Quick sex Jessica Miller with a stranger

Quick sex Jessica Miller with a stranger
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Let me start out by saying this is my first story I have ever written, I had posted a similar story on xnxx.com earlier this week, but after the negative reviews it recieved, I decided to revise it.

This IS a true story, and I hope you like it, I sure did!!! Chapter One: Introduction: I first met Marie when one of my friends introduced me to her though an online video game. She was funny, she was interesting to talk to, she was perfect.

There was a downside; she lived in Sweden and I lived in the U.S.A. I finally meet the girl of my dreams, and she lives four thousand miles away. We would spend every day and night talking to each other, making each other laugh, and having fun.


It wasn't until we had been "dating" for a few months that we had our first over-the-internet-sex. It was very late in the evening, and we were talking about the game "truth or dare". "I'm telling you, I NEVER back down from a dare! It doesn't matter what the dare is!" I was a very cocky 17 year old boy who believed he was "all that"… And I was!

( I am still a VERY cocky person :D ) "Oh really? So If I were to dare you to fap with me right now, you would accept the dare?" Damn, that was enough to get my cock hard!

"Like I said, I NEVER back down from a dare!" And just like that, our sexual journey had begun. Chapter two: The question: Over the next few months, Marie and I continued to "see each other" and I began to enjoy her company more and more.

And as every day came to a close, we found ourselves continuously masturbating together. Night after night we would create sexual fantasies together, each one of us giving our input of how to make the fantasy as kinky as possible. This went on for months, until one night, I had an idea. "Marie, school is out for the summer, and I have been saving up money from my job, and I was wondering…well… would you like it if I came to Sweden for a week or two?" I was so nervous when I asked her, I thought "what if she doesn't want a real life boyfriend?" and "what if she thinks I am a stalker?" "That would be so awesome!" I couldn't believe what I had just heard, I was so happy that she said yes!

So that was that, I was going to Sweden! Chapter Three: Sweden: I have always liked planes, and even more, I have always enjoyed messing with passengers on planes. A while ago I was on youtube.com and I saw a video of a comedian who said "One of the most fun things you can do on a plane, is sit down next to someone who is scared of planes and watch YouTube videos of plane crashes, the look on their face is hilarious".

I did just that! Very entertaining plane ride… but I digress!

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I arrived in Sweden around noon. Marie did not have her license yet so she had one of her friends bring her to the airport. As I walked out of the terminal, I said goodbye to the plane passenger that I pretty much scared the shit out of. When I looked back around, I felt someone jump into my arms, It was Marie. We hugged for a good sixty seconds before we both started to feel stupid. Finally someone was able to say something "I have a dare for you!" Uh oh, I have been in Sweden for five minutes and she is already giving me dares.

"It involves you and me in the bathroom stall", Dear lord, Is this really happening? As we made our way to the bathroom of the airport, she told her friend to wait for us in the café across the street. I have to admit, I was nervous, this would be the first time I ever had sex.


Chapter four: The restroom: After what felt like eternity, we finally made it to the bathroom stall, we had been really careful making sure no one saw a boy and a girl entering the same bathroom together, and once we stall door closed, the good part began.

We immediately enveloped into a long lasting kiss, all while stripping away pieces of clothing one at a time.


The bulge in my pants grew as the realization that I would finally lose my virginity hit me, and Marie noticed. "Getting excited for me?" She said with a grin. "WOW, you ARE excited aren't you!" "After so many years of un-dealt with hornyness, yes!" It's true, I was VERY horny, all the time. Without saying another word, she quickly took my cock into her moist, warm mouth.

"Oh my god, that feels so amazing" I had never experienced anything like it, the amazing feel of mouth enveloping my hard cock was the most wonderful feeling of my life. I began making small thrusting motions while I held her head, running her hair through my fingers. After a few minutes of her sucking, and my thrusting, I was ready to cum. And it felt like she knew as well. "Dammit, why am I Cumming so soon?" I thought.

"Oh fuck, Marie, I'm Cumming, where should I cum?" "Cum In my mouth, I want to taste your cum" FUCK. That turned me on so much that I could no longer hold it.

I was cumming and there was no stopping it, seventeen years of hornyness was cumming out…literally. "Oh shit, god that feels so fucking good, swallow every single last drop for me" My slow thrusting movements quickly became spasms.

This was it, I was cumming, I was cumming in a girls mouth. Chapter Five: Marie's house: After a short drive from the airport to Marie's house, I was introduced to her parents.

I tried to concentrate on the things they were telling me, but I couldn't stop the images of Marie sucking my cock in the restroom from flashing through my mind.

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Finally after all the introductions were made, Marie and I traveled up the stairs towards her bedroom. "Ready for more?" We were inside of her room now, and had just locked the door. Immediately we stripped down and began making out once again. Piece after piece, articles of clothing were landing on the floor. "What do you mean by that?" I may have been cocky about certain things, but this was sex, and I was a virgin.

They were both completely naked now, and Marie had lowered herself down to her knees. "We can do whatever you want" "I have always wanted to try doggy style, can we do that?" I was excited. Very excited. "Whatever you want" she said, and after giving me a smile and winking at me, licked the head of my cock once more before turning around getting into position for doggy style.

"Oh my god" I thought " This is the most sexy thing I have ever seen" as I looked down at her standing on her hands and knees with her ass lifted slightly in the air.

I wasted no time taking hold of her hips, guiding my hard cock into her pussy. I began to push into the entrance, waiting for her to give me the okay. Instead of the instructions I was seeking, I heard only soft moaning. "oh fuck, right there" I got the confirmation I needed. Letting out some of my sexual frustration, I inserted my hard cock all the way into her wet pussy.

I began to thrust my hips while holding a firm grip of her's. "Holy fuck, this feels so fucking good" I thought.

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"I'm glad I already came before or I might not have been able to last even five minutes of this!" I began to thrust a little harder. "Oh fuck, right there, keep going, that feels so fucking good!" "Huh, I guess I'm doing good for my first time!" I thought. I was pretty sure I was doing good, especially for a virgin, but I'm the kind of guy who needed to hear her say it. "Does that feel good?" She replied almost instantly with "So fucking good!" I got the answer I craved!

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After a few minutes of humping, we both eventually became bored of doggy style and moved onto something a little more interesting. "lay on your back for me" she said while giving me that sexy grin. As I laid down on her bed, she cuddled up close to me and kissed my neck. "Here comes&hellip. The best part…" she said in between each kiss. After she kissed my neck for the last time, she lifted herself up onto her knees, then came into somewhat of a crouching position, her wet pussy hovering above me.

Without saying anything, she quickly sprung her wet pussy down, covering every inch of my cock. "Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good!" It was hard getting out these words, the feeling of warm pussy wrapping around my cock felt so amazing. For the past thirty or so seconds, my eyes had been closed, when I finally opened them, I saw Marie's large, beautiful breasts bouncing up and down with every humping motion she made.

"Oh my god, yes! Keep doing that!" her squeals of joy came after I grabbed onto her breasts and began to play with her hard nipples. This was it. I was ready to cum again. "Oh shit, Marie, I'm about to cum again" I could feel my balls start to tighten, my hard cock ready to explode at any second.

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I expected Marie to stop humping, but she kept going. "fuck, what are you doing?" "I'm on birth control, cum inside of me, I find it extremely sexy!" She didn't have to tell me twice, I'm actually surprised I lasted long enough for her to answer me. "Fuck, here it comes! I'm Cumming!" I had never felt anything like it, the feeling of Cumming, all while Marie kept humping, it was amazing. After I was done Cumming, Marie lowered herself off of my cock and laid down next to me.

"These next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun." Yes.

They. Are! To be continued…

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