Naked emo group and gay brother comic sex movie Kevin Nash has

Naked emo group and gay brother comic sex movie Kevin Nash has
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I lived straight across the parking lot kitty corner in building #1 from Verna. I went to my apartment and took a shower, cooked and ate dinner. I could hardly wait until nine. About ten minutes before nine I popped one of those peter hard pills that I had ordered through a sex magazine. I had already tried them on Vickie and Janie. I kept a bone hard on through two fucks and no problem the third time with either of them.

They definitely worked great. Of course I didn't need them but I wanted to make sure I lasted until she was ready to stop since she had not had a man's cock in her for such a long time. At exactly nine I knocked on her door.

Verna had just taken a shower and had a cute ruffled pink sheer top on that come down just below her pussy. I noticed she wasn't wearing any panty. She greeted me at the door and quickly closed it behind me. She offered me a cup of tea. She then gave me a little pill. She said the pill would give me a little more pep. I accepted both. The tea had a different taste than I had ever had before but it was great. About ten minutes later I felt a warm tingling sensation in my cock.

It felt good. My cock started getting hard. I had never had that feeling with my the peter hard pills before. She had gone into the bathroom.

I stood in the kitchen stroking my cock through my pants. Was she thinking the same ting as me. She must have wanted my cock all night. "Hey, what kind of tea was that." She laughed. "That is a special tea I bought some time ago. Ginseng and a few other ingredients. Why?" "It's making a tingling feeling in my cock.

My cock is getting hard already." "It's okay. It must be good for Roland too. If I give him some he will fuck all night." "Have you fucked Roland today?

"No, Why?" "Well, I thought I would eat that pussy of yours before I fucked it to see what it taste like." She walked out of the bathroom smelling like a rose garden. "Then come on baby, this pussy is waiting for you all day" she said as she takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed.

She had already lay a couple of towels on the bed. She sprawled out on the middle of the king size bed spreading her legs apart as she slides her hands up her thighs and around her pussy as she spread her beautiful sweet lips apart.

Her little pink clit stood straight up like a little boys peter with a pee hard. Her inner lips spread perfect like the wings of a small butterfly. What a beautiful sight to behold. My cock throbbed. I slid up between her legs as she spread out. I touched her little ass hole with the tip of my tongue as I slid it up and dipped the tip partially into her pussy sliding it on up to her clit.

I glid my tongue lightly over it I wrapped my lips around it and softly sucked it flipping the tip of my tongue over it. She gasped as she moaned. "Oh god babe, that feels so good. Do it again and again." I did that several times as she gasped and moaned.


I wrapped my lips around the inner part of her pussy like a suction cup pressing them tight as I slid my tongue deep into her, tongue fucking it and sucked as the back of my tongue rubbing her clit at the same time.

"Babe, I got to warn you, I cum a lot. And I mean a lot. Not just a few spoonfuls." I stopped long enough to tell her to do whatever she wanted that I wanted all she had. I gazed at that beautiful pink slit again inhaling her fragrance as my cock throbbed. I wrapped my lips around her pussy again as I took her hips in my hands and pushed my tongue deeper into her so tight I could hardly breathe.

She taste so good I didn't want to stop. I was anxious to taste her cum. I kept tonguing her hard rubbing her clit with the back of my tongue. Her sweet pre-cum was already flowing heavy. I loved it as it trickled down the back of my tongue. Soon she began to moan in low tones. I sucked harder fucking her steadily with my tongue and sucking her clit. Each time I sucked her clit it she gasped followed with a deep moan.

She begins to tremble and moan heavier as she grabbed the sides of my head pulling tight and started hunching. "Oh god babe, I'm about to cum." She said as she started hunching her hips pushing up. Oooooooooooooh babe, I'm cumin, I'm cumin." She moaned. " Oh god, your tongue feels so good." She let out a low scream.

It was as if she literally exploded. Cum started gushing out of her almost like a water hose squirting out of her little hole.

She pressed my head against her tighter as she quivered and hunched. I sucked and swallowed at least three full mouths of her creamy cum before she slowed down to a trickle.

WOW!!! I could take that every day. I sucked and licked her pussy as I slid my tongue in and out to savor every drop. Her cum tasted awesome. It was sweeter than any other I had ever tasted.

My cock throbbed. I wanted to stick it in her in a hungry way. I wanted to fill her every loving pussy. But I waited until she was ready.

When there was none left she pulled my head up and told me to slide up on her body. I slid up until I felt my cock slide between her little pussy lips.

She laughed excited. "How did you like eating and sucking my pussy? I warned you I cum a lot." "Baby, I could suck and drink from you three meals a day and maybe in between." "Do you cum like that every time?" "If I wait a bit in between I can. We'll see shortly. I want to taste that throbbing cock of yours before we try it again. By that time I should be ready again" "And how about you? Did I eat you good enough?" "Oh baby, I have never been eaten and sucked like that before in my whole life.


I haven't really been sucked before. Now I can't even imagine what you can do with that meat in me. I almost cum when you first started, But I wanted to hold off until I really got built up to show you how much I could cum. My husband played around a little but said it wasn't the right thing to do so we just fucked. I was never totally satisfied. I wanted to het built up like you just did me. All he ever did was just satisfied himself, not me." My cock head was between her lips and I slid the head part way before she slid down between my legs and started looking at my bone hard cock.

The head was wet from her pussy. She looked at it and smiled as she slowly lowered her head and softly licked the head of it.

"I really do taste good." She said smiling as she wrapped her lips around my cock and slowly slid it in her mouth, up her tongue sliding it along the vein. It throbbed. She slid it up and down in her mouth several times and slowly slid it all the way to her tonsils putting pressure on them. I think its too big to swallow but I will try" she said as she slid it back in and put pressure on it again harder.

She gagged and pulled it out. We'll try again sometime but for now, you can blow your load down my throat from there." She smiled. "Is that another invitation for another time?" I asked smiling.

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"If you want it, yes it's an invitation." I didn't have to answer that. She already knew. She sucked on the head, licking all around rolling her tongue around it in her mouth and up and down the outside. Again she tried to slide it down her throat pressing it harder and harder. Suddenly her lips slid all the way to my pubic mound. My cock went down her throat.

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She bobbed her head up and down about three times before she pulled it out. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yes." She replies trying to breathe and laugh excited."I did it, I did it." I wanted to feel your cock in my throat. The next time you can fill it with that precious cream." "Baby, I almost shot it then." I replied. She started sucking the head as saliva run down the sides as she slid it in and out of her hot mouth.My cock throbbed.

She laughed every time it did. She turned over on her back and slid her head on the pillow beside me. "Straddle me and fuck size "D" tits." She said. I didn't hesitate. I licked between them and got them wet. I slid up and lay my cock between them as she pushed them together. I started hunching as it slid between. She moved her lips up close between her tits and opened her mouth as if waiting for me to shoot a load, sticking out her tongue and licking the head as I slid it through.

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"Now let me sit up against this pillow and then stick it in my mouth and fuck me but don't cum yet." "I slid up to her and slid it in as she opened her mouth little by little sucking it.

I started sliding it slowly in and out feeling it slide on top her sucking tongue as I watched every move. I still hadn't had an urge of an orgasm yet. What ever that tea was I guess it was working. I loved watching it slide in and out of her mouth feelling the awesome sensations of the vein sliding on her tongue as she sucked it.

We did that for about five minutes. "Now come down here baby and blow that load deep in me and fill me up." She said. "Fuck me good and hard. Slide all that seven inches of meat slowly deep in me easy at first, then fuck your brains out. I'm so hot now i'm going to give you a cream bath." If she was going to cum like before, I wanted to feel it squirt all over me and drench my balls. "Get on top of me like in the movies." I asked of her.

She gladly met my request. She slid over and lay on top of me spreading her pussy lips apart and gently started sliding down my seven inches. Her pussy was tight. She pulled it out and bent over and stuck it in her mouth depositing saliva heavy around it. She raised back up and spread her lips apart again. It slid in better. I felt her innermost part as my body met hers hers.

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God, she was hot inside too. I started feeling an orgasm coming on. She started slowly sliding up and down as the head banged against the depth of her pussy as she ground her body against my cock in circles up and down looking at me and smiling.

I saw her in a completely different form now. She was filled with deep passion. She had a different smile that I had never seen before that crept through my whole sexual system. She slid up and down slowly feeling my cock in her, feeling it slide up and down her tight pussy.

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She moaned lightly as she threw her head back grinding on top of me frequently looking down at me with a passionate smile. I slid a pillow beneath my ass letting my cock go deeper and tighter into her as I folded the pillow under my head to watch mt cock slide up and down in her.

She started twisting and pushing harder. Suddenly she started moaning as I had never heard her moan with Rolands cock in her. My orgasm was getting extremely tense. I fought as never before to hold it back. "Oh god babe, you feel so good." She said as she pressed even harder on me. "I'm getting ready to cum babe." She no more than said that, she started quivering and banging harder up and down on my cock.

I started forcing my cock against her pussy harder. Just as she made a low scream my load rushed up my cock and spattered deep in her as I watched her white cream gushing down out of the top of her pussy and down my cock and flooding my mass of pubic hair. It kept coming. Every time I slid out a little and pushed back up, it would gush.That was the most incredible sight I had ever seen. I wanted to taste it. I took my right hand and closed my fingers together catching it as it squirt out bringing it up to my lips and face as I licked and washed my face in her wonderful cum.


let it flow from my fingers into my mouth. In those extreme moments I exploded filling her even more exploding as I had never cum before. It seemed that I cum forever as her cream gushed from her beautiful pussy.She seemed to cum forever as she moaned deep. My balls and the crack of my ass was totally drenched,If I ever fuck again, it could never compare to what just happened.

Finally when she as finished She looked down at me with the happiest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. "Now how do you like my pussy and fucking baby?" She asked. "Can I move in with you? Is that enough answer?" I have never been fucked or had so much cum in my whole life. I would like for you to straddle my face and cum like that in my mouth and all over my face. I replied. "All that could be arranged." She replied.

"But you would have to help take care of princess too!" She replied. "That's okay too as long as you don't get jealous!" I replied. "Hey baby, she probably would have to give me a break from this cock the way you fuck. "You want to spend the night here since tomorrow is Saturday? I don't have to work" "Yes, if you don't mind. I can get up and finish the painting." She laughed. We got up and took a quick shower and went out and ate.

It was about 11:30 when we got back. Roland and princes were excited when we come in the door.