Busty granny is picked up by young stud tube porn

Busty granny is picked up by young stud tube porn
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Chapter One: Under Mommy's nose. Laura: Its been a few weeks since Daddy fucked me for the first time. I learned a new bad word "fuck" Daddy told me not to say it and he grabbed me by my hair and spanked me hard when I asked him if he was gonna fuck me now.

I heard "fuck" in a movie I was watching the night before. This beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a curvy body said it to her lover. It was so hot I couldn't help but rub myself.

She said in this low voice that turned me on as she laid on their bed. "Come fuck me now." She purred. But they didn't fuck they made love!

I'll say more about that later but. This partiular morning Daddy was having a cup of coffee after Mommy left for work. I walked over and I bent over the table towards him. I looked at him in his beautiful green eyes and said "Daddy.Mommy's gone, can you fuck me now?" I said in a sly voice like the grown woman in the movie.

I thought he'd like it. I thought it would turn him on. I was wrong. Daddy didn't say a word he got up and grabbed me by my hair. He did it so fast. Daddy pushed my face down to the table with his left hand balled up with a fistful of my hair.

He held my head against the kitchen table and pressed the right side of my face down as I tried to look back at him in total shock and fear. "DADDY!" I screamed! He yanked my little shorts (no panties of course) down to my knees and smacked me across my little butt hard! The sound of the loud smack filled the house! I screamed again but. My kitty tingled. It tingled hard! I got a little wet! I looked back at him from the corner of my eye his big hand now open and spread across my head.

pressing my face to the table hard! "YOU DO NOT USE BAD WORDS LIKE THAT LITTLE GIRL!!" Daddy roared in his "Daddy voice" I'd never heard him yell like this. Now I wasn't wet. I was soaked! He smacked my baby butt again and I whimpered half in pain and half in pleasure and my eyes watered and tears came.

Daddy knelt down and got right in my face and whispered a low warning. "Do you understand me little girl?!" He said right in my ear. "Yes Daddy." I said very quietly.

This mix of pain and pleasure happened so fast my head was spinning. "I can't hear you." He said in his Daddy voice.

He rubbed my butt and I could tell he was about to spank me again! "YES! DADDY!" I yell out loud and clear for him! My words echoed in the house! I looked back as he held me down. My eyes and my kitty were wet. "Good." Daddy said. Then he let me go. Daddy stood back and started to undo his belt. "Now suck my fucking cock." He said as he dropped his pants.

I turn around and face him. The right side of my face is probably as red as my butt from being pressed to the table so hard. I make a pouty face, I know he likes that. But inside I'm smiling ear to ear! Tears fall from my cheek. A drop of my kitty juice drips down my leg. He's so strong. He's so amazing. I am breathless. Just in awe of him.

All I want is to please him. I eagerly drop to my knees in front of him trying to hide how turned on I am. My wide eyes look into his, my pouty lip is stuck out. A good obedient little girl that's what I am. "I'm the Daddy so I can use those words. You can't baby." He says in a calm voice. "Yes daddy." I say as I look up at him. I make sure I have plenty of spit on my tongue as I open my mouth and put it around the head of his big dada with my tongue sticking out.

I look up in his eyes the whole time. Afterwards he said even though we are doing things daughter's and daddy's normally don't do I'm still his little girl and he won't tolerate a potty mouth .(I also learned that the cream from Dada is called cum because Daddy says cum a lot like "I'm about to cum baby" or " how's my cum taste?" He said I could say that word but only to him!

Not at school or anything!) Anyway! I am ADDICTED all I wanna do is play with daddy. I wanna suck dada off, I want his fingers in me or his tongue! And I want him to put it inside me. It still feels like its splitting me open but I love it! We even started playing while mommy's home! Which excites me even more and makes my tingles harder than ever! We played while she was in the shower last week.

I pulled my little dress up and daddy took my kitty from behind while I bent over the kitchen table. Right where Mommy makes our meals! It was my first time taking Daddy from behind and it hurt soo soo bad (but felt sooo good at the same time!) I had to grab a little table napkin and bite down on it so I wouldn't scream! Then five days ago while Mommy did laundry I sucked Daddy off in the living room. Right on the couch! Right where I used to play the bouncey game!

Before any of these amazing things happened! Dada blew his cream right into my mouth just as we heard Mommy open the door down the hall. I had to swallow quick and Daddy pulled his pants up and we acted natural . And then I went over and gave Mommy a kiss on the cheek hehehe I love taunting her!

Then the day before yesterday. Mommy almost caught us. I wanted her to. I want her to see me and my daddy I want her to know I'm the one who pleases him now. We were in the shower. Daddy was holding me up in his arms and Slowly pumping dada in and out of me.

I'd had three cummies but Daddy wasnt done yet.

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He looked in my eyes and he said "Let Daddy enjoy this baby just hold on!" I LOVE it when he calls himself Daddy! The warm water sprayed all over us. The bathroom was steamy. I nodded and I said I loved him and let him use me even tho I was beyond spent. Daddy looked down and watched his big thing go in and out.Daddy loves watching it go in and out of me.


I'm so little it makes his big thing look even bigger! I feel Daddy's dada throb. His cummie is about to happen! He lets me off and I kneel down in front of him and his cream shoots out and mixed with the warm water goes down my chin and my chest but I catch a little in my mouth!

I love his taste, I crave it. I wanna taste Daddy everyday! I swallow the little bit I got and smile up at Daddy as the water goes all over us. Then a knock at the door. "Babe are you almost done??" Mommy's home early. Daddy's face goes from pleasure to shock. He quietly and quickly tells me to get out dry off and hide in the closet and then leave when Mommy gets in the shower. I hurry and do just that as Daddy turns the shower off.

He hides his still hard dada behind a towel and let's Mommy in. They talk and kiss briefly and I hear Mommy start the shower and get in. I oh so quietly open the door and sneak out and back to my room. Daddy's there and kisses me and tells me I did a good job. I wish Mommy had seen us. I love Daddy and I'll keep it a secret if he wants but. I want her to see. I want her to stand there and watch while Daddy fucks me.

The next day after dinner Mommy goes to the bathroom. Daddy makes me a bowl of ice cream. He sets it on the table and then to my shock he quickly whips dada out and starts jerking him!

I'm surprised but. I somehow know what he's gonna do. I look at him and quietly say. "Do it Daddy.cum for me, please Daddy please!" I say in a whisper.

"Do it Daddy." As he stands there in front of the kitchen table he then grabs the bowl of ice cream and blows his Daddy cum all over it! Load after load. It must've been 7 or 8 of them! Daddy makes sure it all gets in the bowl right on the ice cream! Its vanilla so his white cum blends in but Daddy covers it!

He always cums so much! Thick wads of cum are all over my ice cream! Daddy puts Dada away and slides the bowl to me. Four big scoops of vanilla glazed with my Daddy's special warm cream! I'm in SHOCK like I do not know what to think as I stare down at this bowl of ice cream with my Daddy's thick warm cream all over it!

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I hear Mommy come down the hall. As she sits at the table Daddy goes to pour himself a drink. He winks at me and I try my hardest not to giggle.

Daddy walks to the couch and puts on the game. I get the first spoonfull of ice cream topped off with my Daddy's cum! The warm cum has melted the ice cream just a little but you can't really tell its there if you aren't looking for it. Mommy plays on her phone as I put the first spoon full of cum covered ice cream in my mouth. I taste the cold ice ceam and swirl it around in my mouth until I find it, I hold it on my tongue and savor that sweet vanilla topped with the salty taste of Daddy's cum!

I slowly eat spoon after spoon of my ice cream topped with his warm cream! Mommy looks over and smiles at me as I put some in my mouth. She asks how the ice cream is. I tell her it's delicious! Hehe I enjoy every last little bit of it this best dessert I've ever had! Eating Daddy's cum right in front of my Mommy! It makes my little kitty so wet! Daddy looks over as I swallow my last spoonful and he smirks at me. The naughtiest, sexiest smirk ever. While Mommy obliviously texts on her phone. As soon as Mommy left for work after dinner I run into Daddy's arms and we kiss deeply.

"I can't believe you did that Daddy!" I say to him with sass as I slap his chest and look up at him. He smirks at me. "Didn't you just love that? She was right beside you and you got to eat my cum in front of her!" Daddy says to me. I smile big and kiss him again. Getting on my tippy toes to reach his lips. Of course I loved it. Almost as good as my ultimate fantasy of her watching us! I haven't told Daddy that yet. I know that this is serious and Mommy really can't catch us or the consequences could be really bad.but I can't help it.

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I wanna see her face while Daddy fucks me. Will she be angry? Will she try to stop us? Or (I hope) just stand there and cry because she sees that she's been replaced. Laura & Daddy: Daddy holds me close and we kiss with tongues.

Another thing Daddy has taught me recently that I love! Open mouth kissing with tongues moving around. The way grown ups kiss. I even suck on his tongue and he does the same to me! Me and Daddy fuck on his bed. But its not really "fucking" I know the difference. Daddy is on top the whole time. His slow strong strokes are gentle and he's very careful not to hurt me.even though it still hurts. He looks in my eyes the whole time.he says he loves me over and over.

We have deep passionate kisses the whole time. And when its time for my Daddy's cummie.he buries his face in my shoulder his lips kissing my neck and I feel his heavy breathing.

Daddy cums inside me. His dada throbs and I feel him shake as my cummie overcomes my body.I shake hard and moan and tremble.we hold each other for a long moment.then Daddy looks in my eyes and kisses me. This isn't "fucking". Me and my Daddy.we made love. That's what it's called. When Daddy jerks my little pink panties down and shoves it inside me hard and fast while I'm bent over the table and Mommy's doing laundry.THAT is "fucking".

But when Daddy looks at me with green eyes full of love and gently pushes dada inside me on my bed or on his and Mommy's bed and he is so strong but so gentle.that is making love. I don't know which one I enjoy more. Chapter Two: The Cracked Door Mommy: I know they're doing it. I can feel it. I feel like every time I walk out of the room he grabs her and fucks her. Its like in three minutes they can have sex and then get right back to normal.

I noticed last week when she kissed my cheek after I did laundry. Her breath smelled like dick. My husbands dick of course. I nearly lost it right there. My daughter sucked off my husband while I was down the hall!

And that day he was in the shower. I'm not fucking stupid. They must think I am. Laura was not in her room and I saw those wet footprints leading to the closet. He fucked her in the shower. I just didnt have it in me to say anything. Fuck why can't I do it?

Why can't I put a stop to this. Its like I'm a stranger and a servant walking through this house. Like I have to serve in silence. Make the meals, clean the clothes. While my husband shoves his cock in my daughter's mouth or in her pussy every single time I'm out of sight.

He comes to bed on a Thursday night. I don't work until tomorrow afternoon. Laura is in bed. He's probably found some way to finger fuck her or have her suck him off even though I swear the only time I wasn't around them this whole afternoon was when I went to pee once.

My husband is a stranger now. I kiss him and he rubs up and down my body. I wanna jerk away and tell him not to touch me.he is a piece of shit! He's fucking our daughter!! But.some deep twisted part of me tells me.to give him really good sex. Maybe that's the way, maybe I can end this without having to face it at all. I drop to my knees. Time to play the obedient wife. Time to suck him off like my life depends on it. I haven't blown him in ages.

I undo his pants and pull down his boxers. Out pops his thick long cock. That masculine smell makes my pussy wet and I almost forget what I'm mad about.almost.

I lick his big balls and all the way up his long shaft and suck the head briefly. I spit a big wad of spit on his cock. I jerk it up and down and spread my spit along his length. I open wide and take him to the back of my throat. I let him face fuck me. Spit dripping down his balls I gag and make eye contact. That good girl throat fuck like When we were dating.

Like I was gonna earn that wedding ring With my head game. He definitely enjoys it. Super sloppy just how he likes. Spit drips down my chin onto my tits and Down my stomach.

I have him sit on the bed for Some tit fucking action. He used to love that so much. I get down on his dick like I haven't in years.

That drunk college girl sex. Now its time to give him pussy I'm freshly shaved. Since he likes smooth hairless pussy SO much. I ask him what position he wants. He grabs a handful of my hair and turns me around for back shots.

He shoves his cock in me. Its so wet from my spit. I'm doing good. Maybe this will work. He pulls on my hair and the smack of his balls against my clit feels soooo good. I realized how much I love fucking him. He's good. He's always been good. And he's hung. He goes hard and fast his big cock giving me deep strokes.

He smacks my ass hard. I moan out loud. Fuck I missed this. But right in the middle of this great sex out of the corner of my eye.

I see the door close as if it'd been cracked open just barely. He continues to jackhammer me from behind but I stare at the door. Was she. Was she watching us?! I lay my face down in the bed as he says he's about to cum. Warm streaks spray across my back.

But the pleasure is gone for me. Somehow I know this was just another part of his sick game with her. She wanted to see him fuck me. So now when I'm gone he can talk shit about me and my body and how she's better and this and that.

I almost break down and cry right there. This was supposed to be my way to take him back. He comes back with a towel and wipes his cum off me. I lay down beside him. He's falling asleep but I know he hears me when I say in a firm but calm voice just above a whisper.

"I know." I know about you and her. I know she was there. I know you told her to be there. I know you're fucking our daughter. Those two words just hang in the air between us. No more words are said as we both fall asleep naked without touching each other. Laura: Daddy explained to me in the beginning that sometimes he was still gonna have to fuck Mommy. They were married. He had to keep her somewhat happy and keep her from getting too suspicious.

He was spending most of his energy on me of course but I could live with him fucking Mommy once or twice a month.

They were busy and had been married a long time. He explained that the love they used to have was faded. Me and Daddy's love was fresh and warm! Anyways.I was curious about how daddy fucked Mommy.

So i asked him if I could watch. At first he said absolutely not. He promised me he didnt even like sleeping with her and that every time he did he thought of me the whole time. I believed him and I told him it was fine! I understood but I still wanted to watch. So after some pouting and begging. "Daddy please.just let me watch!" I begged. With my pouty lip poked out. And my eyes extra wide for him "I just wanna see once! I wanna see how you and Mommy do it. So I can be better for you!" I said with a cute smile Daddy sighed.

"OK sweetie after we put you to bed. I'll leave the door cracked. Just promise me you'll be quiet and leave right after we're done. Okay?" I smile big. Idk why I'm so excited for this.

But I wanna see how Daddy fucks Mommy. Later that night Mommy tells me goodnight and kisses me and goes to her bedroom. Daddy puts me to bed and kisses my cheek. He tells me wait five minutes then come and reminds me to be quiet. I wait. Then I get outta bed and I tiptoe down the hall to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. The door is cracked. I can hear Mommy gagging and making those gawk gawk noises.

She's sucking Dada! I wait and when she gets extra noisy I carefully push the door open just enough for me to see.

They're standing beside the bed. Daddy's firm round butt is facing towards me. I can see the side of Mommy's face as she bobs her head back and forth.

She's taking all of dada in her mouth! I'm a little but jealous cause I can't do that. Grrr.maybe Daddy likes her "mouth hugs" more.

But I watch as Mommy gags and chokes and Daddy grabs her head and thrusts his hips forward. Mommy gags hard and streamers of spit fall down her chin to her big breasts. Then Daddy sits on the bed and Mommy puts Dada between her breasts!

Oh wow.I've never seen this before. I definitely can't do that for Daddy.but maybe that's okay. Daddy grabs her hair and pulls her on the bed she's facing towards me but its dark. She can't see me. I watch in awe as Daddy pounds my Mommy from behind! She moans and grabs the sheets. Daddy looks over as he's fucking Mommy and he smiles. He knows I'm there. Mmmmm if She can barely take it then I must be doing great! Daddy spanks Mommy's ass and she moans more and smiles.

I knew I was supposed to like spankings! I'll be sure to remember that. I'm in awe at what I'm watching. My kitty is so wet. I'm worried I'm staying too long so I quietly back away and close the door oh so quietly and sneak back to my room. Wow! That was amazing to watch them. As soon as I'm back in my bed I start rubbing myself.

It seemed so different.the way grown ups fuck. I'm always at Daddy's mercy.

Just a little girl bowing to his needs and hoping he doesn't hurt me.which he doesn't mean to it just hurts cause I'm little. But Mommy and Daddy.they fuck each other.

Like Mommy can fuck back! Even though at this point I hate Mommy. I wanted to join them. Imagining the smell and the sounds Mommy made. I rubbed my button like Daddy showed me.the thoughts raced in my head until my cummie came. It was blissful and beautiful. I licked my juices off my fingers and fell into a deep sleep.dreams of me and Daddy and.so surprisingly another woman.

A grown woman.definitely not Mommy but a blonde full chested barbie doll like woman. Me her and Daddy playing together.and another little girl. Moans and giggles and smiles and warm cream and squirt going everywhere! I woke from this dream with wetness between my legs. Chapter Three: The Confrontation. Mommy: I woke up naked. My husband is still asleep. I put on a robe and go to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast.

I hold back tears the whole time. About fifteen minutes later. Laura walks in first in her nightie and then my husband comes a minute after. We kiss and he pours himself a cup. We eat a breakfast of eggs and bacon and toast. Its silent. How did my little family get so fucked up? He goes and puts on his uniform and drives Laura to school. I sit there in silence in my bathrobe sipping my coffee. I wait for him to come back around 8am He'll have about an hour before he has to go to work.

The door opens. He walks in. I stare at him and he stares back. "I know." He says to me in an accusing tone. "What the fuck does that mean." He says flatly. "I know you're fucking her." I say while I look in his eyes. My facial expression is blank. There's a long silence. "I am." He says to my face. He walks closer. "I am FUCKING Laura!" He says to me half yelling half sarcastic.

"And what are you gonna do about it? You can't live without me. She's my daughter and I can do whatever I want. You wouldn't have shit without me. You wouldn't have your job without me. So let me spell it out for you BITCH!" He says. He's never talked to me like this.

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In almost fifteen years of marriage. "I'm gonna keep fucking her." He smiles a brief evil smile. "And you're gonna let it happen you aren't gonna say or do shit. You're gonna keep your mouth shut." I'm crying by his point. "Fuck you and fuck your tears." He has no mercy for me. "I want a divorce and I want custody. If you don't give it to me without a fight I promise you will pay.this can be easy or it can be hard.

Don't test me. I'm in control of this not you! Do what I want and this will be easy and you can still see her. Fight me and you will regret it." He says this to my face standing over me.

I've lost all my power. All my strength to fight. He's right. He has alot on me. My job doesn't pay half his. And my preion drug abuse.its been going on for years. He has all the leverage. He has paperwork. I went to rehab twice when Laura was younger. I even tried to kill myself when it got too hard.and he saved me oh so long ago.all I can do is bow to his demands. All of a sudden I'm not a grown woman anymore.I'm another little girl at his mercy. Finally I say it. "OK." I say with tears. "I'll do what you want." I sob after I say this.

He smirks. "One more condition bitch." He says to me. I look up with shocked teary eyes. He speaks "You are gonna watch me fuck Laura. Tomorrow night. You're gonna see it. And then monday morning." I zone out as he lists his other demands. He's leaving me and He's keeping Laura and don't fight him or I'll regret it. I sob into my hands uncontrollably. Then I look up at him and I nod yes. All my power is gone.my life is out of my hands.

All I can do is salvage what he let's me. As I cry I say. "Yes." All hope leaves me. He has won. He walks out the door and goes to work. I cry and fall apart. Chapter Four: "Mommy's watching us Daddy!" Daddy: The next day came. Me and my wife wake up. We get dressed and make breakfast No words are spoken She had the morning shift I had a regular work day. I'd be off around 5pm. She'd be picking Laura up from school.

I couldn't wait. The secret was out and I still had full control and soon it'd just be me and my daughter. I couldn't wait to get this bitch out of the picture.

Everything is set up. We have a quiet dinner. Laura doesn't know what's going to happen.but I have a feeling she's into it. She loves doing things when my wife is home she'll be even more excited when she's watching.

I stand up at the dinner table. "OK its time." Laura looks up at me confused. My wife gives a death stare. I grab Laura's hand and lead her to the bedroom. "Daddy?" She says confused. "Mommy is gonna watch me fuck you sweetie." I say matter of factly. Laura gasps and squeezes my hand. She looks back and forth at me and Mommy nervously.

I look back and my wife is slowly getting up to follow us. "Laura go get on the bed and take your clothes off." I say. She lets my hand go and goes in.

I stop in the hall and look at my wife. I grab her throat and squeeze tightly. I've never slapped her and barely ever raised my voice at her or choked her unless we were fucking. Eyes full of hate stare at me as she tears up. "Look at me." I command in a low voice. She obeys. "You are gonna watch the whole time. You will not look away or say a word. Understand me?" I say in a harsh tone. She nods as I choke her. "Not one word." I let her go.

She nods again as tears come down her cheeks. We both enter the room. I hit the lights so the room is well lit. She is gonna see everything. Laura is on the bed naked. Her hair in perfect high pigtails which she twirls and pulls as she sits up on her knees. No socks, no bracelets, no jewelry nothing but the hair bands holding her piggy tails in place. Her fully naked little girl body on display. "Hi Mommy!" She says full of sass as she twirls her pigtails and looks at my wife with a smirk.

She rubs her kitty with one hand and plays with her left pigtail with the other. "So glad you could come watch us tonight I've been waiting for this for so long." She takes her hand away from between her legs and licks her fingertips. To my surprise she gets up and walks her butt naked little self over to my wife looks up at her and says right to her face: "I've been *fucking* Daddy for months Mommy." She says in a plain low voice.

"Laura!" I say and give her a look. My wife is shaking she's so mad. Tears fall off her face again. "Hehe sorry Daddy!" She giggles and smirks then looks back at my wife as she skips towards me making her piggy tails bounce. She comes and presses her naked little body against mine and gets on her tiptoes to kiss me. No need for foreplay. I feel her heart racing just like mine is.and I'm rock hard.

I pull my shirt off and she's already undoing my belt and pulling my zipper down. She takes my jeans off and slowly pulls my boxers down. I step out of my pants and push them aside as she positions herself for a blowjob. I look over at my wife whose got her arms crossed in the corner of the room. "Hey come here and sit on the edge of the bed." I instruct and I point to the foot of our bed. Her death glare is on me the whole time as she walks over and sits where I pointed.

Her arms are crossed and her eyes puffy and red. She's barely two feet from where we are standing, perfect view point to watch Laura suck me. I turn my eyes down to my adorable daughter as she starts to lick my balls. Her wide brown eyes stare up at me. My big cock covers her face as she licks that sweet spot directly under my balls. She licks all the way up to the head of my cock and starts to suck the head twirling her tongue around it just like I taught her!

She closes her eyes and goes for the deepthroat and gags hard! Spit splashes out over my balls as she holds it down my cock head in the back of her young throat.

She goes for it again and squints as she struggles to get even half of it down her throat.

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She goes up for air and gasps as streams of spit stretch from her lips to the head of my cock. She goes back to just bobbing her head back and forth taking about a third of my cock in and out of her wet mouth. "Look at me sweetie." Brown eyes stare up at me. "Now look at Mommy." I say with a smirk. She looks over and let's my cock pop out of her mouth she grabs my wet cock and smacks it against her tongue as she looks at my wife.

She spits on my dick and jerks the slippery saliva up and down. Spit is dripping off my balls. Her chin is covered with the excess spit and she let's it drip down her little body.

Streams of spit drip down her stomach to her pussy which she rubs as she sucks me and looks up with wide brown eyes. I can tell my wife is trying not to cry out loud she sits with her arms crosses and lip quivering as she watches this.

I pull Laura up by her hand. She would've sucked me all night but I'm ready to fuck. "Get off the bed, stand right there." I say to my wife pointing beside the bed. She doesn't move at first and just stares at us both.

naked together, my arm around Laura's back. Spit dripping off Laura's chin and off my balls. "DO IT NOW!!!" Laura suddenly screams in her shrill little voice as she slightly lunges toward her, spit falling off her chin as her doll face twists into an angry frown and her eyes narrow.

She stares my wife down. I'm amazed but I don't want this to turn into a fight. "Daddy said to MOVE!" She screeched. They both glare at each other for a moment. Before I can say anything my wife gets up and goes where I pointed. Laura gets on the bed and lays on her back.

She spreads her legs wide and wipes the remaining spit off her face and rubs it on her little pussy. She smiles a sweet little girl smile the opposite of her outburst that literally just happened. "What position do you want Daddy??

I think we've done them all haven't we?" She smirks and looks over at my wife. "Right. In. This. Bed." She says slowly to her. So far my wife's remained silent but I can tell Laura is gonna torment her this whole time. And I love it. We've already crossed so many lines. Might as well jump all the way into depravity. My wife could burn a hole in us with her stare and I can feel the rage she has. "You've never gotten on top sweetie." I say to her. She giggles "You're right daddy! I haven't!

Let's do it! I wanna ride you like a horsey!" she says as she rubs her button. I'm not sure if she can even take that position but I'll try it! I've fucked her a lot she can probably take my dick riding. I get on the bed and lay on my back as she sits up and straddles me. She nervously rubs the head of my cock against her pussy. She goes for it and puts her pussy on my dick and slowly slides down. She moans and coos as she takes it slow. I hold her hips and help her impale herself on my big cock.

She yells out loud as she slides about half way down. She's wet as fuck. "OH MY GOD DADDY! YOURE SO BIG!" She says and she gently rocks herself up and down on my cock I hold her hips and guide her. She's tight. Her pussy is literally gripping my cock. I moan as she starts to ride still holding her up so the full length of my cock doesn't slam into her stomach!

"Fuck baby that's good! Good girl. You like riding your Daddy?" I say as she bounces. Her pigtails bouncing too. "I LOVE riding my DADDYYY!" She says as she slides up and down on my wet cock my hands still supporting her. She looks over at my wife right as she says the word "daddy".

"Whats my name baby girl?" I say as I kiss her all over her flat chest. "DADDY! YOU'RE MY DADDY! YOU'RE MY DADDDYYYY!" she yells as she moans loud and tries to go down further on my dick I let her and she lets out a scream!

I feel the liquid drip down my balls to my ass crack and I know she's had an orgasm because she is shaking. She's out of breath and she stops and gets off my cock. Pussy juice leaks out of her and goes all over my balls! "OHMYGOD DADDY! I'm sorry its too big! Can we do it in another position? I tried my hardest but it hurts like that!" She says in her pouty voice as she climbs off me.

I turn on my side towards her. I grab her right pigtail and say of course as I pull her by her hair for a kiss. We kiss for a long second.


Then I turn her around for a doggystyle fuck making sure she's facing my wife. The exact way I fucked my wife when Laura watched us through the door. And they both know it! I position myself behind her and push the head of my cock into her tight little girl hole. I grab a pig tail in each hand and pull her head back. I start slowly pushing in and out not my whole cock but half as she leans her head back and makes little noises.

My wife is standing directly in front of us. I notice she is kinda staring over my head. "Hey! Look at us! Look at Laura's face while I fuck her!" I bark as I slowly thrust in and out of my daughter. My wife's eyes drop down to look at Laura's face. Tears start coming down. Laura laughs.

That evil little girl laugh. "It feels sooooo good DADDY!" she says as she gently pushes back to get a little more cock inside her. She gribs the sheets as she throws her little ass back for me. I pull her pig tails. I know she's looking directly at her Mommy. I smack her ass as I fuck her a little faster. "Ahh!

Daddy have I been a bad girl?" she says as she looks back at me and bats her eyelashes. I almost came inside her. I control my load though and let her rock back and forth. "You are a bad girl. Only bad girls like spankings!" I say and smack her ass again. She squeals a little then giggles.

I pull out and grab her leg and flip her over on her back. I get down on top of her and kiss her on the mouth. My cock easily finds her wet kitty without me even having to guide it I gently push it inside her.

We passionately make out as I slowly push it inside her, her tight wet little kitty squeezes my big cock. She's taking it better than she ever has but I swear she still feels like a virgin. She puts her arms around me and whispers in my ear. "Mommy's watching us Daddy. That was my biggest fantasy!" She whispers. "And now its come true!" She says with a little giggle and kisses my neck. Slow strokes as we go from fucking to lovemaking .I think we both almost forget Mommy was there.

We've been fucking for along time and I'm almost done for. Time for the big finale. I get close to cumming then I get off Laura and stand by the bed, my wife steps back. Laura jumps off the bed and assumes the position.

Down on her knees. Her little butt on her heels and the soles of her feet showing. Her head back and mouth wide, tongue out. She looks up and literally says "Aaahhh!" "Cum for me Daddy! Please please cum in my mouth Daddy!" She chirps and then reopens her mouth. My cock is so wet I easily can jerk it all the way up and down but it only takes a few jerks.

I blow my load hard into my daughters mouth. She catches the first three shots and holds it without choking at all, the rest ends up on her chin. She holds her mouth open its FULL of my cum some is even leaking out over her lips! I expected to see her to swallow. All of a sudden Laura closes her mouth stands up and takes a step or two to where my wife is standing and to my absolute shock. My daughter SPITS my cum directly in my wife's face!

She makes a loud *hakkk* sound as she does it and this BIG load flies between my wife's eyes all over her nose and forehead and the rest falls on her shirt, the carpet and down Laura's chest goes a big thick streamer. My wife screams and runs away crying out loud down the hall to the bathroom. Louder have I've ever heard her sob. I'm shocked and a little upset. Laura smiles an evil grin at me. My cum dripping down her chin, one long stream falls off onto the carpet. "Laura what the fuck?!" I say "I don't care!

I hate her Daddy! I HATE HER!" She yells loud enough for my wife to hear down the hall. "I want her gone Daddy! I want it to be just you and me!" She says almost in tears.

"She will be gone soon Laura I promise." I say with sympathy. "You're my Daddy! I want you for myself! She's just in the way you dont need her anymore! She gave you me and now I can take her place! Its my time Daddy!" She says to me with tears in her eyes I smile and gesture for her to come to me. Laura sighs then smiles and comes and hugs me and I kiss her I don't care my own cum doesn't bother me. "She will be gone soon. Forever." I promise her and I mean it. Well I wanted this to be as peaceful as possible but it happened like that!

We walk hand in hand to the living room. Her face wet, my cock swinging. Daddy and daughter. My wife comes out with a suitcase. Tears stream down her cheeks. The cum is wiped off but there's still some on her shirt that she clearly didn't notice.

She looks at us. Laura grips my hand. She speaks after a long moment. "I'm going to stay with a friend. You two don't have to worry about me anymore. You don't want me here.

I'll leave." she looks at me with tears and hatred in her eyes. Her voice cracks as she talks "I'm sorry for whatever I did to make you both stop loving me.but I'll just go and you two can just .have each other!" She sobs a little. "Don't worry I'm not gonna say anything and I'll meet you to sign the papers and.do whatever we have to do." Her voice trails off and she walks out the door to her car without another word.

Laura looks at me. "Thank you Daddy. I'm so glad she's gonna be gone. Now we can be together for reals! No more sneaking around." she smiles big. I kiss her and we embrace for a long time. Then we walk hand in hand back to the bedroom.

We say our I love you's and fall asleep naked and holding each other. I should feel some guilt but I don't. This was exactly what we both wanted. To be continued. *I've got a LOT more to add to this story. If this one gets as many views as the first one I'll be posting part III with several new characters! Please comment but keep negative remarks to yourself!

Thanks for reading!*