Junge Busty Teens erste Bi Sex Lektion

Junge Busty Teens erste Bi Sex Lektion
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Ok so comment constructively and i know i don't have good grammer or putcuation or spelling outside of word so no need to comment on that tell me what you think Intro.

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The creature moved closer to the road. He could now smell and hear his prey. Slowly he moved closer making sure to stay low so he wouldn't be seen. As he approached the tree line he caught a glimpse of her between the trees. Staying low he positioned himself so he could get a good look at his prey. As she walked down the road she moved into the creature line of sight and he got his first good look at her.

She was 5' 6", 130 pounds with black hair and tan skin.


She couldn't have been more than a b-cup but her sweet ass made up for it. She was messing with her phone and he heard her say "damn it why did I have to break down here.

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This is the one area my phone doesn't get reception." This was going to be a fun night. Becky and her friends were on their way home from cheerleading practice. It was a particularly late practice it was already 7:00 and the girls were trying to get home before dinner. So Christina took one of the back roads she knew was a short cut. Becky looked at her when she turned and said "Isn't this the road you went missing on last weekend?" "Yea" she replied.

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Sarah chimed in and said "After what happened I would never take this road again." Then Jessica said "Yea, you went missing for four days and everyone thought you were dead when they found your car abandoned on the side of the road." C "I just tripped and hit my head after the car broke down then and I was still in a daze when I came to and though I was in my back yard.

Then I got lost. No reason for me to drive an extra 5 minutes." S "No one takes this road anyway they says it's haunted." C "O shut up no ghost is going to keep me from getting home on time." B "What's that" Fifty feet up the road right as the road curved there were a pair of glowing yellow eyes; all four girls were watching the eyes and not the road so none of them saw the fallen tree in the road until it was too late.

Christina slammed the brakes and the wheel locked up but the dirt road didn't provide any traction and they hit the log going 30 mph.

All four girls were dazed and as they were recovering Becky said "Is everyone ok?" "I'm ok" was the response from the three other girls. B "ok let's see what the damage is." C "Ok" All four girls got out of the car to see how bad the damage was.

The front end was crushed and the front wind shield had shattered, but other than that the damage was minimal. B "Christina see if the car will start." C "Ok" J "Good luck you can hardly get it to start when the engine hasn't been crush by a tree." S "Don't say that what if it really doesn't start we'll all be lost out here." J "Oh, don't be stupid were not going for a stroll in the woods so we can get lost like someone we know." C "Bite me" After trying a few time Christina finally gave up C "it's not starting; any of you have service out here." "No" "Nope" "Nada" C "Becky and I can walk down the road until we get a signal then well come back once my dad is on the way." B "Ok sound good" As Becky and Christina walked off Jessica and Sarah sat in the back seat to wait till they got back.


S "Jessica what if they don't come back and were stuck out here all night" J "What are you talking about why wouldn't they come back." S "I don't know what if the ghost gets them it already getting dark and ghosts come out at night." J "Your unbelievable are you a six year old talking about ghosts and spirits." S "But what about those eyes we saw and this tree this can't just be coincidence." Becky; "I can't believe this is happening.

This is all your fault, you and your damned short cut. You'd think you would have learned the first time. Now how are we going to get home from cheerleading with your car wrecked?" C "O shut up. Like you will have any problem getting home" "What do you me?" C "Just ask Terry I'm sure he would love to take you home considering what happened at Jason's party last month." "How do you know about that?" C "Please everyone know you fucked him after the party when he drove you home," That little bastard is going to get it he promised he wouldn't tell anyone.

Hmm more like not get if for a while yea that will teach him. C "Nothing to say" "What it's like I cheated on anyone like with john" Christina was about to say something when we both hear something in the wood and as we look to see what is was. I said "Hello". There was no response and I was starting to get nerves when. C "WHY!!"(Making me jump) don't you answer us miser squirrel. "Oh go fuck yourself" C "you would be the one to ask about anything related to fucking so how should…I… We hear a low growl coming from the same direction as the noise earlier, making her trail off mid-sentence.

"Hello" I said hardly even loud enough for Christina to hear let alone anyone else. We hear the growl again only this time louder and we both move to the other side of the road. Christina grabs my arm and whispers. C "What do you think it is" "I don't know a dog or something" As we whisper we hear the bushes start to rustle again.

It's moving closer and we start backing away holding each other. It's just a dog, it's just a dog, it's just a dog I keep repeating in my head not believing it just hoping it's true. The first thing we see is its head and I would have though it were a dog if it wasn't 6 feet off the ground, and my blood ran cold as the though popped in my head. Then as the rest of it came out it only confirmed my thought it's a werewolf.

Final as it came completely out it stood up strait and roared. Holy crap it was hunching over it must be 8 feet tall. Once it finish roaring I snapped out of my it, and finding my feet I decide it's time to run, but the first step I take I realize Christina is still standing there. I turn around and grab her hand then take off. I drag Christina along until she snaps out of it then we both start running at full speed.

I resist the urge to look back that's what makes girls in the horror movies trip.

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When I see movement out of the corner of my eye I try to stop and put an arm out to stop Christina as well. I start to slide and lose my balance landing on my back just as the werewolf is landing on the ground were we would have been. As I try to get up my hand slips on some mud so I roll over and start to get up as Christina starts to run the other way.

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Just as I'm getting up I get knocked back down and when I land the air gets knocked out of my lungs. I see Christina reach the road and start heading back to the car. At least she got away I think as I start to get my breath back I hear it. It's standing over me, so I slowly roll over. As I roll over I see it standing over me.

When I start to back away it growls again so I lay there as I slowly start to move closer to me when its mouth gets over my chest it begins to sniff at me. I resist the urge to just hit it and try to run that would never work. It begins to sniff different areas like my stomach and my crotch which makes me flinch. He looks at me then says "Female" "Y…you can talk. Please don't kill please I'll do anything" "RAWR" This quiets me down and I notice that speaking is a very labored task for it; probably because its mouth isn't made to speak like people do still it manages.

"Cloths off" "W…what" "You said anything" "Yea but why do you want me to take my clothes off" I said knowing full well why he would want me to take my clothes off and it was between his legs, that's also how I knew it was a he. Seeing his cock made me even less willing to take my clothes off it must have been 9 inches long.

"Now" "No I won't until you tell me why" Getting impatient with me he pounces on me locking his jaws over my throat and applying just enough pressure to keep me from struggling. I lay there as he starts to rip my clothes off and try not to think about the fact that a werewolf is about to rape me and maybe eat me afterword.

Soon I'm down to nothing by my bra and panties. I guess that that is enough for now because he sniffing me again and he even licks me breasts which cause me to gasp. I'm even starting to get wet with his cold nose occasionally touching me. I try to think of the best way of handling this, but situation is getting to me and I can't think. Soon, I start to panic I want him away from me! I don't want him anywhere near me and start to scream! "PLEASE NO, STOP!

HELP ME ANYONE HELP PLEASE" This time it's not his mouth around my throat it's his massive claw tipped hand. I try to pull his hand away from my throat so I can breathe but he is to strong. He looks into my eyes and says.

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"I was resisting the urge to just take you but now it will be hard and you will not enjoy this" It's hard to make out what he is saying because he isn't taking the time to enunciate, and more importantly I can't breathe because he is still choking me. I get the basic idea when he rips me bra and panties off and spreads my legs. My lungs are burning when I feel his cock spreading my pussy lips.

As he rams his cock into my pussy he also lets off the pressure on my throat so my first breath immediately comes back out as he slams into my cervix with that monster of a cock. "AHHHH" As I try to catch my breath he starts to pull out. I wrap my legs around his waist to keep him from moving but it's like my leg weren't even there. When he slams back into me I scream again "AHHH". This one is not much out of agony as the first. None of the guys I had been with up till now were anywhere near as big as his cock, and not just in length it looks like my forearm is hanging between his legs.

His left arm starts to choke me again as he thrusts in for the third and my hips even rise to meet his thrust. What is wrong with me I'm being raped I can't enjoy this, I mustn't enjoy this. "Hmm maybe I was wrong about you not enjoying this perhaps I'm not being rough enough." I try to beg him not to but all I can get out is "p…p…please" then he starts to pick up the pace and he even taunts me "Please what, please fuck you harder no problem." He is true to his word along with his pace I feel his right hand which had up till now been idle started to squeeze my left hip and I could feel the claws on the end of his fingers start to dig into my skin.

I couldn't tell if they had actually broken the skin yet but that was the least of my worries as everything started to go fussy.


My lungs were on fire, and my pussy was to. The pleasure of his constant pounding along with the pain of him slamming into my cervix with every thrust was really starting to turn me on. In the haze I looked up at him he is totally out of control he is going to choke me to death while fucking me. The clarity faded quickly as I started to lose it. I could feel it coming and this was no ordinary orgasm this is my bodies last moments and it was going to spend then writhing in pleasure. Then it hit me like a freight train.

Every nerve in my body screaming in pleasure and even if I wasn't being choked I don't think I would have made a sound. My back arched and my eyes rolled back into my head. Even in the throes of ecstasy I felt a warm spread through my pussy taking me even higher if that's even possible. He came inside of me not that I knew what was happening. I couldn't tell how long it had been since I had started coming but it was still going and I lost conciseness from the intensity of it all.

When I finally came to he was lying on top of me, still buried as far as I could take him, catching his breath. How could he still be tired? How long did I pass out for a minute a couple of seconds? It suddenly hit me I'm alive and breathing though it was hard he was laying on top of me thankfully not all of his weight was on me but I kind of liked the feeling of him on top of me like this.

The second I thought I hated myself for thinking it he rape me and still might kill me, he pated me on the head then and said. "Don't worry about it little one soon you will know why this happened, but for now sleep I must find your friends." I was about to ask him what he meant by why this happened but I started to feel woozy and for the second time but for a much less pleasurable reason I passed out.