Stalker Ashley Lane gets fucked so hard by handsome guy

Stalker Ashley Lane gets fucked so hard by handsome guy
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I Pleaser By Blueheatt &hellip. I had met many local people and I got invited to a local private gathering to get together to chat and have a few drinks. That was the night things got real hot with Crystal and I. …I had been to her house several times to fix stuff as her husband Jack was old and gone all the time. Each visit we became close and closer as sexual desire set in for both of us.

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She was a beauty. Slim, black short hair, nice tits and killer legs. She was energy plus. She danced around the house and loved having me there to talk to and a man she could act sexy around to get attention. I think she was in her early 20's, but acted like she was 16. She would do things to get me to notice her. Dance all around sexy, wearing short shorts, a tiny top with no bra. It was impossible for a guy not& notice her.

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She hung on me and got in my face with her fake questions. Her beautiful smiling eyes looking deep in mine. …By my third visit she sat on the couch and taunted me to make a move on her.

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"Tim, would you rub my leg?" "Tim would you see if there is something in my eye?" I held her face to look and she opened her mouth slightly and closed her eyes. I laughed and told her she had two eye lids over her eyes, and did not kiss her as she was setting me up to do. I said: "Crystal, your married and I have a business reputation to maintain." I was still holding her face. She snapped out of it and said: "Ok Tim, here's the deal.


I want to have sex with you bad. Can you 'fix" that?" …She caught me off guard and all I could do was whisper ("…yes."). That… was when she grabbed me and it was our first long hot kiss. I pulled back, sucked a big breath and said: "…but not right now, I have work to go do." She really didn't hear me as she laid her head on my chest and felt my body. She moaned ".when then?" I said: "Soon, but first we have to talk about your husband." &hellip.She grinned and said: "…No problem, he's willing to share me with you." I had her repeat that…'willing to share?' She said they already talked about it, and since he no longer could do anything sexually for me, he said to pick out a guy and he would share me with him." I had her repeat the whole thing again so I knew I was hearing it right.

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I thought…she could be lying just to trick me. I need to verify this. She said: "I'll tell Jack you're the guy I've picked, so he'll know, and we'll all keep it top secret." …She could feel my big boner right in her pussy as she held me close. She giggled and said: "I think you like this whole 'sharing' thing Tim." She reached down and squeezed my boner. &hellip.She was right. I saw Jack that afternoon. He shook my hand as said quietly: "So you're the guy Tim.

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I've known you for quite a while now, so all is cool with me." …I just stood there stunned as he walked away. Jack just told me it was 'ok' to have sex with his wife? It was true and still sinking in my head. …Now to set a time and place for our first sex. That night was the private get together. As I walked up the club house, there Crystal was in a white cocktail dress.

Our eyes met and the little smiles began. She acted her age and appeared to be just the young housewife, but married to an older gentleman. All the other wives were not very friendly with her. The talk was she married him for his money, which he had a ton of, and he just wanted a young girl to fuck. They were a bit on the uppity side.


Jack was a very wealthy big business man and these wives were told not to displease him. So&hellip.the fake smiles were all around her.

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Jack was just a cool guy and money didn't impress him much. Real genuine people did. I had done work for him before.


I never over charged him and didn't charge for petty stuff. He was impressed with that and sent me all the good work I could handle. I got a huge fat check from him one day for absolutely no reason. I called him about a mistake must have been made in sending me that check. The girl said to hold please.

Jack picked up the phone at corp. headquarters. He said: "I sent you that big check because your ugly and I feel sorry for you."&hellip.then I hear a whole room full of people start laughing in the back ground.

He hung up. &hellip.Crystal and I just acted like 'acquaintances '&hellip.but she looked so hot I wanted to get to fucking her and soon. She came up and said: "Excuse me sir, but my husband has to leave, could possibly give me a ride home?" I said all proper: "Why yes Mrs.

&hellip." "Just call me Crystal" she said. She whispered that I better take her the fucking long way home. "Why thank you Mr.…?" "Just call me Tim" I said. I whispered: ("I would like to fuck you right on this table Crystal.") "Just let me know Tim, when you ready to leave." She whispered: ("I dare you to do it, right in front of all these bitches.") We stood and drank punch as I looked at her hot dress and cleavage.

She eyeballed me. ---------------------------------------------------- On the way home she said: "…this isn't the way home&hellip.your going to&hellip.he pulled behind some bushes.

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No sooner had the car stopped than she was on me&hellip.we kissed & kissed while I reached for her tits…she started to undo my pants.

I had looking at those tits all night waiting to get my hands on them…she scooted up to let me sample them&hellip.she was smiling all the way. I rolled her over and raised that dress& panties just a black bush…I grabbed under her knees and drove myself in…ohhhh yes… She wrapped her legs around my back and started humping violently&hellip.".Oh&hellip.hh…hhh baby, -- you 're the best"&hellip.

----"Oh Yes!"------------&hellip."Oooohhhhhh"&hellip.and I pushed deep…she yelled!… "OOOoohhh" and we moaned and moaned… & the cum ran all over the dress as we slow pumped for about an hour&hellip. -------------------------------------- &hellip.I put her to bed&hellip.passed out&hellip.