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Huge cumshot gay tgp movie A red hot lad mouth on his chisel would
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Skulduggery pleasant - chapter 1 A Time For Reflection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Valkyrie sighed and rolled over she couldn't sleep her body still pumped with adrenaline from their previous adventure. She groaned and sat up flicking her lamp on to illuminate her room she had too many thoughts running through her head, the loss of Kenspeckle and tanith, her being Darquesse and how she let slip that she was in love with fletcher.

She also thought about Caelan but she pushed it to the back of her mind. She turned toward her wardrobe to put on her black clothes and saw the figure she flinched back clicking her fingers on impulse summoning a flame that illuminated the face of her Reflection. She sighed in relief and anger "Why are you out of the mirror" she snapped in a hushed whisper. The Reflection's reply was equally quiet, "You didn't put me into the mirror" Valkyrie flushed scarlet, the Reflection noticed.

"You're blushing" it was a statement more than a question.

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"Well yes!" Valkyrie said then lowered her voice to a low whisper "I thought I was alone" closing her eyes. "Oh you mean when you masturbated" the Reflection said her voice emotionless.

"Don't call it that!" "What do you want me to call it?" the Reflection asked cocking its head. "I don't know!" Valkyrie snapped.


There was a knock on the door and she heard her mother's voice. "Steph you awake" the Reflection crawled under the bed and Valkyrie covered herself. "Yeah" Her mother walked in wearing a dressing gown she looked around "Were you talking to someone?" she asked "Just myself" Valkyrie replied "What's up?" she asked "I just can't sleep" she sighed "it's frustrating" "I know the feeling" her mom was silent and Valkyrie could sense a hesitation in her tone as if she was trying to find the right way to say something.


"Steph I know this is an embarrassing question but do you give yourself some relief?" Valkyrie sighed and contemplated going for the disgusted teen reaction but she resigned herself and nodded. "And you're still stressed?" "Yes" "Hang on a moment" and her mum left the room, she returned a minute later with a box in her hand inside was a clit stimulator and a dildo Valkyrie couldn't help it she squealed and pushed it away from her. "Mum!" she moaned "Stephanie I know what it's like to be young all those hormones running around" "But mum!" "shh your father is still asleep" she stood up " listen I know it's embarrassing but steph sometimes you can just see the tension on your shoulders I just want you to be happy" "I'm just going to leave them here" she said placing them in her drawer " don't be embarrassed" and her mother left the room, once she was sure Valkyrie motioned for her Reflection to crawl out from under the bed.

"That was mortifying" Valkyrie whispered The Reflection peered into the box pulling out the dildo to examine it.


It wasn't large at least 6 inches. Smaller than fletchers at least. Valkyrie looked up and saw the Reflection running her hands along it studying the ridges on, and despite herself she could feel herself starting to get aroused. The Reflection cocked its head confused.

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"What?" Valkyrie asked. "I'm reacting sexually to this" confusion in her tone Valkyrie stood up looking into the Reflection's eyes.

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"What does it feel like?" she asked curious "I can feel myself getting wet and it feels good" "You're feeling pleasure?" "I think so" The Reflection brought its hand down and started to rub itself Valkyrie closed her legs together and their eyes locked. Their lips met and Valkyrie fell back onto her bed their hands roamed over each other. The dildo had stayed in the Reflection's hand it was now digging into Valkyrie's ass.

She rolled pushing the Reflection on her back. She pulled the dildo from its hand and brought it to its mouth. "Suck it" she whispered and the Reflection complied bringing its tongue to lick around the tip before gently sucking on it. Valkyrie groaned and grinded herself on the Reflection. The Reflection brought her hands up and pulled down the bedcovers freeing Valkyrie's breasts. She pinched her breasts as Valkyrie tore of the Reflection's clothes admiring her own body.

She pulled down the Reflection's panties and leant down she tentatively brought her tongue to its slit and the Reflection moaned resting her hand on Valkyrie's head Valkyrie kissed and licked her folds pausing once in a while to allow herself to breath and to wipe the moisture from her face whilst the Reflection moaned silently and ran its hands through Valkyrie's hair Valkyrie pressed her tongue deep within the Reflection's shuddering pussy and curled it up running it along the roof of the Reflection's cunt.

The Reflection came and Valkyrie felt her tongue get clamped with the Reflection's walls, the Reflection lay back it was slightly out of breath, Valkyrie noticed this absently but she was too horny to care she crawled up beside the Reflection and kissed her again, and the Reflection started to move down her body she reached towards Valkyrie's womanhood and raised what was In her hand so Valkyrie could see it was the dildo she pushed it slowly into her hot dripping folds and started to slid it in and out of her body Valkyrie twisted and grabbed the other toy from the box before using the air to lift the Reflection over her own body in the 69 position.

The Reflection continued as if nothing happened and Valkyrie moaned quietly in pleasure, she turned the toy on the pressed the vibrating end to squeeze on the Reflection's clit the Reflection moaned as well as Valkyrie used it to stroke tenderly at her Reflection's area synchronizing their movements so the Reflection would push the toy in and Valkyrie would press the toy against its clit and when the Reflection pulled out Valkyrie would rotate it slightly in a circle.

They could feel their orgasms coming close and the Reflection licked Valkyrie's pussy as she pulled the toy out Valkyrie moaned in frustration turning to tell the Reflection to put it back in before the Reflection slammed it back into her fully Valkyrie's orgasm was ten times bigger than any she had before she pushed the clit stimulator hard against the Reflection's clit and the Reflection came too both of them just holding back their screams of pleasure before collapsing to the bed panting.

A thin sheen of sweat and juices covering their body's after a while of lying there in each other's arms they broke apart they stood up and after the Reflection was safely in the mirror Valkyrie cleaned up the mess she found the ability to manipulate water was very useful here and after five minutes she locked the toys in the bottom drawer and fell into an easy and heavy sleep. Unbeknownst to her the Reflection was plotting, plotting all the ways to get pleasure because that had been the trigger now the Reflection classed herself as her own person and she wanted to keep a hold of that pleasure, but she wasn't the only one in Valkyrie's dream she was being fucked in every way imaginable, who would of thought that Skulduggery's protégé was turning into an insatiable little nymph Valkyrie smiled and rolled over in her sleep.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please comment on what pairing to do next, comment or inbox me your suggestions any hints of tips on what I can do to improve my writing is much appreciated. A girl on girl story was actually quite hard for me to write so I will most probably do a guy/girl story next I want to progress this story in to at least 20 parts as a target for myself, and not all of them will be on Valkyrie LB

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