Asian MILF Swinger Fucked By Stranger

Asian MILF Swinger Fucked By Stranger
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I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside in the blazing sun, I looked at the clock, it was 10 in the morning. For a minute I had not remembered all of the things that had occured with my mother yesterday, and I walked to the bathroom to freshen up. Then it hit me. At first I brushed it off as some sort of realistic wet dream which I must have had, but then as soon as I heard my mother's cheerful humming while she was making breakfast downstairs - I realized everything was real and remembered every detail.

I instantly had a boner as I was thinking about it, and couldn't wait to see my mother. I finished up quickly in the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my waist. "Good morning, mmmmh.that smells delicious!" i yelled over to my mother in the kitchen as I was rushing down the stairs. "Morning darling, can you help me carry this please?" As I walked into the kitchen I noticed how she was wearing a loosely knotted robe, I now viewed my mother in a completely different way since after last night.

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I gave her a big smile and grabbed my plate from the counter. She smiled back and started to walk towards the living room infront of me. The sight of her juicy ass was now turning me on more than ever, my cock began to grow.

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I leaped forward and gave her bottom a little smack, I couldn't resist myself. "Careful!


I'm going to drop everything!" she giggled and gave me a mischievous look. I figured that she was as horny as I was. I sat down opposite to her at the transparent glass table and we began to eat while looking at the TV. It didn't last long before my eyes started to wander, influenced by my dirty thoughts. My mother's legs were spread apart quite a bit and her robe was not long enough to cover her all the way down, I had a decent view through the table of her beautiful hairy pussy.

I'm not sure if she was baiting me or was just not simply aware of the fact that she was exposed but she caught me staring.

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"Hunny, can you pass me the salt?" instead of closing her legs, she spread them even further apart. She was obviously teasing me and loved how I was not ashamed of looking. My cock was fully erect and started to hurt, wanting to get out of the boxers. "Yes ofcourse" i replied in a low voice as I stood up slightly to grab the salt bottle, letting my mom see my situation down there.

"Sweetie that looks uncomfortable, I think you should let your cock out" she suddenly stated pointing at it. I've never heard her use vulgar language like that before, unprovoked. It made me incredibly horny, and showed her how much by dropping my pants infront of her right there and then. My cock jumped straight up and I sat back down.

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My mother's facial expression changed drastically, I could see it in her eyes how excited she was. With a single hand movement she took off her robe, her large hanging tits bounced around a little.

"We should always eat together like this, during summers like these ofcourse" she said as she was sliding her hand down to her cunt in a way that seemed perfectly normal. The mood was unbelivable, what we were doing without talking about was amazing. It all seemed so natural, like an everyday thing such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

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My mother was spreading her pussy lips apart and fingering herself, maintaining eye contact with me at the same time. I instinctively grabbed my rock hard cock and began to masturbate.

This went on for a while, it was indescribable. My mother moved herself back a couple of inches with her chair, no longer having any obstacles infront of her now wet pussy.

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"Hun I thought you could know.reciprocate and help mommy out" she whispered while spreading her pussy open as much as possible, facing me. "I was waiting for you to say that mom! I just want to show you how much I love you!" i replied as I dashed towards her and skillfully fell on my knees in record time. The smell coming from her pussy was so highly arousing, I rested my hands on my mother's thighs and buried my face between her legs.

I viciously started to suck and lick her labia, letting out slurping noises and saliva all over, which began to run down her legs. She was now moaning loudly and tightly grabbing the chair from the sides, her body was thrusting upwards out of pleasure as I was tickling her clitoris. She tasted as delicious as I had imagined, making her feel as good as she was feeling gave me endless satisfaction. I took all of her juices in my mouth. "OH GOOOOD" she howled as she was having her orgasm.

Her whole body was shaking, the sweat traveling down everywhere. "Your cunt tastes so good mommy" i said as I stood up and started to jerk off like a maniac. My mother was still breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and watched me. "That was incredible. nobody has ever given me that much attention" she gasped as she was rubbing her cunt slowly and biting her lip. I was close to orgasm myself and lacked the discipline to hold it back.

I moaned loudly and ejaculated all over my mom, the cum hit everywhere. I completely soaked my mother up in my semen, there was a puddle in her belly button, some on her breasts, even a few drops on her pussy and face.


"Mmmhhm hunny next time give some warning, you know how much I love your cum in my mouth!!" she said slightly annoyed as she was wiping some off her face with her two fingers and then licking them like popsicles. I leaned back against the table and watched her eat my cum off her body.

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"You got some down there too mom" as I pointed to her inner thigh and kneeled back down infront of her again. I licked a few drops of my cum, it tasted quite neutral with a hint of sweetness.

"Not so bad huh?" she said while licking her fingers. I nodded. After a couple of minutes, we both went upstairs butt naked to the bathroom because we decided to clean up properly. As we stepped into the shower, I started to feel horny again and hugged my mother from behind.

My semi erect growing cock was pushing against her ass, she was kissing my arms and turning on the water. "Mom let me clean you, after all it was my fault" i remarked as I was spreading some lotion over my hands. "Sure hunny, and before we get out I think I should help empty your load again since we're here" she said in a caring motherly voice. She grabbed my cock, pulled the foreskin back and spat on the head, then started to rub her saliva all over.

We were now both standing under the sprinkling water, she was facing the wall and I was facing her back.

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I gently rubbed the lotion over her back and massaged her tits, I could feel her nipples were hard again. She exhaled loudly at times. As my hands were moving down her backside, I couldn't stop myself from spreading her butt cheeks. I slowly pushed my middle finger into her warm asshole. "Ohhhhh" she moaned, guiding both her hands down to her pussy.

I slowly slid my finger in and out of her asshole, she loved it. I playfully rubbed my firm dick against her crack as I was pulling the foreskin back and forth.

My mother's noises were increasing in volume as I was moving my finger faster and faster. Suddenly she turned around, kissed me on the mouth and as she grabbed hold of my pulsating cock she whispered into my ear: "Please fuck me" Tell me if you want to hear the rest and what you think so far, I love your comments!