Straight guys caught masturbating gay Trolling the bus stop

Straight guys caught masturbating gay Trolling the bus stop
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My Party Well, how do I start telling a story of the best party I have ever given. Well, I guess with some back ground.

I am married to a wonderfully beautiful woman who shares my love for unusual sexual play. I love body modification using hard core sexual play. The pain is part of the experience. Dangerous play and the love of the unexpected. The party was easy to plan. We easily got 25 people to commit to it. Most were strangers, we insisted on that aspect. We then got the party room ready. I did all of the work so my wife could rest up for her ordeal. We have this old dirty basement, full of junk and things that we should have thrown away instead of putting down there.

Making it smell musty. I first took an old heavy kitchen table that was down stairs and flipped it on it end. So It was standing up on it's edge. It would make a perfect way to hold my wife still for the fun that was coming. I am sure you must be wondering how? I gathered many house hold items to put on a special table set next to the up ended table. I then went to the garage and put more enticing thing into a box, to be put on the same table.

I had many odd things and some that could be very dangerous. But that is what we were looking for. My wife is very busty, boosting 42DD, gorgeous. We began to receive our guests. Mostly guys but some women, mostly dates with some of the strangers who answered our add. I was happy to see the range of people. Young and older. I lead my wife to the basement and we set her up behind the table. It is an old kitchen table with a leaf and I opened the leaf and put a block of wood to hold it open.

It looked like a big mouth waiting to eat her huge tits. I had her kneel on a bunch of blankets I had already put in place to cushion her knees. She knew the next step and put them beauties in the open mouth of the table and waited.

I asked one of the bigger guys to come help me, When he came down his eyes opened and smiled. I asked him to pinch and pull her tits. They needed to be pulled to get them out from the back side of the table as far as possible.

He gladly helped. His massive hands pinched huge chunks' of her tits and yanked her tits with more force than I could have ever mustered. It looked wonderful, seeing them beautiful tits extended so far with such a cruel pair of huge hands. I lifted the half of the table letting the block of wood fall to the ground and asked him to pull harder.

He actually leaned back. I slowly let the leaf opening close on her tits. The were crushed and most of her breasts were on the opposite side of the table. Mounted for our party of pure tit abuse. He let go of her once the table was closed and smiled. I looked at him with a look of satisfaction. The table was old and heavy, it put more weight on her tits than she ever had in the past.

But she loved it. I then asked him for a sheet that we had prepared for the nights fun and covered the whole table. Creating a surprise for the rest of the party goers. We set up the table next to our surprise with items to used on her tits for our pleasure and hers. It was to be a fun night doing things to those tits they would never have dreamt of doing.

We laid out ping pong paddles, next to them mouse traps, a few different old shoes, tennis shoe high heel, golf shoe. Next we put keys. Screw driver, both Phillips and flat head. Then a pile of big rubber bands, c-clamps, vice grips, putty knife, a box of push pins and tacks, comb, tweezers, fork, poker ends used for eating corn on the cob, old can lids cut for the can, next to it were the cans, power screw driver, old splinter wood in a few sizes, a wet towel long and narrow, rubber hose lengths, belts, boxes of nails and screws, boxes with small items I figured would be used for dipping them beauties in.

The list goes on. We then called the party down stairs. The large group of people came down. They were mostly men with a few girl friends along. They seen the table with the large and unusual array of items on it. Alone with the sheet draped lump next to it. I am sure it looked weird. They all gathered in front of the table. It is a large basement so room was not a factor. "Well, thank you all for coming. I know, you all are aware of this being a sexually based party and must be wondering why the table full of junk?

It is sexual torture party." A voice came from the crowd. "who's sexual torture?" I just stood there and gathered my thoughts for a few seconds. "OK, that is a good question. I then unceremoniously pulled the sheet away, to revel the table and those beautiful tits slowly being crushed between the table ends where a leaf should be.

The looks from the group of party goers was so wonderful to look at. First pure unexpected shock, quickly replaced by pure lust. I swear, I could see some guys licking their lips. "So, now we come to the party favors." I told them, which got a laugh. She was so excited. I told them that they were to be abused harshly and to be enjoyed. I reached out and fondled them for the last time.

I knew they would be in rough shape the next time I handled them. They all took seats on the chairs which were set up like in a theater. Each person took a number. It would play out like a Bingo game. So I nervously reached in the bag for the first number. "19", A young guy of 22 stood up. He was average looks and build. He approached the front, he would have 5 minutes with her tits.

Each person could pull and item they had with them to use, or pick one from the table. He wanted just his hands and mostly his mouth. He got on all fours and put his mouth to her tits. He just sucked them for a few minutes. He bit them slightly. He did not want to do damage, he was with in his rights to enjoy them any way he wanted. He slurped and drool dripped from her ever darkening globes.

They were hard from being crushed in the table. He continued to lick and slobber on them when I drew the next number. "14" I called. A big guy, he must have been 300 pounds with huge hands and dirty finger nails from all the hard work he obviously does each work day.

The look in his eyes was horrific. The guy sucking her tits backed away ending his turn at her tits. The big guy walked to her tits so wonderfully mounted on the table top. He reached down with his bare hands and grabbed both tits. He began to squeeze harder and harder. He really put the vises to them.

His face twists and contorted with the force he is putting to them tits. I glance at my wife and she was closing her eyes with pain and a slight smile with the thought of what was happening to her tits.

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They looked like meat in a press. He put such force into his death grip, that I could see her flesh begin to ooze out between his fingers. He then began to put the twist to her breasts. Ever so slow.

It was amazing. He just loved the feel of them in his hands as he crushed them in his massive hands, later when I asked how he liked his time with my wife's dirty pillows. As he was putting his final squeeze on her tits. I could see the 5 women in the audience each hold their own tits, as the thought of the pain must have been running through their minds.

I pulled another number. "2" I called. It was a old guy of 50 years. He looked at his wife and she gave him a nod of approval.

He walked to the front and as he did the big guy step aside and looked at what he has done. Her tits were dark red from all the pressure he put on them, his finger marks clearly visible. They looked wonderful all mashed. The older guy went to the table and looked over the items available to him to use as sex toys on her tits.

He decided on the mouse traps. Their were 10 on the table. He gathered them up, each had a small wooden tab stapled to the bottom to act as a handle to avoid harm to come to the user. He set the first one and slowly while holding the small handle moved it toward those red tits and as soon as flesh touched the small trigger of the trap it snapped shut with a harsh crack. It flew from his hands as it did not bite very deep but it did hit her tit and she went yipes as the crowd laughed out loud at the site.

He quickly set another one and quickly moved it toward his target. He was going to have it stay this time. He pushed it on her very hard nipple. It closed with the same hard crack and stuck this time. It looked so painful.

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She did not make a sound this time. She knew it was coming. It looked so hot on her nipple. He got another ready and did the same to her other nipple. She jumped at the snap but said nothing. The people that looked on looked like they were in a trance. He then took yet another and pinched her tit on the side and made sure it would stay on this time as he snapped it on the skin he held for it to hold fast to. He did this with all the mouse traps. It looked so tremendously painful, but she enjoyed every minute of it.


He then took his hand and slapped her tit to slap off each trap the most painfully way he could think of. He had time left and took a single trap and continued to snap it to her tits.

I began to reach for yet another number. The remaining people licked their lips patiently waiting their turns. "24" was the number I pick out of the bag next.

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A very young guy only 18 stood up, he had many piercing all over his face and I could only imagine what else he had pierced. His hair was a dark shade of blue and he was very well built. He walked to the table very sure of himself. He just looked at the guy snapping the traps on my wife's tits over and over and said "OK, my turn". As he reluctantly left the table top and my wife's breasts, they were noticeably marked with many red marks.

Clearly which were going to develop into bruises. He looked at the table with junk piled on it and decided he liked the screw drivers. He picked both of them up and went to the boobs waiting for his assault. He just stood in front and slowly poked at them. Pushing the ends into the tit flesh all around avoiding the nipples. He pushed softly at first just to make the skin dimple in.

He slowly began to jab the screw drivers harder making my wife winch in pain. I asked her if it was too much. She just said no tell him harder. I was so turned on by her need for these strangers to hurt her tits. He was pushing hard now. He would push until he could not see the tip any more. He fell short of stabbing her, but the marks were fantastic. His young girlfriend was amazed at his cruel attack on the disembodied tits before him. He began to drag the flat end of the screw driver across her tit and made a long deep scratch mark as it went.

His young lady could not help but yell out rip that old tit up lover. With that he dug it deep and it broke skin deep he pushed it in a bit just the tip and wife cried and I saw her finger herself and cry, "I love you babe for this". He took the screw driver off her tit and a trickle of blood dripped out. He did not go as deep as it originally looked. His cruel use of the screw drivers continued while I dug into the bag for his replacement.

"12" I called out. The guy was 40 and very eager. He jump up and quickly headed for the table. He grabbed the box of tacks and waited for the other guy to step aside. As he left the gentleman knelt down and put the box down. He felt them bulging tits with both hands and kissed them tenderly and said so my wife could hear. "I want to ruin these tits so very bad". He felt them for a bit then slapped one very hard.

He was lost in pure lust. He grabbed the box of tacks and put to the base of my wife's left tit and let it rest in the open top on the tacks and push pins.

He seemed to enjoy the fact that they were at his mercy. He put his other hand on top of tit and began to push it into the tacks. She moan with pain as her tit was pushed on nearly 200 sharp tacks. He continued to push hard. He reached for a stool that was close that was the perfect height to put the box on and have her tit able to rest in the box.

He began his assault again. Push hard and this time he slowly put his weight into it. He laugh and mumbled that they were being ruined. He lifted her tit from the box and 20 or so tacks were deeply embedded in her breast. He pushed them in all the way. He then moved to her other tit. He slowly did the same. The younger woman yelled step on it. He got up and slowly put his shoe on her right tit and began to mash it into the tacks.

He was delirious with lust. He step up for a second on her tit and it seemed to go flat into the box. She screamed and looked to see her nod with approval. He got down again and looked at his handy work, her tits were both full of tacks. He sat down in front of them and began to lick her tits underside that were literally covered in tacks.

It was great to see him lust after her damaged tits. He slowly removed the tacks and licked the blood each one left. As he did I slowly picked another number. "6" I called out. This time the young girl came to the front, she was 18 like her boyfriend and was clearly a sadistic woman. She had a face full of rings in her noise and ears, eyebrow and lip.

Her hair was cut short. And she had many tattoo's. So many for someone so young. Her face was made up with black make up. She looked like she was going to enjoy this. She stepped up to the table and looked for an object she would get the most satisfaction out of using. She picked up a box with broken glass in it. Turned and the previous guy got the last tack out he stood up and made room.

She took her place at the pair of marked up boobs trapped in the table top. She slowly put the small stool under her right tit.

It was so exciting to watch this young, badly disturbed woman set up her planned torture of my wife's breasts. She let her tit rest on the stool as she picked up the box. The glass was very jagged and broken into large harsh looking pieces.

She pinched her nipple to lift her tit and put the box under it. She dropped her tit into the broken glass with no concern at all. I loved her attitude. Her tit was cut right away. She took the box and began to shake it. My wife's tit began to sink into the vibrating box of glass, her boobs were being cut very so small, but many times.

She licked the top of her tit and began a stream of words that added to the enjoyment of our guests and really made my wife want as much as her tits could possibly take. She hated big tits and wanted to see this tit shredded into hamburger. She leaned down and bit her nipple with such furiousness. Lifting it out of the box and dropping back down. She knew the rules forbid dangerously deep cuts, so she held off pushing them down to hard to avoid damage that might not heal.

She spend so much time on that right tit she ran out of time as I picked the next number. "20" was called out and this guy very dirty and nasty looking.

He has not showered in a month by the looks of him. He got up and walked to the bloody right tit. The woman stepped aside and let him in. with a passing word to rip that tit up. I love hateful comments directed to those tits I love so much. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a leather tool. It is like a Swiss army knife. He opened it to the piles and reach down to the left boob and pinched her nipple with great force.

It crushed under his grip. He lifted it and began to pull. As he did he said I want to rip this tit off and he pulled harder. Her tit was elongated and look weird to say the leased. He then moved it up and to the side all the while he said that this tit was as ugly as hell and would be worse when he finished.

He just shock her tit wildly and her nipple was being ruined. He finally dropped it and blood dripped from her tender bud he laughed and opened a saw looking blade. He decided to remain on her left tit.

He scraped it across her tit with no mercy making scrapes that were from top to the bottom. He just drug it across and marked her up badly. He stood and said next, with out needing to be asked finally saying that the tit was not worth the trouble for him. I liked him. "1" Another younger guy 24. Average looks and a lustful look in his eyes. He says, "finally before all I get is hamburger".

I want to ruin those wonderfully marked up tits. Make them my own with my marks. He walks to the table and nods and reaches in his pocket. A box cutters. He slips the blade out.

"Now lets see what I can do with those fun bags". He reaches for her right tit and holds it firm. And slices his name in her tit meat across the top in nice clean letter. Brian and after he is done he smiles. "Forever mine", he smiles.

He reaches for the left tit and continues with his hand writing. Brian again. He smiles and he slowly underlines his name over and over. The red lines are not deep enough to bleed, but are deep enough to leave scars of the name he put their.

He then looks at the nipples now for the buds. He slowly puts the point to the nipple and pushes it goes in easy. And my wife cries out in pure lust and begs for him never to stop she has a puddle under her from Cumming. His words are making her head spin. He leans in and licks the drop of blood that forms on her bud. Like it were a drop of milk. He does the same to the other tit so helplessly mounted for his assault.

As he nears the end of his time with her breasts, I reach for another number. "16" I call out. This time and older woman stands.

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She is shriveled up and you can see her better days are behind her. But in a strange way, she retains the shadow of her passed beauty. She is the wife of the 50 year old guy that used my wife's tits early in the nights fun. She was 50 and her tits looked like they hung like empty balloons on her tiny frame.

Face with so many wrinkles from a lifetime of parties. Now she stands to inflict pain on my wife's boobs that are quite frankly in their prime. Big heavy and full.

Now they stood full of cuts and bruises. But still handsome to look at and in a strange way more beautiful. She walks to the table and picks up the high heel shoe sitting at the end of the table. She holds it like a club. I think to my self finally a beating. She walked to the upended table and as the younger guy steps aside, he smiles and says to her, "I bet you wish your tits were as beautiful instead of having those empty bags hanging in front of you." Her face just turned to stone.

I winked at him and mouthed the words "Thank you," to him. Because his words set her hate juices flowing. I could see her jealous rage building. She took the heel and brought it down hard on the right tit mounted so beautifully. Her tit bounced from the forceful blow. Leaving a small heel mark deep in her flesh. Fucking nasty tit" as she rears back and lands a harsh whack to the other tit.

This time the heel left a blood welt. She truly hated her tits. The next hateful hit was directed at her nipple. She side armed it right into her bud. I was amazed at her aim. My wife's boob just giggled from the blow. It was not as hard, because of the angle she had to wheeled the shoe to make the cruel hit. Her nipple took the hit very well, not much of a mark and she hit it many times in just a few seconds. Her nipple took the beating well. As she randomly hit her tits with the hatred of a woman jealous of another.

I drew another number. "9" I called out. The group of party goers were all so amazed at the beating these tits were taken, they did not see the next abuser stand. The woman just hit her boobs with out mercy. He took his place and nudged the older woman aside. He took two boards from the table, old splinters and about two feet long (give or take a few inches). He then reached for some rope. He quickly went to the boobs waiting for the next imaginative torture that they would have to endure. He put the stool in between the luscious pair of damage tit flesh and laid one of the boards down, centered between the targets of his desire.

Her tits both resting on the board as it balanced on the stool. He then put the other board across the top of her tits. This sandwiched them between the boards. He then took a small length of rope and tied the boards together at one end. Very tight. This made the other end of the top board angle up quite a bit. He then looked at me and the group and tied the top board on the other end and once it was secure, he looped the same rope around the bottom board on the end and began to pull up.

The board tighten and began to get even with the bottom board. As it did it crushed her already bloated tits between. As soon as the felt resistance he pulled harder.

Her skin in her tits looked like it would burst. But he laughed and pulled harder. I looked back at her and saw she was dripping, this told me she had cum yet again. He then stood on the stool feet spread as far as he could and still remain balanced. He took the rope and pulled up as hard as he could. We all could see his muscles flex and strain with the force he was applying. Her tits just mashed as flat as I even dreamed they would be. He quickly flipped the rope and began to rap it around the board ends securing it nearly as tight as he pulled.

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A bit of slack gave way, but not much. He tits were crushed at the base from the table and now the meaty part of her tits were being crushed and the skin was near bursting. He jumped down and looked at her tits all mashed and touched them as if he enjoyed the feeling of them so tightly crushed and pinched her nipples and lean in and began to lick her and continued for the remainder of his time.

Enjoying the feeling of those breasts and the skin so tight. I reached in and picked another number. "21" was the next lucky attacker. I began to undo the rope trick and he asked if I would leave it. I looked and said ok but it has to come off after you. Because biding this tight is dangerous to leave for long. He the remaining guest approved. (We wanted to enjoy hurting them in ways many of these people would never enjoy again, I am sure. But not to the point of serious damage that would end up with them being removed.

If she needed medical attention after the party we already agreed to go as far as we could despite the risk of a trip to the hospital). He walked to the them like he was headed for a buffet. He did not go to the table that still had a pile of hot tools to be used. He stood there for a second and touched them much like the other guy. This guy was average and was balding.

30 years of age. He began to slap them tight bound tits and began to increase the power of his strikes. I was liking this. It sounded very hot. The crack of his open hand on her tits, he hit them all around. Her tits were turning darker red and he kept the attack up. He began to rear back and really slap the nipples open handed. He was hitting with no mercy and and no concern for those breasts in any way. He kept hitting opened handed slaps over and over.

His hands had to be hurting. As soon as his time was up. I told him to stop. He stood up and seen his handy work on her tit meat.

He left them completely red from his hand prints that were so numerous that the finger marks were over lapping and could barely be made out. After this last round I figured to take a break, should I say give her tit's a breather and inspect the damage and see if going on was a good idea.

That might not be the best way to phrase it. "To see if her tits can take more and still survive," might be better.

I lifted the table after I took the crushing boards off to see what things were like. She pulled them from the table. They actually drug and dropped from the edge. It looked so great to me. She stood up and walked around to the crowd, her tits all beaten and cut. The cuts were actually small and superficial. Not very deep at all. The bruises were going to cover a great deal of her tits. Based on the deep red marks from the beating they took. The heel marks from the high heels were going to be really bad.

They nearly broke skin, they look wonderfully bad. She stepped out into the front for all to see her tits as they sat on her chest and the their handy work.

She did not handle her boobs. She seemed to enjoy then hanging with the pain. I took a wet cloth and wiped them down for her. She really enjoyed it. She later told me, it made her feel like a prize fighter being wiped down between rounds. Except, it was for blood and not sweat. She stood there for a short time and I saw the some color return to her boobs from the blood returning. She then walked to the people invited to hurt her and let them touch her.

It was hot. As they touched and fondled her tits I sat and watched the spectacle. She loved it. No one treated her harshly now. They just wanted to handle them and feel them after they had received the worst treatment they have ever seen a pair of breasts take, especially since she wanted the abuse. She was feeling good about her tits and she turned and said to me. "Let's set the table upright." I looked at her, she smiled and pointed for me to put the table back on it legs.

I thought she might have had enough. I would have understood. I mean she had taken some serious abuse that not many women would have taken. She just looked around as I set the table upright. She then asked a few people to move an old bench that was in the basement when we bought the place and move it to the table. I suddenly figured out her plan. She was hopping the bench was tall enough to have her lay flat with her tits still in the table, but this time so they lay on the table top as she lay on the bench underneath.

She was wanting them to be like a center piece. I smiled big. She laid on the bench and shoved it under with her on it. Her tits scraped the table edge as she went under. The table was already open, so we could put her breasts in the right place. I asked one of the younger guys to climb up on the table top and stand on one side of the table. As he got up I had one person hold one end and me on the other. When the guy on top was in position I asked him to bend over and pinch her nipples as hard as he could and pull.

Her tits came up nicely and he pulled desperately hard. I told him to lean back if he had to, he did. It is amazing what boobs can really take when no there is no concern for the pain being inflicted. I pushed the table closed as far as I could, trapping her again. I looked at her tits sitting on the table top. They did not flatten out, like I thought. They looked like they were tied. Big hard and firm from being crushed. I looked around and found the bag with the remaining numbers.

"3" I called out. A thin man of 35 stood up and walked to the table. He smiled and lean down and suckled her breast, one then the other. He did not even look at the junk left to use and began to bite. He bit her hard and pulled up and her skin stretched up clamped in his teeth.

He let go and dove in for more tit. He greedily bit her and pulled up he moved around her taunt breasts and bit her as hard as he could with out breaking skin. He was amazing. He was on a mission to bite her all over her tits. And leave marks that covered her boobs.

He bit and dropped her tits. I knew she was OK, because she truly loved teeth. As he went about his business. I picked the next punisher. "15" this young lady of 20 stood up and walked to the table.

She looked on the guy was chewing my wife's tits as if he was eating after being starved for weeks. She looked at me and said, "I am not a lesbian!" I looked at her and said, "It is not required that you be a lesbian," She smiled and replied, "I just want to hurt them very badly, I want to hate them seeing all these people seem to love them, even if they are hurting them." I smiled and said to her, "Well you can do anything, for any reason." She took a box of nails and set them on the table.

And with a pure look of hatred in her face, she took one of the nails and pushed it into my wife's tit just below the nipple. She stooped as soon as she felt it break skin. She let it go and it fell to the side just barely in the skin. She took more and proceeded to push them in the same way. Just breaking the skin and letting them fall to the side. It made for good looking torture. My wife was enjoying this to end.

As she continued to poke nail after nail into those battered tits. I picked yet another number. "25" a large man stood up, nearly 400 pounds. He was the biggest person by far and had a look in his eyes that brought fear to my face. He was full of rage. He walked up surprisingly fast for a huge person. His hands were massive and rough.

He reached and grabbed a tit in each hand and gave a powerful squeeze. Her tit meat was oozing out between his massive sausage like fingers.

He gave a twist and she moaned loudly under the table. I could see the skin turn red very quickly under the pressure he was applying. He let go and smiled and raised his big right hand and slapped her hard across that reddened tit and it bounced back and forth from the force.

I had never seen them hit so hard. Let alone was ever able to apply any were near that kind of force. It was side to side to avoid breaking her ribs. He seemed to know his own strength. I looked under the table at her face to make sure she was still awake and not knocked out. She was fine and winked and said that was great.

I smiled and hoped to see more. He did not disappoint. He began a slow drum beat of her tits mounted on the top of the table swinging side to side. Her breasts jumped from side to side.

It was amazing. He stopped and leaned down and took a deep bite of her tit and dug his teeth deep. And stood up. And walked to his seat. "17" was next. He got up and headed right for the table. He picked a stapler. The old school kind so common. He reached for a tit and pinched the side and put it on the fold of skin that formed from the pulling of her tit and clicked it shut. Driving a staple right through it. And folding it over. I was shocked at how calmly he did it and he continued for 20 or more staples in her skin.

He then did it to the other tit. He had nearly 50 staples in her tits when he finished. He then reached for the staple puller. He quickly began to pull them free of her flesh. It hurt more coming out than going in. I leaned down and did my normal check of my wife to ensure she was taking it and still willing to accept the pain.

She was and she was in a state of pain bliss. He finish after some time and her tits where none the worse for wear and it was amazing so much pain with so little damage. "4" was the next number I picked. The last of the women walked to the table and picked up the box cutters. She was a good looking woman, but she was topless. I mean not tits to speak of. I knew she must be jealous of the full tits she was about to enjoy. Even if they were badly marked up and cut. They still remained beautiful.

I actually made a request of this attacked. I asked her to it with her top off. I wanted to see her flat chested body cutting tits I knew she must be envious of. She agreed and removed her top. She was totally with out tits, she had tiny nipples which were rock hard from her anticipation of hurting a real woman's tits. She took the blade and pulled the safety cover back and walked to her tits. I leaned down and said to my wife, that she has a sharp knife and she has no tits of her own and she might be dangerous.

My wife asked me to stop her. So I did. The woman was furious, and began to bitch. I told her to just hold on for a second. She went on about my promise to allow her to enjoy these tits and she could cut them and on and on. I leaned down and asked her she was "OK?". She said to let her go. I was a bit surprised but after thinking, I guess she had been hurt for some time and by nearly 20 people all bent on causing her tits pain. I let her go. She said as she found a chair and sat down she asked me to pull the table to her.

I looked a bit dumfounded.


So I did she put them on the table and said very loudly. "OK, bitch cut away." I smiled and now knew why she wanted to be let free. She wanted to enjoy the woman and watch her and her hate filled eyes as she cut her. The woman smiled and walked to her. She leaned down and fondled them tits for a bit of time. I decided to give her more time, since she was so full of hate.

She actually talked to my wife as she handled her breasts. I will try and put down some of what she said. She told her that she wanted to hurt her tits so badly. My wife wanted her really angry and taunted her about her lack of breast meat. She replied, that she could under stand since she had yet to begin to fill out. She took the blade and dug it in the top of her tit and drug it along the out side to the bottom. My wife's head flew back and she moaned loudly saying, dam bitch.

The woman looked and smiled, she had cut a long line down my wife's tit top to bottom from the out side. It was just a scratch. She took her tit and held it hard. And pushed the blade into her nipple and cut her areola around the bud. My wife looked and smiled as she clinched her teeth. This woman was good and words do not do her justice when it comes to her motions and attitude. She cut her many times and all were shallow. She put the blade down and lean in and sucked her tits for some time.

She sucked and licked her tits until all the blood was gone and the bleeding stopped. She looked liked she loved them tits now. What a crazy bitch. She stood up and walked away. She got a round of applause. "11" was next.

This black guy stood up, older a bit rough looking and very strong looking. He asked to pull his cock out while he used her tits. I looked at my wife and agreed. He took out his cock and let it hang. He was a bit happy that she was no longer crushed in the table. He asked if she would stand. She did and I reminded him, no sex. He smiled and nodded. He took a rope and tied her right tit very tight, while letting her left tit free.

He walked passed the table to the corner where I had a dirty plastic fan the osculating type. He brought it back and plugged it in. Before he turned it on, he removed the safety cover. Now the blades could spin free and I liked his idea. He turned it on the lowest setting, as the blades spun he took my wife by the shoulders and walked her to it. The guy took the fan and slowly pushed it into her tied tit.

It hit her hundreds of times as he smiled wildly. She did not back away from the spinning plastic blades. He moved it to her untied tit and pushed it to her dirty pillow. The site was great. Her tied tit bounced much like a ball would, but her natural tit sunk in on the blades and flopped as it hit it.

He pulled it away and turned it to high. He again put it to her tied tit. The blades spinning much faster made her tit bounce and made some deep red marks as it deformed her tied tit as it hit it. He pressed it in hard and smiled. His cock was rock hard and dripped. He took it back to her untied tit and rammed it into her tit meat. It looked unreal as it bounced her soft flabby looking tit all around and quickly. He pushed it in harder that before and she moaned loud and cried it was weird and painful.

He shot his cum all over the floor. He got off just hurting her tits. He thank us for letting him have his cock out. "18" He stood up and walked to the table and asked "could I use any thing down here?" I told him "yes." He walked to the stairs and went under it and brought out 4 cinder blocks I had stored under there for no real good reason.

He took them and put them on the table. He took rope and tied it to 2 of the blocks and asked her to sit down. She quickly did and as she sat down she reached for the rope that had her tit tied so tight. He quickly asked her to leave it tied. She smiled and left it tied. He took one end of the rope tied to the heavy block and tied it to her tit tightly around her areola. This took some doing.

But her managed it and slowly pushed the block to the end of the table. He let it drop. It looked like it nearly ripped her tit off. It was stretched very nicely. I was surprised the rope did not let got of her nipple. But it hung on. He then took one of the untied blocks and put it on her stretched out tit. It made her tit look like mortar under it.

He looked and smiled and then took the rope from the other block he tied and tied it to her tit. The nipple was not going to work because it was tight like a ball. He pushed the block off the table and it fell nearly to floor falling just inches above it.

Her tits were being pulled in two different ways. The tied tit looked like it was being pulled from her chest from the base. He took the second block and put it on top of her tied tit. He had to balance it, because it was round and not pulled flat.

It was like an elephant balancing in a big circus ball. He stood back and smiled. He went to the tit that was tied and round and picked up the block and rubbed it on her taunt skin and small scratches began to appear.

Leaving small dust and rock particles in her tit. He stopped and lifted it off and put it down on top of the other brick on her untied tit. Her tit looked so sexy under those bricks. He slowly untied the other brick and lifted in and put in on top of the two already crushed her untied tit. It looked so flat under the weight. He cut the rope holder her last hanging block and lifted it to the pile on top of the table, as it was put atop the pile she cried I am Cumming. And she moaned and he finished his pile.

He let them piled as he sat down. "23" was next. He stood up and walked to me and asked me if he could leave the blocks on her tit. I smiled and agreed to his request. He walked to her and put his finger on the nipple protruding from the pile and pressed it hard into the hard surface of the table.

She cried out as he simply mashed her bud flat and dug his nail in hard it broke her brown nipple skin. She moan and cried the whole time. He let up and went to her tied tit and held it and lifted it from the table as much as he could considering the other tit was mashed under four cinder blocks.

He seemed to enjoy it's feel. I could not blame him, I have often just held them tied up, feeling the taunt feel of her tit as it turned red and dark as the time pasted. He let it drop and took off his belt and began to whip her tied tit.

He just tore into it and left many welts on it as he left the blocked tit alone. He must have hit her forty times and stopped and picked it off the table again. He could feel the welts as they began to rise on her tit. "10"This guy looked wild. Long beard and dirty like he had taken a bath in a year and wore dirty torn clothing.

He walked to the table and lifted the blocks from her tit. It looked terrible being mashed for long. He lifted it and shook it until it began to regain it color. He picked up a long piece of wood and put it on the table, he then untied her other tit.

When he was finished, he took the board and put it on her breasts and put one of the blocks on it. He grabbed the board end and pulled. Her tit under the board began to slightly roll before it began to drag across her tit. It looked wild seeing it drag on her skin like that. When it fell to just one tit, it bounced slightly lower and I could see wood splinters embedded in her tit. The board continued until it feel off her other tit.

He did this again but with two blocks and drug it the other way. Then with three and finally with four. I knew she was near her limit as he drug the board across her tits with four cinder blocks but it left many splinters in her. He let it drop off and went to see his handy work, his smile was reward enough for my dear wife. "22" was next and he quickly stood up and he jokingly said "Thought I would get my turn at those tits with so many people doing so much to those wonderfully beautiful tits" My wife smiled and looked down at her tits with all the bruising and cuts and now wood splinters in them.

He asked if he could just play and joy them. I smiled and said sure. He held them gently, but even this hurt now. So in away he was hurting as he was gentle with them.

He soothed them for her and I gave him twice as much time, since he was being so gentle and caring to them. He slowly took the splinters out of them very slow and lovingly and his touch seemed to sooth her more and more. I as a bit jealous, but had to let him do any thing to them. He asked for a wash cloth and water and he cleaned her wounds.

The water turned red with blood as he opened old wounds to clean them out. He was like a doctor, he enjoyed what he was doing and it looked hot too. He finished by giving each tit a loving kiss. I was picking the next number. "5" was next. He stood up and headed directly for the table. He picked up all the corn on the cobs skewers.

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The had very sharp but small ends only and inch. But thinking of them in my skin was a terrifying thought. He quickly walked to her with her tits out so clean and soothed he just jammed one into her tit with out warning.

It went in deep and he left it buried to the hilt in her breast. He asked her to hold her tit up and put another one to her tit and pushed it into her tit. He quickly had all of them in her tits. The sight of 20 skewers that looked like little cobs of corn in her tits, as tiny trickles of blood ran from each one.

He touched the end of them and pushed them slightly.

He liked how it looked and played with them. My wife liked it to. She liked it to, based on the look on her face. Looking at her tits as she held them up like things to be shown off (which they were). "13" was the next one called and nearing the end of our party, he was very excited. He stood up and approached my wife's skewered tits. He reached and pulled each skewer out with no concern for her at all. He quickly went to the table and took all the cans with the lids cut off.

He asked her to lift her tits. Which she did gladly. As she did he placed a can under each tit. She set them on the cans, they looked good resting like that. He placed a hand on top of each tit and began to push them down onto the can's open tops and her tits began to envelop the cans. It mush have hurt, because she began to make faces as if it hurt, closing her eyes and clinching her teeth.

He looked close at the cans and seeing slowly disappear under her flesh smiled. He had a idea spring into his head. He let go and pinched each tit by it's nipple and lifted, to see what he had done. The can top cut her tit slightly as it slowly filled the can's open top and scraped as it slowly filled the can from the top with more pressure.

He moved the cans slightly after asking her to hold her battered breasts for him. He then went and picked up one of the cinder blocks and asked her to put them down yet again.

He then placed the block on top of her boobs and they sunk deep onto the cans again. It put a lot of pressure on her tits and pressed them hard on top of and into the cans. He looked close and licked her tits and nipples as he examined her tits being crushed on top of the sharply cut open cans. As is time came to a close, he lifted the block off of her and pulled the cans from under her breasts. They momentarily stuck to the cans, he simply pulled them off her. Her tits were bleeding from the can lid and left small blood rings on the table were she laid them after his assault.

"7" Lucky number "7" was next. He stood up and number "8" fallowed him. I guess to be right there when his turn came around. Well, he grabbed them breasts very hard and groped them very hard his fingers dug into her tits deeply. This guy did not seem to have any plans, just to grab and grope.

He put them down and he pushed them into the table top and just watched her tits flatten out her pushed them together and pushed to see how they look nipple to nipple. The other guy was busy gathering skewers. We had about 12 turkey type skewers that every one seemed to bypass.

The other guy filled his mouth with my wife's marked and cut tits sucking one deep into his mouth. He had a big mouth and a great portion of her tit meat disappeared into it.

He let them go suddenly and he let them fall and rest naturally on her chest. He slowly lifted his hand and began to slap them over and over. The whole time the guy with the skewers looked on making nasty cruel faces while showing off what her obviously wanted to shove into her breasts. The slapping guy just like to see them bounce and just hit them hard enough to watch them. It was kind of wild watching her tits bounce and flop around at the hands of this guy.

But to be honest I was waiting with baited breath for the skewers. I asked around the room if they would mind if I gave this guy unlimited time. I got nothing but "yeses" from the people. They too wanted to see how much he was willing to do. Finally I called the final number. "8" and he got to his place right in front of those battered tits he must have being just itching to attack.

We all sat down and looked on as if it was a blockbuster movie and we could not wait for it to start.

He had her sit down and he put the table in front of her to rest them on. But he did not let them rest long. He took a skewer in each hand, they were about a foot long. He began simple, by poking them with the skewers just enough to push her skin in, but not break skin. He had to be careful of where he did this, because of the many cuts and scrapes already on her boobs.

Since her tits were covered in cuts from glass and blades and cans etc. It was hard to do. He slowly would poke her tit and try to pick them up from the table. This looked wild and made every one smile with how much they thought it had to hurt. He finally took a tit and began to push the metal rod into her breast. It took some doing to make it break her skin, But it went in with a snapping like motion. He slowly pushed it through her tit meat deep behind her nipple. Once it reached the other side, it stretched her skin as it tried to come out from her delicious tit.

It finally broke free with the same snap. It looked strangely exciting seeing that metal rod in her tit so deep and it did not seem to be the most painful thing she has done. Or in better words let be done. The next one, he picked an already broken area.

He found a cut and the skewer went in so much easier. He shoved it deep and left it with out making it come out. He took another skewer and lifted her tit and made her stand just enough, that her breast was high enough off the table to put the skewer. As he held it, he rested her tit on it and told her to sitwhich she did.

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He boob was on the cruel object and it was so distorted because of how it poked her from below. He slowly pushed her tit on it like a piece of meat and it looked so good him holder her tit as it slid down the skewer, after it popped into her tit.

He pushed it down to the table until it popped out the top. These skewers had the sharp end and the other end was bend into a finger size ring. So they were not going to be pulled all the way threw. He had 9 more to put into her. We could not wait to see how it would end up. He grabbed her tit and held it firm as he began to push his second skewer into her tit from the side. It took some force to break through. But it did in dramatic fashion. He did not push it all the way this time.

Just about half way and left it. It looked great so much steel in her breast. He then took skewer number three. He did the same but from the top. Just like before it took some effort, but it was well worth it. He did the same and just pushed it half way. He was concentrating on one tit. He seemed to have a plans on putting all ten into this lone tit. It was making every one watching so excited. My wife's face was like stone.

I knew she was trying to endure this on slot on her tit. It was pushing her to her limits, but she did not ask for it to stop. I knew she wanted more. He roughly took her skewered tit and began to push number four into her breast.

He was going from all angles. He put all nine half way in and it looked like a cruel star. There was very little blood to suggest the sever torment that beautifully skewered tit was enduring.

Nine skewers all from different direction, with one all the way thru. What a fitting end to our party. We said good bye to our guests and told them to keep in touch for our next party and thought maybe they could think of ideas.

As they filed out each took the time to fondle the skewers and the tit they were embedded in as they left. It was fun seeing them try for one more chance to inflict a bit of pain as they were leaving. We have gotten many phone calls since we had this party and it seems it was a successes.