Perv guy threesome with gf and her bestie

Perv guy threesome with gf and her bestie
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THE OTHER HALF OF ME Prologue: Then The labour had been long and difficult. The exhausted nineteen year old young woman lay on her back, sucking in large gasps of breath as she recovered from giving birth to the two blanket-wrapped tiny squalling bundles sharing the single bassinette at the side of the sweat-soaked single bed. Pacing anxiously, smoking smelly cheap hand-rolled cigarettes one after the other, a man of thirty years, husband of the young girl on the bed and father to her new-born infants, willed the telephone to ring, but dreading it at the same time.

When it uttered its shrill noise into the small room he snatched it up and spoke just two words; 'yes' and 'now' before replacing the handset carefully. "It's time to choose" he said gruffly. "Please, Edward!" the new mother cried "You know our situation, Anthea. I explained it to you" he said more gently. "They are my babies!" Anthea wailed "And we can't keep both of them!" Edward said in a tone of voice that suggested it was not the first time they had had this conversation.

"You knew that weeks ago, so stop fussing woman!" "Edward, please. I'll do anything, anything at all, but please don't do this to me!" she cried, her young heart breaking. "Either you choose or I will.

Make up your mind. They will be here soon" her hard-working husband demanded. "The boy or the girl?" A long, low wail of despair crept from the throat of the woman on the bed, which seemed to fill the stuffy small room with its pain. A chill passed along Edward's spine as he glared angrily at his wife. It was only a bloody new-born kid, for crying out loud. It's not as though she had even nursed the infant yet, so how the hell could she be so emotional about it already?

He wasn't a cruel man by any means, but he could not afford to be an emotional one right now. It was painful enough as it was. With more pain in her voice than he would have believed possible from a human being, Edward finally badgered his wife into agreeing that the boy-child should be the one.

The knock on the door ten minutes later instigated another desperate round of heartfelt pleading from Anthea, all to no avail. Edward picked-up his two hour old son and, after ensuring he was securely wrapped against the bitterness of the late November cold, carried him downstairs. He opened the heavy wooden door and placed the tiny bundle into the outstretched arms of the waiting well-dressed woman. She whispered 'thank you' as she held the child close to her chest and turned away.

Edward didn't stop to see his son being driven away. He closed the door slowly, the click of its latch sounding obscenely loud in the cold entrance hall. A small guilty sob escaped him and he pushed a fist into his mouth to silence the cry that threatened to burst forth.

He could do nothing, however, about the animal-like howl of anguish from the bedroom upstairs where his young wife had so recently given birth. The sound rent the night air and sent birds and night-time creatures scuttling for cover from the awful, unearthly sound.

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With chills all over his body, Edward slumped to the floor and allowed unaccustomed tears to fall freely down his handsome face. "Dear Lord, please forgive me" he asked the frosty air. NOW 1 My mouth drew his not-too-large cock deep into my throat as my tongue teased the smooth head. "Ahh, Jeez, baby, that feels fucking excellent" he moaned as my hand cupped his large balls and squeezed them gently whilst, at the same time I poked the tip of my tongue into the small hole on his cock-head.

I could taste cum and knew that he was only minutes away from blowing his load. I gave his cock another long hard suck before carefully, slowly, allowing his length to slip from my face. "My pussy needs some attention and it needs it now!" I told him as I straddled his waist, grasping his beautiful length and holding it in position as I lowered myself onto it.

He let out a low hiss of breath between his teeth as his length was slowly swallowed by my hot, very wet sex. He reached his hands up to my tits and squeezed each of them as I started to move myself up and down on his swollen manhood. I felt both of my large, hard dark nipples being pinched painfully between his fingertips, which drove me nuts. "Ah, shit, Jez!" I squealed, "Ah… fucking… shit!" "You are the randiest little bitch I have ever met, you know that?" he laughed, pulling me down onto him and mashing his lips against mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth aggressively.

I loved the way he kissed me; all passion and hurry, as though he couldn't wait to get one kiss over with and start the next.

It turned me on no end. I began to bounce my ass up and down faster and faster, pulling his cock as deep into my sex as I was able, relishing every single millimetre of its length and girth as it filled me. No guy had ever set off the fire in my belly like Jez did every single time we made love. He had a way of understanding me like no-one had ever even tried to before, and for that alone I was already better than halfway in love with him.

"Shit, babe!" he gasped after a couple of minutes. "I'm gonna cum!" he cried moments before I felt his cock swell inside me and a warm wetness filled my pussy as his sac gave up its load. I humped my pussy on him over and over, drawing every drop of his thick creamy cum into my body until he had no more left to give me.

I lay still on top of him and revelled in the feel of his beautiful cock inside me. Eventually it softened and slipped out. I rolled off of him and lay alongside his sweaty body, enjoying the way he looked at me, his china-blue eyes shining bright with lust and love.

I met Jeremy 'Jez' Parker during my second semester at University. It was a cliché to say that our eyes met across a crowded room, but it was perfectly true. The room happened to be the University refectory at a busy lunchtime. I was waiting in line to be served when I felt that curious prickly sensation you get when it feels like someone is watching you. At first I ignored it, but when it didn't go away I turned around to see who was staring at my back… and looked straight into the bluest pair of eyes I had seen other than my own.

Beneath the eyes was a strong, chiselled nose and beneath that a cheeky curl of a smile that immediately made my heart give one of the strange little flips it does when confronted with somebody one finds attractive. I found myself returning his smile and was rewarded with a cheeky wink before he turned away. I sighed and rued my luck. If I had not been so damn hungry, having missed breakfast that morning due to waking up late, I would have possibly broken ranks and put off eating until later.

My stomach, though, growled its disapproval of such a fanciful notion so I remained in the dinner line and rued a possible missed opportunity.

My name is Katie, Katie Charles, and I am a second year university student studying Social Sciences with no real idea of what I want to do with my life when I get my degree. I only went to uni because I couldn't think of a job I wanted to do when I left school. All I was doing was delaying making some sort of decision for another three years at least, which at the time seemed like a perfectly sensible and reasonable solution to a knotty problem.

Mum and dad, bless them both, despaired of me at times and I know that I drive them nuts a lot of the time, but they love me to bits and I love them equally as fiercely.

I wasn't daft: I knew that I was over-indulged, spoiled, even, but I tried to work hard and do my best for them. I wasn't what you might call a 'natural' student and I had to study hard and revise even harder to make sure information stuck.

I usually managed B+ grades intermingled with the occasional A, so I wasn't doing too badly I supposed. When I said that I wanted to go to a Northern university, mum was dead-set against the idea. "There are plenty of universities closer to home, Katharine" she'd said, using my birth name to emphasise her point, as she was wont to do when she wanted to be deadly serious. "But, mumsie," I wheedled, using the pet name I'd given her when I was a little girl, "that's the whole point.

I'm eighteen now and I need to be cutting the apron strings" I had told her kindly. "I know you do, sweetheart, I know you do, but can't you cut them and still be close to home?" I could have, I course I could. The point was, as much as I loved and adored my parents, if I didn't make the move away they would smother me and keep me their little girl for ever.

But how does one tell that to the most loving parents in the world without hurting them? After extracting numerous promises from me about my behaviour and studying and maintaining contact with them they eventually relented and allowed me to accept the place that had been offered to me at my chosen university. I had never regretted making the break and, if anything, the bond between me and my folks was stronger than ever. The feel of Jez's fingers on my small but firm breasts sent wonderfully sexy tingles through my petite body as we stood together under the warm spray of the shower.

I sighed contentedly and leaned into my handsome boyfriend. He nuzzled my neck and nibbled my ear lobe as his fingers parted the lips of my still-wet and aroused pussy and slipped smoothly into my body.

"You are so bad!" I said dreamily when I felt his thumb brushing gently over the hard nub of my clitoris. I reached behind me and grasped his swollen cock, which I could feel pressing into the small of my back. "But, I love you so much for it" I giggled, squeezing his stiff manhood. "You make me bad" Jez groaned, pressing his thumb more firmly against my sensitive clitty. My legs felt suddenly jelly-like and I had to rest against the cubicle wall to steady myself.

Jez immediately took the opportunity to make a grab at my ass, which he told me repeatedly was my best and sexiest feature. I liked hearing it almost as much as I liked what he was doing to me now.

I felt the pressure of his finger against the tightness of my asshole. I relaxed the muscles of my anus to allow Jez to slip a finger in to me. I groaned, as I always did whenever my ass was penetrated, as the wonderful feelings in my pussy and my ass drove me crazy all over again. I yanked hard on my lovers' cock, urging him to do what he wanted to do.

"Wait until I'm ready, girlie" he chuckled, his throaty voice reverberating in the enclosed space of the shower cubicle.

"Stop fucking teasing me then!" I retorted in frustration. Jez chuckled again and slipped his finger all the way into my ass at the same time as he filled my pussy with three of the fingers of his other hand.

His thumb continued to rub my clitty, too, which was sending me to the very brink of orgasm. I felt a second finger slip into my ass, which made me gasp in excitement.

"For Christ's sake fuck me!" I whined as I shoved Jez's swollen cock towards my ass. "Please Jez, fuck me now" I felt his lips brush the back of my neck as he slowly, teasingly, withdrew his fingers from my ass, leaving it feeling strangely empty when they were gone.

His strong fingers unfolded mine from his manhood. I braced myself against the wall and waited excitedly. 2 The smooth head felt soft against the tightness of my anus. Jez laid his hands onto my hips and I felt the pressure of his cock against the tight ring of muscle. Jez grunted as he thrust his hips firmly forward, forcing his manhood into my waiting and willing body. We both exhaled as my body accepted his length and it smoothly, deliciously filled my sphincter.

"Hard and fast!" I ordered as I felt my ass stretch to accommodate Jez's manhood. "Sure thing, honey" Jez replied a hint of humour in his voice. I felt his cock draw all the way back to entrance of my ass before being shoved firmly all the way back into me.

I 'wooshed' a breath as my sphincter swallowed my lovers' cock again. "Hard enough for you, babe?" he laughed in my ear as he slammed himself into me again, then again, and again. "I can handle everything you've got" I challenged. "Stop showing-off and fuck me, will you!" I squealed With a grunt Jez pulled his cock back to my anal ring, paused a moment, then thrust himself into my ass, filling me completely. He drew back again and filled me again, his swollen cock seeming to penetrate deeper with each thrust.

It felt amazing, as it always did. I had never tried anal sex before I met Jez Parker. It had taken him around three months of near-constant badgering before I would even allow him to put a finger in me down there. I could not deny, though, that when I tried it, it turned out to be a much nicer and sexier experience than I had thought it would be.

Less than two weeks later Jez slipped his cock into my ass and I was a convert. I reached between my legs and slipped a couple of fingers into the slit of my pussy.

My fingers matched Jez's thrusts as I stroked the delicate bud of my clitty. My pussy filled with the juices that my lover adored lapping-at like a greedy cat. This time he would have to go without because my cum-slick pussy had already had had attention.

Now it was my ass's turn. The fall of the shower spray added to the eroticism of the whole thing somehow; there was something oddly sensual about making love in a shower cubicle. Maybe it had something to do with the way the soft warm spray seemed to stroke our naked bodies while they were in the throes of hot passionate sex.

Whatever it was, it was good! My fingers were slowly edging me towards another orgasm. I could feel the fire in my belly and pussy heat up with every light touch of my fingertips on my sensitive little bud. Jez grunted with every thrust of his cock in my ass, his masculinity and aggression turning me on even more than I already was.

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"I'm going to cum, baby!" he hissed. "Any moment now!" I rubbed myself more frantically, hooping that I would cum at the same time as Jez. The tension and low-down ache in my pussy grew and grew as my little bud sent urgent, frantic signals to my sex to fall off the edge. Jez was pounding his cock into my ass, his fingers digging-in painfully to my hips as he gripped me tightly. A second before he began to groan loudly I felt his length swell tightly in my sphincter, then a thick warm wetness flooded my ass.

It was the trigger I needed to send myself into a brief intense orgasm. I shuddered from head to foot, my sphincter gripping my lover's still-thrusting cock tightly as it poured its load of cum into the deepest recesses of my ass. I sucked in deep damp breaths to replace the ones that hissed out between my lips as my body was wracked by wave after sensual wave of pure sexual pleasure and release.

We both collapsed to the floor of the shower cubicle, grinning inanely at one another, sated for the time being. It wasn't even mid-morning yet. There was a lot of day left to enjoy together! I had not given the good-looking guy who had caught my eye in the refectory much thought for a couple of days afterwards. Then, whilst studying in the library, I got that 'I'm being stared at' feeling on the back of my neck again. I was not in the least surprised to find, when I turned around to see who was looking at me, that those arresting blue eyes in that handsome face across the aisle smiling at me.

He beckoned me to join him in the aisle, moving backwards as he did so. I really didn't have time to waste on juvenile games and would have ignored him were it not for the fact that I had already passed-up one opportunity to meet the guy. If I brushed him off again he might not bother with me a third time, I reasoned. I really did not want to take that chance.


With a small smile on my face I rose from my seat, walked around the desk and approached the section of bookshelves where he had beckoned to me. He was standing at the furthest point away from me, near the grubby floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked the quadrangle.

He gave me a little half-wave and made a 'come on' gesture with his fingers. I laughed, smiled warmly and walked towards him. "You're Katie Charles" he said unceremoniously. "I am, and you are Jeremy Parker" I smiled in reply. "Jez. People call me Jez" he said. "You can call me Jez. "Okay" Before I knew what had happened I found myself locked into the handsome student's strong embrace and his face was moving towards mine.

His kiss was soft, gentle and incredibly tender; a real lover's kiss. "You are the most beautiful girl in school" he whispered huskily in between the first kiss and the one that followed it. I was so astounded that I said nothing and allowed this intense, incredibly handsome and masculine boy to kiss me again, then again several more time after that.

He released me from his embrace, took a small step backwards and looked at me, his mesmerising blue eyes looking intently at me. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked rather shyly. "Err, well, yes, I, umm, yes, yes, of course I would!" I fumbled and blustered, blushing furiously and feeling like a twelve year old schoolgirl again being asked out by a boy for the first time.

"Good. I'll see you later, then" he said before turning smartly on his heels and walking quickly away. Dumbfounded, I stood and stared at his retreating back, feeling flustered and, I have to admit, a little insulted.

Who the heck did Jeremy 'Jez' Parker think he was? That was how I met the guy who, in very short order, became my soul-mate. We had so many interests in common, so many things we both liked and disliked, such a similar taste in musiccomedy, movies and books it felt like we were destined to meet and to fall in love.

He was my 'ideal guy' in every way. The sex we had with one another was incredible, almost as though we were communicating our thoughts and feelings subliminally or something. He knew just how to arouse me, how far to push me and how to make our lovemaking spectacular and satisfying. I had never met a guy like him before and did not believe that I ever would again. We never spoke of love; it was a subject that just didn't arise between us, almost as though it was accepted that we were in love and that that was all the acknowledgement it needed.

I was not bothered Jez never told me he loved me; I knew it in my heart and soul. Jez, I learned, had been orphaned a couple of years previously when the small charter aircraft his parents and twenty other people were travelling on crashed shortly after take-off. All on board were killed instantly.

He rarely spoke of his parents, but I gathered that they had been a close family, rather like my own. My best friend, closest confidante and one-off fuck-buddy, Kaitlin Durrant, was as jealous as hell, but in the nicest way possible.

I loved her to bits and could never be angry with her at anything she said and did. "You know, Katie," she said one morning over toast and eggs, "you and the sex-god-Adonis you're sleeping with look a lot alike" "Oh, don't be so daft" I spluttered, spraying toast crumbs everywhere, which reduced us to silly girly giggles for several minutes.

"Seriously, Katie, I'm not the only one who's noticed" Kaitlin persisted when we had regained our senses. "You and Jez do look a lot alike" she insisted. "We do not!" I retorted. "That's ridiculous" I added, laughing. Kaitlin rose from her seat and disappeared without a word into her bedroom. She emerged a few moments later carrying a photograph of herself with me and Jez. "Look," she said determinedly, "look closely at you and lover-boy" Being forced to confront the issue seemed to make what my friend was saying appear to be true.

Jeremy Parker and I had similar eyes, similar noses and chins and similar coloured hair; mid-to light blonde. We were both tallish: me a shade over five feet, seven inches and Jez a couple of inches over six feet. In the photograph we were both grinning brightly and our smiles even looked similar, which what I conceded to Kaitlin. "Similar, Kaitlin, honey. I'll admit that there are similarities between us, but that's all" "I'd call it more than that" she snorted with a mocking snort of derision.

"You could well be peas from the same pod!" "Now you're being ridiculous!" I barked, shoving the photograph at her. "Here, put this away and finish your breakfast" I told her before filling my mouth with another piece of toast that was dripping with runny egg yolk.

"Have it your way," Kaitlin conceded, laying the photo to one side, "but it might pay you to find out a little bit more about Jez. I'm only saying this as your friend, that's all" she added, patting my hand affectionately. "I know, honey. It's pure coincidence, I'm sure.

It is not unheard-of for couples to look like one another, is it?" I suggested. "That's true, but with you and Jez? That is, like, freaky" Kaitlin said. Before I could reply the telephone rang and she got herself engrossed in a conversation about the molecular structure of something-or-other. She was still discussing it when I left to go to my first lecture of the day. The topic was not brought up again.

3 When I was about seven years of age I asked mummy why it was that I didn't have any brothers and sisters. Imagine my shock when mummy burst into tears and fled the room without word or explanation. I remember bursting into tears myself and being scared that I had said something Really Very Bad.

I never, ever found the courage to ask the question again in later years. I just accepted that I was my parent's only child. The one thing that I was never insecure about as I was growing-up was how much I was loved. As I've said, I was probably spoiled as a kid, but to the point whereby I became an obnoxious brat like a great many kids of parents who lack proper parenting skills and try to make up for their deficiencies with material things.

My folks were not like that. They could not afford to be for a start: daddy worked at a factory, working his way up from the shop-floor to management without losing the affection and respect of his colleagues along the way. Mummy didn't work until I started school, then she took a part-time job as a florist, a job she still does to this day. The lady who took her on all those years ago has asked mummy repeatedly to become a full-time employee and partner in the flourishing business but mummy always declines, saying that she doesn't have a business cell in her brain.

That is ridiculously untrue, of course, but trying to make mummy believe would test the patience of Job. Me and Daddy have tried, so I know! I had a very happy, comfortable, loving upbringing, marred only by the absence of siblings.

However, I was popular and had lots and lots of friends. My birthday parties were always well attended by boys and girls and weekends usually saw our modest home filled with an assortment of neighbourhood kids running in and out of its rooms. Summers seemed to last forever and if there were tearful days, they were by far outweighed by those that were laughter and adventure-filled. My first 'serious' boyfriend was the same guy to whom I surrendered my virginity at fifteen years of age.

Joel Franklin was seventeen, a footballer of some skill and as handsome as a movie star in my star-struck eyes. When he asked me to go to his house after school for to help him with some maths homework I naively believed that was all he wanted from me.

What I had not anticipated was the ease with which he seduced me and got himself into my panties or, rather, got me out of them. Even so, I thought I was in love and allowed him to have sex with me several more times, even though he never called me or acknowledged me in school. It was only when I heard he was also seeing Steffi Kryzwyk, a big-breasted cheerleader a year older than me, that I realised how I had been used by him.

He laughed at me when I told him I didn't want to see him anymore, which brought tears to my eyes. I didn't let him see me cry though: I did that alone in my bed that same night.

It was a valuable lesson I had been taught by Joel and I learnt to be more circumspect around boys right up to the day I met Jeremy Parker. He blew away all of my carefully erected defences with just one flash of those amazing blue eyes of his.

One of the 'conditions' mum imposed on me before she agreed to let me attend uni away from home was that I kept in regular contact with her. Although she was computer literate and could send a text message on her mobile 'phone, mum insisted that we actually talk at least once a week. We took turns who called whom: me calling her one week and she called me the next.

Although I'd made a small fuss about the arrangement at the time I actually looked forward to our chats as it gave mum an opportunity to keep me up to date on what was happening back home while mum could still feel an important part of my life. I don't suppose we were a great deal different to many other mothers with teenage girls living away from home for the first time. Jez and I had been dating for around six months before I finally confided to my mother that I had a steady boyfriend.

"He is incredibly handsome, mum," I'd gushed enthusiastically, "and has a pair of the bluest eyes to die for" Mum laughed affectionately. "That's' the first thing I noticed about your father" she said wistfully. "His eyes seemed to be able to read me. It was like he knew what I was thinking and feeling before I knew it myself" "That's exactly how Jez makes me feel, mum!" I exclaimed delightedly.

Mum got it! That was fantastic. "And I also feel so safe and secure when I am with him" I told her. "I just know he would never hurt me, no matter what". I had never before voiced the feeling of security Jez gave when I was with him, but now that I had, I realised how very true it was.

"He really looks out for me, mum" "Okay! Okay! I believe you, darling!" mum laughed as I gushed on and on about Jez's innumerable good qualities. "When do me and your father get to meet the young man who has turned my usually level-headed daughter into a dizzy airhead?" she chuckled. "I'm not a dizzy airhead!" I protested, laughing in spite of myself.

"I am a girl in love. Surely you remember that feeling, mummy?" I teased. "Darling, I love you father as much today as I did the very first day I met him. He had been a fabulous husband to me and an exceptional father to you. Neither of us could have asked for any more from him than what he has given both of us" she said seriously. "Sure, mum. You won't get any argument from me on that score. I know I'm a 'daddy's girl' and I feel very lucky to have a daddy like my dad" I told her, a small lump forming in my throat as I spoke.

"You have always made us proud, Katharine" she said warmly, a smile in her words. "Thank you, mummy. I love you and daddy to bits, too" I told her, blowing her a kiss and suddenly wishing she was there with me so that I could hug her and kiss her warm soft cheek.

We ended the call with my promise to her that I would call again as soon as I had talked over with Jez a suitable time to come home so that she and dad could meet him. I felt suddenly very nostalgic and homesick when I hung-up the 'phone. Luckily, like a breath of fresh air, Kaitlin breezed into my room and announced that I owed her a half-share for the pizza she'd ordered for our supper. I laughed at my beloved friend, hugged her warmly and told her that I loved her, and brushed my lips across hers before sorting out the money I owed her from the change on top of my bedside cabinet.

"We only have a cheap and nasty white left in the fridge, Katie" Kaitlin said mournfully, as though it was the worst possible event to befall us that day. "That's okay. I'm in the mood for cheap and nasty white wine" I told her. "Sounds just about perfect to me!" I added, taking her hand and leading her out of my bedroom and into the lounge of the scrubby little terrace house we shared with two other students we barely saw. A little the worse for wear from the undeniably awful wine that just about escaped being classified as vinegar by its sweetness, and more tired than I remembered being for an age, I fell into my bed wearing just my panties and slept for nine solid hours.

I had a dream that Jez and Kaitlin were both lovers of mine, which, in a sense, they were. Early on in our friendship Kaitlin and I had loosened our tongues with too much red wine one evening and had confessed to having fantasies of a lesbian experience. It wasn't at all unusual for young women to have such fantasies I learned subsequent to that night, but at the time it seemed naughty and daring.

It was a wonderful, beautiful and very sexy experience. I had made Kaitlin cum with my fingers and she had brought me to orgasm with her mouth, which was very exciting and new for me. We had spent the entire night in her bed, kissing, touching and enjoying the physical intimacy of being naked together. In the morning, with a last kiss, I left her bed, showered and carried on with my day as normal.

Although we had discussed it later, neither of us had any inclination to repeat the experience. It remained, though, a fond memory for me and now, fuelled by alcohol, it was surfacing in my subconscious. 4 In my dream Kaitlin was wearing my underwear and was sleeping in my bed with my boyfriend.

I stood to the side of the bed and watched as Jez unclasped my bra and nuzzled Kaitlin's bigger-than-mine breasts. They had the biggest nipples on them that I had ever seen and Jez sucked them like a baby. "But you can't sleep with him, Katie" dream-Kaitlin was saying to me as Jez slipped his hand into her (my) panties.

"He looks too much like you" "No he doesn't, Kaitlin. I told you before he doesn't!" I protested as I watched my boyfriend remove my panties from my best friend's body. Like me, she shaved her pussy. Jez liked a pussy to be hairless. Jez shoved his head between Kaitlin's wide open thighs and began to noisily lap at the pink slash of her pussy. "Just look at the photograph again" Kaitlin said conversationally as my dream-boyfriend flicked his tongue over her swollen clitoris, just like he did to me.

I found that I was becoming aroused at the sights and sounds I was witnessing, albeit through my subconscious. "Your eyes are the same; your lips are the same; damn it, girl, you even smile the same way he does!" a slightly breathy Kaitlin told me.

"No, no, no!" I cried as Jez, after a casual glance at me, slipped his beautiful cock into her wet sex. "You are so wrong. I love him and he loves me, too" I told my best friend as she closed her eyes and lost herself in my boyfriend's lovemaking. "Somewhere down the line, you two are related" dreamy-voiced Kaitlin intoned. "Check it out, girl. You'll see that I'm right" she said, opening her eyes and facing me.

"It isn't right what you are doing, anyway" she said coldly. The unfamiliar harsh tone in her voice woke me up. The room was pitch-dark and stuffy.

The light duvet I had thrown over myself when I'd crept into bed had slipped to the floor and I was laying on my back, one hand in my panties, a finger vigorously rubbing my aroused clitty. The details of the dream were already sketchy in my mind, but the overriding sense of something not being quite right had surfaced with me from my dream. I orgasmed quietly and felt hot tears streaming down my face as I did so.

What the hell was the matter with me? The brightness of the new morning dispelled the upset of the previous night.

The details of the semi-erotic dream of Jez and Kaitlin were already elusive and whatever message it was trying to impart to me was gone and pretty much forgotten. The unsettled upset I'd felt during the night had given way to a renewed sense of excitement. The telephone conversation with my mother came back to me and I found myself barely able to wait to see Jez and make the arrangements to introduce him to my parents.

"Do you think they'll like me?" he asked, displaying an uncharacteristic uncertainty and vulnerability. Jez Parker had always struck me as the most confident person I had ever met, a confidence that bordered on arrogance a lot of the time. Sure, he had his detractors, mainly other guys, but most people liked him immensely. "They will love you for who you are," I told him confidently, "but they will also love you because I love you" I said, allowing him to enfold me in his strong arms and kiss me.

I melted. I told myself that, no matter what happened, Jez and I would have a sensible conversation before it descended into another bout of passionate, abandoned sex. It was all going so well, too, right up to the moment Jez kissed me and I felt his wandering hand cupping one of my breasts. "No, Jez" I protested weakly. "Yes, Katie!" he grinned mischievously as he deftly unbuttoned my shirt and slipped his fingers under my bra. My nipples hardened instantly, as they always did, at the first light touch of his fingertips.

"You are so bad" I sighed dreamily as Jez laid me on his unmade bed and helped me remove my shirt. My bra followed moments later and he locked his mouth over each of my small firm breasts in turn. He flicked his tongue quickly over the top of each hard sensitive nipple, sending shivers of pleasure through my upper body. The fire in my pussy had already ignited and I could feel wetness between my legs. Never had a guy got me as hot and horny as quickly as Jeremy Parker did.

It was incredible and amazing every time I was with him, which was why I could offer only the most token of token resistance when his strong hands began to explore my body. "You have the most fabulous, sexy tits" he mumbled around a mouthful of one of them. It was a frequent refrain of his: he was one of those rare guys who was actually turned off by huge breasts. "Small is beautiful, honey," he told me the first time we had made love, "and beautiful is perfect in your case".

I had my doubts as my breasts, such as they were, were nothing much to get excited about. I had seen eleven and twelve year old schoolgirls with bigger busts than mine! Given the amount of attention Jez paid to mine, though, I had to concede that he wasn't being untruthful when he told me they were one of my sexiest features, something he said often.

He was leaning over me, his excitement obvious by the interesting bulge in his boxer shorts. I reached into them and wrapped my fingers around Jez's engorged cock, feeling that thrill of excitement I always felt when I touched the softness of the outer skin and the knobbly, ribbed feeling of the hard length of muscle.

I rubbed my thumb across the smooth head and smiled to myself when I felt wetness there already. Jez was one of those guys who seemed to be perpetually horny and ready to fuck at a moments' notice. It meant we had an active, but at times, exhaustive, sex life. I had chosen a simple black skirt to wear with the now-discarded lavender shirt, which I knew Jez liked me to wear. I would have preferred to undress completely but with his cock in my hand and his kisses becoming more urgent it was obvious that was not going to happen.

He reached between my thighs and I felt Jez push the crotch of my skimpy lace panties aside. I guided his rigid manhood to my waiting wet sex and moments later felt the smooth head of his cock slip smoothly into my pussy. Jez slid his hands under my ass. I was able to raise myself up high enough to give him room to reach my anus. I sighed contentedly when one of his fingers eased its way into my ass, quickly followed by a second. With both of my orifices filled and stimulated I was already well on my way to sensual heaven, but Jez wasn't finished with me just yet.

By carefully adjusting his position he was able to angle his cock so that when he pushed himself into my pussy it slipped into the slit of my pubis, brushing over the hard bud of my aroused clitoris. I gasped a surprised 'oh' as the first electric bolt of sensual stimulation ripped through my pussy.

In a matter of moments the regular steady strokes of my lovers' cock on my highly aroused bud was stoking the fire that was burning steadily in my pussy. I began to writhe and gasp and groan as Jez's amazing lovemaking took me to heaven.

Each small sound I made seemed to spur-on Jez. He drove his cock into my pussy hard and fast, his weight on my pushing my ass down onto his fingers that my tight sphincter was greedily holding onto. His mouth alternately mashed my breasts, his teeth lightly biting my hard nipples, sending surprisingly erotic pain coursing through me, then kissed my lips tenderly, his tongue probing every inch of my mouth, sucking my tongue and licking my teeth.

I returned his kisses with matching fervour and passion, my arms now wrapped around his shoulders and drawing his handsome face closer to mine. He kissed the tip of my nose, my cheeks, my eyelids, my ears, lightly brushing them over the smooth softness of the skin at the nape of my neck, something he knew I loved him doing to me. I felt the very tip of his tongue draw a thin moist line from my shoulder to the lobe of my ear and I felt myself shiver with pleasure.

I could not prevent the groan that escaped my lips when he kissed his was across my chest to the other shoulder and did the same thing there. The fire in my pussy grew in intensity and heat as my beautiful lover's swollen cock inched me gently towards orgasm. I held Jez tightly and willed my body to take me all the way to the heaven that it promised me. Sensing my urgency, Jez began to pound his manhood into me, drawing his fingers out of my ass gently so that he could concentrate fully on his and my releases.

Sweat beaded his forehead and he closed his eyes as he drove himself, piston-like, into my soaking-wet pussy. I could feel my love fluid leak from my sex and trickle down my perineum to my anus as Jez's cock pounded into me.

I was almost delirious with arousal and the need to orgasm. I panted small urgent breaths into my lungs and tossed my head wildly from side to side as the intensity of the heat in my pussy reached near-unbearable levels. At the point where I was certain that I would probably die if I didn't orgasm my body seemed to explode in a riot of sexual sensation. 5 I screamed as my body convulsed violently and my mind blanked out everything else except the incredible, wonderful, exciting, mind-blowing sexual sensations that flooded every single molecule of my being.

I was no longer a woman, but a highly aroused and sexually charged mass of sensuality as wave after incredible wave of sexual intensity washed over and through me. I had no control over myself and I bucked, thrashed and writhed helplessly as my orgasm took me higher, higher, higher.

From somewhere I heard a sound like a thunder moments before I felt my pussy become flooded with warm wetness. A minuscule part of my brain recalled the feel of cock filling my pussy and I realised that it had cum and the noise that was penetrating my orgasm-addled brain was Jez enjoying his moments of release. The realisation triggered another wave of sensual energy to swamp my body and I was lost.

It felt like a millennium at least had passed before I began to come down from the intense high I had been on. My five senses came back to me slowly as my breathing returned to normal. I felt exhausted but incredibly relaxed and at peace. Jez lay on top of me, his weight comforting and reassuring. Our eyes met and a slow, sexy smile curled the corners of my lovers' mouth.

"What were you saying?" he asked, grinning now. I swatted his head and giggled. God, I loved him so much! He drove fast, but skilfully carefully. To look at the car you would think it would be kinder to take it to a scrap yard and put it out of its misery, but Jez would have been extremely insulted if you had suggested as much. Although only the much-faded red paint job kept portions of the bodywork attached to the frame and rust showered to the ground if you slammed the doors closed too hard, the once sporty little car had a heart that beat as strong as any newer, sleeker model.

Its engine roared its pleasure at being allowed to run free on the open road again, and we sped our way to the home where I spent my formative years. Mum had been full of questions when I had talked over with her the best time for me and Jez to visit. With Christmas less than a month away and the expectation that I would join my folks for the holiday, it made sense for Jez and my folks to meet before then so that, if he wanted to, he could spend part of the holiday season with me and my parents.

I told mum very little about Jez other than he was tall, very handsome and had been adopted by the most loving parents imaginable, according to him. I added that he treated me like a princess and that I loved him with all my heart, which made mum chuckle. "Ah, young love," she had sighed affectionately, "there is nothing like it to sense your senses loopy" she'd laughed. "I know mum" I had giggled with her. "Jez makes me feel silly and sexy, precious and protected and like the most important person on the planet when I'm with him" I said with enthusiasm.

"And when I'm not with him, well…" "It's like you've lost your right arm?" mum interjected, the wistful tone in her voice unmistakable. "Exactly!" I exclaimed. "Your dad and I have been together a long time, Katharine, and I still feel that way about him" she confided. "He has always been the only man for me, ever since the day I met him". "I hope I'll still feel that way about Jez when we are your age, mum" I said before wrapping up the call after agreeing that Jez and I would drive down and spend the coming weekend with her and dad.

The signpost indicated three miles to the village where I was born and grew up. "You may not believe this, Katie, but I actually feel nervous!" Jez laughed "You'll be alright" I assured him confidently.

"Mum and dad are going to love you. "If you say so" he replied flatly, staring ahead like a man on his way to be executed. I laughed and he had the good grace to blush slightly as his silliness. Less than ten minutes later Jez parked his beat-up old car outside my former home, a smallish three-bedroom semi-detached property with an aged conifer in the front garden that dad constantly battled with. The tree wanted to spread its branched far and wide and dad wanted to reign it in as it tended to block out a lot of light to the cluttered lounge.

He had once made an application to the authorities for permission to take the thing down altogether but instead received a Preservation Notice along with a host of restrictions imposed as to what he could and could definitely not do with the tree. It was one of the few times I had seen dad really lose his temper that day! His car, a sensible two-door saloon that she changed every two years, was not on the drive. "There's a bit of good news for you" I smiled as Jez slipped his hand into mine.

"You'll only have to face mum straight away. Dad's out at the moment" Jez smiled grimly at me and gave my hand a gentle squeeze, but didn't speak as we made our way round to the back of the house where we found my mother, back to the door, her hands in a sink-full of washing-up.

Wonderful aromas wafted through the open door; bread, spices and something sweet. Mum loved to bake for her guests. "Hi mum!" I said brightly as I stepped into the homely, cluttered kitchen that was far too small for mum's cooking needs.

"I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Jeremy, known as Jez to almost everybody" I told her as she reached for a tea-towel with which she wiped her hands as she turned around to face us. The smile on her unlined face froze as the ruddy colour in her cheeks drained away. She swayed on her feet as her eyes widened in shock and she gasped a tight breath. "NO!" she cried breathlessly, leaning backwards and allowing herself to sink to the mat-covered tile floor. "No, no, no!" she moaned into her hands, "Mum!

Mum!" I cried, shocked and upset at this most uncharacteristic and extraordinary behaviour from the single most level-headed woman I knew. "What on earth's the matter!" "Go away Katie. Go away now. Leave me alone" "But why?" I insisted, utterly confused at this most strange and completely unexpected turn of events.

"Tell me what the problem is!" "Katharine, just GO!" mother insisted, her voice muffled because she insisted on holding the tea-towel over her face and refusing to look at either me or Jez. "Go before you father gets back" "No, mother, we are going nowhere until you explain what on earth is going on here!" I said, a flash of the temper I rarely allowed to surface adding sharpness to my words.

"This is MY house, Katharine, and I'll thank you to remember that, young lady!" mother spat suddenly, the anger and spite in her voice cutting me to my core. My mother had never spoken so harshly to me. "Now, please, go and get away from here!" she added only slightly less angrily. I felt Jez tug lightly on my arm "Come on, Katie, we need to go" he said softly as I burst into tears. "Mum?

Mumsie?" I cried, hurt beyond belief. "Come on, Katie. Let's go" Jez insisted. I allowed him to guide me backwards out of the open door and into the sunshine that had felt so wonderful just a few minutes ago. Somehow or other, and for reasons that were unknown to me, my safe and cosy world had just been turned on its head.

I had a host of questions and no answers and my beloved mother wasn't talking. I suddenly felt very small, very frightened and very alone. Even as Jez held me tightly in his comforting embrace while I sobbed like a child against him I knew that something was very wrong here, but I had no idea what. I was so very afraid of learning what 'it' was, but I knew I had to know.

6 We booked into a small inexpensive family-run hotel in the next village, the unplanned cost significantly eating into our meagre budget. I was inconsolable and poor Jez, the harder he tried to help only succeeded in making me feel worse than I already did. Eventually I asked him to just leave me alone for a while, which he reluctantly did.

I crawled under the heavy duvet and sobbed into the big fluffy pillow, questions running one after another around my emotionally stretched brain. After an unknown length of time I must have drifted off to sleep for when I next opened my eyes it was to find that the light in the room was significantly dimmer and the sun appeared to have set.

"Hey there, sleepyhead" Jez's voice said from somewhere out of the gloom. I saw a dark silhouette approach the bed and lean over me. "You must have need that" he said gently as his lips brushed my upturned and tear-stained cheek. "How long have I been asleep?" I mumbled through a cotton-wool filled mouth. "Two and half, three hours" he said, a smile in his voice. "Sorry about that, darling" I said as I pulled myself into a sitting position.

"It was an…, ah…, difficult situation" Jez commented tactfully. It suddenly all came back to me and my eyes filled with tears again. I sniffed them back; I Had cried quite enough for one day. I needed answers to the questions that were driving me insane. Jez must have read my mind. "Someone rang your mobile while you were asleep" he told me. "The caller display said that it was your dad. Whoever it was hung-up on me when I answered it, all four times" he added wryly.

"I'm guessing it's you they want to talk to" "I am so sorry, Jez. I wish I knew what is going on. It is so unlike my parents to behave like this" I told him as I threw aside the duvet and stood beside the bed. "I'll call my dad when I've been to the bathroom" I said, the urgent pains in my bladder insisting that I hurry up. I did not delay a moment longer. I washed my hands and dried them on a not-too-soft hand towel.

My face in the small mirror deemed to have aged several years in the past hours and dark patches were developing under my eyes. My hair was a tangled mess which finger-combing did little to improve. I sighed, smoothed my clothes then rejoined Jez in the bedroom. He smiled at me, a smile meant to convey reassurance but spoke more of his concerns for me. "It'll be okay" I said with far more confidence than I actually felt as I picked up my mobile phone and brought up my father's mobile number.

I thought it might be safer than dialling the landline. "It's me, dad" I said when my call was answered on the third ring. "Hello Katharine" dad replied, which set alarm bells ringing for me. My father, almost from the day I was born, always called me by my pet name, Katie-kiss.

It was rare for him to use my given name, so to hear hi m use it now told me that things were even more serious than I'd imagined. "Your mother told me that you had been round" he added slowly. "Daddy, what is going on?" I asked, my voice thickening with emotion as my eyes filled with tears again. "Why did mummy act the way she did?" "Can you come round in, say, an hour?" my father said, ignoring my questions. "I know you have questions. Your mother and I will answer them all when you get here" he said solemnly.

"Okay. We'll see you in an hour" I said. "No, Katharine. Not…," he paused, searching for a word, "Not the young man" he compromised. "Just you, on your own". "Why can't Jez come with me, daddy" I asked. The tears I had fought to hold back trickled unchecked down my face.

"What is this all about?" I sobbed down my handset. "I'm sorry darling" my father said, his voice much softer and concerned. "I know that this is hurtful and confusing for you, but your mother and I will explain everything; answer all of your questions when you get here, okay?" "Okay, daddy" I sobbed "Your mother and I love you dearly, Katharine, remember that" he said, blowing me a kiss and disconnecting the call.

Jez held me close, stroking my back soothingly while I sobbed on his shoulder. When I had cried myself out he wiped my face with tissues from the complementary box by the bed and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Whatever it is, we'll get through it" he told me, his eyes boring earnestly into mine. "I love you" he added shyly. "Oh God, Jez!" I wailed, "I love you so much.

I don't know what I would do without you" I told him, throwing myself into his embrace and allowing his lips to press against mine passionately. I felt the heat of desire warm my crotch and would have allowed things to progress had time been on my side. Instead I reluctantly disentangled myself from my lovers' embrace. "I had better make some sort of effort to make myself look presentable" I chuckled.

"I must look pretty rough right now?" "You look good to me, whatever" Jez grinned, that mischievous twinkle in his eye was accompanied by a lascivious leer that immediately dispelled the heavy mood I was in. We were sitting side-by-side on the edge of the bed. I was happy to allow Jez to ease me down onto my back. His hands slipped over my small breasts and began to squeeze them, causing the nipples to stiffen into two hard points.

The fingers of one hand deftly undid the buttons of my shirt before pushing my bra upwards and cupping the warm soft mound of my breast. "You are a bad boy!" I sighed contentedly as Jez closed his mouth over one, then the other, of my breasts, sucking each mound fully into his mouth and flicking his tongue over the hard nipple. My pussy flooded with desire as my handsome lover stimulated me with his mouth, first, and now his fingers that were stroking the swell of my pubis through my panties.

I reached towards his groin and felt the swell of his erection through the fabric of his trousers. "Need some help there?" I murmured dreamily as Jez slipped a finger into the crotch of my panties and began to stroke the moist sensitive lips of my pussy.

I fumbled his zipper and undid the metal button as his waist before slipping my hand into his underwear and firmly grasping his swollen cock.

A small gasp of pleasure burst from Jez when my hand began to slide up and down his impressive seven inch length. I felt a second of his fingers slip into my panties before one slipped into the wetness of my pussy and the other investigate the crease of my pubis and locating the super-sensitive nub of my aroused clitoris. It was my turn to gasp as my experienced lover began to expertly lightly rub and stroke my small hard nub, sending incredible sensations coursing through my body.

I gripped his thick, stiff cock tighter and rubbed it harder and faster. "Ah, god, baby!" Jez gasped. "That feels fucking great!" he told me as he slipped a second finger into my wetter-than-ever pussy and rubbed my swollen clitoris faster still.

In what felt like a matter of moments I felt myself teetering on the brink of orgasm. "I'm gonna cum, Jez!" I cried urgently, pounding his tumescent cock as hard and as fast as I was able to as my body began to fall over the edge into the welcome oblivion of sexual and sensual heaven. The fire in my crotch and belly drew a loud and drawn-out cry of release as my body stiffened, then bucked violently as my lovers' fingertip tipped me slowly over the edge into orgasm.

I felt my fingers being unfolded from around Jez's cock. I watched through half-lidded eyes as Jez, while he watched me enjoy my orgasm, grasped his swollen manhood and began to furiously pump it. He was panting heavily and his clenched fist was a blur as it pounded his cock. I heard a low, animal-like growl begin at the back of his throat, which grew in volume and intensity as Jez neared his own climax.

He yelped like a dog as a fountain of cum erupted from his cock-head. A second thick spurt of cum followed the first, and still his hand grasped and pumped his stiff manhood. He was growling and groaning in pleasure as further, smaller spurts of his sticky creamy fluid were drawn from his manhood.

A smile of pure satisfaction settled on his face when he was satisfied that there was nothing left to come and he released his softening cock. "I needed that" I giggled as I stood up. "Hmph!" Jez snorted, a big smile on his face. I laughed happily. "You'd better get yourself tidied-up" he said, nodding at my somewhat dishevelled appearance. "I'll come in when you're done" "Okay, handsome|" I said, kissing him lightly on the lips before heading to the bathroom again.

I washed my face, fixed my hair and applied make-up to conceal the redness and bags around my eyes. I used the toilet again, washed my hands and brushed my teeth before deciding I felt semi-human again. "All yours" I told Jez. He patted my ass as he went by me, which made me smile. I changed into a lightweight pair of trousers and a university sweatshirt before slipping on trainers over sockless feet. I was about as ready as I was ever going to be for whatever was coming up.

Jez insisted on driving back to my parents' house and in waiting for me outside while I was talking to them. He reasoned that I might not want to call a cab afterwards if I was upset again. I could not argue with his logic so, with a soft kiss on my lips from him, I left his car and walked with growing trepidation towards the street door that I knew so well. 7 My grim-faced father answered my tentative knock.

He offered a wan smile to me which I managed to return, just. I followed him to the room that mother insisted upon calling the parlour, although it was such an old-fashioned and antiquated term.

It was the room that, through my developing years, had been the scene of much laughter and tears for various reasons. Its décor was a mixture of antique and uber-modern; Ikea meets Victoriana. Somehow, though, mum's artistic flair made it work and, as it had when I was a child, it remained my favourite room in the house. Mum was sitting in an upholstered wing-back chair. She sat stiffly upright, her hands clasped together on her lap, her face drawn with strain. Her watery-blue eyes peered at me through horn-rimmed spectacles that perched precariously on the end of her small dainty nose.

"Hello mother" I said warmly, feeling unaccountably nervous. "Katharine" she acknowledged flatly, blinking twice. "Take the chair there, darling" daddy said, indicating one of the dining chairs with the plush red padded seats.

He sat himself on his favourite chair beside my unmoving mother. Seeing them together like that made me realise how old daddy was getting. Where mummy was still attractive in a slightly care-worn way, daddy looked tired and run-down; old beyond his fifty years.

He smiled uncertainly at me. I managed to curl my lips in an approximation of a smile, but it was as forced as it looked. "You must stop seeing that boy, immediately, Katharine" mother said without preamble. "What?" I gasped, shocked. "Stop seeing that boy. Now. Today." my mother insisted, her tone flat and cold. I had never heard her speak like that to me or anyone else and it sent a chill racing up my spine. "I will do no such thing!" I retorted sharply.

"Why on earth would you want me to stop seeing Jeremy?" I asked. "Katie, darling, please listen to your mother" daddy implored, his voice strained. "But why daddy? Why is she doing this to me?" I begged of him, fighting back yet more tears. "The why doesn't concern you, young lady" mother commented archly.

"I have told you to stop seeing that boy and I expect you to do as such" "Mother, unless you tell me what is going on here I will be forced to disobey you. I love Jez and he loves me, so why on earth you would want me to stop seeing him is completely beyond me" I gushed breathlessly. "You want me to be happy, don't you?" I asked as a few hot tears leaked from my eyes. I angrily wiped them away as I stared at my parents. A look passed between them, one which I could not read but seemed to be some sort of signal for my daddy's head nodded ever-so-slightly and a grim expression settled on his face.

"Darling," he began slowly; reluctantly, "your mother and I have something to tell you which will shock and upset you. All we ask is that you hear us out and try not to judge us" he said. I felt the first stab of genuine fear cut through me when I saw my father wipe a tear from his own eye.

"Daddy? What's wrong?!" I cried. "Are you ill? Is mummy ill?" My eyes darted between my parents, looking desperately for a clue as to what would cause my father to cry. "It's nothing like that, Katharine" mother sighed, sounding incredibly tired. "Just listen, please" she asked, sighing resignedly.

"Okay, I will" I said Daddy smiled at me, a sad, tired smile that did little to ease the tension that was beginning to make my shoulders ache. I swivelled them both to try and ease some of the stiffness out of them as my mother began to talk in a low, even tone of voice.

"I was only your age now when I gave birth to you" she said. "I was inexperienced and unworldly, but your father, because he was older than me, helped me to understand those things that puzzled me" A smile, an affectionate smile, played at the corners of her mouth.

"When I found out I was pregnant it was the most exciting day of my life and also the most frightening" Daddy reached over to her and took hold of one of her hands and patted it lightly as mother continued to talk. "We were not as well-off back then as we are today, Katharine, and it was always hard to make ends meet. Having an extra mouth to feed was always going to be difficult" She paused and drew in a big breath.

"Imagine, then, our shock when we learned that it would not be just one extra mouth, but two!" she blurted. I sat and stared, dumbfounded, unsure of what I had just heard.

"T…, two babies?" I stuttered "Yes, darling" daddy said, his head hanging down, unable to meet my eye. "I have a twin?" I clarified. "I have a twin sister?" "A twin brother, actually" mother said, straightening her back and staring defiantly at me, as though expecting me to challenge her. "Oh, wow!" I exclaimed, shaking my head in wonderment at this amazing news.

"We were too poor to keep both babies, you see, darling" daddy went on hurriedly, "and our friends, well, their baby died before it was born" he said, meeting my eye for the first time in several minutes. An unpleasant gnawing, sick feeling began to settle into the pit of my stomach as I began to get a worrying inkling of where this story was heading. "No, please!" I cried, suddenly not wanting to hear another word, as though by not hearing it would negate the truth of it. "We gave your new-born brother to our best friends on the promise that they would move as far away from here as they could" mummy said clearly and calmly.

"They left the night you were born" she added. "Elaine and Brendan Parker, Katharine. Do those names mean anything to you?" daddy asked so gently it almost hurt. "Nooooooooo!" I wailed loudly. "No, no, no, no, no!" "I'm so sorry, Katie," daddy said gently, with a hitch in his voice, "but your boyfriend, Jeremy, is actually your twin brother" A small cry escaped mum's throat as daddy continued.

"The Parkers' baby died and was stillborn a few days before you were. We your mother and I gave them your twin to help them get over their grief and to also help us out. Honey, please believe us that it was the most terrible, heart-breaking decision either of us has ever had to make" He wiped tears from his eyes and, although I cried and argued and told them I didn't believe them, I knew by daddy's tears that he and mother were telling the awful truth.

"You must tell your bro…, Jeremy, that you can no longer see one another, Katharine" mother said, her voice softer and caring again. "No. No, I won't do it" I said stubbornly. "But, darling, you have to" daddy said, shocked at my refusal. "I do not have to do anything I don't want to!" I retorted angrily. "It's not my bloody fault that you two created this mess!" I had never spoken so bluntly or angrily to either of my parents, even during the worst days of my teenage angst years.

"I love Jez and he loves me. I can't just toss that aside just because you say so!" I spat angrily. "I suggest that you reign-in your temper, young lady" mother said. "Whatever has happened does not mean that me and your father deserve a display of your temper, thank you" she added primly. "Mother, you deserve everything and much more that I have to give!" I shouted, leaping to my feet.

"How could you have been so fucking stupid!" I cried. Her hand lashed out and caught my cheek firmly. The sound of the slap seemed to reverberate around the small room. I gasped, as much in shock as pain.

I could not remember my mother ever raising her hand to me. "Don't you ever use that sort of language in my house!" she hissed between clenched teeth. "No matter what has happened you will keep a civil tongue in your head, is that understood?!" The glare she directed at me made me feel like a naughty schoolgirl again and I averted my eyes, unable to meet her angry glare.

"Yes, mother. I am very sorry I swore" I said, contrition seeping from every word. Mother 'hurrumphed' but made no acknowledgement of my apology. I had really upset her. "Katie, listen.

You cannot legally continue this relationship. It's called incest and it is illegal. Both you and, err, Jeremy can be sent to prison!" daddy warned.

"Surely you can see that you have no choice, don't you?" he implored. "She is just being a silly girl" mother interjected. "She's nineteen years of age and already knows it all" "That is not helping, Anthea. This has been an awful shock for Katie. She is bound to be a little confused right now" daddy scolded gently. "I'm not so confused as to know that I love Jez.

He is an amazing guy and treats me better than any other boy I have ever met. I cannot just 'give him up' as you so casually put it" I addressed my mother but she would not look at me. "Do I disgust you mother, is that why you won't look at me?" I challenged "Katie, don't" daddy warned quietly. "No, daddy! I feel like I am being punished for a decision you and mummy took all those years ago. Mummy won't look at me and I want to know why. Is it through shame or guilt for her actions or is it disgust because I won't abandon my lover because it's the so-called 'right thing to do'?" I cried "He's your BROTHER!" mother screamed at me.

"You sick, twisted child, he is your brother!" she sobbed, collapsing against daddy, her shoulders heaving. "You can't keep on with him, it's wrong and it's sick" she mumbled. "I don't care what you say, I love him and that overrides anything you say" I defiantly told my mother's back. "I don't care what you think of me" I added, less certainly. "The both of you, stop!" daddy cried in exasperation. "Bickering like this is not helping one iota" "In that case, I'll make things absolutely clear" mother said slowly and deliberately, turning around to face me, her red-rimmed eyes boring into me.

"You either stop seeing that boy or you make yourself unwelcome at my doorstep. The choice is yours" She straightened her back and marched out of the room, closing the door softly behind her. 8 "Daddy?" I asked, a tearful quiver in my voice. "Oh, she'll come round, sweetheart, don't you worry about that" daddy said, opening his arms and swallowing me in his warm embrace.

"But she does have a point, you know, about you and your brother" His lips brushed the top of my head as he hugged me close and for a moment or two I felt as safe and secure as I had when I was a little girl afraid to go to bed because of the monsters under my bed.

The monster this time wasn't some indefinable imaginary creature but a living, breathing nightmare called incestuous love. I could barely get my head around the phrase, let alone think of Jez my Jez as my flesh and blood; as my brother.

It was all too unreal and surreal to take in. "I have something to give you, Katie" daddy said and he unfolded his arms from around me. He reached behind himself and picked up a white envelope that showed slight discolouring along its edges. "This letter was written by Elaine and Brendan shortly after they took your brother. All four of us knew that one day what we did back then would come back to haunt us.

It's incredible that it has taken this long, to be honest" he said, the pain and shame in his tone horrible to hear. He handed me the plain, unaddressed envelope.

"Take this, read it carefully and, please darling, try and understand that what we did was for the very best of intentions" he said, kissing each of my cheeks before leaving me alone in the parlour. I needed to see Jez; to be with Jez. I grabbed my coat and left the room. I couldn't hear my parents anywhere in the downstairs rooms.

"I'm going now" I called out as I shrugged myself into my coat, shoving the letter deep into one of the pockets. There was no reply. Unperturbed I opened the street door and walked out of the house, unaware that it would be the last time I would set foot inside it for over seven years. I shivered as I walked quickly to Jez's car, whether through cold due to the drop in temperature or because of what had just happened I was not at all sure.

I told Jez that I would answer all of his questions once we got back to our hotel room. He could see from my tear-stained and strained face that things had not gone well. He had no idea of the bombshell I was about to drop into his lap. Our room did not boast anything as grand as a mini-bar. While I washed my face and composed myself I asked Jez my brother! to fetch us a couple of stiff drinks from the hotel's small bar. We would need them, that much was a dead certainty. I undressed and slipped into pyjamas and a loose gown after washing my face.

I retrieved the letter from my coat pocket and laid it on top of the bedside cabinet at the side of the bed I had slept and waited nervously for Jez to return. The brandy warmed me pleasantly as it slipped down my throat. It also helped to calm my jangled nerves. Jez took a generous swig of his whisky before planting himself in the overstuffed old-fashioned bedroom chair which he seemed to dwarf. "Okay, enough messing about and delaying tactics, Katie.

Are you going to tell me what went on at your folks' house?" he said, trying to sound casual and off-hand but coming across as annoyed and aggressive. I took another sip of my brandy and swallowed it before speaking. "Before |I say anything," I began nervously, "I want you to know that what I have to tell you doesn't Change anything as far as I am concerned". Jez looked at me quizzically, but just nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Mum and dad told me that, when I was born, I had a twin" I said slowly. "A twin?" "Yes" "What happened to her?" Jez asked "She was a he," I clarified, "my brother, and my parents gave him away to friends of theirs whose baby had died" I managed before bursting into tears again. In a flash Jez was by my side, wrapping me in his arms and holding me close as I sobbed. "Oh, God, Jez!" I wailed, giving full vent at last to the well of emotion that had been threatening to burst out of me for the past hour or more.

"It's awful!" "I still don't understand" Jez said, the confusion in his voice unmistakable. I did not want to have to say the words that could tear apart the wonderful world Jez and I lived in.

I wanted nothing more than to end this conversation right here and now. I wished that Jez and I could forget about our parents, our studies and our friends and just go away together and simply be together for always.

Unfortunately that was not going to happen and I had to say the words that would quite possibly change my life and Jez's life forever. I wiped my eyes, blew my nose and took a deep breath. I turned to face Jez and took hold of his hands. "Jez, my parents' friends are your mum and dad" I said softly. "You are my twin brother" I told the boy I loved. His mouth dropped open and the colour drained from his face.

He swayed forward and I thought he was going to faint, but he managed to hold himself upright. "You are joking, right?" he gasped, pulling his hands away from mine and standing up abruptly. "This is some kind of sick wind-up; a sick joke" he accused, angry now. "Of course it isn't!" I cried. "I swear to you that this is what my parents told me a short time ago. I am as shocked as you are!" "No. No. It is too unbelievable" Jez said, the steely controlled tone in his voice making me nervous.

"People just don't go around giving away babies" he hissed. "It just doesn't happen!" he cried as he threw himself into the chair again. I could have argued with him that what had happened perhaps was not as uncommon as he believed, but it would not have helped our situation any, so I said nothing.

"I don't want to believe it, either" I said calmly. "I love you with all my heart and to think of you as…" I faltered "As your brother?" Jez offered. I nodded. "Oh, dear god!" he yelped as a new realisation dawned upon him.

"My god, we have been committing incest!" he said, his voice much louder than I was comfortable with. "That is sick!" "Please, Jeremy," I pleaded urgently, "try to speak more quietly. We don't want anyone else to know about this!" "Too fucking right we don't!" he retorted. "I sure as hell don't want it getting out that I have been fucking my own sister!" His words were scathing and seemed to be directed at me, as though the whole situation was somehow my fault.

"Please, don't" I said, choking back yet more tears. "It's not my fault!" Jez stared at me, the fire of his anger making his eyes blaze with barely contained fury. He took an angry swig of his whisky, swallowed it then finished-off the remainder. "I need another one of these" he said. "Do you want a refill?" I had barely touched my brandy.


"No, thank you" I said softly. Jez turned and yanked open the hotel room door, then slammed it noisily behind him as he exited. I listened to his heavy footsteps stalking down the corridor until they faded away. I reached for my drink, using both hands to steady the glass before I could take a sip of the soothing alcohol.

He was gone almost fifteen minutes before the handle of the door turned and he entered the room. His eyes were slightly glazed and there was an unpleasant aura of drunkenness about him. He carried a full tumbler of amber whisky in one hand while he used the other to steady himself as he closed the door again. "I've had a couple of drinks" he slurred. "I feel much better now!" he exclaimed with a drunken grin. "I'm pleased" I said as neutrally as I could. "You're my sister" he grinned, the word sister coming out as 'shishter'.

"I got me a shishter!" he laughed, raising the tumbler of whisky to me in a salute before taking a generous swig. I had never seen him drunk before. It was not a pleasant experience. I sat in silence as, like a lot of drunks do, he repeated the same phrases over and over again.

"Why don't you get into bed?" I suggested when he had emptied the glass and dropped it carelessly onto the carpeted floor. "That's a good idea!" he exclaimed.

"I need sleep" He would not allow me to help him undress and so staggered around the room, banging into the furniture as he pulled off his clothes. How he didn't fall and hurt himself is anybody's guess, giving truth to the old saying that 'god looks after drunks and fools'. Jez eventually fell onto the double bed wearing just his boxer shorts and was soon snoring loudly, curled into a foetal position in the middle of the bed.

9 He had consumed the better part of his third mug of strong black coffee before he felt anywhere near human again he told me, apologising for the umpteenth time since he had awoken.

"It was all such a shock, you know?" Jez had said. I could have been angry at him; after all, it had been as much as shock to me as it had him, but what would have been the point. What was done was done. Hopefully the hangover that was going to trouble him all day would prove 'punishment' enough for his foolishness. "When you have showered we will talk some more" I said gently. "Yes, of course" he agreed. "Want me you scrub your back?" I asked teasingly, peering coquettishly at him from under my eyelashes.

"Uh, err, I, err, think it would be, uh, better if you, umm, didn't" he mumbled, not able or willing to meet my eye. "Fine!" I said, jumping to my feet and collecting our breakfast things together. I would not let him see how hurt I was or how hard I was fighting back the tears that spilled down my cheeks as soon as I was out of his sight.

Was this how it was going to be now? Was Jeremy Parker, the boy I loved with my heart and soul, lost to me as a lover? Would he insist on seeing me as his sister and treating me as such? The thoughts were unbearable. I had a hollowed-out feeling in my stomach and the buttered toast and tea I had so recently consumed threatened to be unceremoniously regurgitated.

I drank a long, cool glass of water and breathed in deeply until the churning in my stomach settled. "Shower's free!" Jez called a few minutes later. "Okay, thanks" I answered unenthusiastically.

The only time I showered alone these days was when I was up and out before Jez or vice versa. We both enjoyed sharing a shower and whatever happened when we did so. Jez had never before refused a chance to shower with me, until this morning. He was already dressed when I re-entered the bedroom. I began to undress. Jez coughed once then brushed past me averting his eyes as he did so. I sighed in frustration and irritation.

I showered quickly and dressed again, packing our things into our suitcases. The letter my father had given me was still where I had left it the previous evening. I had completely forgotten about it due to Jez's display of drunkenness. Maybe now was as good a time as any to open the letter and read its contents? I picked-up the letter and was about to rip open the envelope before pausing. Jez needed to be here, I told myself. He needed to know the contents of the letter as much as I did.

"Jez, can you come here a minute" I called. He came to the bedroom and I explained to him about the letter. "Let's have a look at it, then" he said with a small smile. We sat side by side on the edge of the bed and I carefully slit open the envelope. Inside was a single handwritten A4 sheet of paper.

"Shall I read it aloud?" I asked. Jez nodded in agreement. I cleared my throat and read the following: Dear Twins, We do not have names for you yet, but that is not really important right now.

What IS important is that you both understand what we did and why we did it. First of all it is essential for you to know that we all love you dearly.

What we have done is motivated by love first and foremost. I hope that, as the adults you probably now are, you can understand that.

The loss of our unborn child was devastating in itself. However, learning that would be unable to bear further children due to complications of that stillbirth was an unbearable blow. We were completely torn apart by the terrible news. When we learned that our best friends were expecting twins and were seriously concerned about how they would manage it seemed as though the Good Lord had sent us a message.

Not that your parents were keen on the idea. It took a lot of persuasion before they would agree to our suggestion that we raise one of you as our own child. Originally we wanted you to know that you had a sibling.

However that idea seemed to throw up more problems that it would solve so the VERY reluctant decision was made to not tell either of you of the existence of your brother/sister. We hope that we made the right decision. "Jesus!" Jez exclaimed. "What the hell were they thinking?!" He sounded pained rather than angry. We also hope that we have done our very best for you I continued. We hope and pray that you have always felt loved and wanted and that you have learned the values that will stand you in good stead in your adult lives.

Above all else, though, we hope and pray that you have always felt special, for that is what you are, both of you. The letter was signed 'Elaine Parker and Brendan Parker' and dated a few days after my date of birth.

Jez told me that his birthday was a few days after mine; the same date that was on the letter. "The bastards!" Jez exclaimed. "How could they be so fucking…, callous?" he asked, staring at the signatures of the people he had always believed were his natural parents. "How could they do this?" "It sounds like they were really loving, caring people" I ventured carefully.

"I'm sure they meant the best, as did my parents. "They were great folks," Jez acceded, "but to have said nothing all those years. Man, that's too much" he sighed, shaking his head. "My parents are no better" I added. "They were party to this…, this deception and bear equal blame" "I know" Jez sighed again. "And if you want to be angry at anybody it's them, not your mum and dad. It was not them who gave you away!" I cried, suddenly feeling the full weight of the betrayal that had been perpetrated against me and Jez.

"Fuck them!" Jez seethed, jumping to his feet. "Fuck them to hell and back!" "They want me to stop seeing you" I said tearfully. "They want me to 'give you up', but I can't do that" I told my brother.

Jez knelt in front of me and took hold of my hands. His wonderful eyes looked into mine, the blaze of anger that had illuminated them so vividly now replaced with the calm of concern. "They have a point, Katie" he said so softly and gently a lump formed in my throat. "We cannot continue as we were. Not now that we know" he told me, his every word pregnant with sorrow and regret. "No, don't say that!" I cried, lunging towards him and hugging him tightly as though I were drowning and he was my life-raft.

"I love you and I need you. Please don't leave me!" "I'm not going to leave you, Katie" Jez said. "I just meant that we can't, you know, sleep together anymore" he added.

"But why not?" I asked, even though I knew the answer to the question before I even asked it. "Because you are my sister and I am your brother, that's why. I know we have had sex many, many times already, but we didn't know we were even related, let alone so fucking closely related" he said, the last few words loaded with bitterness. "I love you too, and I want what you want, really I do, but it just cannot be". He choked on the last word and, for the first time since I had met him, I saw tears fill his eyes.

"I'm sorry" he said, rising to his feet. "Where…, where are you going?" I asked, suddenly panicked. "You need to be with your parents" he told me, a pained smile on his handsome face.

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"They love you and you need them. Having me around will only make things more difficult for you than they already are" he added before turning around and heading for the door. "No, Jez, don't!" I cried, leaping to my feet. I grabbed his arm and spun him around to face me again. "You do not have the right to make that decision for me!" I said angrily.

"It is my life and I'll decide what I want and need!" I told him. He smiled regretfully and shook his head. "No, Katie, not this time. This is my decision. It has nothing whatsoever to do with you. I am doing this for me as much as for you" Jez told me. He placed a chaste kiss on my cheek and looked meaningfully at my fingers which still gripped his arm. I relaxed them and allowed my arm to drop lifelessly to my side. "I'll call you in a few days" he told me.

I watched his hunched shoulders leave the room. I was crying too hard to hear the door close as he walked away. 10 A long, tear-filled and heartbroken week went by. I was unaware of the time, what day of the week it was or even if I had eaten or not that day. I willed my mobile phone to ring and checked it compulsively every few moments to see whether Jez had sent me a text message.

I kept it constantly on charge in case the battery discharged and he couldn't get hold of me. I even prayed that he would call. It was all for nothing. Another four days went by without word from him. I was at my wits' end and on the verge of giving-in and calling him when, around eight o'clock in the evening my 'phone rang.

"Hey" he said quietly. "Oh, hi" I responded as casually as I could even though my heart was pounding fit to burst and I was having problems controlling my breathing. "How have you been?" he enquired. "I've been better, I can't deny" I admitted as my throat constricted and I sniffed back the inevitable tears. "I miss you" I told him. "Yeah, I know" Jez said ruefully. "I didn't mean to leave it so long, you know, to call and that" he said sounding shy and uncertain.

"It's been torture" I scolded. "I've been going mad here" "I'm sorry, really I am" Jez apologised, sounding genuinely contrite. "Have you missed me, too?" I had to know. "Of course I have!" he shot back, seemingly offended that I had felt the need to ask such a stupid question. "I have missed you every single minute of every fucking day" he told me, his voice thickening with emotion.

"Oh, bless you!" I exclaimed, feeling a rush of affection for him rush through my body. Jez Parker was not the most demonstrative of guys I had met; for him to say what he had just said was a major step.

"I love you so much" I added automatically. Jez uttered a small cough. "Well, yeah, I know…, sis" he responded, placing a deliberate small pause before the 'sis'. The significance of that pause wasn't lost on me. "So what are you up to?" I asked just to change the subject, trying to ignore the ache of want in my heart.

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"I was wondering what you are up to this evening" he said. "Just sitting here reading" I lied. I could hardly tell him that I had spent every spare moment I had waiting by my 'phone for him to call me, could I? "Nothing exciting" "Okay. Would you like some company?" he asked slowly. I wasn't sure that I'd heard him correctly. "You want to come round here?" I clarified, surprised. "Yeah…, if that's alright with you" he added hastily. Alright with me? Isn't that exactly what I had been pining-for for almost two goddamn weeks?

"Of course it's alright. You should know that you are always welcome here" I said casually as though it was no big deal to me either way. "You are my brother after all" I added with a small chuckle.

"Sure, of course" I could hear the relief and the smile in his voice. "About half an hour be okay?" he asked "Whenever you're ready" I told him. "I'm not going anywhere" "See you shortly, then" Jez said and hung up. Oh my GOD!

I was a mess; my flat was a mess and I had about thirty minutes to do something about it. I set-to like a dervish, puffing-up cushions, clearing away books, magazines and newspapers, quickly running a duster over all the flat surfaces. I had a couple of items in the kitchen sink to wash-up before I turned my attention to my bedroom.

I grabbed a black bin-liner and grabbed handfuls of discarded clothes and shoved them haphazardly into it; clean and soiled tossed together. I hid the almost-full bag in a storage cupboard. A glance at my clock/radio told me I had time for a very quick shower before Jez would arrive. I towel-dried my short hair and applied some deodorant and expensive perfume that Jez had bought for Christmas last year and slipped on a pretty cotton dress he particularly liked over silky white bra and panties.

I was brushing my almost-dry hair when the doorbell rang. My heart leapt into my throat as I checked myself in the mirror before going to open the door. "Hiya, sis" he grinned cheekily when I opened the door He looked as tired as I felt.

There was several days-worth of stubble on his chin and his hair had been crudely combed. His usually crisp-white tee-shirt was grubby and his denims looked as though he had slept in them. He wore a beat-up pair of trainers on sockless feet.

"Hey" I said with as much cheer as I could manage, stepping back to allow him entrance. "Hey yourself. You look good" he said approvingly, his eyes looking me up and down in that way that just a few days ago could get me instantly wet.

He winked and smiled. "Thanks" I said, silently praying that the flush that was creeping up my neck and face wasn't too obvious to him. My heart was fluttering like a schoolgirls' on her first date. I followed Jez into my lounge, taking silent deep breaths and fanning my face to cool it. "Would you like something to drink" I asked while he settled himself into his favourite chair. It was like he had never been away from me.

"Just a coffee, thanks. I've, uh, been hitting the booze, you know, a bit too much lately" he admitted, genuinely embarrassed at the admission.

"I've sworn off it for the time being, though" Jez added hastily in case I thought he'd become a hopeless alcoholic since we had last seen one another. "It's okay, Jez," I said with a rueful smile, "I've been walking that same path myself some nights. I know how you feel" We looked meaningfully at one another, unspoken words passing between us. I broke eye contact and retreated to my kitchenette to make our coffees. I need those couple of minutes to gather my scattered thoughts together before facing my brother again.

I passed Jez his coffee, which his cradled in his hands. He looked at me over the rim of the mug. "We need to talk, Katie" he said "We do, I agree" I said, a slight tremor in my voice. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to go first, okay?" Jez asked, setting his mug aside and sitting-up straighter in his seat.

"Sure. Of course. Go ahead" I said. I watched Jez inhale deeply, then slowly exhale, before he started to speak. "I treated you badly, and I'm sorry" he began slowly. "It must have felt to you like I was blaming you for what had happened?" His words were more a question than a statement, so I nodded in agreement with him. "Damn, I am really sorry about that" he said with a small smile. "I'm such an asshole at times!" he laughed. I laughed with him, although he was rarely quite that bad! "Anyway, what I want to say to you is that I am really very sorry for my behaviour that awful day, and for leaving you on your own to deal with your own hurt.

I was so wrapped-up in my own pain I never even stopped to think about how you were feeling. I know now that you have suffered equally as much as I have, Katie" "I can't deny that it hasn't been easy" I admitted slowly.

"I'm not sure, though, how different it would have been if you had been around or not. We both had to deal with our shock and anger and pain in our own way. I was always confident that you would call when you were ready" I told him warmly. "I tried four times to ring you" Jez confided with the boyish grin that took years off him. I could not help but return his smile. "I was convinced you would tell me to fuck off or something" he added.

He laughed again at my shocked expression. "Yes, I know in my rational mind that you would never say that to me or almost anybody" he said more seriously. "Remember that I was screwed-up on too much booze and too little sleep. I was not exactly thinking straight or in any position to think straight" "I understand" I said, wanting desperately to go to him and kiss away the pain and self-loathing in eyes and posture.

"You have nothing to beat yourself up over. It's been a difficult time" "Yeah, but even so…" he began "No, Jez, leave it. It doesn't matter anymore because you are here now and that's what is important" I chided gently. "Let's look forward" I told him. "That's the hard bit, sis" he said, his voice thick and troubled. "Moving forward I mean. "You see, the problem is that, as hard as I try to deny it to myself, I still love you and I still want you" he told me, staring directly into my wide-open eyes.

11 I was off my seat in a flash, burying my head against his chest. "Oh, God, Jez. Do you know how much I have wanted to hear those words these past days? I honestly never believed that you would say anything like that to me again" I babbled excitedly. I held his face in my hands and planted small kisses all over his face, my heart full of the joy it had been missing every minute since Jez had walked out of that hotel room.

"Katie, stop!" Jez said firmly, grasping my wrists and pulling my arms down. "We just can't do this anymore!" he told me, sounding angry and frustrated. "You're my sister, for heaven's sake!" The anguish and strain in his voice was awful to hear, which confused me. "But you just said…" "I know what I just said!" Jez interrupted angrily.

"That doesn't mean what you think it means, though" he said more gently. "But, I don't understand" I told him as unbidden tears leaked from my eyes and wetted my cheeks. "Oh, God, Katie, look at you. You are so beautiful and so fucking sexy, but I can't love you like I want to and you want me to, not any more" Jez cried, hugging me to his chest and sobbing onto my shoulder. "I want you so much, sis, I really do" he cried, his tears warm on my bare shoulder.

"Then do what you and I both want!" I cried. "My feelings have not changed one tiny bit. I want you now as much as I have ever wanted you. Please Jez, make love to me. I don't care if you're my brother. I love you!" He made no reply but continued to hold me tightly as he cried himself out. He sniffed several times, drew in several deep breaths then released his hold on me before standing upright.

"I should not have come here" he said thickly. "It was a mistake" "No, Jez, it was exactly the right thing to do" I told him as I stood up and faced him. "The cowardly thing to have done would have been to have left things as they were. That would have been bloody awful for both of us, and you know it!" I challenged. "Tell me I'm wrong". "I can't" he sighed resignedly. "I was desperate to see you. I'm really not sorry I came, sis" He managed a self-mocking smile.

"It's time I went, though" "You don't have to go" I offered, desperate for him to stay. "No, it's best I go" he insisted. "In that case, give me a hug" I said, opening my arms to him. Jez stepped into my embrace and allowed me to fold my arms tightly around his shoulders. "Kiss me?" I asked. "We shouldn't" he answered "So what? It never stopped us before" I laughed I sought his lips with mine.

His kiss was tentative, reluctant, to begin with. However, as I pressed my lips more firmly against Jez's I pulled him closer and tighter to me. I could feel his arousal pressing against my stomach. I felt a thrill shoot trough my pussy and inflame the spark of desire that had been smouldering there for quite some time. I squeezed one of my hands between our bodies and stroked the swell at my brother's crotch. "No, Katie. Please don't" he sighed unconvincingly. "Yes, Jez.

You want it as much as I do" I told him as my fingers gave his bulge a gentle squeeze. He sighed in pleasure and pressed himself to me closer still. "It's all wrong, sis, you know it is" he moaned as my fingers stroked the swell of his stiff cock through his denims. "It doesn't feel wrong to me" I murmured as I broke our embrace. "In fact, dear brother, it feels mightily good to me" I told him as I knelt in front of him and eased down the zipper of his jeans.

His swollen cock sprung free from the confines of his boxer shorts. Examining it for the first time as my brother's cock was considerably more erotic and exciting than it had been when it had just been my boyfriend Jez's cock. "You have the most beautiful cock, dear brother" I teased as I licked the smooth shiny head.

"Mmm, tastes good, too" I purred. "Having my own sister sucking my cock is going to be a novel experience" Jez said with a small laugh. "So what are you hanging around for? I needed no further encouragement.

I opened my mouth and slipped Jez's cock-head into its moist depths. I heard him sigh in pleasure as I swallowed more of his length. He laid his hands on my head to steady himself as I began to move it backwards and forwards, my mouth tightly gripping his beautiful manhood.

I flicked my busy tongue over and all around the smooth shiny head, dipping the tip into the tiny hole at the end, which made Jez moan all the louder.

I pulled his jeans and boxers down until they settled in a heap around his ankles. I reached for his sac and cupped his heavy balls in my hand, giving them gentle squeezes every few moments. Jez groaned and his hands gripped my more tightly each time the pleasant pain I was inflicting on him rippled through his body. I reached my free hand between his thighs to his ass. I slid a finger between his ass cheeks to the tight darkness of his anal ring.

Jez groaned aloud when he felt me pressing my finger against the tight ring of muscle, not penetrating him, just sensually stimulating him in the manner I knew that he really enjoyed. That enjoyment was transmitted to his engorged cock by way of the first drops of pre-cum on my tongue. I began to suck his cock harder still and to press my finger against his ass more firmly now. Jez started to hump his cock in my face as he was gradually driven to the brink of climax, moving his hips backwards and forwards in a slow gentle rhythm.

I matched each movement of his cock with my mouth, pulling him as deep into my throat as I could, my tongue still lashing the sensitive smooth head. More pre-cum dribbled from his cock as he approached the tipping point into climax.

I pushed the finger that was probing his anus firmly against the natural resistance until it slipped easily into Jez's sphincter. He cried out in pleasure when he felt his ass becoming filled with not one, but two, of my fingers. I began to move them back and forth, finger-fucking his ass as my mouth inched him ever closer to the climax his body was surely craving.

Jez began to hump himself in my face more frantically as he became increasingly aroused. "I'm… gonna… CUM!" he gasped loudly, his voice strained and higher-pitched than normal. I felt his cock swell in my mouth a moment or two before it spasmed and the first spurt of thick cum filled my mouth. I continued to suck him as hard as I could as further spurts of the salty-tasting fluid filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin.

I swallowed some, but could not manage it all as there was far too much of it. Jez, my dear brother, moaned and cried as he enjoyed the first b.j.

I had given him as his sister. It seemed to me that he was cumming more than usual, but that may have just been my imagination caused by my own heightened arousal. Either way it was a special moment for both of us. We cleaned ourselves off with paper towels from the roll I kept in the kitchenette. "Okay, brother dearest," I teased with a lascivious look at his now-naked body, "you've had your fun. Now it's your turn to take your sister to heaven as only you know how!" I threw myself onto my bed, still fully clothed and watched with mounting excitement as Jez joined me there, his lovely cock already semi-erect again.

12 Our heated kisses cranked up the already-heated atmosphere between us as Jez's hands deftly removed my dress. He instructed me to roll onto my front, which I did without question.

I felt his fingers stroking through my hair as his lips brushed tenderly across the back of my neck, which made me shiver in delight. I know that I moaned in pleasure as Jez kissed me in the same place again and again, his lips curled into a knowing smile. His hands gently kneaded the muscles of my shoulders and upper arms before his soft lips followed, kissing every single millimetre of my soft skin. When he leaned across me I could feel the weight of his sac on my back and the sway of his erect-again cock.

I made to reach behind me for it but he smartly swatted my hand away with a soft admonition to 'lay still and enjoy!' I did as I was told. The tip of his tongue trailed a thin line of saliva from one shoulder to the other which he then massaged into my muscles before once more placing the lightest of delicate kisses on them again.

All of the tension that had knotted and bunched my muscles for the past few days seemed to seep away into the pillows beneath me as my brother quite expertly soothed my body. A groan escaped me again when I felt Jez kiss the nape of my neck, a particularly erogenous zone for me that always sent me into paroxysms of sensual delight. I sighed and squirmed as his lips and tongue sent wonderful sensation after wonderful sensation rippling through my increasingly aroused body.

His lips travelled slowly and deliberately down my back via each of my shoulder blades. He ran his tongue delicately down the knobbly ridge of my spine from my neck to the catch of my bra. I expected him to unclasp the filmy insubstantial garment but instead his lips continued to kiss my shoulders and spine.

His strong fingers stroked my back, lingering delightfully for long, beautiful seconds each time they moved from one part of my back to the next. They moved past my bra strap to my lower back before Jez's gentle lips followed. I lay perfectly still, transfixed by this amazing sensual and incredibly sexy lovemaking by the guy I had slept with dozens of times.

I had never suspected that this fantastic, beautiful brother of mine could display such tenderness. While Jez's lips kissed my back his fingers gently kneaded the firm softness of my ass cheeks through the thin fabric of my panties.

He slowly eased the fabric downwards, exposing my small ass. A ripple of pleasure worked its way through my entire body as his lips began to methodically kiss each cheek all over, from top to bottom until he reached the top of my thighs, the tip of his tongue trailing a thin line of moistness as he did so. "Oh, God, Jez," I sighed dreamily, "that feels amazing, wonderful.

I'm in heaven" He made no reply, but I felt his smiling lips brush the back of my leg as he kissed his way all the way down to the sole of my foot before switching to the other leg and, starting at the foot, kissing his way all the way up to my ass again.

Ignoring my panties Jez brushed his lips over my ass cheeks again before I felt them being gently parted. The moist warmth of his tongue-tip started at the top of the crease between my cheeks and travelled tantalisingly slowly downwards, re-igniting the smouldering embers of arousal deep within my pussy. As his tongue neared the sensitive ring of my anus I found myself holding my breath.

Without pause my brother slowly ran his tongue over the puckered tightness of my dark anal ring, which caused me to exhale noisily and unconsciously raise my ass into the air slightly. Jez used one hand to firmly press my body back into the bed as he ran the tip of his teasing tongue around and over my anus, slowly and deliberately, before pressing it firmly against the tightness.

I was making small mewling noises of pleasure as Jez deliciously teased, stimulated and tantalised my most secret and private orifice. He knew exactly what it was doing to me and I could feel my pussy flooding with my arousal. I felt Jez reach between my thighs and dip a finger into my soaking-wet sex. He dabbed the moisture to my ass-hole before repeating the process again, then several more times until he was satisfied that my anus was sufficiently lubricated.

I found myself again holding my breath as my brother pressed his finger firmly against the tightness and resistance offered up by my anus and willed myself to relax for him.

He pressed gently but firmly against the puckered ring of muscle until the tip of his finger slipped smoothly into my body. I sighed as much in relief as pleasure as I felt Jez's finger slide smoothly along my sphincter.

The second finger slipped into my ass far more easily and quickly than the first one and Jez began to gently finger-fuck me, drawing his fingers slowly all the way back to the tightness of my anal ring before sliding them into my body as far as possible again, then repeating the process.

The flames of arousal were burning red-hot in my sex and I ached to feel my brother inside me, filling my pussy with his swollen manhood, but at the same time what he was doing to my ass was equally as exciting and arousing. I was being spoilt for choice, and I was loving every single moment of it.

While he was finger-fucking my ass with one hand, Jez was stroking my back with the other. He slid his hand up to my shoulders and gently massaged them before leaning over me and placing small, butterfly-light kisses in the nape of my neck and on the back of my neck.

I shivered in pleasure and murmured appreciatively while the fire in my pussy burned hotter still. Jez's nimble fingers deftly undid the clasp of my bra. He pushed aside the thin straps and stroked my back from my neck to my ass while he continued to kiss my neck, which was driving me crazy with delight.

After some ten minutes or more of gently sliding his fingers in and out of my welcoming ass, Jez gently removed them from my body. Almost immediately I felt the smooth softness of his cock-head pressing insistently against my anal ring. "Yes, Jez!" I urged, "Yes!" With a firm thrust of his hips and small grunt of effort I felt pressure against my anus, feeling it being stretched mildly painfully before my brother's stiff cock was sliding smoothly into my body and filling my sphincter even more satisfyingly than his fingers had.

I groaned my appreciation as Jez slid himself fully into my ass, reaching even further into my body with his cock than his fingers had.

As soon as he was fully in me, Jez slowly drew his swollen manhood back before sliding back into me once more. After placing his hands on my ass cheeks and pulling them as far apart as they would go which had the effect of stretching my anus, Jez began to rhythmically slip his manhood in and out of my sphincter, sending wave after wave of incredible sensual sensations through my body.

His fingers kneaded my firm ass cheeks as he fucked me, the tightness of my asshole accentuating his every movement in my body. My pussy was producing so much fluid that I could feel a substantial damp patch forming under me. I could not remember ever being so aroused.

It was the most sensational feeling in the world, of that I was certain. I could not help but be aware that the fact that it wasn't 'just Jez' fucking my ass and making me feel amazing anymore, but it was 'my brother, Jez' now. I was sure that my new knowledge and awareness of the illicitness of what we were doing was adding extra spice to the situation.

I was not complaining in the least! My brother's cock continued to slide smoothly in and of my ass while his hands squeezed my ass cheeks and his mouth kissed my neck and shoulders.

Feminine tgirl strips by the pool and oiles up her sexy body

It was heavenly, wonderful and incredibly erotic. Jez was a considerate lover, unlike some boys I had been with, and he knew just how to please me. While there were times I liked a 'hard and dirty fuck' I also enjoyed being made love to. Jez knew how to make love so that we both gained the maximum amount of pleasure and satisfaction from it. It appeared to me, that he, too, was also gaining that little bit more from the knowledge he was making love to his twin sister, for he had never been as gentle, sensuous and caring as he was this time.

If this was to be our future, I wanted every moment of it. 13 Jez slipped his cock out of my ass after several more minutes of easing it in and out of me slowly and gently. He asked me to turn over onto my back, which I did and gazed up into the face of my handsome brother. "I love you" I said quietly. "I love you too, sis" he smiled cheekily. I reached my hands up to him and drew him closer to me. I pressed my lips to Jez's and we kissed, our passion mounting with each passing second.

I felt his tongue dart between my teeth and explore my mouth, licking my teeth and sucking my tongue. He broke the kiss and looked at me. "You are beautiful" he told me before leaning over me and placing small soft kisses on my eyelids, the tip of my nose, my chin and my forehead.

I closed my eyes and savoured the feel of Jez's tender kisses on my cheeks and on my neck again before they moved to my shoulders once more. Jez kissed his way to my chest, moving slowly towards the swell of my small breasts. Unlike a great many guys I had met, Jez was not an admirer of the bigger-breasted girls so many of his contemporaries favoured. One of the first things he told me when we slept together was that he was as much attracted to my smaller breasts as he was my ass and prettiness.

I was never one of those shallow girls who worried about how big I was 'up top': I had never had a problem attracting guys (and a couple of girls for that matter!) so I was pretty secure in how I looked.

That Jez loved my breasts the way and size they were was, to my thinking, another reason why he was so special to me and I why I loved him so much. His fingers lightly brushed across the sensitive buds of my dark-brown nipples, making me shiver with pleasure yet again and causing the little buds to quickly stiffen. My aureoles also swelled and Jez smiled just before he flicked his tongue over first one nipple, then the other.

He did it several times then, while he locked his mouth over one breast, his fingers gently kneaded and fondled the other one. Jez licked and sucked one sensitive nipple, occasionally closing his teeth gently around it enough to cause pain which was actually rather pleasant and sensual. His fingers did a similar thing with my other breast, pinching the nipple hard enough to be pleasantly painful. The groans and sighs I uttered were messages to my brother that I was enjoying what he was doing to me.

After a while Jez moved his head away from my breasts and resumed kissing his way down my body. His fingers continued to stroke and lightly squeeze my small mounds as his lips fluttered over my flat stomach, my hips and even my arms and hands, moving inexorably towards the swell of my smooth, hairless pubis.

Until I met Jez I had only ever trimmed my bush to the bikini-line. Jez mentioned one time when we were making love that he found the hairless pussy a real turn-on and much nicer to be near during oral sex. The next day I shaved myself for the first time. Jez's response was ecstatic when he saw my newly-hairless mound and I had kept it shaved ever since. Although I had primarily shaved myself to please Jez, I found that I enjoyed being hairless for myself, too. I loved the way my sexiest panties made me feel when I wore them; the way the smooth soft fabric rubbed against my pussy when I walked or sat down.

I found that I got hornier more often and more quickly, which was no problem as far as I was concerned! Just the feel of his warm breath on my smooth pubis sent a quiver of anticipation rippling through my pussy. I sighed in appreciation when Jez's lips brushed lightly over the softness of my skin, followed by the trail of the tip of his tongue as it worked its way to the crease that concealed my feminine centre. I held my breath in anticipation of the first touch on my aroused clitoris, but instead of slipping his tongue into my crease, Jez kissed past it, nestling his head between my thighs.

His tongue flicked out and licked the drops of moisture off my labia. I gasped in surprise as Jez licked my very wet pussy again, drinking the nectar my pussy had produced for him. His tongue pushed its way into my sex as far as it could reach and lapped-up more of my love juices, which were replenished as fast as they disappeared into Jez's mouth.

I felt him slide one of his hands under my ass. As his tongue lapped at my pussy he manoeuvred a finger into the crease between my ass cheeks, it's tip seeking my anus. At the same time as it pressed against the tight ring of muscle my brother drew his tongue down the slit of my pussy to my perineum.

I twitched in surprise as I felt the tip of Jez's tongue slowly lick its way along my perineum to my anus at the same time as his finger slid into my sphincter. He ran its tip around the puckered ring even as he moved his finger backwards and forwards in my ass. I couldn't help it: I cried out at the wonderful, amazingly sexy and erotic sensations.

I had never felt anything like it and it was driving me crazy. "Jez! Jesus, Jez, that is fucking incredible!" I gasped breathlessly as a second finger joined the first in my ass. Jez continued to slowly draw the tip of his tongue along my sensitive perineum to my pussy then back down again to my equally sensitive anal ring. My pussy was flooded again, but Jez took care of that 'problem' by licking it all away.

The fire in my pussy was blazing now. My head was turning to mush due to the intensity of the sensual overload it was trying to cope with. I did not believe that I could cope with much more. Then Jez slipped his tongue along my pussy slit once more and continued all the way up to the crease of my pubis.

When the first electric jolt of sensational sensuous pleasure shot through me due to his tongue touching my over-stimulated clitty, all bets were off! I moaned and I writhed, inadvertently working his finger in my ass deeper into my body, as Jez's careful, clever tongue touched my excited clitoris just firmly enough for me to know it was there but light enough to leave me gasping for more.

It felt like an angel was dancing on my hyper-sensitive hard bud, sending indescribable sensations through every nerve and fibre of my body. I curled my fingers in my brother's hair as his tongue continued to languorously lap at my clitty. I was vaguely aware of the presence of a second finger deep in my ass but had no recollection of it slipping into me, so engrossed was I in what was happening to my clitty.

The smoking embers of orgasm were being slowly fanned into a roaring blaze with each slow, calculated stroke of Jez's tantalising tongue on my sensitive little bud. I moaned and writhed and begged Jez to lick me harder, faster, anything to push me towards the orgasm my highly-aroused body now desperately craved, but he ignored me and continued to stimulate me at the same wonderful, cruel, beautiful, tortuous nerve-shredding pace. I told him I loved him; I told him I hated him. I called him a fucking selfish bastard and I thumped his head with clenched fists, my frustration and pleasure becoming mixed-up and confused.

My flooded pussy dripped wetness onto the hand that had two of its fingers slipping smoothly and gently in and out of my sphincter. Tears slipped down my face, mingling with the beads of perspiration that ran down from my forehead. I was in an agony of the purest sexual pleasure I had ever experienced. I wanted it to stop while at the same time I never wanted it to end. The pressure in my pussy was becoming unbearable, to the point that it felt like I would quite probably explode if I didn't orgasm right now.

I pleaded and bargained with Jez to make me cum, telling him that I would do anything, anything at all, if only he would just end the beautiful torture, but my words fell on deaf ears.

The tip of his tongue just kept right on remorselessly teasing and tantalising and stimulating my swollen clitty.

It was impossible that I could bear it for very much longer. I was becoming light-headed with delirium and tension as I willed my body to push itself over the orgasmic edge it had been teetering on for so long. I was at the point where I was convinced that it was never going to happen when, for the briefest moment, the world stopped. 14 I know that I screamed and that my body spasmed violently as I fell into the super-sensual world of the most incredible orgasm I had ever enjoyed.

My mind went completely blank for long, long seconds until it was able to absorb the wash of pure, unadulterated sensual pleasure that was filling every nerve and fibre of my very existence. I could not think; I could not see and I could not speak, other than to utter incomprehensible 'uh, uh, uh" sounds.

All I could do was feel and that was all I wanted and needed while my body was assailed by its most fantastic orgasm. Heaven, I believed, was made-up of super-brilliant colours and super-sexy sensual sensations. There was no sound in heaven, only the sighs of pleasure that were coming from my throat as the high my brother had elevated me to kept rising and rising. I realised, through the fog of intensity I was drifting in, that Jez's tongue was still lightly lapping at my clitty and was helping to prolong the joy I was experiencing.

I never wanted it to end even as the first chinks began to appear in my dream-like state. Reality began to intrude by slow degrees. My eyes cleared and were able to focus again, bringing me back to my bedroom and my bed. The fire in my pussy dimmed but did not extinguish entirely.

Jez's lips were pressing insistently against mine and when I opened my mouth to speak to him his tongue slipped inside. I felt his stiffness pressing urgently against my sex. I reached down to his swollen manhood and guided its smooth head to my wet labia. My brother grunted as he thrust his hips forward and my willing, hungry pussy swallowed his cock-head.

His full length followed and was quickly buried deeply in my very wet and very hungry sex. Immediately Jez began to pump himself in and out of my pussy, pushing my body against my bed with his weight and the strength of his hip thrusts.

Our mouths were locked together in a series of increasingly passionate kisses and Jez's hands mashed my small breasts.

His fingers pinched my hard nipples, sending bolts of sensual pain through me that served only to heighten the pleasure of what he was doing.

How on earth could this be so wrong when it felt so damn good? My brother was the best lover I had ever known in my short life. I could not imagine any other guy making me feel as good as Jez was right then as his tumescent manhood drove deep into my sex, over and over again. I felt no guilt or shame about what we were doing. If anything, I felt a heightened sense of arousal knowing that society and our parents frowned up and disapproved of our incestuous relationship. I loved my brother both as a man and as my lover and I was secure in the knowledge that the feelings were mutually shared.

These thoughts rushed through my mind in a split second as I felt my highly-aroused body responding to his beautiful cock filling my sex. The orgasm was much smaller and less intense than the previous one when it burst upon me, but none-the-less enjoyable for that.

I held my brother's sweat-slick body tightly against me and kissed him with orgasmic fervour as my spasming body held his stiff cock tightly in my pussy while the intense waves of sensual pleasure washed over and through me. I gasped and sighed in pleasure as I came down from the sensual high I had been briefly elevated to. Jez propped himself up onto his hands, his intense gaze seeming to look right into my very soul.

I saw only love in his eyes and he smiled a small, sweet smile that made my heart melt. He began to gradually increase the pace of the thrusts of his hips, his wonderful cock driving even harder and deeper into my pussy.

Without breaking eye contact with me, my brother fucked me harder and faster, his hips pounding into mine, his thick stiff cock filling my pussy with its urgency and love.

After two or three minutes of intense fucking I felt a slight tightening in my pussy and watched as Jez's face contorted and a long, drawn-out deep groan began to utter from his throat. His eyes glazed over and he hissed between his teeth and I felt warm wetness flood my sex as his sac gave up its load of cum. Jez continued to pump his cock into my body as hard and fast as he could while it emptied his sac of all the cum accumulated there.

With a last desperate lunge and a whoosh of expelled breath, my spent brother all-but collapsed on top of me, his lips seeking mine even as he gasped for breath. We showered together, sensuously stroking and touching and kissing, appreciating one another's body. We made gentle love again in bed that night, more in love than ever before.

The following morning we discussed our situation properly for the first time after acknowledging that we did not want to be apart from one another. "I made a mistake" Jez admitted. "I should have had the balls to stick with you and to front-up to your our¬ parents" he said. "It would not have made any difference" I told him, sitting beside him at the small kitchen table.

"Mother, in particular, will not listen to anything either of us has to say. She finds the whole situation distasteful. The only resolution she will accept is if we stop seeing one another altogether" "She is your mother, Katie…" Jez began "And I'm a fucking adult!" I butted-in, sounding more angry than I intended to.

"Sorry, I'm not mad at you" I immediately apologised. "It's okay, really" Jez smiled, putting his arm around me and hugging me close. "It is a very difficult situation" he added, then kissed the top of my head. "No it's not, not really" I argued. "Mother said if I don't give you up then I am no longer welcome at her house.

I'm fine with that" I told my brother, slipping out of his embrace and facing him. "You are far more important to me than she is. I cannot, and will not be without you in my life" "Are you sure, Katie? Are you one-hundred per cent sure? There will be no going back, you realise that, don't you?" The concern in his voice made my heart flutter with love for him.

I cupped his handsome face in my hands and kissed him lightly on his lips. "Yes, Jeremy Parker, I am one million per cent sure of what I am doing" I told him, kissing him again and smiling happily. "You are my future. What is past is past" I added. "Well, okay" he grinned. "Let's do it!" he cried, jumping to his feet and grabbing me in a huge bear-hug and swinging me around like a rag-doll. I could not have been any happier. Epilogue: It had not been easy to adjust, but with my brother's unswerving love and support, I got through the difficult times.

Mother refused to take my call when I rang her to tell her that I was going back to uni and that I was staying with Jez. Through daddy she forbade me to ever approach her door or to attempt to make contact with her while I was with Jez.

Daddy apologised for mother's attitude and told me that, although he could not actually condone what me and Jez were doing, he did understand. He wished us well and gave me the number of another mobile telephone I could send text messages to keep in touch with him. I cried and thanked him with all my heart and told him that I loved him dearly. Daddy died suddenly five years later.

I was devastated and heartbroken, especially as mother refused to allow Jez to accompany me to daddy's funeral. "Daddy was Jez's father, too!" I cried to mother down the telephone. "Only biologically, Katharine" mother said coldly.

"Don't split hairs, mother. I am bringing Jez with me whether you like it or not!" I shouted and disconnected the call. The day was appropriately cold and overcast that day we buried daddy. I stood on one side of his grave with Jez at my side, holding my hand tightly as tears coursed down my face. Our mother stood stone-faced opposite us, neither looking at us or even acknowledging us. I was indifferent to her and made my excuses to other mourners that I had to get back home urgently and would not be able to attend the wake.

In his will, and to mothers' absolute fury, daddy left me and Jez a sizable lump-sum of money, enough for us to put a deposit down on our first house. No more rental properties for us.

We planted a pear tree in his memory which, after several years, has yet to bear any viable fruit. Daddy would have found that highly amusing! The house looked much as it had the last time I had been inside it; the night I had learned of the treachery that had been played out between my parents and the couple Jez called his parents. I had taken mother at her word that night and had not made myself welcome at her door. Like my father, she was now dead of a virulent form of cancer that had taken her life in less than nine months.

Although we had been estranged for years the sudden loss of my mother left me feeling lost and adrift, although I could not cry for her as I had my father. I sold the house that I had grown-up in and which held so many unhappy memories as soon as I could.

Jez and I are happy, very happy. We have a good lifestyle, a wide circle of friends and good careers. We are as much in love today as we ever have been. Nobody knows about or even suspects the true nature of our relationship to one another, although the occasional comment about how alike we look still pops up. We laugh it off and put it down to being so in love. One potential worry we discussed unwanted pregnancy was dispelled rather cruelly when a bout of mumps a few years ago left my brother infertile.

Jez was not in the least concerned that he would never be able to father children, assuring me that the only woman he ever planned to sleep with for the rest of his life was me. I cannot ask for anything more than that. vxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvxvx