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Indian actress actor gay porn sex Straight skater guys Ian and Evan
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Minding Others Chapter 5 Rod plainly didn't believe me, but my challenge was too weird not to call what had to be a bluff. Would a young teen who had just been molested by his mother act as if he had been the villain? Well, maybe, but that would be getting ahead of my story. Rodney probably figured he could secure me at Wendy's for a couple hours while he confronted mom. My brother preened briefly at Wendy's front door.

He knocked, and after several seconds delay, Wendy's father appeared. The older man wasn't too happy with what he saw. "This home hasn't had the pleasure of your company for some time, Rodney.

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Come on in, I can't let the neighbors watch me beat to death another kid who's gotten my daughter into trouble." Wendy's father didn't crack a smile. I checked my brother. He ignored me. "Yes sir, Mr. Palnasus. My brother's here to drag my body back home.

Is Wendy here?" "Yeah," Our doomsayer opened a space for us to squeeze through. "She helping her mother with dinner. Wait on the couch. I am pissed off, Rod, but I'm patient enough to hear your story. Tell a good one, and you can join us.


Tell the wrong one, and you'll be first course." We sat ourselves right down, eager to submit. If we had been dogs, we would have rolled on our backs. Rod answered, "I'm not going to lie, sir, but it was a crazy thing.

I still don't know what happened, but this is what I saw and what I did." Rodney told a decent version of the fateful morning. As he related the events, he turned his head to me a couple times, and zapped me with a critical look, even though he never mentioned me in his tale. He was remembering just where I stood throughout his ordeal.

"Well, that's probably a load of horseshit, but Wendy believes you, and I've always found you to be forthright. You know if I catch a whiff of falsehood, later on, I'll ask the school to expel you." Mr. Palnasus reached for a tin on the coffee table. "Butter cookie?" We both accepted. Wendy appeared in the archway to the kitchen, nearly as upset as her father. "Dad, mother's being impossible.

Oh, hi Rod!" She suddenly beamed at my brother. Then she resumed pouting at her father. "It's either her or me, choose." "I don't want either of you. I never did understand who let women get into this house. Pest control wants a fortune to remove you both." "Yes daddy. and mom and I already spent your fortune. Get a new line." Wendy bounced over to Rod and promptly forgot her father. She flumphed down on my brother's lap. "Miss me?" "Excuse me, product of my sin, but you're still grounded lower than the circle of false prophets." "Dad, but." "Kitchen or bedroom." Mr.

Palnasus pointed a finger. "Go!" This time, Wendy pouted for real. She got herself and her dander up and stamped out of the room. She didn't return to the kitchen. "So, for what purpose do we have the pleasure of your visit today?" The head of the household asked as if he were the guardian of a temple.

"Uh, we were walking along and smelled the food here?" Rodney tried. Mr.

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Palnasus sniffed purposefully. "Yeah, best meat pies on the block. I'll go see what the hold up is." He exited to the kitchen. Rodney turned to me. "Take me to your girlfriend. !" He snorted my words back at me and shook his head.

"Little bro, you'd better be the first meat pie, because I swear I'll eat you before he turns me into one." My brother had spent too much time in this house, listening to Wendy's dad.

An hour later, we had seated ourselves around a fairly small kitchen table. My left elbow brushed against Ms. Palnasus'. Her husband sat on my right, at the head of the table, and the two infatuants were allowed to sit side by side. Wendy's father kept a clear view of their laps, daughter at his immediate right. "Should we say grace?" Ms.

Palnasus asked when she finally sat down. The entire table had kept quiet until then. "Sure," The high priest grinned and lifted his eyes heavenward. God, you've got no reason to listen to sycophants who can't live without believing in you, so I won't bother pretending, but these two lost boys probably could use a dose of your brimstone and hellfire.

Don't worry about my daughter. She's already been sold to Satan." "Daddy!" Wendy complained. "Hortense, really!" Ms. Palnasus rebuked and lifted a dish. "Potato salad?" "Yes, please." I smiled. Rodney tried to act the adult. "I don't know much about religion, but if God's listening, I'm sure you made Him laugh." "Yes, well, pass the gravy son." The father indicated a bowl steaming in front of my brother.

That thing I told you about, my elbow rubbing Ms. Palnasus. With her serving dishes across the table in every direction, my arm was continuously brushed, jostled, patted, and smoothed. I didn't have enough space between her and her husband to lean clear. Across the table, Wendy, who wasn't supposed to make eyes with Rod, found me a target ripe for teasing.

She batted her gorgeous eyes and smiled her seductive smile. I even felt her feet trace my shin once. I was blushing so hard I failed to notice the erection of one fine hard-on.

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Only when I found Wendy looking at me with a total blank did I jump up and excuse myself from the table. This wasn't what I had planned. A quick glance to my left found the mother in a similar confusion.

"Excuse you, son?" Mr. Palnasus raised his voice. "We just started to eat, and we all watched you take your business to the bathroom a few minutes before the chow bell rang. No adolescent food critic is going to insult my wife's cooking. Drop right back down there and sit polite until the rest of us are finished. Whether you eat or not is your business, but you will keep our company." I was given no option.

I think I remained standing for a couple seconds and stuttered something that resembled an argument. "Now!" Somehow, respectable fathers are able to yell without raising their voices.

My legs gave way without my consent, and my butt slammed into the hard, wooden seat. Unfortunately, my prick didn't wilt in a similar manner. It had poked out from inside my loose jeans so far no one at the table, including my brother, could mistake it. A hand reached out and firmly grasp my left thigh. Ms. Palnasus stared at me. I tried to halt her progress below with both of my hands. "What in heaven's name?" Mr. Palnasus queried his daughter.

Her eyes were desperately burning at her father. He slapped at what must have been a similar hand under the other side of the table. Immediately, Wendy turned around and grabbed Rodney in a hug. "Oh God, I love you so, Roddy." Ms. Palnasus used her left hand to turn my head, and she planted a wet kiss on my lips. I could feel her tongue digging past them. The hand in my lap rushed through my defenses, having successfully distracted me.

It gripped my boner urgently. The immediate future was about to melt down like a nuclear reactor. "Rosette!!" Mr. Palnasus exclaimed.

"Wendy, please, not in front of your father!" Rodney was knocked over by a feather. His girlfriend leaned hard against him and unseated them both. They crashed to the floor. Wendy quickly assumed the top position. "Oh baby, I need you in my cunt, right now!" Her mother used both of her hands to try and unleash the devil in my pants.

Her kiss continued to glue me to my seat. Now it was the father's turn to jump up out of his seat. "What is this, a joke? Some kind of prank? Hello!!!" But the madness continued. Shock disarmed me. Mrs. Palnasus was able to free my cock with a quick unsnap and unzip. Her hands melted into my flesh.

I could feel the eagerness in her fingers. Rodney was perfectly stunned, Wendy pulled her dress up to her waist and placed his hands on the stretch band of her panties.

"Tear them off!" She demanded. Mr. Palnasus was so befuddled, he stood for nearly a count of ten. Suddenly, a volcano exploded in the room. "Well. I. NEVER!!!" The father shouted and stomped away. I think I heard the front door open. "No, wait, Mr.

Palnasus, please, HELP!" My brother yelled after him.

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I was jolted from my delirium. I had to do something. I couldn't think of anything except the woman firmly massaging my cock. "Suck on my tits." She begged as she continued to kiss me. Rodney managed his own escape rather quickly, once he collected himself and realized the situation.

Two prior experiences were quite enough to aid his muster. He was a head taller than Wendy and nearly twice her weight. He simply lifted her up as he regained his feet and set her down. She hugged him with all her might, throughout. "I need your cock. I need it." She whined. One hopeful note sang inside my dick as I felt myself ready to cum. Just a few more seconds of Ms.

Palnasus' jacking and kissing would release us all. I didn't get the chance. Without warning, shocking cold water flooded the room and soaked us from the direction of the front door. "If you're going to act like dogs, I'll treat you like dogs." Mr. Palnasus hollered, directing a torrent from the garden hose in his hands. Everybody was stunned afresh. All activities froze. My cock withered. Rodney tried to shield Wendy from the water.

Ms. Palnasus shouted, "Oh my God!" straight into my ear. Cold water shot into the kitchen for nearly a minute before Mr. Palnasus released the trigger. "Boys, I think you'd best leave." Was all he said to us, was all he needed to say.

We cleared past him in almost three heartbeats. I took four to stuff and seal my business back inside my pants as I ran.

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The front door nearly smacked my butt behind us. The last rays of sun threw a chill into both of us. I shivered and tried to compose myself. "Dear brother, I thought we were dead for sure." Rodney stood as white as a white boy and stared at me. "What kind of freak are you?" I didn't see his tears but he trembled like he was about to collapse. "Rodney." "Our mother!

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You. and my girlfriend. Ms. Palnasus.


Oh dear God, our sisters, you made our sisters play with themselves! I should.

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I-I have to stop you." He stumbled towards me. To this day I don't know what my brother might have done. I turned and ran. The one and only strong and loyal person in my life suddenly acted as if he wanted to kill me.

His fear and outrage poisoned my head as I ran home. "What am I?" I begged. Maybe I was evil. Maybe the world was about to end. Nobody should have powers like me. All I know is, he didn't follow. I ran and ran until I was coughing for air and my legs felt like fire.

I wasn't thinking at all else I might have imagined what would happen when I reached home. Mother had lived with the same news all afternoon, and she had been my deliberate victim.