Young girl fucked by older couple

Young girl fucked by older couple
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So I'm in the convenience store at night and these two hot teens come in, they order junk food which takes a while so I line up behind them with and listen to them talk. One girl a hot brunette in tights that show off her perfect little ass saying she wants to go to a party but the blonde girl in cut offs wants to go home and apparently she is driving.

They were young maybe 15 or 16 years old and they were both so fucking hot. I take out my cell phone and begin snapping pics of these two little hotties in front of me.

Close up of their tight little asses and longer shots of them in profile with their firm little tities poking out from under tank tops So they pay and I quickly buy a candy bar and these two hotties are outside on the sidewalk and talking the party thing over again.

I come up and boldly speak to the two. "Pardon me I couldn't help but over hearing in the store. I would be happy to drive you if you need a lift." I say looking at the cute girl in the tights. " "No thank you," says the other girl, "This is… uh private." "Just a minute," says the girl in the tights, "you would do that." "No problem, I said, "As long as it's in the city." The girl in tights gives me a sexy look, then looks back at her friend who is glaring at her, "Thanks, but I guess I'm going to go home.

But really, thanks for offering anyway." "That's fine, my name is Courtney, here is my cell number, in case you change your mind." I handed the hot brunette a card and she took it. The girl in cut offs crossed her arms and was glaring at me now. I smiled at the girl in tights, my sexiest smile and walked to my car. I watched them in my rearview. The girl in cut offs was upset and slammed her door when they got into the car. My guess was that they were teen lovers.

About an hour later I was in bed, reading erotic stories on my laptop wearing a tank and panties when I got this call on my cell (unknown number). I answered: Me: Hello, Courtney here.

Her: Hi, uh its me. Me (I knew right away who it was but I wanted to tease her a bit) Could you be a bit more specific…me who? Her: Oh yeah, from the 7/ll, my name is Carla. Me: Oh hi Carla, nice to hear your voice again, I'm glad you called.

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I want to apologize for getting you in trouble with your friend. She seemed pissed off for some reason. Her: Oh April, don't worry about her, she can be a pain sometimes. I really thought it was nice of you to offer me a ride. Me: Well it sounded like you wanted to go out and have some fun, I know that feeling. Did you still need a ride Carla? Her: No, I'm uh in for the night, as it was, my mom was pissed I was out so late. I'm in my bedroom, uh alone.

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Me: Oh I see, do you mind me asking how old you are Carla. Her: I'm 15 (pause) is that okay. I mean I know I look a bit older. Me: That's true you do, you look in those hot tights.

Are are you still wearing them sweetie? Her: (after a silence) Yeah I am. Me: You still want to have some fun tonight don't you Carla. That's why you called me isn't it? It's okay Carla, I understand, I was your age once too you know, I used to get urges, and follow them, like calling a woman you don't know.

Shall we have some fun tonight Carla? Her: (after a low sigh) I'd like that… yes. Me: Have you ever looked at yourself in the full length mirror in those tights…they really show off your hot little body? Her: (silence) Do you think so? Me: (slowly) Uh huh, I love how they ride low, just barely covering your ass crack.

Carla did you know you have a very hot ass. So round and firm, it really is sexy. Her (an audible gulp) Yeah, I guess it's okay. Me: Get in front of a mirror Carla.

Turn your back to the mirror and look over your shoulder. (hearing her move off the bed) Now touch your ass for me outside your tights tell me how it feels Carla. ( I hear her movements) Her: Okay, I'm doing it…yeah it's firm, and nice and round…I like my ass…how it feels sexy. Me: Carla you are sexy, turn around and look at your front. See how your top rides up over your lovely tummy, I love the nice curve of your tummy, for 15 that lovely curvy tummy is to be expected you will slim down in about a year.

Lift your top and rub all around your tummy for me sweet Carla… Her: (detectable heavier breath) Yeah rubbing my tummy feels nice, so smooth, I never did this before my navel is an innie, kind of sensitive around there, yeah this is sweet.

Me: Your young body is so receptive to your touch, keep that awareness always Carla…your body is speaking to you, speak back… take off your top for me, and take off your bra…will you…wil you do it for me? Her: Yeah, wow, yeah just a minute (she sets phone down., my heart is racing…she picks up) Yeah okay I did it. Me: Look at your titties Carla, so perky, are your nipples hard?

Her: Uh-Huh, their standing out, I never look at my titties like this. Me: Look at how round and firm they are, those nipples sound like they need attention. Wet two of your fingers in your mouth and rub circles around your stiff nipples, gently, at first then more firmly. Feel the sensations Carla. Her: Okay, (pause puts the phone on hands free) Ah, mmm that's nice, they are stiff, hard. I love it when I bend them over and they …ah snap up mmm my nipples are kind of long…I love touching them…ahhh.

Me: That's right Carla look in the mirror as you roll them between your wet fingers, see how your whole body reacts when you touch your sensitive tities and nipples. Pinch them if you want sweet Carla.


Her: Oh Courtney, this is hot, they are so hard, arrgh, when I pinch them my pussy feels all tingly.oh fuck I love pulling my nipples. I kind of want to, ahh touch myself. Me: In time Carla.


Turn your back to the mirror and slowly pull your tights over your hot young ass. Watch as you do this, see how sweet your tight little ass is? Her: Oh, mmmm can't keep my hands off my firm ass just have a thong on under the tights (breathing)…mmm touching my bare ass feels so good. Me: Slap that firm ass for me Carla. Her: Smack, mmm that feels good, my pussy is getting so wet, I can feel it wetting my thong…can I take my tights all the way off?

Me: Yes, Carla baby, take off your tights and turn around…see how wet your thong is… tel me what you see. Her: (sighing) Oh it looks so hot, the crotch is soaked, I'm humping my hips, and punching the air with my cunt so it looks so hot.

Me: Oh yes, your sweet juices are flowing now. Pull up on your thong sweetie, pull it up into your young pussy lips, do it for me Carla.

Her: Ohhh fuck that feels so amazing. Courtney it rubs my clit, mmm I can make it rub my clit…more juice pulling it back and forth over my lips&hellip.I love how it looks in the mirror, with my legs spread. Me: Oh my beautiful Carla, take off that wet, wet thong and taste it, put the crotch right in your mouth and taste your hot wet cunt. Do it Carla. Her: Okay. (hear her body move, then tasting the thong) Oh mmm I love how wet it is, I get so wet when I'm excited, Courtney you have me so hot.

I want to touch my pussy, please. Me: Spread your legs, look at your pussy, is it shaved, look at how wet you are…how excited you are now just part your lips and tell me what you see. Her: Oh my, mmm. My cunt lips are so puffy and slippery… inside the lips it's pink and wet my pussy hole is leaking juices, my clit is like hard pointing out from my lips. Oh fuck, I want to touch it so bad. Me: Oh Carla I love this, you've made me so wet, you've made your self wet.

Wet three fingers, stick them deep into your mouth and get them nice and wet, then one by one stick them into your tight teen cunt tell me as you put them in, tell me how they feel going in. Her: (Hear her sucking, spiting saliva on her fingers) Oh fuck I need this so bad…Ahhh fuck…that's one all the way in…feels so fucking good slowly fucking…ahh yes&hellip.Fuck two fingers, deep in my pussy… tight making my clit itch oh fuck Courtney this is good&hellip.Arrrgh fucking my cunt with three fingers …so fucking tight lips moving with each push…(squishy sounds)…oh mmmm ohh fuck.

Me: That's so hot Carla, fuck your tight little cunt hard, now wet the middle fingers on your other hand get them really wet (hear her suck and spit) now take the fingers and rub them up and down…back and forth over your stiff little clit…feel your sensitive clit jump under your touch …rub that clit Carla.

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Her: Oh I want it, ooohhh fuck it feels so fucking good. My clit is so fucking alive so sensitive…I can't believe it, I've never felt like this…oh Courtney what is happening to me? Oh, Oh, I think I'm going to cum…juice running down my legs. Me: Don't hold back you beautiful little bitch in heat, rub that little clit hard, twist your fingers in your cunt hit that spot, fuck yourself like you never have before, can you feel that cum rising in your fucking pussy Carla?!

Her: Oh fuck yes…So close, rubbing so hard, fucking deep…(breathing fast and hard). Uh…Uh…Fuuuck, Fuuuuck…Cuummmingcum squirt…ohhh what the fuck&hellip.oh fuck cum every where&hellip.Arrgh! Me: Don't stop Carla, keep fucking, Keep rubbing make yourself cum again you hot little cunt, let me hear you squirt again…fuck I love it.

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Her: (Moaning words indecipherable, hear sloppy sounds of her pussy) Arrgh fuck…here it cummmms again, oh fuck what's happening …oooh squirting all over the mirror…fuck dripping down…arrgh pushing fingers out of my cunt…ohhh it keeps cumming…ohhh fuck I can't take this…ohh (thump, sound of Carla collapsing to the floor)…Ohh my&hellip.oh fuck. Me: Carla, are you okay …baby did you fall (silence) Carla (silence).

Her: (finally, very slowly) Good…I'm good…It was…so…fucking…amazing. Me: Oh Carla, baby, you were so great…have you never cum like that before, I mean squirting? Her: Oh… no…never. Me: Taste yourself baby…on your fingers on the mirror…lick it off…taste your sweet girl juice.

Her: Oh mmm…oh mmm (licking sounds) oh… good…tastes sweet…fuck I love it. I had no idea my cum tasted so good. Courtney, what have you done to me. Me: I did nothing my amazing Carla, you did it all to yourself, and now you've done it you can do it again…and again. Her: Oh my god, I'm wipes, and what a mess, so much cum.

Can I…can I…call you again Courtney. Me: Oh my lovely Carla, you can call me any time…I love what happened tonight, it was fun wasn't it?

Her: Oh my god &hellip.yes!

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I will, I will, I think I love you Courtney. Me: Good night, and Carla, next time you call wear a short skirt, without panties, okay. Her: Mmm I understand. Till then. Me: Till then, kisses Carla.

(end of call)