would do gross dares that nobody ever followed through on, and pretty innocent truths.

I asked my brother if he wanted to play truth or dare, and he said, "only if you actually do the dares, I played that when i was a kid and nobody ever did." I said, "well that's the rules, if you do the dares I'll do them too" and he said, "ok lets play while the grill heats up" For the first couple rounds we just did truth, and asked innocent things such as have you ever kissed anybody and do you like certain people.

My brother noticed I was starting to get really red from the sun and said I would get horrible tan lines wearing a 1 piece suit and I should tan naked.

I said, "I'm not gona get naked around you, you're my brother, lets just keep playing" A couple more rounds of truth or dare went by then on his turn to ask I chose dare. Right away he said, "I dare you to tan nude" I said no way, but then he said, "you agreed to do the dares, if you don't do it I win" I knew he was right, plus I was only 13 and I didn't want to lose a precious game of truth or dare, so I said fine and got up and stripped my suit off and layed back down.

Since he made me do this I was gona try to give him what I thought was a gross dare so that he would lose and I could get my revenge. On my turn I asked him truth or dare and he chose dare. The grossest thing I could come up with was "lick my butt" and, to my surprise, he quickly said, "ok roll over," so I rolled over onto my stomach. He licked my butt cheek but I said, "no, not my butt cheek, my butt hole!" I expected him to say no way but again, to my surprise he just dived right in and gave my ass hole a long lick.

I was shocked at how good it felt, I'd never felt anything like that before and it made me kind of horny. I said, "ewwww you perv, you licked my butthole, wasn't that gross?" and he responded "no, you were in the pool all day, it's completely clean." It was was his turn again and I chose truth. He asked me if it felt good when he licked my ass, I shyly told him it felt super good actually.

At the time you have to remember that I was 13 years old and I had no idea there was anything sexual about it. It was my turn again and he chose dare. I had always wanted to see a guys dick but I was embarrassed to ask, but I just spit it out that I wanted to see his dick. With no hesitation he pulled down his pants and started rubbing his dick to get a boner. His dick was pretty big, I figured out later that it's 7 1/2 inches and it's also pretty thick.

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I just stared at it and then he put it back in his pants about as quick as he took it out. It was once again his again and I chose dare. He dared me to put a finger up my ass. I asked him if that would hurt, but he said, "no, it will feel even better than when I licked your ass hole." Remembering how good the ass licking felt, I pulled my legs apart a bit and tried to stick my index finger up my ass, but it just wouldn't go in.

I told my brother that I didn't think it will go up my ass, and he said he would be right back. He went in the house and came out about a minute later with a bottle of astroglide. I asked him what it was but he just told me to put some of it on my finger and it will make it easier to put it up my butt.

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I did what he said and used the astroglide, and within about 2 minutes my finger was all the way up my ass. It felt super weird, but good at the same time, unsure of what I was feeling I quickly took my finger out. My face was very flushed and I was trembling. I had never been that horny before in my life and didn't know what to do with myself. My brother asked me if fingering my ass felt good at all, and I said, "you were right, that felt super good." A few minutes passed and my mind started to clear and started to get uncomfortable about being naked around my brother so I excused myself to the bathroom and put on some g string underwear and a large oversized shirt that I would sleep in that night.

I came back out of the house and we ate our burgers without anything awkward between us, then went back inside and turned on some T.V. After some shows finished, I still couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt when my brother licked my ass and when I fingered it.

I brought it up and said, "when you licked my ass today that felt so good I cant stop thinking about it." He sort of looked at me shocked that I just said that but tried to play it off, and said something nonchalant like "oh, thats cool, glad you liked it." Now, remember, at the time I had no idea at all this was anything sexual, all I had ever known my anus was for was for was for going #2.

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I knew that my pussy was for sex and that my brother shouldn't see that or my boobs, but nobody ever mentioned anal sex before or that the anus can be an erogenous zone. About 5 more minutes passed and then I got the courage to ask him "do you think you could lick my ass again?" He tried to play it cool, and said, "sure, just take your clothes off and I will." I said, "no, I'm not getting naked again, you're my brother, you aren't supposed to see me naked." Then he asked "well.

how do you expect me to lick your ass?" I said, "I'll just pull my g string to the side of my ass so you can't see my pussy but you can get to my butthole." He said, "ok, that will work, just get on your back and pull your knees up to your chest and pull your g string strap to the side." I pulled my legs up in the air then moved the strap to the side so he could get access to my asshole but my pussy was still covered with a thin layer of material.

He said that I needed to spread my butt cheeks as wide as I could so that he could get his tongue in there. I did what he told me and spread my cheeks.

He started off just gently kissing my asshole, which felt good, then slowly started to move his tongue in circles around it and poked his tongue at the hole. I was squirming all over the place because it felt so weird and good. He stopped and asked me if he should keep going and I said, "yes, please dont stop." Then he started to stick his tongue actually inside of my asshole, which felt even better than him licking the outside of it.

He asked if I liked it and I just shook my head yes, since I was pretty much in shock because of how good it felt and how horny I was. He stopped again and asked if I wanted him to try fingering it.

I remembered how good that felt when I did it earlier so I told him to go ahead and try. He put some of the astroglide onto his middle finger and started rubbing it on the outside of my ass to get it lubed up, then gently started pushing his finger in.

He had much bigger fingers than me, and it wasn't really going in that easy, so he told me to push out like I was trying to poop, and when I did that his finger started to ease in.

He told me to just take long deep breaths and try to relax my asshole so he could get his finger in. It didn't take long for him to get his finger all the way up my ass. He just kept his finger still and let me get used to it. When my ass was relaxed a bit and got used to his finger being in there he started to wiggle it around a bit. He put his hand palm up and pulled his finger back towards him and I could feel it in my pussy through my ass, it felt SO GOOD!

It was like he was fingering my pussy and ass at the same time. I told him it felt so weird but so good at the same time and he said he would stop if I wanted, but I said, "no, keep doing it please." He asked if I thought I could fit another finger in my ass and told me it would feel even better if I could, so i took his word for it and told him to try.

He grabbed some more lube and lubed up his middle finger and index finger again and told me to push out like I was doing before, and in no time he had both fingers all the way up my asshole. He moved them in and out slowly for about 3 minutes until my ass totally relaxed around them then he asked me if I would like it if he fingered me a bit harder, and that it would feel great. Again I took his word for it and said, "yes, but be gentle" He said not to worry, that he would never do anything to hurt me, and started to pick up the pace, moving his fingers up and down in and out.

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He picked up the pace over he next few minutes until he was going pretty hard and my ass was making all sorts of sloppy wet slurping and farting sounds from the lube and air rushing in and out during the rough fingering. All of a sudden he just took his fingers out and said, "don't move, I'll be right back" I had no idea where he went, but he came back in about 2 minutes with a hair brush and started to put lube on the handle of it. He said, "this is about twice the size of my fingers and much longer, but I think you can fit it up your ass, and trust me, it will feel amazing." Again, I was ready to take his word on anything now, since what he was doing to me felt so insanely good.

He placed the handle up against my ass and told me to push out as he pushed it in, it took a bit of effort but the biggest part of the brush went into my ass then the rest of the handle sank into my anus without much effort.

When it was about 4 inches in, it hit a wall and he told me I needed to change my position so it would go in further. So, I rolled onto my side and brought my legs up to my chest.

He told me to take one deep breath then he would try to push it in the rest of the way. When I took the deep breath he gave it some pressure and it pushed all the way inside of me. It hit some spot deep up in my ass that made me jump with pleasure, I almost blacked out I was so horny, my legs were twitching all over the place. He looked shocked and asked if it hurt.

I said, "no, thats the best thing ive ever felt in my life" and he just smiled at me and said, "wait until you feel this." Slowly he started to take the hair brush back out of my ass, I said, "wait, dont take it out," he said, "dont worry, just try to relax your butt hole" He took the brush out to where it almost popped out of my ass, then stuck it all the way back in, slowly at first but picking up speed over about 3 minutes to where he was ramming it into my ass as fast he he could.

I was jumping all around the place right on the verge of orgasm, I couldn't take how good it felt, but he just held me down on the couch and kept going. I was just whimpering and moaning and couldn't control my body. One last time he shoved the brush all the way up my ass, then told me to spread my asshole and push the brush out like I was pooping.

So I did, then he grabbed the brush off the floor and stuck it all the way back up my ass again and told me to push it out again. He asked if I wanted to see how much my ass was opened up, and I said ok. He grabbed a hand mirror and put it up to my ass then told me to push the brush out again and when I did my asshole just stayed wide open. What once was a tiny tight pink pucker was now a gaping pink hole with lube running from it.

I thought it looked funny and started to laugh, which made my ass close up again. My brother then stuck both his middle fingers up my ass and pulled my asshole as wide open as it would go, he seemed pretty amazed by it. He told me to do what he was doing and put my fingers in and hold my asshole open.

I did as told and he took the bottle of astroglide and started squirting a bunch of it directly up my open ass. He asked me if I was enjoying this so far, and I couldnt have sounded happier when I told him, "I've never felt like this before in my life, it's so amazing, I love you so much" Then he looked at me with a sly look and said, "truth or dare" I said, "dare" and he said, "let me stick my dick in your asshole please." I figured it would be perfectly fine, since he wasnt fucking my pussy, so to me at the time that meant it wasn't sex, so I said ok.

He lubed up his big dick and started to work it up my anus until it was about 5 inches in, it hit a wall and I said for him to stop, so he just let my ass get used to it and slowly fucked me working it in a little bit more each thrust. There was about an inch left to go and he really wanted to get it inside; I wanted it to go all the way in too because at this point I just couldn't get enough.

He picked me up and turned me over back onto my back and told me to take a deep breath and hold it then push out as hard as I could. I did what he said then he pushed in hard, it kind of hurt, but then my ass gave way and the last inch went in. What had happened was he pushed passed my rectum and his cock was now in my colon. It felt different but also extremely good, a totally full feeling, he owned my whole body at this point. I was struggling to even keep my breath, and my whole body was shaking from excitement.

He asked if he could keep going and I said ok. He pulled his dick almost all the way out then slowly pushed it all the way back in balls deep. He did this about 10 more times and i felt a weird tingling in my pussy and told him to not move. I told him what I felt, and he said, "that's ok, just go with it and wait and see what happens." Then he angled his dick up more towards the wall of my pussy and ass so when he pushed into my ass it also rubbed the inside of my pussy, it felt so insanely good, I don't even know how to describe it in words.

He asked if I could please just take my panties off, because the strap of the g string was rubbing on his dick the whole time and making it raw. I didn't care about being naked in front of him any more and he popped his dick out of my ass and just ripped my panties off.

He quickly stuck his cock back in my ass and shoved it balls deep again, but this time he started grinding the area above his dick onto my pussy every time he pushed in, which felt great on my clit. He said, "wow, your pussy is so wet," that's when I noticed that when he pulled out a long string of pussy slime was stuck where his body was touching my pussy, he scooped it off and rubbed it onto his dick and kept fucking my ass.

He asked me if I've ever had an orgasm before, and I told him, "I don't think so," he said, "Remember that tingling in your pussy? Tell me when you feel it again and I will start going harder and deeper and you will have an orgasm." I told him to do whatever he needed to do, and at that he started to pick up the pace, sticking all 7 1/2 inches up my 13 year old asshole. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it up so he could look at my little boobs, then he gave me all he had, he fucked my tiny little pucker as hard and deep as he could.

I said it felt weird but he said just go with it, and he tried to go even faster.


My pussy started to get even wetter and began making squishy farting noises as pussy slime ran from it every time he pumped his cock into my ass. My pussy felt like it was going to explode and I was about to pass out.


All of a sudden my vision went colorful and my body went into a spasm and I had the greatest feeling ever. I thought I was peeing but I couldn't stop. Right when this was happening he said, "I'm gona cum." He forced his cock balls deep up my ass and started to empty his balls deep inside my colon, then he collapsed right beside me spooning me. I was trying to catch my breath for about 10 minutes, then I asked him what the hell happened.

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He said I had an orgasm from my ass and that that wasn't pee, I just squirted because I came so hard. He spent a while just spreading my asshole and looking at it and opening it up with his fingers. He then said, "well, we need to get my cum out of you, come squat over the glass coffee table." I did as I was told and then he said, "Now, push out like your pooping and the cum should come out, just let it fall onto the glass table so you can see what it looks like." "Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, trust me, I really love what you're doing right now." With that I started to push out the cum, nothing was coming out at first, so I stuck a finger in my ass and moved it around a bit then tried to push cum out again.

All of a sudden I let out a loud sloppy sounding fart and the cum started to bubble from my asshole, dripping onto the table in long, goopy strings. I laughed and then looked at the cum, scooped a bit up in my hands and played with it letting it run between my fingers. My brother then suggested we both cleaned up.

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We both jumped in the shower together and he washed me since I was still dizzy from cumming so hard. He said we can't tell mom about this and we both agreed. He asked if it was as good for me as it was for him, I told him it was the single best experience I've ever had in my life and we should do it again.

When I said that, he just kissed me on the forehead and looked me in the eyes and said "I love you little sister, you're the most perfect girl in the world." Conclusion We had continued to do this activity about 3 times a day for the rest of that week I spent at his house, neither of us could get enough. Now I live with him and this is our regular sexual life, fully consensual, and we feel that we are in love.

I'm still a virgin in my pussy just because we both think its super kinky that he only fucks me up my ass, I have the best orgasms from being ass fucked anyway, so I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for reading my story and don't hesitate to leave feedback.