Tory Lane Gets an Anal Creampie

Tory Lane Gets an Anal Creampie
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It was evening. The sun was just reaching the horizon. My day was just beginning. I had a date today with a really hot girl. She was in her late 30s but looked like in early 20s. I am dirty old man, so for me this was chance of a life time.

I was surprised that she agreed to meet me at her place knowing very well where this could lead. But who was I to argue when a beauty invites you.

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I dressed casually so that not to frighten her. I did not put on any perfumes or any other materially attractive things to impress her. I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. No pressure and let nature take its course. I bought a box of chocolates and single rose to present to her. I rang her door bell and waited in anticipation to see how she is dressed. What kind of signals she gives?

Every moment was full of anticipation. She opened the door and I was shocked. She was dressed in a black checkered skirt that covered her knees and a white blouse that was just a bit translucent to give hints of her bra without exposing or giving any further clues.

She had tied a scarf around her neck with a single knot and the ends gracefully adoring her front heightening her cleavage. She had shocks on. She looked like a college cheerleader ready for action.

Her overall appearance struck me with such a might that for a moment I forget about her beautiful face. I gazed in her eyes as I presented the rose and the box of chocolate to her. There was a twinkle in her eye as she invited me inside. I stared at her face as I entered the in the house. She had no make up on. She wore loose hair just bound by a single holder in the back. She was beaming like the full moon. In her dark nightly eyes I could see many a twinkling stars, each one with new anticipation and many were supernova of earlier moments we had shared in our cyber world.

She put on light music as we settled in the sofa. She put the rose in a vase on the table and opened the chocolate box. I took the box put on the table and signaled her that there would be no words today. We had enough of that in our relationship so far. She understood and agreed. I took her hand and got up to lead her to dance. She followed. We danced slowly for some time.

It was a slow sensuous dance. Our bodies were closely mashed together. I could feel her nipples poking my chest. I realized the bra she is wearing must be thin clothed. I lightly kissed her on the lips. The sensation of our lips touching was fabulous. There were no sparks or fireworks, but simply a smooth ticklish feeling that ignites passion.

Slowly our mouths opened and the tongues did the snakes mating dance. The music in the background was humming through our bodies. We stopped dancing and sat down on the couch. I took one chocolate and slowly rubbed it over her lips.

She than licked the chocolate. Again I kissed her on the lips and we both tasted the chocolate on each our tongues. We tried a new thing. I placed a chocolate in her mouth. It was the soft chocolate with liquid chocolate in center.

I kissed her again. This time we both sucked on the same piece of chocolate together as our tongue inter twined and played with the melting juices. It was a wonderful sensation with the chocolate moving between mouths.

Her tongue exploring my mouth and mine hers, each searching for the sweet brown nectar. All this time we were holding each other in an embrace. I felt some stirring in my loin. My dick was awakening. I am not blessed like other people.

I have an average size dick of 5.5 inches long. I slowly changed my tactics. While still kissing her I removed the scarf. Then I open a couple of top button of her blouse. She pushed the remaining chocolate piece in my mouth and her hand on mine just above her left breast.

I stopped my advance and licked her tongue and the chocolate. It reached the center liquid. I thrust my tongue in her mouth. We both savored the last of the sweet brown juice.


Now I started kissing her chicks and nibbled her earlobes. She kissed me where ever she could reach me. The touch of the skin was great. The skin was now excited.

Each touch was giving pleasure. It seemed that the entire body was becoming receptor this wondrous occasion. It was now she allowed me access to her beautiful breasts.

I kissed her neck, and started kissing her chest just above the breast. I kissed visible portion of the cleavage. I removed the rest of the button of the blouse. And I realized the she was not wearing any bra. The bra that I saw earlier was a pattern in the inside of the blouse.

As my hand started to fondle her breast a pure joy went through my mind. She had her eyes closed with her head bend backwards.


She was enjoying this as much as I was. I removed the blouse and started sucking on her nipples. She had large brown nipples with wonderful areola around it. As my tongue made circles around the areolas I felt a cold chill run down my spine.

It was sensational. I licked the nipple before pinching them between my tongue and upper teeth. I could feel her nipples twitch on my tongue. I sucked on it. First left and then right, and kept changing between them. She held my head in passion and guided it for her pleasure. I obliged her. I enjoyed here participation and control. After some time she pushed my head downwards. I took the cue and kissed her flat stomach. I licked her naval for sometime, and lowered her skirt.

My heart was beating with anticipation. I thought she would not be wearing any panties just like bra. My dick was now hard dying to get out but I had to hold it in at least for now. she was wearing a sheer black panties with white lace border. It was a string bikini type. It only covered her luscious shaved pussy lips for the shake of covering. Her lower lips were clearly visible. The panties were molded over them. I kissed and licked her panties. Then I moved them to the side and gave her my full attention.

Her juices were just starting to flow. I circled my tongue around her clitoris. She moaned softly for the first time. I looked up. She had her eyes closed but she was playing her nipples.

I sucked her clit for some time and than licked her pussy full length. Than I spread her out lips and licked the inside.

She started to move her hips pushing her mound in my mouth. I inserted one finger in her vagina and kept licking her clit. I finger fucked her. Soon she had her first orgasm. I got up and she helped me remove my cloths. We again danced naked for some time.

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This time our bodies were mashed really together. The kiss was more sensuous that earlier. The whole body was tingling this time. The skin to skin contact was making each cell alive. She kissed my neck, then chest and slowly lowered herself. The first time her tongue licked my dick was a wonderful feeling, soft wet sensation rolling over my glans. It came alive and started to swell in response.

She closed her lips over it and kept rolling her tongue over the soft pink head. I was now only aware of her mouth on my dick head. The whole world was gone for me. My entire concentration was in that spot. She gently stroked it and took more of it in her mouth.

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Now the feeling expanded but not beyond my dick. She kept sucking for sometime and than again licking the head for some time. She knew exactly when to switch to prolong my ejaculation. She was able to read my reaction better than I. Then she got up and laid down on bed. She spread her legs wide apart. I went on top of her. She guided my dick in her pussy.

If her mouth was heaven this was beyond it. The soft skin engulfing the entire length of my dick, the juices lubricating the movement and her inner muscles twitching and grapping and releasing my dick.

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I just stayed on top of her savoring the moment as long as I can. Our tongues were doing their snake dance, my hands were playing with her nipples and her hands were holding me tight. Than slowly she started the rhythm. I responded. It was a slow rhythm.

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She likes slow long strokes. I lost myself in the moment. I forgot who I was. Here it was only two bodies enjoying the full sensation that is possible to be born without it becoming pain. The rhythm increased and my pleasure also peaked.

She wrapped her legs around my legs and her hands tightened their grip on me. I also increase the strength and speed in my strokes. And finally I peaked and released my juices in her. She did not slow down or stopped when I was finished. She still needed her pleasure. I obliged. I picked up rhythm after ejaculation. Her grip kept me hard. I did not want to loose the sensation that my body was experiencing. I kept going and going. Soon she tensed up and had her orgasm.

She was satisfied. We lay there entwined for some time. I got up and dressed. She dressed in her usual traditional housewife attire. I kissed her good bye. The only word she uttered than were "until next time."

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