Angel Dark Czech Brunette Beauty

Angel Dark Czech Brunette Beauty
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This is a little, 'An they lived happily ever after' thing I wrote. The days riding had been fantastic. I could not get enough. Fast and flat out across the desert then tight scary trails close to the cliffs. Total sensory overload.

The party is getting good too. Lots of ice cold beer, some wine and grills cooking burgers and hot dogs. Everything from tents to my motor home.

About 40 people all counted. Friends and wives, girlfriends and lovers. Some of the riders good people and others I would kill to beat on the track. Your brother in law had told me you were coming with them. You and your sister loved to prowl the badlands on 4 wheelers, looking for animals and studying the unique desert plants. Story was you even knew how to pickup a scorpion without getting stung.

It seems like I have known you forever. We are definitely buds. You have no idea that I am so in love with you it aches. I had been to things where you were before. Me with a date, you with a date.

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The times when you were stag and I was with someone completely bummed me out. I could be with Miss America and feel guilty if you were near. If you were with someone I was green with jealousy. If I knew you were at an event alone or with someone, I always came alone. I could at least talk to you and maybe flirt a little without the emotion monsters jumping on me. The music was blasting. Ole Bob Seager was heading to Fire Lake. You were standing with Mary Watts. She had brought their newborn baby girl and you were enjoying her.

God, you look so good it makes my teeth hurt! I see you toss your empty in the can so I semi-hurry over to the ice chest full of Budweiser and grab a couple of new ones.

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Walking to you, you turn and give me that boy melting smile of yours full blast. 'Hi Linny'. 'Having a good time'? In my most charming voice. 'This is pretty cool', is your answer. Being the only stags we hang as usual. Some singing along with the music, we do that a lot, and just enjoying each others company. It is still warm, you have a delicious halter top and cutoff jean shorts on with brown sandals.


I'm still in the red MX pants and shirt with the heavy red boots. Glancing up from your face I see the full moon is rising.

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I think, Dale if you ever have a chance then this is the time to try. 'Hey, check out the moon'! 'Lets take a ride'. 'This bunch of drunks will never miss us'.

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You nod and I hand you up from the camp chair. We get on my bike and ride slowly toward the moon. The feel of your arms around my waist is more intoxicating than the booze. I keep turning my head to the side to talk to you just to have my lips near yours. It is a short ride to 'Hang it out Gulch'. I stop the bike at the top of the rise on the edge of the cliff. There is a dead tree there to lean it against.

Standing at the edge we gaze at the eerie but beautiful panorama of the desert below bathed in the moonlight. I take the chance. Standing behind you I put my arms around your waist. I almost gasp when you turn your face to snuggle against my neck. We turn to each other and kiss. The most wonderful kiss that was ever kissed. My mind is screaming, 'I love you Linny', I love with my very soul'!

My hands are on your body. Yours on mine. So must pent-up feeling, so much pent up desire! Our mouths devour us.


I am crushing your body to mine. Your perfect body. I feel you want me. My heart is singing. I cup your breast. Your hand under my shirt, against my chest. Out of breath, I say, 'Lets go to the motor home, please'.

We remount and ride slowly back to camp. Your arms around my waist again but lower, touching my swollen, bulging dick. I am dizzy from you. I am so happy. Rolling by the party your sister steps over, 'Where have you two been'. You say, 'Just for a ride'. 'Oh, I am going to sleep in the air conditioned camper tonight', looking at me.

I must look like the cartoon character 'Goofy' at that statement. You sister smiles, she has know we were bound to get together for years. Even tried to egg you into it when you were 14. Parking the bike by the trailer, I lead you to the door and gallently open it for you.

You give me a peck and step inside. As soon as I close the door you are in my arms, pulling my shirt off, unzipping my pants. Down to the boots, off with my soxes. I am naked and you are in my arms. I make myself take it slow undressing you. I have imagined every curve, every line of your body as you grew from a skinny tomboy to the heavenly creature you are now.

I don't want to miss kissing, touching or tasting an inch of you. As I remove the halter top then your shorts I throb and jerk like an animal. Your bra, cupping and kissing each breasts. So firm, so full, so perfect.

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Your panties off. You are trimmed close! Touching you, so warm, so wet. I know I must smell like an old horse after riding all day. I pull you to the small shower. Turn on the cool water and lift you.

I enter you eagerly and your body swallows me. Kissing all the time. Thrusting in you slowly, your back braced against the wall. The water pour over us, squrting wildly sometimes. Your nails dig into my back.

I manage to get enough control to slow my thrusts. I must still kiss you constantly. To finally have you, to hold you, to kiss you, to be inside your body! This is the happyist moment of my life.

You whisper in my ear, 'I love you Dale'. All these years, all this time. Your body moving with mine in a slow rhythm, driving me wild!

Our moans filling the small shower, your back resting against the wall as your breasts bounce slowly. I must have more of you! I leave the water running and carry you to the bed. Still inside you. We fall onto the bed. I come out and kiss my way down your body. Once at your mound I suck your skin and downy hair hard.

My tongue searching out your clit. Making circles around it. Just nicking it then licking it hard by itself. You press against my face. Your taste, your smell, I am in heaven. You say,'God that good, I love you so much!' I must be dreaming!

To hear you say that! All these years of wanting you. Just wanting to be near you. I must be inside you! I leave the heaven that I have worshiped and kiss my way up to your face.

Pausing at each nipple to kiss it and gently suck it. Your hand holding my head, your fingers in my hair. As I reach your lips I enter you, my body feeling yours its whole length. We move together. Slowly. I feel so serene. You love me. I heard you say it. I love you so much I could cry. Each movement in you makes me reel.

I have you now. I want to never leave you. I kiss you. I whisper to you, 'I love you Linny', 'I love you so much Linny'. I want to say it over and over. Your body loves me. I raise myself to make my shaft rub your clit each time I thrust. You moan, your hands on my hips, guiding me.

Pulling me into you. Both of us making sounds. I can only hear you. The pressure is building inside me. Not yet, please not yet. I don't want this to ever end.

Distract yourself, I yell in my mind! Impossible with you doing what you are doing. Biting my lip. This must be perfect!

It is our first time. You are a withering Tiger under me. I want to tell you to fuck me. I want to tell you how much I love fucking you but then I realize I can never fuck you. I can adore you, I can feel like I want to die when I am not with you. I can need you more than air to breath. I can make love to you for the rest of my life. This is helping.

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I can look at you now. I move my body to change us. I want this to be the best it has ever been for you. I raise up on my arms. I want to see us. Touching only at one point, a moving living point. So good. God you are so beautiful. Your hair wet, your face so pretty. I must kiss each nipple, suck them, feel your body tremble, hear you moan in pleasure.


My body is straining for release. When you say you are cumming I drive inside you even harder. Not daring to thrust in long movements. Pushing, pushing hard. My mouth on yours, I explode inside you. You are squeezing so hard it only gets to shoot out when you relax for an instant before squeezing me hard again.

I move again slowly. Feeling you love me. Feeling your body swallow me. Squeezing it all out of me. I must lower my self onto you. Even wet from the shower and with the air conditioning we are perspiring. I cannot take my eyes off yours.

I feel your heart beating. I love you so much. 'I said I love Linny'. 'I have never meant anything more in my life'. 'Are we together now'?

'No pressure'. What am I saying? I will die if she says, lets just enjoy it or lets see where it goes.

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I am so in love I ache. You look up at me and say, 'I love you so much Dale, I always have'. 'And They Lived Happily Ever After'.