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CHRiSHELiX cum inside his asshole masturbation fucks himself big dick XXL huge
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Fbailey story number 175 Sister-In-Law Sybil was very depressed after the divorce. Her husband ran off with a girl half her age. But first he mortgaged their house to the limit so that she had to file bankruptcy. She lost everything including her self-respect.

Fortunately all of their children were grown up and out of the house. In fact they were all married and living in small apartments. She had two sons and a daughter all in their twenties. Sybil was forty-seven years old at the time and in my opinion a very good-looking woman still. I had certainly admired her most of my life. She was my wife's older sister.

So I agreed with my wife Debbie that we should take her in. My wife Debbie is forty-five years old and I am forty-nine years old. We also kidded about Sybil being right in the middle of our ages, like a sandwich. Our two children are also married and out of the house so we had plenty of room for Sybil. We gave her our daughter's bedroom because it was girlish and it shared our bathroom.

Our son always used the bathroom downstairs. Of course our daughter always wanted her own bathroom but she never did get it. We also have a spare guestroom for company but we put Sybil's things in there for storage. All she did for the first couple of days was to cry and mope around the house. Then my wife told Sybil to get off her ass and to do some housework. That worked a little and got her out of bed plus the house did stay a lot cleaner.

Then Sybil started drinking. She wasn't very good at it and of course I noticed right away that the level in my bottles was going down and then I told Debbie about it. Together we decided to give Sybil some space and some more booze too. It might not have been the best decision that we ever made but it did make Sybil easier to live with. She would go through two bottles of gin a week and a case of tonic. She hit the other bottles too but gin and tonic was her favorite drink.

Sybil would be drunk and passed out when we came home from work so I started locking up the booze during the day and only provided it to her after we had eaten dinner each night. Soon after that Sybil had dinner on the table and ready for us when we came in the door.

After the dishes were done and put away I would unlock the cabinet and allow Sybil access to my booze. Debbie and I would watch her drink herself numb and fall asleep in the chair watching television.

I would wind up carting Sybil up to her bedroom and letting my wife undress her and put her to bed. Then Debbie's boss decided to send her out of town on business. Normally her boss took all of the out of town trips herself but for some reason she didn't want to go on this particular trip so she sent my wife in her place. It was a three-day trip to Bismarck, North Dakota. She packed her things, kissed me goodbye in the morning, and then she was gone.

Just like that. When I got home from work that day Sybil had dinner ready as usual, did the dishes, and then asked me to open the liquor cabinet for her. So I watched her drowned her sorrows that night. I carried her up the stairs as usual but that time Debbie wasn't there to put her in bed. So almost reluctantly I started to undress Sybil. I had admired her for many years and I had seen her in bikinis, tight shirts, and in skimpy shorts too but I had never seen her naked before.

The more clothes that I took off of her the more excited I got. When Sybil was completely naked I just looked at her lying there so peacefully. Then I kissed her on her lips and I felt her nice soft breasts.

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I kissed and sucked on her nipples, I explored her moist pussy, and then I just plain fucked her. I fucked Sybil right there on my daughter's bed while she lay there unconscious. I knew that it was the same thing as rape but I couldn't help myself I just had to fuck her after all those years of lusting after her. Sybil was the prize that had always been out of my grasp.

After I filled her with my cum I cleaned her up as best I could and then I put her to bed. In the morning at breakfast Sybil asked, "Did you put me to bed last night?" I replied, "Yes." Sybil asked, "So you undressed me then?" I replied, "Yes." Sybil asked, "So you fucked me too?" Shocked I replied, "Yes but how did you know?" Sybil said, "I didn't.

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You just told me. I was a little tender down there this morning and I was wetter than usual too. Did you enjoy it?" I replied, "Yes I did. It wasn't the best sex that I ever had but I have wanted you for so many years that I just couldn't resist." Sybil said, "It's okay.

I have wanted you to do that to me since you first started dating my little sister. Maybe tonight you will do it again before I pass out." Then I got a really nice kiss goodbye as I left for work.

That day was pretty useless. I don't think that I accomplished a single thing. All I did was to think about what Sybil had said to me that morning. When I got home from work dinner was ready as usual, Sybil was dressed up very nicely, and the candles were all lit. We had a very romantic dinner for two. Sybil had changed and it seemed to be for the better. After the dishes were done I unlocked the liquor cabinet. Sybil poured herself a nice glass of gin and drank half of it.

Then she excused herself to go slip into something more comfortable. I rather liked her in that red strapless dress with her red high heels and a nice pearl necklace. She looked quite ravishing. However when Sybil returned I was absolutely stunned.


She was in a beautiful gold colored negligée. It was transparent enough to allow me to see her areolas but still solid enough to keep her pussy hidden behind her panties.

The gold negligée had gold fur around the top and bottom. Sybil was wearing matching gold fur bracelets on her wrists and on her ankles. She had on what appeared to be golden kitten ears too. Then in a very sultry voice Sybil said, "I thought that this would be purr-fect.

Just think of me as your love kitten in heat." I wondered if she had worn that outfit for her husband too but I knew better than to ask. You just don't look a gift horse in the mouth and you sure don't upset a sure thing. At this point Sybil was definitely a sure thing.

She was offering herself to me on a sliver platter and I was going to enjoy her. I walked over to Sybil, took her in my arms, and then I kissed her more passionately than I usually kiss my own wife. I kissed Sybil as if she were my lover. I lowered her to the rug in our living room and watched her as I undressed. Then I took her back into my arms and kissed her some more.

She responded very passionately to my advances. Sybil was craving sex.

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I felt up under her negligée and tweaked her nipples causing electricity to flow throughout her body. I reached down into her panties to cup her pussy and to probe it too. I moistened my middle finger in her vagina and then searched for her clitoris. I gave her two waves of pleasure then I positioned myself between her legs and slipped her panties off her body. I eased my throbbing rock hard cock into her moist waiting pussy.

It was velvety soft and it was all mine for the taking. Sybil admitted to me that her husband hadn't fucked her in well over a year before he had left her and that I was the first man to make love to her in almost two years. I was honored.

I was even sorry for what I had done to her the night before. Sybil assured me that all was forgiven and that I could fuck her anytime that I wanted to whether she was conscious or not. I thanked her for her generous offer. So we made love and we both enjoyed it immensely. Sybil put her negligée top back on without the panties and the bracelet things.

To be funny I wore her panties. We had a very nice romantic evening together. We cuddled on the couch and watched a movie together as I fondled her breasts.

Sybil finished off her first glass of gin but she did not refill it. I asked her to sleep with me but she insisted that I sleep with her instead. She explained that she did not want to tarnish the sanctity of our marriage bed. So I slept with her that night. The next morning was just as wonderful. I got some great sex first thing with her on top and me playing with her great boobs. Then I showered while Sybil fixed us breakfast. I got a very nice kiss goodbye and a promise of a nooner if I wanted to come home for lunch.

Needless to say, I went home for lunch that day. That evening was sort of a replay of the night before but with a different negligée and a smaller glass of gin.

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Again I slept in her bed. Sex the next morning was doggy style. After breakfast I rushed off to work but I also rushed home for lunch too. Well sex anyway because I didn't have time to eat. After work we had to drive to the airport to pick up Debbie. When Debbie came through the gate I almost cum in my pants. She looked absolutely fabulous.

Debbie was wearing a tight fitting dress. It was bright red and very short. I had never seen her in anything quite like that before. She was usually much more conservative in the way she dressed in public. This was a new her and I kind of liked it. When she spotted Sybil and I she ran to me, threw her arms up around my neck, and hugged me tightly as we kissed.

I reached down to cup her ass cheeks and found that I was actually cupping her bare ass cheeks. When she had lifted her arms up around my neck her dress had risen up enough to give several very happy men quit a show. Hell if she didn't mind showing off her fine ass then why should I. I pulled my hands and her dress up still further as I watched the smiles broaden on their faces.

Men were standing still watching my hands or better yet my wife's elegant ass. When our kiss finally broke off Debbie just stepped back and casually lowered her dress back down where it belonged. Debbie spoke first and said, "God I missed you so much. How do you like me in my new dress?

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I bought it in North Dakota and changed into it in Pittsburgh for the last leg of the flight. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't kept the men in the aisle seats from looking at my panties and did they ever get wet." I replied, "I love the dress, I love you, and I love the fact that you finally did something this daring." Sybil said, "Debbie you look great and I'm excited for you too." Then the two girls embraced. This time I was standing behind Debbie when she threw her arms up around her sister's neck.

However Sybil is shorter than I am and I just got a tiny peek of the bottom of her ass cheeks. Nevertheless I smiled at Sybil as I saw her hands go down to cup her sister's butt cheeks. Sybil smiled back at me and raised Debbie's dress up further. Sybil wasn't at all concerned for her younger sister's modesty and raised Debbie's dress up to her waist showing off the top of her red thong panties in the process.

When they finally broke apart Debbie simply lowered her dress again. After that we made our way to the luggage carousel to retrieve Debbie's luggage and then I followed the two women out to the car.

In the parking garage Debbie saw a penny on the floor and bent over to pick it up. She bent over from the waist and her dress rode up to her waist as she took her sweet time picking it up.

Meanwhile I got an erection staring at her new G-string panties. I was other men looking too so I stepped closer to her and rubbed my hard cock into her exposed crack. Debbie turned slightly and looked up at me as she said, "You really did miss me. I'm glad" Sybil opened the car door and popped the trunk for me. Debbie stood back up but that time she did not lower her dress. She just sat in the front seat while I put her luggage in the trunk.

Sybil got in the back seat behind me. On the drive home Debbie placed my hand on her panties and spread her knees open for me. Debbie said, "You can help me change when we get home unless you want me to keep this dress on a while longer." I replied, "Keep it on. I think you are so sexy in it." Sybil said, "Don't let him fool you. He just likes it when you lift your arms up, excite all of the other men, and bend over that's all." Before we got home Debbie asked, "Is that true?" I replied, "Yes it is." Debbie said, "Then if you want too, you can take me to the mall and watch me excite all of the men that you want me too." I turned at the next corner and had headed to the biggest shopping mall in town when Debbie asked, "Should I keep my wet panties on or hang them up on your rearview mirror to dry while I walk around the mall for you?" Sybil in the back seat shouted out, "Take 'em off.

Take 'en all off." I smiled at her and said, "Take them off please." I had trouble driving as I watched my wife lift her fanny up off the seat and pull her red G-string panties down to her knees before sitting back down. Then she slipped them down her legs, off her feet, and hung them up on my rearview mirror as a trophy. When I reached between her legs I felt her smooth freshly shaved pussy.

Debbie had never shaved her pussy bald before. She always said that she liked having hair between her legs because if she didn't have hair down there then she would feel like a little girl. I kind of liked the little girl feel to her.

Inside the shopping mall Debbie and Sybil walked several paces ahead of me. They acted just like two close friends talking and fooling around. Debbie did raise her arms up high over her head and allow men to see both her ass and her bald pussy. She sat down with her knees wide open and flashed them her beaver. She also bent over occasionally for the men that she found to be sexy. She excited the hell out of me and herself too.

Sybil certainly enjoyed it too and tried to imitate her sister but not with the same effect. On the way home Debbie gave me a blowjob so that I wouldn't go off prematurely when I did get inside her. We went straight for the bedroom without even unlocking the liquor cabinet for Sybil. I lifted her dress up over her head and saw her naked for the time in a few days. Debbie looked fantastic and my cock sure thought so too.

Just as I slipped my cock into her Debbie wrapped her legs around me and said, "Honey I have to ask you something." I said, "Go ahead." Debbie asked, "Do you remember when we talked after Sybil's husband left her?" Not knowing what she was getting at I asked, "About what?" Debbie said, "When we talked about not sneaking around behind each others back and that we could always tell the other if we had slipped up." I said, "Yeah I remember that." I almost spit it out that her sister and I had been doing it but she was too excited and wanted to talk so I let her.

Debbie said, "Well that business trip…it turned out that my boss had set me up with the client. He would sign the contract all right but only if he could fuck me. My job depended on it so I let him. He was okay but he couldn't hold a candle to you in bed.


He only fucked me a couple of times but he shaved my pussy bald and then he bought me some sexy new clothes. For about forty-eight hours I was his little fuck toy. Can you ever forgive me?" I kissed her and pumped my cock into a few more times before I replied, "Yes honey I can forgive you. Can you forgive me for fucking your sister?" She laughed and said, "There isn't anything to forgive.

I told Sybil to seduce you if she could. But can you really forgive me?" I replied, "Yes I can honey. I love you very much. Besides I think you came back even sexier than when you left me." Debbie said, "I got a bonus too for signing him. My boss thinks that I should go out of town more often.

Would you mind?" I replied, "Not at all. As long as Sybil stays with us to keep me company." Debbie said, "Okay big boy, now fuck me good." I picked up my pace and she matched me thrust for thrust. Somehow the thought of another man fucking my wife was very exciting to me. Thinking about that, I fucked her with a new urgency.

My desire was very strong. Soon I was out of control and ramming her with a force that I had never felt before. When I finally cum in her I felt completely drained. Debbie called Sybil in to talk to us. Sybil sat on the foot of the bed while Debbie and I sat up with the covers around our waist.

I could see Sybil admiring my wife's breasts. Debbie said, "Sybil I confessed that I had allowed a client to fuck me in exchange for him signing a contract for my firm. He confessed that you and he had sex too. I just want you to know that everything between the three of us is okay that it should always be on the up and up." Sybil said, "I'm so glad that you feel that way.

Tell us about your trip." Debbie said, "Well Bill Jones was about sixty years old and a very horny old geezer. Bill made no bones about fucking me for the contract. Apparently my boss had sent a picture of me to him and he told her to send me out. I had absolutely no idea of what was going on until he told me to undress for him. When I hesitated he got my boss on the speakerphone and she told me that was the deal that she had made with him.

If I let him fuck me I would get a raise and if I didn't let him fuck me that I was out of a job. Then to top it off he had my boss stay on the line and listen while he fucked me.

I was naked on his big oak desk right there in his office as Bill shoved his old cock into me and pinched my nipples so that I would call out and tell my boss what a great lover he was. He wasn't all that bad but my husband is certainly a lot better lover. Bill only wanted to fuck me, show me off, and then brag to all of his friends that he had fucked me.

He only used me to make himself look good. He bought me that slut dress and a few more then he took me to a party and introduced me as his 'little bonus.' I could hear him behind my back telling all of his cronies that he had fucked me.

They patted him on his back and I just smiled. I about died when he danced with me and lifted my dress up to my waist like Sybil did in the airport. He hadn't let me wear any panties at all and then he twirled me around to show off the bald pussy that he had personally shaved. Besides being completely embarrassed by him he only fucked me three times and shaved my pussy twice.

In return he bought me clothes, got me a raise, and a promotion too. Then of course I got a bonus from my boss for being such a good sport. What she really meant to say was such a good fuck. She thinks that I can be useful in the future. All in all I think that it was worth it. I want to do it again if you don't mind." Sybil said, "Well if you really don't mind sharing your husband with me can I get in bed with you guys?" Debbie smiled and moved over so that Sybil could get in bed on my side.

That night I slept as a sandwiched between the two sisters. In the morning Debbie told me to make love to Sybil and that she would get hers later that night.

After work the three of us sat down to dinner and discussed our future. Sybil enjoyed keeping house for us and she hadn't had a drink in two nights. I liked having two women in my life. Debbie liked the fact that I had someone to fuck because she would be going out of town again next Tuesday. The End Sister-In-Law 175