Overwhelming first timer Joana gets her poon tang pounded at last

Overwhelming first timer Joana gets her poon tang pounded at last
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Josh and Kylie are brother and sister. Josh is 18, 5 ft 6in brown hair and blue eyes. Kylie is a year older and slightly shorter with blonde hair.

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Because they were born within a year of each other, they have always been close. When they were about eight and nine they started playing adult games. They were both becoming curious about each other`s bodies and used to strip in front of ech other and lick and kiss each other`s private places and play games such as doctor`s and nurses where they had to treat those parts. This sort of play continued until kylie was 10 when she started to believe that she could get pregnant just by touching a boy`s cock.

She put a sudden halt to these games and nothing further happened for a few years. When Josh had just turned 12 he started to experience changes in his body. His cock frequently hardened for no apparent reason resulting in him playing with it regularly and getting immense pleasure from it.

A few months later and he started to find that on some occasions when he played with it a creamy liquid would shoot out of the end at the same time as the pleasure feeling was at it`s strongest. He later found out that this was what was known as his cum.

Josh and Kylie`s father had recently been redecorating the bathroom and had put a new light fitting on the ceiling but hadn`t got around to blocking up the old hole which was about four inches in diameter. Above the hole was a small piece of loft storage space which could be accessed through a small door from the attic bedroom / playroom.

One night whilst lying there having a bath Josh looked up at the hole and had an idea. When he had finished his bath he went up to the attic room, opened the small door and crawled inside to look down through the hole. It gave him a perfect view of the bath and shower and his plan was hatched.

He had been fantasising for weeks imagining what Kylie would be like naked now she was older and had real breasts. This was a perfect opportunity for him to find out without her knowing. The following night at about 9pm their parents were out and Kylie headed for the bathroom.Josh gave her a few minutes to get settled knowing she always spent a good half hour or so having a soak. He then crept up to the attic room and opened the small door being sure to leave the light off so he wouldn`t be seen.

He crawled inside and positioned himself lying on one side with his eyes a few inches above the hole so he would not be seen.

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He had a perfect view. Kylie was lying there with her head back in the water rinsing off the shampoo form her hair. She then sat up and reached across and picked up the shower gel, squeezed some in her hands and started rubbing it into her body. First her shoulders then down slowly over her chest. Josh couldn`t see much of her at this stage as there were lots of bubbles all over her from the bubble bath. As she started rubbing it around her firm young breasts, Josh noticed that the bubbles were beginning to burst as they were reacting with the gel.

He could gradually see more and more of her firm tits and was surprised to see how firm her nipples were. Kylie spent ages rubbing around her breasts squeezing her nipples every now and then and it was clear from the look on her face that she was enjoying this.

Josh felt a stirring in his pants. He started feeling his rapidly hardening cock through his pants and began rubbing it slowly as he watched his horny sister.

He wasn`t prepared for what happened next. kylie arched her body so that her waist was out of the water revealing a bubble covered pussy. She put some gel in one hand then placed the other underneath her back to support her body. She started rubbing the gel into her pussy hair so it foamed up even more.

Josh thought back to the last time he`d seen his naked sister when all she had was a small slit there and thought how much she had developed with beautiful firm tits and a mound of pussy hair. She then reached further between her legs and, to Josh`s surprise began playing with her ass hole.

She reached as far back as she could and started running her gel covered finger back and forth along the hole, probing and slowly pushing in until her finger slid inside her ass and she started to finger fuck her tight ass.

This obviously brought even more pleasure for her as she started to move her body around her finger to help hit the right spot. Josh was now really horny watching this action and had undone his zipper and pulled out his hard tool that was allready covered in precum. His underpants were wet and sticky as he pulled them down. As he slowly stroked his cock with one hand he started trying to finger his own ass with the other using his pre cum to lubricate it.

He was wondering how it felt as his sister seemed to be enjoying it so much. Evenually he got a finger in as deep as he could and, although uncomfortable, started feeling around inside until he hit a certain spot which made his body tremble and his cock jerk with excitement. Kylie had now removed her hand from her ass and slowly moved it forward running her fingers backward and forwards several times along her clit before pulling her pussy lips apart and slipping a couple of fingers inside.

She probed deeper and deeper then started sliding them in and out, slowly at first but slightly faster with each go. The expression on her face was of sheer ecstacy. Josh had no idea that girls played with themselves as well as boys, thinking naively that this was just a boy thing. In fact he thought he was the only boy to do this sort of thing. By now the soap in the gel was dispersing all the bubbles and Josh had a clear view for the first time of his sister`s hairy mound.

How he wished it was his fingers playing with it and not Kylie`s. Kylie was now fingering herself faster and faster. Josh noticed her eyes were closed and mouth wide open with quiet groaning noises coming from it as she tried not to be overheard.Josh saw her body tremble as she shook with a huge wave of orgasm that seemed to last for ages. Josh was so consumed with what he was watching that he didn`t even realise he was stroking his own cock faster and faster.

Before he knew it, he was shooting load after load of cum out of his little boner, some landing on the dark floor and some on his pants. He quickly crawled out of the hole got fully dressed and went down to his bedroom where he got some tissues and cleaned himself up. He jerked himself off a couple more times that night thinking of his naked sister playing with herself in the bath. These events became a regular event for a few weeks normally a couple of times a week when their parents were out and kylie went for her bath before bedtime.

Then one weekend Kylie complained to her dad that there was often a cold draught coming down through the hole and he agreed to board it up and paint it.

This he did that same weekend. Josh was gutted that his gloryhole had been closed and he could no longer watch his sister in the bath. Instead he would lie in his bed every time he knew she was having a bath or shower and imagine her playing with her sexy pussy as he slowly stroked himself off.

Gradually over the coming weeks and months the memory of these events subsided and other things took over to occupy Josh`s mind although he still jerked off two or three times most days and his sister still satisfied herself regularly in the bathroom. Their relationship returned to normal, best friends one minute and aguing the next.

The years came and went until something happened that would change their relationship completely. Josh is now 18 and Kylie 19. They have an uncle who owns a paintball business in the country as well as several acres of land and numerous buildings. They regularly went there and played at weekends or evenings. A few weeks ago Josh asked Kylie if she fancied going to paintball after college. She agreed and Josh said he would pick her up straight from college in his car and head straight for the paintball park as it would be easier than going home first.

At 4.15pm Josh waited outside in his car for his sister. She appeared through the main gate with a couple of friends who lived just down the road. She was wearing a tight white blouse and short grey skirt. Josh was wearing a sports shirt and shorts having just finished sports and not being bothered to get changed.

Kylie sat in beside him. Her blouse was very tight and her perfectly formed breasts were struggling to break out. There was a clear gap where the buttons were straining to open and he could clearly see his sister`s firm breasts underneath with the nipples poking through the material. It was obvious she wasn`t wearing any bra. As she sat down, her short skirt was just about covering her panties and Josh felt so tempted to place his hands under her skirt but avoided the temptation.

He felt a swelling in his shorts as his cock began to harden at the excitement. Suddenly all the thoughts of those early experimenting years and later watching his sister in the bath were flashing through his mind much as he tried to think about something else.

Kylie noticed the firm bulge in Josh`s shorts but decided against mentioning it. As they drove out into the country, Josh`s boner disappeared as thoughts turned to the paintballing and the prospect of getting his sister back for all the bruises she gave him last time they did this.

After 40 minutes drive they arrived at Uncle Ted`s paintball park which was really just an old run down farm in the middle of nowhere with a large wooded area idea for this sport.

They arrived at the gate and Uncle Ted was there just shutting the gate having just said goodbye to his last customers. He explained that he was going out that night and had to shut up early. Seeing the disappointment on the young faces he said they could go in on their own providing they locked up afterwards and could drop the key through his postbox on their way home. They said it would be a bit strange only two of them playing but as they had come all this way decided to go for it anyway.

As their uncle drove away they locked the main gate and proceeded to the changing areas to get into the protection suits. Kylie then went to the gun shed and got a gun each for her and Josh, making sure she gave herself more pellets than she gave Josh. They then agreed to head towards opposite ends of the complex and that they would blow their whistles when they were at the starting points. It took about five minutes for them to both get to the starting points.

Once they had both blown their whistles they blew them a second time to signal the start. They then started heading into the centre in search of each other. Josh kept giving his whereabouts away as he had a habit of shooting at anything that moved. Kylie knew from the sound of fire that she was closing in on him and then noticed a couple of shots firing out of some bushes. She started letting fire towards the bushes whilst running from tree to tree to make herself a harder moving target.

This carried on for several minutes before Josh made a retreat running further towards the centre of the complex. Kylie followed and hit him a couple of times in his back, She knew that in spite of the protective gear it would still hurt.

Suddenly Josh stopped firing and was clearly having trouble either having run out of pellets or his gun having jammed. He started to make a run through the woods towards the safe area near the gun shed where you cannot fire at your opponent. He ran with Kylie runnning from tree to tree behind him not sure if he would start firing back. He reached the old empty farmhouse at the centre of the complex and decided to try and hide in there instead of run all the way to the safe area, hoping to lure Kylie inside then make a run for it while she was searching the building.

It was a large building on two floors with a number of rooms on each floor. Josh ran in through the open front door heading straight upstairs to hide and hopefully climb out of one of the windows. The doors and window frames had long since been removed and there were just openings making it ideal for this sort of adventure.

Kylie entered the building and guessed right, heading straight upstairs. She searched room after room. Knowing the building better than her brother she knew which rooms he could get out of through the windows without a large jump which could injure you, and she worked away from these rooms hoping to trap her brother in another room.

Finally success as she walked into one of the old bedrooms to find Josh looking out the window to see if he could jump. They both knew he couldn`t as it would be too dangerous. Josh tried to push past kylie but she fired at him twice from close range knowing this would hurt him. He then said ok he gave up and she had won but Kylie had just had an idea.

"Ok down the hallway and into the room at the end "she said. "If you do everything I say,I won`t fire on you". Josh walked down the hallway and into the room at the end.

It was an old bathroom with nothing in it apart from an old bath blasted in layers of paint pellets and the open window again with no glass or frame. "Right" said Kylie."into the bath and stand up". Not wanting to be shot at again, Josh did as he was told. "I seem to remember that you are very fond of bathrooms" Kylie said "I know you used to watch me in the bath through the hole in the ceiling. Well now is pay back time with interest" she added. Pointing the gun at him, she ordered him to take his protective gear off.

Feeling he had no choice he stripped off the suit and mask leaving him standing there in just his shirt and shorts."And the rest" kylie insisted as she lifted the gun again. She grabbed all the clothes and threw them into the corner of the room. Josh was standing stark naked in the bath facing his older sister who had by now removed her mask and gloves. "Considering how turned on you get at home looking at me in the bath, you don`t seem very excited now" she continued as she stared down at his hanging cock.

"You wanted to play paintball so that is what we shall play" said Kylie as she took out a couple of red paint pellets and sliced them open with a knife. Kylie moved closer to her brother still holding the gun in one hand.

With the pellets in the other hand she squashed them against Josh`s balls then moved up on to his cock spreading the paint all over his cock and balls.In spite of the obvious embarrassment, Josh was beginning to enjoy having his cock handled by his sister and with her gentle rubbing, it soon started to stiffen and rise.

"Whats this here" Kylie exclaimed "my little brother is getting excited by having his balls and cock painted bright red" Kylie was desperately wanting to get involved in more action herself but decided that could wait.

She told Josh to stand still in the bath until she said otherwise. Not wanting to risk being shot while naked, he did exactly as he was told.

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After about 10 minutes, kylie walked across to Josh.His cock had gone soft again but not for long.She briefly felt his cock to check that the paint had dried.

When she realised it had, she made Josh get out of the bath and stand facing her with his back against the wall. She then made him push a couple of fingers up his own asshole. He fingered it slowly opening it up more and more until eventually his fingers slid in. She then told him to start finger fucking his ass. Within seconds, his cock had stiffened again and was throbbing with excitement. "Right" said Kylie " you have red balls and a red cock, let`see if you also have red spunk inside that throbber of yours".

She grabbed it in her hand and started slowly stroking up and down his shaft as Josh continued to finger his ass. She could see by his face that he was close to coming so started jerking him faster and faster until he started shooting loads and loads of cum over Kylie`s hand and outfit." my word "she exclaimed "only white spunk in that red cock of yours.

How disappointing". "Time to head back to the shed" kylie announced with a wicked grin on her face. Josh was relieved at this suggestion and started moving towards his clothes. " I don`t think so" she said.

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You will go back as you are and I will clean you up" She led him down the stairs and outside then told him to get down on his hands and kness and crawl back to base. He started to make a run for it but Kylie aimed her gun and fired two pellets.The first one catching him on his butt and the other just going between his legs just missing his balls.

He immediately got down on all fours again and started crawling through the woods in the direction of the exit and changing sheds. Kylie was walking just behind Josh and was quite excited at the sight of her brother crawling along with his cock hanging down between his legs.

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Every now and then she would slad him across his butt or have a playful feel of his balls or cock. She could feel her pussy very damp inside the outfit with her own juices beginning to flow with the excitement of the occasion. As they got nearer the base, they reached a wet muddy area and Josh asked if he could stand up. Kylie declined and made him lie on the ground and crawl flat through the mud. She said she would fire another shot if he lifted his ass at all.

Eventually they reached the base and Kylie allowed Josh to stand up. His face and body was caked in thick black mud and his cock was almost totally hidden in the mud that covered his front.Kylie then told Josh to stand by the wall and she picked up a hosereel and turned it on firing a cannon of freezing cold water at Josh. Starting at his head and working the spray slowly down over his body soon revealing his sexy cock.

As well as cleaning off all the mud, the water also washed off all the paint. With Josh still dripping wet and the hose now turned off, Kylie moved across to Josh, leant down and pulled his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it violently as if itwould be gone if she didn`t finish it off in a couple of minutes.

Josh quickly stiffened and with all the sucking he as soon on the verge of coming again. Kylie sensed this and with a very teasing look said " not yet, I want the rest for later.

You need to go back to the old house and pick up your clothes, then come back and hose down both sets of outfits. Oh and make sure you hose off all your cum while you are at it. I will be in the ladies changing room getting dressed to go home" she said.

Kylie went into the changing room and took off her protective gear. She was totally naked underneath having stripped off all her clothes when she put the outfit on. She threw the gear outside for Josh to hose down. As well as being splattered in paint, it was also quite sticky inside between the legs where her juices had been running. She closed the door then sat back on on one of wooden benches. She was feeling so horny after what had happened and immediatley started running the fingers of her right hand around her pussy finding her clit then running them back and forth along her slit.

Meanwhile her left hand was moving from breast to breast squeezing her nice firm breats then taking her erect nipples between her fingers and gently twisting the end.

She probed deeper and deeper into her wet pussy spreading the lips wide so she could get two then three fingers inside. She pushed in then out going deeper each time. The sensations were immense. She moved her fingers faster and faster and her hands were going wild around her tits. She was rolling around the bench in pleasure and eventually let out a massive screem as she came, covering her hands in her love juices. Hearing the noise, Josh, Who had returned and was hosing the outfits down outside, ran into the changing room to see what the screem was for.

Kylie looked at him and smiled telling him teasingly to get back to his work and if he behaved he could see some more later. Josh went outside and finished off while Kylie got dressed again in her skimpy school outfit. When she was dressed she came out, locked the changing rooms and equipment shed and they both got into Josh`s car to head home. Kylie had deliberately left a button undone on her blouse at the bottom of her breasts so that Josh could get even more of a view inside.

This combined with Kylie`s short skirt excited Josh and soon had his tool rising again. As he was driving along, Kylie reached over and gently fondled her brother between his legs. Just enough to keep him excited about what may happen later. They passed by Uncle Ted`s home on the way and dropped the keys off as requested.

Eventually they arrived home and Josh parked his car just outside the front door where his father would normally park if he and his mother weren`t out for the evening.

Josh and Kylie walked up the front steps, Josh still sporting a semi erect penis tenting his shorts, and entered through the front door and headed straight for the kitchen. "How do you fancy a beer?" asked Kylie. "I`d love one please " replied Josh.

Kylie then walked across the kitchen and reached up to the cupborads above the worktop where the drinks were stored. As she stretched, her short skirt rode up revealing her firm sexy ass cheeks. " Bloody hell Ky, you`ve got no panties on" Josh said as his cock began to stiffen even more at the sight before him. " I think you`d better take a better look" she replied. Josh lifted up the back of his sister`s skirt to reveal a very thin piece of material running the length of her asshole, " My god," Josh exclaimed," that`s hardly worth wearing, it doesn`t leave anything to the imagination." By now, he was desperate to find out what the front was like but had to wait as Kylie jumped up on to the worktop and turned around with her legs dangling over the side.

She opened her beer can and passed the other one to Josh. Josh was in a state of bliss at the sight of his sister sat above him with the front of her short skirt just covering the tops of her legs and leaving a teasing gap which he was eager to explore and find out what was really under that skirt.

Josh had a couple of sips of his beer then placed it on the worktop and moved his hands to Kylie`s skirt and slowly lifted the front up. It revealed a small triangular patch of her G string which made a not very good attempt at covering her bush. " I really ought to get out of this school stuff" Kylie said, and without another word Josh took the hint and undid the back of the skirt. He then pulled off her G string but decided to leave her blouse on for now as he found something very sexy about his sister almost bursting out of it.

Kylie moved forward so her pussy was just over the edge of the worktop. Josh picked up his beer and slowly poured a small amount down over kylie`s pussy mound and lips. He then bent down and started licking his beer off Kylie`s pussy. She helped by pouring some of her own beer as well so there was more for him to lick up.

Kylie spread her legs wider apart so Josh could get in close and he got down on his knees and ran his tongue up and down her clit several times before using his fingers to spread her lips apart. As his tongue went in deeper and deeper he looked up and could see from the expression on Kylie`s face that she was really enjoying this. He also noticed that she had slid a hand inside her blouse top and was gently carressinng her boobs as she was being licked out.


Deciding to move things on a little, Kylie said she felt like she could do with drinking some more beer and wanted to see what it tasted like off of her brother. She jumped down and pulled down Josh`s shorts and boxers then took off his t shirt. She then got him to lie on his back on the floor and poured beer over his chest, stomach and finally all over his cock and balls.

"Glad to see you no longer have red balls" she said noticing that the paint had all washed off during the hosedown.


She started lapping up the beer around Josh`s chest then up to his erect nipples. They loved the feeling of her tongue licking around them and this brought an immediate spasm through his cock which he thought was the start of him cumming but thankfully not yet. She worked her way down over his chest and stomach and licked the spilt drink out of his belly button before reaching his throbbing tool. She leant over further and manoevered herself so that she was kneeling either side of Josh`s face.

As she lowered her mouth down to his balls she lowered her pussy into Josh`s face and his tongue instintively found it`s way to her wet clit and started probing deeper and deeper.Josh`s balls now cleaned of beer, she took his cock in her hand and held it like a lollypop and inserted the end into her mouth slowly taking it in deeper and deeper with each movement, licking and sucking it and squeezing it gently between her lips.

Josh meanwhile had his tongue flicking around deep inside his sister`s pussy flcking it around. She was breathing heavier and heavier as her love juices started to flow and she errupted into a volcanic like orgasm releasing a long flow of love juices into Josh`s mouth. As the orgasm wore off, Josh continued to lick around inside Kylie`s pussy as she continued to suck faster and faster on his throbbing cock taking nearly all 8 1/2 inches in her mouth at one time.

Sensing Josh was about to cum she got off and told him to stand up while she layed down on the floor on her back.

He just about managed to hold out without cumming but didn`t have to be asked twice to lay down on top of Kylie. As he settled into position he slowly slid his cock into her wet vagina pushing it in then out then a bit deeper until the whole length was inside. He slid a hand inside Kylie`s blouse and fumbled around like an inexperienced schoolboy with her breasts as he pushed and pulled and twisted his cock inside her warm wet hole. She had never felt anything so big inside and was soon on the verge of cumming again when Josh let out an almighty groan and began shooting his hot cum deep inside his sister`s cunt.

As he pumped and pumped, Kylie`s body tensed again as she was filled with another trembling sensation. Finally, both spent out they collapsed together holding each other tightly.

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After a few minutes clutching each other, Josh got up and said they`d better get cleaned up and headed up to the bathroom to take a shower. He was just getting under the water when the door opened and in walked Kylie still naked and she climbed into the shower behind Josh reaching around holding him tight around his waist. "Ky" he asked" how did you know I used to watch you through the hole in the ceiling?". " One day I`d just had a bath and went to my bedroom to dry off.

I then heard the water running and realised you were going in the bath. I remembered lookingup at the hole and wondering if you could look down and see anyone in the bath, so I went up into the playroom and into the loft space and got into a position where i could look down.

I then felt a warm stickyness against my hand and realised that it was probably your cum and that you must have been watching me in the bath. It was shortly after that I asked dad to block it up because of the draught but not until I had seen him in the bath and just watched staring at his beautiful cock." All this talk and the feeling of Kylie`s breasts pressing in his back had got Josh aroused again and Kylie`s arms around her brother soon found their way to his semi erect cock.

She was soon pumping it up and down with her hand and was proud to have got it ack to full attention so quickly. She turned Josh around and knelt down between his legs, holding his cock at the base and guiding it into her mouth.She wasted no time in thrusting it deep into her mouth and started sucking fiercely. Josh got into a thrusting motion with his hips and soon found himself fucking his sister` s mouth as he held on to her hair. With the warm water cascading over their bodies he soon produced a further load of hot cum staright into Kylie`s mouth that she proceeded to swallow before standing and helping wash her brother off as he did the same to her.

They carried on rubbing soapy water over each other`s firm young bodies for several minutes but were both too exhausted to carry on with any further action that night. They both eventually got out of the shower and headed for their separate bedrooms before collapsing into their warm beds and drifting off into deep sleeps dreaming of the events of that day.