Florane Russell enjoy sex in public in dark place

Florane Russell enjoy sex in public in dark place
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"Oh, shit!" Cassie banged the front of the car as it ground to a halt. She had known the car was going to eventually break down, but, of course, it chose the worst time to break down at. She checked her watch.

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It was 8:43p.m, and her sister's wedding reception was at 9:15. She checked her G.P.S, but it told her she was miles away from anywhere of even the smallest importance. Biting her lip, she held back tears of frustration, and concentrated on the car. She turned the key, but it only chugged softly, and died again. "Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!" She blew out a sigh of exasperation, and wrenched open the car door, undid her seat-belt, and stepped out of the car.

Grey smoke was billowing from under the hood, and a large puncture in the front tyre stopped her from going anywhere, even if the car did start. She started walking, figuring it was the only way that she would find any help.

The eerie silence chilled her to the bone, and she wrapped her jacket tightly around herself. And then everything went black. When Cassie came to, she was sitting in a chair, tied to it with rope.

A large man was standing in front of her, smirking. He wasn't overly huge, but there was definitely some meat on his bones. "Wh. who are you?" Cassie managed to struggle out, her throat tight with fear. "Who? Me? I'm your master. And you are my slave." Cassie trembled with fear. "Wht are you going to do with me?" "I am going to own you. I will do whatever I like to you. You will feel pain, pleasure, and you will have your brains fucked out until your pussy is so loose you can slip a bathroom sink into it and you won't feel anything.

You hear me?" Cassie felt a tear slide down her face. The man pulled out a knife and held it against her throat. "I asked, do you hear me?" "But. but I'm only fifteen! I'm a virgin! I've never even played with myself. much!" "Do you hear me or not?" The cold metal made Cassie's throat tighten even more.

"Yes. yes, I hear you." The man grinned triumphantly. "Good. I thought so. From now on you will address me as master. You will be able to cum freely, but your pussy is mine, and mine only.

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You will only ever answer questions, unless you have permission to speak freely. Understand?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes. yes master." "Alright then. I am going to untie you, but if you try anything stupid, you will have a 12 inch metal dildo stuffed up your arse. Then you will have a 6 inch diameter, 15 inch long dildo ripping your cunt apart." Cassie sniffled, but remained silent as the man untied her and grabbed onto both of her arms. He lay her down onto a table-like device, and tied her wrists to either sides of the top of it, and her ankles to the other end, so she lay spread-eagle.

She knew she was going to get raped, and she couldn't do anything about it. The man ripped off her clothes, and smiled as her legs and vagina were revealed.

"Lovely. It looks so tight, I can't wait to fuck it." Cassie sobbed, and buried her face into the hard wood of the table.

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He reached out and fingered her labia. She shuddered with unwilling pleasure. "Aah, I see you like that, do you? Here's something that'll feel even better." He rubbed his finger in circles around her clit, and she twitched with glee, although her body was shouting that it was wrong.

Well, every part of her body but her cunt. Slowly, he reached his finger closer and closer to her entrance. She began to pulsate against his touch, sliding back and forth onto his finger, eyes closed.

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"Here you go." Cassie could hear a slight buzzing noise behind her. Instantly, she knew what it was. It was a vibrator. "No. no, please, no." She whimpered in fear as the vibrator was rubbed in circles around her clit, and then up and down her pussy.

"You like that, don't you?" Cassie nodded her head, as much as she hated to admit it. The man turned the vibrator off and started to massage her pussy with his hands, which were warm and comforting. "Now for the hard part.


It's going toh hurt, babe, but you'll be okay." She heard a fly being undone, and a thick, warm, pulsating penis was rubbed against her pussy. It was already leaking pre-cum, and it made her even wetter thinking about what it looked like. She was about to find out. The man walked around to her and put his cock in front of her face.

It was about 10 inches long, and probably had a diameter of 2 inches. It was probably about 5 inches around at the base.

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"No. no." Cassie whimpered as the man pressed his cock against her lips. "Suck it, bitch. You good for nothing whore, eat my cock!" She tentatively opened her mouth and he shoved it right inside. She could feel it right down her throat, and felt it graze against her teeth as she gagged and choked. "Lick it, baby.


Suck it like a lollipop." She gingerly rubbed the tip of her tongue against his tool, making him shudder with delight.

"More, baby!" She began to get into the theme, rubbing the tip and teasing his pee-hole as his balls began to expand with the cum building up in them.

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-to be continued-