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College tramps having a taste of wild sex
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The Warden's Tale I have been Warden for eighteen years. The last three years of my employment have been the Warden at the United States Correctional Facility for Women at Femdea, California. Femdea is renowned as the largest women's prison in the country, and also because it is the site of the only capital punishment facility for women in the Federal system. The prison contains the only gallows designed specifically for the multiple execution of female offenders. These executions are almost entirely for drug offenses under the Substance Control Act of 2010, although occasionally women are also executed for other crimes such as murder on Federal property, terrorist-related offenses, etc.

I had always personally delighted in taking the responsibility of Warden and in charge of organizing and supervising executions under what is known as the Anti Narc Protocol. The ANP was first brought into use in mid-2012, when it became obvious that the normal method of death by lethal injection was inadequate, too time-consuming and too expensive to carry out between ten and twenty executions every week. The large number of executions was due to the Substance Control Act, which essentially provides the death penalty for any sale of prohibited narcotics except for marijuana, and also for the possession of fairly small amounts of drugs for any use, sale or personal.

America finally decided to get serious about putting an end to drugs, and unlike any other capital punishment law in American history, the statute has been vigorously and speedily enforced. In the first few years there were at least a thousand executions at Femdea annually. Even though the drug scourge has now been largely eliminated in the United States, there will always remain a small number of people who simply don't get the message, including women.

Female executions are now down to between three and four hundred per year, and are expected to remain at that level for some time. In my own time at Femdea, the fewest number of women I ever saw hanged on one day was three, the largest number ten. The usual number of hangings on execution days nowadays is normally between five and eight women.

With the ANP, this number is manageable. The legal appeals process takes about a year. Pardons and commutations are rare, although they do occur. When the prison warden is served notice that a death row inmate's appeal has been rejected, she is scheduled for execution on morning a month from the day, unless that day falls on Christmas Day, the Fourth of July, or for some ironic reason, Valentine's Day.

(Who says prison administrators have no sense of humor?) The prisoner is brought to my office and informed that her appeal has been denied and her sentence will be duly carried out in one month time, that there is no further hope for legal intervention and she must compose herself for death.

This where the crying and screaming usually occur, and there are trained psychological counselors available for the condemned woman. They're good at their jobs, and this is why we have so few instances of women struggling or fighting when they are taken to the gallows. The prisoner is then removed to a holding cell on a long row of cells which runs parallel with the gallows platform.

I need to describe the gallows itself. It is almost like a stage in an auditorium, a raised platform approximately forty feet long and twelve feet wide, supported by concrete pillars. The first year it was erected the warden of the time tried individual trap doors, but there were too many mechanical problems and delays, so Femdea switched to an older and simpler stepping-off system.

In front of the platform are rows of folding chairs for witnesses. A single steel beam or girder with each end mounted in the concrete walls of the death house runs over the platform at a height of about fifteen feet.

The girder is also supported by two concrete pillars near either end, and is further held up by steel suspension cables bolted into the roof. At intervals, heavy-duty steel U-bolts are bolted into the bottom of the beam, and the noosed ropes are attached to these bolts, threaded in manually by the set-up crew on execution morning.

The beam is not exactly flush with the edge of the gallows platform. There is about three feet of clearance between the beam and the edge, so that when a condemned woman is suspended, she dangles in the air in front of the platform. The floor of the platform is covered in industrial carpet, except for rubber matting which runs from the ten step-off blocks, or tabourets to give them their ancient and correct name, to the door of each holding cell.

The rubber matting is laid down because sometimes the condemned women actually urinate in terror at the sight of the waiting noose. (We keep a mop and bucket handy.) There is a peep hole on the door of each cell, but these remain shut until the prisoner is taken out to be hanged. The blocks are just that, large steel squares or pillars with a set of five steps leading up to them, with a carpeted top. The ropes are of seasoned manila hemp. The noose is of the British style with a heavy plastic D-ring instead of the usual American-style noose with the hangman's knot.

To be honest, this version won out because the execution team found it too much trouble and too time-consuming to tie the many nooses needed for multiple executions.

One noose dangles in front of each block. The actual execution crew who carry out the hangings are all male corrections officers; female corrections officers are with each condemned woman in each holding cell, two per cell. At eight thirty on the morning of the execution, I enter the death house by the inside door (not from the gallows side) and goes from cell to cell along the inner corridor, reading each condemned woman her death warrant and asking if she has any last words to say, which are recorded by a stenographer.

This is so the actual execution will go swiftly and efficiently. At eight forty-five, the official witnesses (no media) are allowed in. They are paid $50 per execution plus travel expenses and some of them turn up at hanging after hanging.

At nine o'clock sharp, once all the nooses have been rigged, the warden comes out onto the gallows platform to observe, and I will give the signal to begin. The holding cells are numbered on the gallows side, one through ten. I slides back the peep hole slot on cell number one. One of the female guards on the inside unlocks the door and admits the Warden and two male guards from the execution team, thus making for a somewhat crowded cell. When the peephole slides open, the second female guard requests that the prisoner stand up.

She is wearing a white hospital examination gown with only a single string tie at the back.

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When the execution team enters, the female guard requests that the prisoner turn around and face the wall. Ideally, from then on until the prisoner is dead, there is no more speech of any kind, although in practice sometimes it doesn't work out that way. The female guard then unties the hospital gown and lets it fall to the floor.

(Prisoners are executed in the nude supposedly because the added humiliation is to be part of their punishment, but frankly I have always thought it was so the mortuary team wouldn't have to undress them and pull off dresses and underwear soaked with feces and urine.) The female guard draws the condemned woman's wrists together behind her back, and one of the male guards handcuffs her.

She is then led out the door, a few brief steps along the rubber mat, up the steps and onto the block, which is large enough for three people to stand on the top.

She has a male guard on either side of her, holding her arms. The guard on her right reaches out with one hand and secures the noose. While the guard on the left holds both arms and steadies the prisoner, the one on the right slips the noose around her neck and cinches it under her jaw just below the right ear. He nods to the guard on the left. Each guard keeps one hand on the prisoner's elbow, place their other hands on the prisoner's upper back and lower back respectively, and without any word or further delay they "assist" her, as the official terminology says, off the block.

They don't actually push unless the prisoner is struggling. If the prisoner is quiet and resigned, as most are, they gently but insistently move her forward until she steps off the block. The condemned woman drops two to three feet and is suspended. The rope tightens and bites into her neck, there is a kind of "huuh!" from her as if she had received a sudden blow, her head is tilted forcibly upward and to the left at an angle, and then for anywhere from sixty seconds to fifteen minutes or more, she does the Dance of Death, which is always fascinating to watch.

Every Dance is slightly different, as unique as a snowflake. Occasionally the prisoner's neck is broken, but the idea that a broken neck causes instantaneous death on the gallows is a myth. You can tell the neck is broken because there are no major convulsions, but there is severe twitching and palpitating in the body and the hanging woman's head rolls back and forth, sometimes blood coming from her mouth as she bites her tongue.

I have seen this go on for six or seven minutes before death occurs. Usually, however, the drop does not break the neck, and death is by strangulation. After the drop the condemned woman usually kicks wildly on air for several minutes, which of course has the effect of making her swing freely like a pendulum, back and forth, the rope creaking.

With the swinging of her body and the heaving of her chest as she tries to draw breath, her breasts jiggle and bounce enticingly. She writhes and twirls at the end of the rope, bobbing and gasping, eyes goggling in her head. Most hanged women attempt to do the "bunny hop," trying to jump or draw themselves upward to take a little of the pressure off the noose and perhaps draw a gasp or two of air, and occasionally they succeed, although the resulting slight downward drop cinches the noose still tighter around their necks.

Very occasionally a hanged woman is able to twist herself around and actually get her toes or feet back up on the block for a few seconds. In that case the guards, who have by now come down from the block and are standing on either side of it in order to prevent that very thing, push her feet off and set her swinging again.

Generally speaking, although not always, the first wild convulsions and kicking dies down after a few minutes, and then comes the awful stretching, as the hanged woman's toes seem to stretch down and her body arches, as she seeks some kind of floor beneath her to ease the agony of the rope.

The swinging subsides somewhat and now she begins to turn more than swing, first to the right and then to the left. One of the most gripping of all experiences is to look into the eyes of a hanged woman who has reached this phase, because you can tell that she is entirely conscious still, suffering beyond imagination, that she knows perfectly well where she is and what is happening to her. Sometimes the prisoner makes small, odd gasping noises, although not always.

After the stretching and turning comes the twitching or spasmodic phase, as the body itself begins to die. This is usually marked by the fluttering of the toes, quivering of the breasts, and jerking of the handcuffed wrists behind her back, and often her tongue lolls out of her head, a bright cyanosed blue almost like something out of a cartoon. The official finish is considered to be when bowels and bladder relax in death and a stream of feces and urine is released into a tile trough with drains that runs beneath the gallows.

A guard with a hose quickly washes the excrement down the drain and standing on a stool and wearing latex gloves, he cleans the dangling body with an alcohol and disinfectant-soaked wash cloth. At this point death is presumed to have occurred, but in my experience it's generally about thirty seconds after she shits.

You can see the light go out in their eyes, like turning off a lamp. Now, as fascinating as it is watching a naked woman do the Dance of Death, while all of this is going on the guards are not just standing there observing.

There are other women who must join their erring sister on the gallows. Once the actual physical struggle of the first executed woman has subsided and she has reached the turning as opposed to swinging stage, I go to cell number two and opens the peephole, the second condemned prisoner is stripped and cuffed and led out onto the platform and up onto the block, and the entire process is repeated. After she has somewhat calmed down on her rope comes cell number three's turn, and so forth until all of Friday's batch of condemned women are hanging in the air.

It is not unknown, when there are less than five prisoners to be hanged, for all three or four of them to be dangling in a row and still active, or "fidgeting" as the term goes.

Now that I have explained the process, I shall begin my tale. Being warden I am privileged with a substantial amount of power over the prisoners, which I must confess I have used for my own pleasure.

The doomed women always fascinated me, I found it highly arousing when dealing with women who face certain death. So I used my position and power to build myself a harem of temporary women. I think it's best I tell you in detail what I'm talking about. I've received files on five condemned women whom are all scheduled to dance on the noose.

Margie, aged 24, was a "biker gal" and an out and out meth dealer. Julia, aged 28, was a single mother who had tried to make some extra cash selling coke and got the gallows instead, Naima, aged 20, was a tall, elegant looking light-skinned black girl who had the wrong boyfriend and possibly took some satisfaction in the fact that he had already swung in Marion Penitentiary before she kept her own date with the noose.

Mei Ling, age unknown but young, was an illegal Chinese immigrant who tried to pay for her entry into America by running some heroin in from the Hong Kong Triads. Finally, there was Audrey, aged thirty-something, a voluptuous former ace TV reporter and anchorwoman who simply wasn't able to get it through her head that when it came to her personal cocaine habit, no means no and yes, even for media personalities, hang means hang.

I reviewed each file carefully and make sure their medical check up comes back clean, I visited each of the women and inform them of the court's decision and allow them a day to process the news. Then I start my routine. First up was Maggie, she was a blond, her hair was cut short and her body had several intricate biker tattoos, including the standard barbed wire around the bicep.

She was a pretty girl but as a dealer dipped into her own stash and now, she needed another hit. I arranged it for her, she was brought to the infirmary and administered a similar compound, she was in a euphoric state as she began undressing.

As her overall fell I saw her nude body, she had good firm breasts, not huge but very well formed. A skinny girl, with youthful skin, the drugs are doing damage to her youthful body, but it hasn't taken it toll.

She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. She was a good cock sucker, no doubt she done this before.


She looked upped at me witch grateful eyes, I was after all making the days to her inevitable death bearable. I was hard as rock when I pulled her up and placed her on the patient bed and rammed my rock-hard cock into her pussy.

She was already wet already, being 24 her pussy received my cock easily. She was tight and wet as my cock slipped in and out. She moaned in extasy as the drugs in he system must have sent euphoria through her brains.

Grabbing her firm breasts, I couldn't hold much longer and climaxed into her waiting pussy. As I pulled out, sticky white liquid slowly dripped out of her pussy. She giggled as she ran her fingers down to her crouch and returned her fingers with the cum back to her mouth sucking it.

"What a waste of a good fuck I thought to myself, but then the way this junky bitch was going at it, she's going to be unfuckably ugly soon." I thought to my self as I was getting dressed.

She was led back to her cell without a shower, I wanted her to hold my cum for the night, my present for her. I gave her a hit every few days before her time was up, she was grateful every time. Julia was my favorite in this group because I found her the most attractive. She had a little boy whom she hasn't seen since her arrest and agreed readily to my demands if I allowed phone calls between them and even teased her with possible visits, though that was never going to happen.

I had her brought to my office where I have a bed room with a king-size bed. As she undressed facing away from me I saw her body was a little plump, but shapely, she was a redhead, and her back and her buttocks were powdered with freckles.

She turned around and I saw a full-figured woman, heavy but not fat, perfectly proportioned, with two of the most magnificent knockers I had ever seen and a fiery red bush. She had a C-section scar above her crouch, "at least her pussy will be tight." I thought to myself She had her eyes down casted, she was blushing and quite nervous which turned me on even more.

"look at me" I said with a stern voice. She looked upped, I can see she was trembling a bit. "How many men have you been with?" She again looked down and tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, her action only pushed her large breast up forming a large cleavage which delighted me.

"Only with the father of my son, and he left us." She said with a voice that is barely a whisper, "When can I talk to my boy, if I do this you promise you will." I cut her off, "Yes, yes of course. You will get 30 minutes tonight after this. Now lets begging." I took her by the hand and led her to the bed. She laid down and I put my hands on her thighs, she spread her legs on que. I massaged her inner thighs with my hands and my tongue explored her nether region.

She moaned and put her hands on my head as her pussy juice started to flow. I had to get her into the mood as she was an late 20s and nervous. I played with her large beautiful breasts for ages before letting her suck me. She wasn't very experienced at it as she did tell the truth of her lacking in sexual partners. But that furthered my desire for her, I was the last cock she will have in this world.

Our love making was slow at first, as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. She felt marvelous beneath me, and soon I couldn't hold back and came inside her.

She didn't notice as I didn't stop fucking her, my cock was still hard from me being so horny. I rolled with her on the bed and she is now riding me, I thrusted up with her and watched her breasts bounce. She rode faster and faster when I shot a second load into her.

It was pure extasy for me. She had a look of surprise "did you cum inside me?" she tried to roll off but I grabbed her and pulled her to me. "Are you worried about being pregnant?" as I brought her to my eye level. Her eyes her look of distress suddenly turned to anguish as she realized she didn't have that long to worry about such things. I held her feeling her breast against my body and my cum slowly leaking out of her pussy and on to my balls.

"You were wonderful Julia, I have the cell ready for you to talk to your son. But there's one last thing you need to do, there are juices from our union down there. Clean it up with your mouth and let me see you swallow it." Her eyes lit up from shock, she had obviously never done this before. My gaze did not falter and she realized she had to do it to get what she wants. She slowly climbed off me while her hands covered her nethers to prevent further leakage.

After going in the a kneeling position she slowly and with great reluctance licked the cum off my cock and balls. The feeling was great, her warm tongue on my skin was something I will never forget. Afterward I contacted child protective services and arranged a 30 min session of her with her son.

I rested and watched her still nude on my bed talking on the phone. When the time was up she struggled to hang up the phone, but with a firm gesture I took the phone away. With tears in her eyes she walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I walked in after her, "do you want to speak to him again?" She looked at me and nodded.

I simply smiled and walked into the shower with her. No word was spoken and I guided her hands to my half erect cock. She knew what needed to be done and on her knees she went and began sucking. When I was ready I pull her up and lifted up one of her legs and rammed my cock in her pussy.

As I started to fuck her I moved my face in to kiss her. She turned her face not wanting to kiss me. Grabbing her face with my hand and making her eyes meet mine I can feel her resistant fade and she closed her eyes as I kissed her. For my part I was passionate as I was very attracted to this woman. Foundling her breasts as I increased my tempo of thrusts until I grunted and sent another stream of hot cum into her canals.

No doubt she would have been pregnant that night, but we would never know. After the shower I sent her back to her cell. I would fuck her the most of all the girls and once a week would arrange a 30 min call for her. Now for Naima, aged 20, was a tall, elegant looking light-skinned black girl. She was young and very good looking, but her poor choice of male companions landed her here. Unfortunately though I was taken by her looks, her attitude left little to be desired.

I tried various ways to entice her but she would have none of it, even threatening me if I laid my hands on her. I could only see her naked body during the physical exams and shower. Her caramel-colored body was long and lean and lithe, her breasts were high and perky.

Her pubic hairs were nice and trimmed. I could only lust after them for now, but I will take my lust out on Julia or Maggie if I am in the mood. Next I went to Mei Ling, age unknown she was young looking, I don't think she was even 18 but Asians look young. She was an illegal Chinese immigrant who tried to pay for her entry into America by running some heroin in from the Hong Kong Triads. She didn't speak English and her public defender simply turned over an guilty plea.

Only later did the department of justice bring in a translator and I can only hope communicated what had happened, by that time it was too late. A half ass appeal later she was under my supervision until her untimely date with the noose. She was in isolation simply because we had no way of communicating with her. I had a good look at her during the doctoral examination, skinny girl with shoulder length hair.

She had a very young-looking face with B size breasts that were perky and supple. She had a large dark bush as many Asian women don't shave, and a nice little round butt. I had prepared for our meeting, using google translate I roughly printed out a message which conveyed something along the line of, she was condemned to death but she may be pardoned by me if she would perform any and all sexual request from me for a month.

It was a blatant lie I know, but from my understanding men of power abuse their position regularly where she is from and it's simple understanding that I can abuse such power to grant her life if she was willing do these things.

She looked from the paper to me and simply nodded speaking in Chinese that I couldn't understand. I smiled and motioned for her to undress as I stepped out and dismissed the guard standing outside for 60 minutes. He locked me inside with Mei Ling, I faced the door until I hear the guards footsteps fade. Then turning I see Mei Ling was naked and laying in bed looking stiff and scared. I walked up to the bed while taking off my pants and underware, next to the bed I pointed to my cock then pointed to her mouth.

She looked confused at first, then slowly using her hands she massaged my cock while using the tip of her tongue licking it. It was a common mistake that a girl never gave a blow job before would make. That made me smile, could she be a virgin? Am I that lucky? This went on for several minutes before I grabbed her head and thrusted my cock into her mouth. She gagged in response and a teeth made my cock uncomfortable. Letting her go she recoiled back on the bed gagging.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her back up, "no" staring into her tearing eyes sternly. Slowly moving her head back towards my cock, this time she opened her mouth and took the tip of my cock in.

Slowly she sucked on it like a popsicle. Slowly I try thrusting a little deeper, at first she resisted but I kept slowly thrusting and I got at least half way in.

Getting turned on by this girls lack of experience I pushed her on to the bed and spread her legs. Looking at her bush I didn't want to wade through that jungle and just spread her pussy lips and roughly entered her. She was amazingly tight and surprisingly wet. Being a very young girl no more than 18 but I think she was even younger; her pussy can get wet very easily. Unfortunately, I found no obstruction, so someone else had already destroyed her hymen.

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No big deal, she was trafficked after all, she probably lost her virginity to the traffickers, I know I would have if a girl like her fell into my lap, extra tax for the journey. She did not closed her eyes as I thrusted into her, the feeling was amazing, if you ever had pussy in high school you would know what I'm talking about.

Grabbing and licking her supple breasts I shot hot loads into her. As I grunted savagely like an animal she began to push me off her but I was too strong and held her at bay staying inside her. She must be reacting to me cumming inside her, I grabbed her throat and she stopped struggling.

Looking into my eyes she knew she could do nothing and promptly stopped struggling. Pregnancy is the least of her worries. We laid there with me still rock hard inside her, I was still horny and I flip her around on all fours.

Her pussy may not had been a virgin but that ass hole's virginity was all mine. I pulled out of her pussy cock slippery with cum, reaching down I started to spread her butt cheeks.

She immediately tried to turn around and I grabbed her neck from behind. She was weeping by now, saying things that I can't understand. But I think she was pleading with me. When she stopped resisting, I moved my other hand and guided my cock towards her back entrance. She stiffens as the tip of my cock rammed home, as I pushed she cried out.

I would have liked to think from pleasure but it's more likely from pain. That was a tight asshole I drilled, the thought of me being the only cock that would ever enter this ass hole made me lust for her more. After a brief but brutal rape of that virgin ass I shot more cum into her bowels. I would enjoy her body several more times before the end. She went on to the end thinking I would free her, poor stupid thing, well at least you were a great sex toy for me.

Audrey the TV reporter with a cocaine habit that finally caught up with her. While Audrey was proud she feared death even more. I dangled a governor's pardon in front of her face and she readily accepted any terms I set. While it is public knowledge that the current governor is my good friend from college I would not call in a favor for a piece of pussy, but she didn't know that.

When she arrived at my bedroom she found the big screen in front of the bed playing old clips of her reporting and the same outfit she was wearing lay folded on a chair next to the bed. "put it on Audrey." I said to her sitting on the bed admiring the beautiful woman on TV. "Oh you pervert, fine lets get this over with." Audrey rolled her eyes and took off her prison overalls. Her body white as marble, long black hair and green eyes, and finely sculpted silicone-enhanced breasts with implants she had made her network pay for.

Dark triangular bush, an incongruous pair of horn-rimmed spectacles on her face. She put on her blouse and skirt with on bra or panties. I got up out of the bed naked and walked up to her. Grabbing her silky black hair I kissed her passionately and she actually kissed me back.

"I always fantasized fucking you on the job." I smiled. Her smirk did not betray her thoughts, she is a veteran for sure, how many sources and superiors did you fuck for your stories and promotions? Without any prompt she dropped down and started suck my cock.

She was an expert, taking my cock all the way in and out making gurgling noises and moaning at the same time. She looked up at me with her sultry eyes through her glasses and I just couldn't take it and shot my load.

She smiles up at me and held the tip of my cock as streams of hot cum entered her mouth. When my cock stopped pulsating she release and opened her mouth revealing the cum pooling there. Never taking her gaze off me she closes her mouth and swallowed. The next time she smiled her mouth was empty. She walked to the bed and poured her self some brandy then laid down on the bed. I walked to her and laid down next to her.

She was a wonderful cuddler, running her hand through my hair, played with my hair. I founded her large fake breasts through her blouse, they were very well made. She unbuttoned the blouse and let them loose, they were the most perfect I've ever seen. I finally understood how she rose so fast at her network, what executive can resist her? I slowly became hard again playing with her, she smiled and put down her glass.

But this time I pushed her down and mounted her. She was surprising tight for a woman her age, I fucked her slowly at first. She looked up at me hiking her skirt up so its easier for me then pushing her breasts together with her open blouse. "Look at that sexy elegant woman on the tv baby, did you fantasize about fucking her? Opening up her blouse? Sucking her on beautiful breasts? Emm yes you are fucking her now, she is all yours baby." Her words and eye contact made me horny and I fucked her as fast and hard as I could, soon I feel my cock shuttering cum into her waiting pussy.

I held her for a long time after. In the month following I would fuck her at least twice a week and every time she asked about her pardon I told I've already sent the request to my friend. By the time she realized she had been doped she only had 3 days left. She raged and raved threatening me that she will go to her network or sue me or tell everyone about what I did. I simply said you are a lowly convict condemned to die and have no more contact with the outside world not even with a lawyer because the time for appeals has long past.

Her emotional out burst eventually died down, I think she accepted her fate. The day of the execution inevitably arrived.

The five condemned women again were, Margie my junkie slut, aged 24, was a "biker gal" and an out and out meth dealer. Julia my mistress of the month, aged 28, was a single mother who had tried to make some extra cash selling coke and got the gallows instead, Naima the bitch, aged 20, was a tall, elegant looking light-skinned black girl who had the wrong boyfriend and possibly took some satisfaction in the fact that he had swung in Marion Penitentiary the week before she kept her own date with the noose.

Mei Ling my sex toy, age unknown but young, was an illegal Chinese immigrant who tried to pay for her entry into America by running some heroin in from the Hong Kong Triads. Finally there was Audrey, aged thirty-something, a voluptuous former ace TV reporter and anchorwoman who simply wasn't able to get it through her head that when it came to her personal cocaine habit, no means no and yes, even for media personalities, hang means hang.

I have to admit that I was anxious and a little sad. I was anxious to see their death dance which I found highly erotic and I was sad to see my concubines go. But I had a job to do, so now I was worried that one of the guards would do something foolish like have a rope break on a girl, or push a girl off the block but forget to put the rope around her beck, or otherwise screw up.

But I really needn't have been concerned because the hangings went off like clockwork. I followed the guards for the first two executions, Margie my little junkie slut and Julia my favorite cum receiver of the month.

You should bear in mind that until the door opened, the guards hadn't even seen either of these women I had been fucking for a month. Like I said, that's a pretty crowded cell with six people in it, and so since I entered the cell after the guards I didn't see Margie until her hands were already cuffed behind her and she turned around, naked. I saw her body with the intricate biker tattoos, including the standard barbed wire around the bicep.

Her short blonde hair freshly washed, and those good firm breasts, not huge but very well formed. She looked direct at me with those blue eyes, at first with a pleading look, but then turned calm and emotionless.

She hoped for one more fuck or any sexual favor that I could keep her from her fate but then understood that she was about to be hanged, there was nothing she or I could do about it, and so why kick up a fuss?

The female guard led her forward, as she passed me she didn't even turn her head to look at me. I followed behind the guards and when she stepped out onto the platform I stopped on the platform to the right of her, and the guards took her arms. Margie walked calmly and steadily to the block and climbed the stairs up onto it, regarding the noose in front of her with no expression in her face at all.

One of the guards reached over and quickly slipped the noose over her head and around her neck, cinching it under her right ear. She turned her head to look at me briefly saying goodbye with her eyes and thanking me for keeping her comfortable with the drugs I assume. Then turning back and in a calm voice she said simply, "I'll do it." Without an assist from the guards she calmly stepped into space, dropped, stopped, and swung.

Margie's legs splayed a bit as she began to kick, and I noticed her tongue came out immediately. She seemed to be grunting as her white, tattooed body twisted and twirled at the end of the rope, over and over, "Uh…uh…uh…" She beat her cuffed hands against the small of her back, twisting them until her wrists bled. After a minute or so she tried "bunny hopping" to catch a breath, and that kept up for a good two minutes, her tits flopping and bouncing merrily, I was beginning to get aroused, shifting my legs trying to hide my beginning erection.

Then she resumed kicking for a time and then suddenly she sagged and began to twitch. "goodbye junkie slut" I thought as she twitched. "All right," I said quietly. "Let's do number two." Turning I led the guards back to the cell doors and opened the peephole on the second cell. Julia had her face to the wall and the female guard was just untying her hospital gown and letting it fall when I entered the cell.

I watched the guard do the cuffing. He stepped up behind her with the cuffs, the female guard gently brought her arms behind her back, and he snapped the steel over her wrists. Her hands were a little plump, but shapely, and her lush red hair was permed flawlessly (She wanted to look good on the day), and her back and her buttocks were powdered with freckles which I had enjoyed touching so much.

She turned around and I saw the full-figured woman, heavy but not fat, perfectly proportioned, with two of the most magnificent knockers that I sucked on a founded for the last month.

Her fiery red bush was gone, I made her shave it after our first encounter. I looked at her and smiled knowing just 2 hours ago we had our last session and she will be carrying the load I put in her pussy and the load she swallowed to eternity.

But she did not share my enthusiasm, her face was stunned, like a deer in the headlights, and I notice that her whole body was glistening with sweat, the acrid sweat of fear. She finally looked at me and I nodded to her, seeing her eyes relax a bit tells me she still believe in my lie about making sure her boy will not be in the system and will be taken care of, sorry Julia, I only wanted your body and now its gone there's no more value left.

Julia didn't say anything as they led her out. She faltered briefly when she saw the noose, and walked up the steps slowly but on her own.

I looked over and I saw that Margie was still alive, swinging slowly, her legs weaving drunkenly and her toes straining for a floor they would never feel again. (As an aside, I am sometimes asked how the women who are last in line for execution react when they step out onto the gallows and they see four or five or more other naked female bodies dangling on ropes, some of them still kicking and writhing and strangling.

My answer to that may sound odd, but it's true: they almost never look down the row, because their own noose is in front of them and that's all they see. They're fascinated by it. The few times I have seen a condemned woman look at those who were hanged before her, it's like they don't take it in.

Their eyes turn back to their own noose.) The guard slipped the noose over Julia's head and closed it under her right ear. She didn't look at me, but instead closed her eyes and started drawing in deep, deep breath after breath, quickly, hyperventilating almost, trying to suck as much air and oxygen into her body as possible.

I've noticed that a lot of women on the gallows do this. It's not a good idea, because it simply prolongs the agony, but I suppose it's almost instinctive when you know your breath is about to be choked off forever.

The guards put their hands on Julia's back and gently propelled her forward. She balked and I thought for a moment she was going to start struggling, but the guard resumed the pressure on her back, and this time she let herself move forward until she dropped. Her tits were large enough so that even from behind I could see them flop as she plunged and the rope snapped and creaked and she was suspended. Julia's head started rolling back and forth immediately, but unlike Margie whose tongue had protruded instantly, Julia's teeth were clenched and her face was a twisted rictus of pain.

Her neck was thick and her body heavy, and you could see the rope biting into it, burning itself into her flesh. Her legs kicked frantically and her cuffed hands behind her back clenched and unclenched repeatedly, twisting and turning to try and get out of the cuffs so she could grab the rope.

Julia did the "scissors" for a bit, straightened legs going back and forth like scissors. Then she bunny-hopped for possibly a minute, trying to draw at least one gasping breath, without success.

Her fine breasts bounced and jiggled like Jello. Back and forth she swung like a pendulum, first scissoring, then bunny-hopping and doing what is called the "staircase," bending and kicking her legs like she was trying to climb an invisible stair.

(This is also sometimes called the "bicycle.") She started to urinate as a trickle of liquid came from her pussy running down her legs, if anyone was paying close attention you can see some it was a little thicker and stuck to her legs. Seeing my cum dripping down her legs for the last time I was rock hard, luckily all the guards were facing away from me. She grew weaker and weaker before settling down after maybe five minutes into a long, slow writhe of agony, her body twirling slowly on the rope.

I had to fight the urge to grab a feel of her breast then and there, but I had to stay professional. "Okay, she's well on her way," said I said to the guards. "You two can stand easy now, just keep an eye on your two ladies and make a note of the time when they shit. Wait, there goes one now." I heard a kind of splattering and saw that urine and a stream of loose bowel movement were running down Margie's legs.

I jotted down the time in my notebook. "Number one danced at 9:02, crapped out at 9:14. Okay, time for number three." For the rest of the execution I did not go cell to cell and just observed, I made a note when Julia voided her bowels at 9:23 A.M.

Naima was led out, naked and cuffed and staring, her high-breasted, caramel-colored body long and lean and lithe and also covered with the sweat of fear. She stared at the noose before her in pure horror. The guard flipped it expertly over her head and drew her long curling black hair through it before fitting it nice and snug under her chin.

She said nothing until she was slid into space, but I have to say that Naima performed one of the most exuberant and exciting Dances of Death I've ever witnessed. I have seen few hanged women fight for life as long and as hard as that black girl did. She twirled and kicked and lunged and leaped on the rope, her legs scissoring at incredible speed, then launching into lashing kicks, then climbing the stairs.

Her breasts were doing things most exotic dancers only dream of. It was obvious from the way her bulging eyes kept looking at the block that Naima wanted to get back onto it so she could draw at least one more breath of life, and twice she actually managed it for a second or so, until the guard pushed her feet off and set her swinging again.

She danced at full throttle for almost ten full minutes, bunny-hopping and I think actually managing to get a little air into her tortured lungs, before she finally relaxed and drooped and turned silent at the end of the rope.

Unconscious, but not dead. Naima didn't actually empty her bowels and bladder until almost twenty minutes after she was suspended. Then came Mei Ling my little sex toy. She was chattering in Chinese obviously confused as to what was happening. She looked frantically around looking for something or someone, me to save her. When she realized that no savior would come she started to cry and pleaded for mercy no doubt, unfortunately for her no one understood what she was saying nor did they care.

Her supple B cup breasts quivered as she cried every step of the way to the platform.

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She tried to resist the whole way kicking and screaming. It took both of the guards to get the noose on her and ready her. When the time came I purposely coughed loudly and she turned her head towards me. The shock on her face was priceless but before she can beg or curse the guards pushed her off and what ever was coming out of her mouth was cut off suddenly with a "huhhh" as the rope bit into her neck.

She struggled violently, thrashing about trying to speak. She began to gurgled and her mouth foamed with saliva. She was the first I would see do what we call the "chair", drawing her knees up almost parallel with her waist and letting them hang there for many seconds, almost like she was sitting in a chair.


Her pert young breasts quivered, and poured with sweat while she bunny-hopped for breath and then scissored for a minute at a time before trying another bunny hop or two. But it was not to last, her eye became less focused and her tongue slid out of her mouth and I saw that light I mentioned slowly go out in her eyes. Her head still rolled and drool bubbled from her mouth.

I could hear her gasping for the last minute or so of her life, and then came the trickle and plop and smell of her bowels and bladder emptying out. Last but not least there was Audrey. I heard her say from the cell, "No, please, leave them on. I want to see." So she stepped out naked and cuffed except for her eyeglasses, which were riveted on the noose in front of her. Her perfect enhanced breast bounced perfectly as she walked out, her skin smooth and that silky black hair. She was perfect for her last day.

She never looked at me as she was led up onto the block. The right hand guard took the glasses off her face and tossed them to me, reached out and took the noose, and as he tried to slip it over her head Audrey began to struggle. She didn't scream or say anything, but simply jerked her head back and forth, trying to avoid the noose falling down around her neck. The left-hand guard, who had met this tactic before, reached up and grabbed Audrey's hair and pulled her head back sharply.

The right hand guard slipped the noose around her neck and then pulled her hair forward and out of the noose so it wouldn't interfere with the constriction, and cinched it tight. Then they eased Audrey's body forward and she stumbled off the block and swung into the air. Audrey's death I actually made a few notes on, and it's fairly typical. She kicked full force for approximately ninety seconds, then twirled a bit, then bunny-hopped as she swung back and forth for possibly a minute.

Then she climbed the stair for about thirty seconds, then more twirling, then she scissored for about a minute, then more bunny-hopping for another minute. Her breasts bounced and wobbled and her chest heaved. Her head was at a sharp angle, her eyes goggling but still conscious and perceiving, and her tongue partly protruded but still pink.

There was frantic tearing at her cuff-confined wrists, with bleeding, and I noticed the same convulsive thumping of her bound hands into the small of Audrey's back that I had noticed when I hanged Margie.

In the sixth minute her twisting and turning seems to have gotten her a brief moment or two where she could breathe a little. I distinctly heard Audrey gasping. In minute seven the scissoring began again, then she climbed the stair again for not quite the full minute, and then the quivering and twitching began, accompanied by rolling of the head and foaming from the mouth. From about the ninth minute on she mostly hung still and swung only slightly, but Audrey's eyes were still conscious and followed us as we moved on the platform.

In minute twelve there was a brief, weak spasm of kicking—I noticed that she had actually painted her toenails before walking onto the gallows—followed by an odd sounding series of long, gulping gasps that drew no air. Her tongue now rolled out fully and it was blue from lack of oxygen.

Even if she had been cut down at that moment she would almost certainly have been brain dead. Then she was quiet until minute fifteen when she gurgled and jerked and then shit and pissed. Her eye-light went out about a minute later, and Audrey was dead. The prison doctor stood on his stool and put his stethoscope on the no longer quivering breasts of each woman, and pronounced them all dead. I ordered the guards to escort the witnesses out of the execution chamber and went off to the chow hall for breakfast.

The bodies of the condemned women would be left hanging from the gallows for 15 minutes before the morgue staff come for them. I stayed behind admiring each of their bodies, with everyone out of the chamber I took my phone and started to snap pictures of each of them.

I like to look at them to get me excited before I go to fuck another doomed woman. After 15 minutes the morgue staff arrived, I supervised them spraying the bodies to wash them and lowering them down on stretchers. Then the bodies are transported to the morgue.

Now each woman was placed on a separate table in the morgue. After the bodies are placed I allow the morgue staff a 2 hour lunch before processing. When they are gone I am finally alone with all 5 ladies.

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I walk from body to body taking pictures and foundling them. Maggie had her eyes closed with her tongue out, I kissed her tasting her tongue while my hand felt her wet pussy wet with urine, "we had fun, little junkie slut." Julia's vacant death stare and gritted teeth greeted me on the next table.

I grabbed her magnificent large breasts and sucked on her erect nipples (all the girls nipples were erect from being strangled). "Oh I could have married you, I could have looked forward to these tits every night." Mei Ling's face was distorted with fear and shock and foamed with saliva. I slide 2 fingers in her pussy, "such a waste of a perfect sex slave." Audrey's eyes rolled upwards and I could only see the whites of her eyes, I placed her glasses back on her face and sucked on her tongue tasting her.

Rubbing her breasts I tried to appreciate such a flawless woman. "Well you were my best fuck and I became your last fuck" Finally I came to Naima, her eyes were wide open as she fought so desperately for her life.

I ran my hands over her ebony skin feeling her breasts. "Well, bitch I couldn't fuck you in life. But now you are mine. In the end I am going to be the last cock you will ever have." With that I go the end of the table and grabbed her legs. I pulled her to the edge of the table and placed her legs in the holders, raising the holders her legs became suspended in air making a perfect V.

applying some lube into her pussy I rammed my cock in. She was still warm and rigor has not set in as I fucked her lifeless body. My hands roamed her body grabbing her breasts, nipples so erect gave the illusion of her being horny too. Lifting her head so her dead staring eyes looked at me giving me the feeling she was making eye contact.

Her body jiggled with each of my thrust and soon I shot hot cum into her cooling pussy. Dropping her head with a thud, I slapped her twice across her dead face. With the last girl conquered I rested for a bit and foundled each girl until I was horny again. With only one last fuck in me I made love to Julia.

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I was gentle and because of the other fuck sessions before I lasted a long time. Her pussy was already lubbed from her urine and my cum from early so it made our necro lovemaking very smooth. I took out my phone and filmed her breasts motion as I fucked her. In the end I came one last time into this lovely creature. After place each body back the way they were I kissed Julia one last time and walked out.

The bodies of the prisoners were processed according to protocol. The kin of the deceased needed to finish paper work no later than 3 days before the execution or the body would be processed by the state.

Maggie's next of kin never bothered with the paperwork (great junkies they were), So I sold her to a wealthy benefactor who liked fresh dead woman. Officially she was cremated. Julia was released to her parents and buried.

I attended the funeral. Mei Ling with no known next of kin was cremated at the prison and she ended up in the land fill with all the other cremated inmates.

Naima's paperwork was "lost" and she ended up in the same land fill. Her family tried to sue the state but since there was not evidence of any paperwork the case was dropped. Audrey's body was auctioned at a exclusive club 5 hours after her death. Officially she was cremated and her ashes were spread over California where she was born.