Busty nubian TS giving outdoor cocksuck

Busty nubian TS giving outdoor cocksuck
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His name was Thomas Saniuqa. They'd just wheeled him in on a bed at 4.50pm. Damn it, that means I'm working overtime on my own AGAIN. I grumbled as I looked at his profile on the clipboard. Hmm, thirty-five years old and still unmarried?

He was evidently very successful, too - CEO of a fairly large IT company I'd heard about.

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I had to wonder what was going to happen to the company without him. I glanced down at him. He was lean and athletic, with his handsomely pale skin contrasted against his dark brown hair. Now he looked even paler here in the mortuary.

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Aneurysms were always unexpected, always a shame. He'd died too soon.

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What was that quote? "Only the good die young"? I proceeded to disrobe Thomas, to prepare him for refrigeration. He'll be sent somewhere else for burial tomorrow. As I removed the hospital gown from his body, I couldn't help but notice his sculpted physique and handsome face. What a shame. I stroked his cheek and - being curious - gently lifted his eyelids open. Glassy emerald eyes stared straight ahead, unseeing.

Nobody was watching, so the urge grew until I could restrain myself no longer, and kissed the man on his cold, dry lips. God, how would it have felt to give him a French kiss while he was still alive? But it doesn't matter, he's mine for now.

I took a piece of cloth and gently wiped his face, stroking down his neck and across his shoulders and down his arms, enjoying every moment of contact. I kissed him on the neck - I could still smell his scent. He smelled good. I dipped the cloth in the bucket of water again, squeezed it dry, and started wiping his chest, moving slowly down his abdomen to his hips.

His trimmed pubic hair indicated that he had cared about being well-presented in the bedroom, which was always a turn-on. I cleaned his legs gently, then slowly flipped him over. His shoulders looked broader from this angle.

His buttocks were very firm and muscular, which complemented his thighs. I rubbed his back slowly, gradually moving downward to his buttocks as I bent down to be closer to him. I wanted so badly to spoon him right then, to spoon him and knead him in all the right places. It had been two hours since time of death, rigor mortis would be setting in soon, probably less than ten hours.

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I wanted this man before he would be taken away from me forever. I liked to believe that the dead could still feel, somewhere deep down inside on a spiritual level.

Determined, I propped up Thomas's penis and held it in place with some clever manipulation of rods and a long piece of string. Being careful not to knock him, I then transferred him into one of the refrigerators to lightly chill him. I turned off the lights, ready to come back at midnight to give Thomas his last night of pleasure. *** The hospital was less busy towards 1am, but still filled with people in the emergency department, which I had to walk through.

I stopped by at reception, pretending that I had lost my key, and was given the spare to use for the night with little comment. Now only I had access to the morgue tonight, and I gleefully unlocked the door and entered, before closing the door and locking it carefully behind me.

This was it. Thomas and I could now have some time alone. I took his gurney out of the refrigerator and pushed him to one of the beds. He was very cold to the touch, the icy flesh sending electric shivers down my spine. He was quite stiff everywhere now, including his deliciously erect member, from which I quickly removed the strings and rods that held it in place, giving it a slow, gentle stroke as I did so. I smiled. Even dead, I'd given him an erection which could not be helped. Slowly, as if putting on a show for him, I began to strip.

Unbuttoning my shirt, I flung it across the room while stepping carefully out of my skirt, now in a heap on the floor, leaving me in only my bra and panties. I climbed on top of him and removed my bra, cupping his head with my hands as I began to straddle him. Pressing my lips against his, I gently pushed open his mouth with my tongue to allow me to explore the inside of his mouth at my leisure, moaning as I let my tongue probe deeper.

Moving my hips slowly against him, I shifted until I could feel his hard member just brush against the thin material of my underwear. Not wanting to separate myself from him to pull them off completely, I instead shifted my panties to the side and allowed the head of his cock to graze gently against my womanhood, rubbing myself against it at the touch.


I couldn't wait; a slight motion and my vulva began to part, so I let the head of his cock tease it as I began to rock back and forth, low waves of pleasure pulsing at every sensation.

I couldn't help myself; I was already wet; his cock glistening with my juices before it had even entered me. With effort, I slowed my grinding against his cock to press myself against his body, moving upward to let my now incredibly sensitive nipples rub against his stubble, each tiny motion an electric jolt that began at my nipples and spread throughout my body.

Before I consciously realised it, my rubbing against him and my own body heat had warmed his frozen body. Though his eyes were still closed, I imagined that he was still enjoying it, still somehow feeling the sensations I knew I was giving to him.

Leaning over him, one hand slowly stroked down his chest, tracing an idle pattern as I moved ever-downward towards my target; my other hand moving between my legs, rubbing back and forth there as I gazed at him, letting my fingers press gently into my flesh just hard enough to make me tingle as I reached his cock and squeezed, gasping as my own ministrations made me need him inside me.

Leaning down once again, I began to suck on his neck as I guided his cock to its target, impaling myself onto him. His member wasn't the longest one I'd ever seen, but due to the degree of tumescence, its girth was impressive. I could feel the lips of my pussy parting so widely to accommodate him that I wasn't sure I could, but as I pushed further down more waves of pleasure spread through me, so much in fact that I couldn't help but cry out his name as I thrusted down upon him, reaching the base of his cock and pushing against him again, sliding up and down vigorously, more speed with each motion, the feel of him inside me energising my own actions as I needed to continue, to pull him inside further.

As I kept up the pace, sweat began to drip down my body, the feel of it caressing me making me push that much harder… as I gazed at his chest, I noticed that I was dripping my sweat onto him as well, and with one hand slowly spread the droplets across his torso. I liked that he was now as sweaty as I was.

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I wanted no, needed his semen… I wanted to milk every last drop from him, it had to be mine. I knew that if he'd had the chance he would give it all to me, willingly, letting it explode within me, but that now he probably physically couldn't.

Not that this would stop me trying! As I kept up the rhythm, making him pound into me again and again, I had a thought.

I wondered how he would feel if I pushed my pussy into his chiselled face. His lips were perhaps a little dry, but surely that prominent nose was made to pleasure a woman's clit? The thought added to the intensity of Thomas being inside of me. Almost subconsciously I could feel myself tightened around his cock, riding him so quickly now that I felt something suddenly let go within me. Before I could do anything, my vision blurred and I had to hold on weakly to the bars of the bed to do what I could to steady myself.

My whole body started shaking uncontrollably and I was squirting uncontrollably around his member, dripping onto the sheet that was beneath the both of us as I climaxed, collapsing against his body as I breathed heavily and almost passed out from the pleasure. *** Gradually, I regained consciousness, and slowly realised where I was but not how much time had passed. As I looked down at his porcelain face again, I could feel my clit pulsate with yearning: I wanted all of him, every inch!

Getting to my knees, I looked down at him from my position and crawled forward, quickly locking his head between my thighs and then lowering my still messy, wet pussy onto his face. Slowly at first, I ground my pussy lightly against him - letting him breathe me in, letting him taste me. He looked quietly contented as my juices smeared across his face, as if he were enjoying every minute of it as much as I was.

Rocking my hips clockwise at first, then reversing them, making sure I managed to appreciate every last inch of his handsome face. Suddenly, my positioning was perfect and his nose pushed back my clitoral hood, now directly rubbing against my centre of pleasure and I threw my head back with an animalistic groan, my hips jerking hard as my vulva was still sensitive from the last orgasm. I was about to come again, but this time I wanted to pleasure him as much as he had unknowingly pleasured me.

I began to fondle his manhood once again, stroking it faster and faster as I ground myself into his face even more. His cock was warmer than before, I could pretend that it was pulsing with my stroking, while his head was almost flushed, probably due to my friction. I wanted to see his face properly again, so I changed positions once more to press his knee hard between my legs, running my still-dripping vagina up and down and leaving a trail of juices with every movement.

I was rocking the bed so much that I kept making him move… I peered at his face even more closely as I shifted again to rub my pussy against his throbbing cock. His eyelids couldn't have flickered, could they? They fluttered again and I gasped, frozen in shock, his cock still pressed against me - what was happening? Was I imagining things? I couldn't be imagining it, his cock was definitely moving against me now, and I suddenly felt his chest heave as he audibly drew in a breath of air… an indiscernible noise emerged from his lips as I lay on top of him, trying not to move but still highly aware of the pleasure of his now-pulsing penis against my clit.

I watched his face as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and saw that, very gradually, pink was seeping back into his skin. His right arm jerked slightly, as if unsure whether to move, and paused before his right hand was brought up to his temple.

His left hand moved as well, but as he raised it his fingertips found my waist and stopped, probing for a few seconds before his hand pressed against me and caressed my hip briefly before resting there.

"Don't… stop?" I was excited in more ways than one, but the croaky voice made me frightened, exhilarated, titillated, had he just spoken?


His eyes visibly moved beneath his eyelids and then suddenly, they opened and stared at me, looking as confused as I was. "You're… making it go away." I must have sounded almost as croaky with my simple, "Making what go away?" "The headache, it's killing me." His lips turned up at the corners, and I almost laughed at the irony of his statement, but he looked so much more radiant than before, despite having just died and come back to life.

I was drawn even more to him, I could not have imagined how handsome he could be. How could I have known? But he was here now, gazing at me with those piercing green eyes.

That was all that mattered. I straightened my back as I leaned up, teasing him so that he could view the fullness of my breasts, and eased myself down on his now very hard cock. Pushing against his clearly unconscious thrusts felt so much better, and his hand caressing my cheek just heightened the sensations.

"Who.-" I cut off his whisper with a fingertip to his lips, and he stopped, gazing up at me as his hips kept moving.


I leaned down to nibble at his neck again, and his hands began to move across my back, slow but full of intent as he probed and stroked and pulled at me. I worked his shaft faster and harder, before he could think to ask any more questions. His low moans became louder with each thrust, the groans more animalistic until his body finally tensed up and he forced me down, our bodies pressed tightly against each other.

I saw his eyes shut tightly, and I felt him shoot load after load of his semen into me as he ejaculated. It was more than I could have ever hoped for, my vagina convulsed in pleasure as I came again as he filled me up, it felt amazing.

I collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me automatically, but then he turned his head to intentionally kiss my shoulder. After a few minutes of silence, he spoke again. "I have so many questions." "I imagine you have. You have quite a bit to tell, too." "I do? I suppose I do… but not here, it's far too cold." I had to ask the question, though I feared the answer… "Was… was what I did wrong?" He smiled widely at my reticence and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips.

"No. But I prefer being on top." ______________________________ Author's Note: This is my first piece of erotica. I hope that you enjoyed it. Credits go to theFirstHipster for helping me with the editing.