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CHAPTER 1 I had returned to the living room after Gerald gave me his decision. I was there for some time wondering what was keeping him. After all, how long could it possibly take him to dress?

I was reading when I heard a noise in the hall. I got up and walked to the corner; I threw my hands to my face, unable to stifle my feelings as I exclaimed, "Oh my!" My initial reaction was to yell and ask Gerald what the hell he thought he was doing. Then I saw how he was trembling—shaking in terror—I realized what was happening and how I could use it to advantage—advantage for both of us. I knelt and stroked his back, took the leash from his mouth and walked him to the living room.

I stripped down. It was necessary for my plan. I told Gerald what I thought he wanted and he nodded. I would make him my submissive. He would be my slave for all intents and purposes, but I wouldn't humiliate him as I had with Tina and David and I wouldn't torture him, but I would definitely punish the living hell out of him if he misbehaved.

I doubted that would be necessary often. First, though, I needed to reinforce my position of dominance. I thought there were probably many ways of doing this, but the simplest was to infantilize him—treat him like my baby. In Gerald's fragile mental state I allowed him to suckle me for more than an hour as I stroked his head and rubbed his balls. I removed his cock cage; I could trust him today and it suited my purpose to have him unfettered.

He was so sweet…so submissive to me. He was like the child we'd not yet had…putty in my hands. I shifted him to my other teat after a while. "No, Gerald," I told him, "you're not going to cum yet. I want you in my pussy when that happens." 'Yes, Mistress," he replied, "Thank you, Mistress." He snuggled even closer to me as I rocked him.

I used every action to reinforce my dominance and his submissiveness.

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I called myself his "Momma" and referred to him as my baby. Soon he'd come to think of himself in exactly this way. Gerald wanted to be submissive to me and that was exactly what I would give him! I put him onto the floor and led him by the leash to the kitchen.

I made two sandwiches, one for each of us, and allowed Gerald to eat at the table with me as I had promised. As we ate I explained that I would create a list of chores for him to do. I even allowed him to contribute to the list. During the afternoon I wanted him to clean both bathrooms so they would sparkle and I wanted the bed changed so we could try to conceive in a clean environment. I told him that if he hustled I would allow him to suckle before dinner and after that would be his opportunity to fuck me.

He finished all his tasks to my satisfaction by 4:30 so I invited him back to my lap. He had been naked all day so that was how he climbed into my lap. I moved his mouth to my teat as I rocked him. Again I rubbed his balls and this time I gently stroked his cock with the back of my finger. He'd never cum this way, but he would be plenty excited. We continued for an hour when I had him start the grill for dinner.

I made some burgers and he cooked them, naked in our back yard. We lived at the end of a dead-end so all our neighbors would be in front of the house.

This had been my parents' house. They were big real estate investors, making many millions before they died years ago—Mom of a heart attack and Dad of a broken heart. We still had more than ten acres, even after selling off more than three quarters of the parcel.

We ate together naked sitting close to each other—as close as we could. I kissed his neck between bites of burger. We cleaned up together even though I could have told him to do it. I led him by the hand to the bedroom. We walked together into the shower. I stood there while Gerald lovingly washed my body. I allowed him to clean my pussy with his tongue. He washed himself before we dried each other and went to bed for the evening.

Our lovemaking was slow and easy, just the opposite of our past couplings which could have been best described aptly as "slam-bam-thank you, ma'am," and then, of course, was our three month drought. Gerald and I kissed for almost an hour as we touched and caressed each other's bodies. Gerald's cock felt like it would explode.

"Now, Gerald," I told him, "Mount me and fuck me. Cum in me; give me your seed." Gerald climbed between my legs. Later, after I was pregnant, we would play with other positions, but now I wanted it missionary so none of his precious semen would leak out.

I pulled his cock to my tunnel and Gerald pushed in easily. It felt so good to have him in me. We had only had unprotected sex on one other occasion and that was when Gerald had tricked me and gotten me drunk on our honeymoon. I loved Gerald, but that had shown me how immature and irresponsible he could be.

Now I had him completely under control and I was praying I'd become pregnant at last. Gerald fucked me slowly—long deep strokes, exactly as I instructed him. Even though David was bigger this was better. I loved Gerald and I wanted to become pregnant. I began to meet his thrusts as our pace increased.

I rubbed my cleanly shaved clit into his smooth skin. Somehow, the smooth textures were different and exciting—my clit tingled at the touch. If this went on long enough I was going to cum buckets.

"Gerald, I want you to cum, but not until I give you permission. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress," Gerald panted. I knew he was close. I had milked him yesterday, but he hadn't cum. After jerking off every day for months I had denied him for more than three days.

I thought he would be more than ready. Meanwhile, the sensations in my pussy increased as I moved even closer to a really big one. Suddenly, I began to shudder—I was really close. "Gerald, you have my permission. Cum now." I came as hard as I had anticipated just as Gerald spurted his seed deep into me. Five times I felt his hot semen flood my sensitive pussy.

He fell onto me exhausted. I held him to my chest and moved his mouth again to my teat. "Keep it in me, my baby. Keep your seed in me. Suckle me, my baby. Momma will take good care of you." I rocked him with my body as he eagerly latched onto my nipple. After ten minutes I pushed him up with a kiss. I circled his cock with my thumb and forefinger, wringing pussy juice and cum from his deflating organ. I brought my fingers to his mouth. He opened and sucked them clean.

Twice more I repeated until his cock was clean. "Now lick and clean my pussy." He moved down, cleaning me without complaint or hesitation. "We will do this every time we make love, Gerald. I may have you lick me to orgasms in the morning before you go to work. You'll be locked up then, won't you?" "Yes, Mistress, I deserve to be in chastity after ignoring you for so long." "You'll be in it when you go to work and probably until dinner, but you'll be out every evening so you can do your duty.

I don't know how long I'll make you wear it, but probably not forever. I'll let you out once I know I can trust you not to jerk off every day. You can fuck me every day instead." I remained on my back for almost a half hour before rising. I told Gerald to take another shower before I put the cage back on, locking it in place. We went back to the living room where I read and Gerald sat naked with his head on my thigh.

CHAPTER 2 I told Gerald to get a direct deposit application form from the payroll office and bring it home that evening. I told him I didn't want him to have any worries—that would be my job. I went to the bank and closed our joint accounts, transferring the funds to accounts in my name only.

I wasn't planning to cheat Gerald; I really was going to take care of him for the rest of his life, but I knew his mental state was fragile.

I was afraid he might act irrationally or become an unwitting target for some scam artist. I would give him an allowance and I'd do it as soon as I had control of all our funds. I had a sudden thought—credit cards!

I'd have to collect them and destroy them. Then I'd close those accounts and reopen new accounts in my name. I also wondered for the first time whether Gerald should quit working. I had inherited more than five million from my parents more than ten years ago. Now it was more than ten even though the recession had taken its toll.

I resolved to see my investment advisor soon to see what changes I would need to make to my portfolio. Gerald returned home at 5:30, but had forgotten the direct deposit application. I was not pleased and I let him know. He had placed his collar around his neck and stripped, kissing my feet as a sign of his respect. However, I needed to be firm with him or he would back slide quickly. I led him to the kitchen table, telling him to lie down while I fetched the restraints.

Once I had him securely fastened I asked, "Why am I punishing you, Gerald?" "I forgot the form, Mistress." "Yes, Gerald…now I don't like to punish you, especially when we're going to make love tonight, but you're giving me no choice.

I'm going to paddle you and I'm going to hurt you just like I did Friday night. I'm giving you twenty. Hopefully, I won't have to give you thirty tomorrow night. Now open your mouth, I'm going to gag you so the neighbors don't call the police." At last I was ready.

I hesitated a moment to gather myself and catch my breath. Then I reared back and let him have it. I applied ten to each cheek. I didn't break the skin, but his ass was as red as red can be by the time I was finished. I released him and led him to the couch.

I lay him over my lap while I poured soothing lotion onto his butt. "The worst part of this, Gerald is you're not going to be able to suckle me tonight. It's almost time for dinner—maybe later if you do a good job fucking me. You'd like that wouldn't you, baby?" Gerald just nodded as he cried. The paddling had hurt him but he hadn't cried.

The thought that he couldn't suck at his Momma's teat threw him over the edge. He was even more unstable than I thought. We ate dinner in silence—I was busy thinking. As fragile as Gerald was I doubted he'd be able to continue at his job for very long. I debated how I could find out about his performance.

I knew his boss, but could I call him? I'd wait until the end of the week. By then I'd have seen about my investments. As things turned out I didn't have to call—his boss called me, but the conversation was much different than I anticipated.

"Hi, Marge," Bill Sergeant began, "How are you doing? I wanted to ask you if something has happened to Gerald recently. His work is incredible. He used to seem distracted quite often, but now he is really focused.

He has already reached his quota and the month isn't even half done. I don't know what happened, but let's have some more of it." I thanked Bill for calling after telling him we had made some changes at home recently.

I didn't go into details—it wasn't his business. Now I couldn't wait for Gerald to get home. Once again he strode into the house at 5:30 sharp, stopping just inside the door to place his collar around his neck before hustling to the bedroom to undress.

He knelt at my feet and kissed them as instructed before raising his head to eat my pussy—worship at the altar of my power over him. He ate me to a delicious orgasm, licking my puffy cunt lips and fucking my pussy with his hard tongue. Finally, he moved his attentions to my clit. I couldn't believe that he had been tonguing me for almost ten minutes.

When he sucked my throbbing clit between his teeth I came hard, opening my mouth for a silent scream. My entire body tingled, but I had to get under control. I told him what I wanted him to do this afternoon, but before he started I asked him, "Gerald, I'd like to know how things are going at work. You've been under quite a strain recently. I want to be sure you're holding up OK." "I'm doing really well, Mistress," he replied eagerly. "I've already reached my quota with more than two weeks to go." "That's wonderful, Gerald," I said in feigned surprise.

"I wonder why." "You're the reason, Mistress. I used to get distracted easily—the porn was one thing--thinking about jerking off--and dreaming about those ridiculous fantasies was another. Now I don't think about porn or the fantasies any longer.

I can concentrate at work knowing I don't have to think about things here at home any more. Thank you, Mistress you're the reason for my success. I love you, Mistress." "Well, Gerald that's wonderful to hear.

I think you have earned the afternoon off so you can climb up here and suckle me while I talk to you about something else." Gerald was soon in my lap with his mouth on my nipple.

I stroked his hair as I spoke, "Last night as I was punishing you I realized that using the table wasn't such a great idea. I'm afraid it might break and you'd really hurt yourself. I know you've seen punishment horses in those movies you used to watch. After we make love tonight you are to design such a horse for yourself to use.

I'll want restraints on each leg for your arms and legs and I'll want it thickly padded and covered with vinyl so it can he washed off whenever needed. Make it high enough so you don't accidentally injure your legs when you re on it. Can you do that, my baby?" "Yes mistress." "Good, have the preliminary sketches for me by bedtime; now, I suggest you change teats." I allowed Gerald to suckle me for an hour.

I rocked him the entire time, "Do you enjoy this, Gerald? Does my baby like suckling on Momma's teat?" "Oh, yes, Momma I love sucking you. I love licking and eating your pussy. I love everything about you…Momma." I ran my hand through his hair and gently rubbed his balls. He was still in his cage and he would stay there until our shower.

I remembered suddenly, "Gerald, did you remember the payroll form?" "Yes, Mistress, I left it on your dresser when I undressed. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it. Do you want to punish me?" "No, Gerald I can't do anything with it until you return it tomorrow. Now I want to explain what I've done with our bank accounts." I explained that since I was going to manage everything the money should be under my complete control.

That way he wouldn't have to worry or be concerned about it. He simply nodded when I was done. I kissed him as I moved him from my lap and went to finish the dinner preparations. We ate quietly and quickly and by nine we were done—dishes cleared, pots washed and the dishwasher loaded. I removed Gerald's cage, but attached his leash to his collar.

He dropped to his hands and knees and followed me dutifully into the bedroom. I placed his cage on his armoire and led him into the bathroom where we showered before I led him back to our bed. We kissed like we did when we were kids and groped each other like we had in the back seat of Gerald's old Pontiac.

Damn! My pussy was running like a river when Gerald climbed between my legs and pushed his hard cock into me in one swift motion. Gerald's face shone with adoration as we fucked slowly and deeply. I wrapped my legs around Gerald's back, pulling him even deeper into my pussy.

I held his head as I kissed him passionately, my tongue sliding between his teeth to wrestle with his. He may have been my willing slave, but now—in bed—he was clearly my equal.

Our passion brought our actions to a fever pitch as we moved wildly against each other. I felt a tingle deep within my pussy as I began what I hoped would be an incredible orgasm. "Don't forget, Gerald…wait for permission to cum.

I have earned the right to cum first. Don't you agree?" "Yes, Mistress…I'll do my best. I know my place." "Right now your place is in my pussy. It feels so good. Are you close, Gerald?" "Yes, Mistress, but I will wait for you." "Good boy, Gerald. Momma loves you. Don't ever forget that—Momma loves you very, very much." During this brief discussion we had continued with our fucking, our ecstasy and rapture growing steadily.

Suddenly, it was there. I couldn't hold back. I screamed—a guttural primordial scream that lasted throughout the entire event. Gerald had dutifully held himself until I said the critical words, "Now, Gerald, cum now." He grunted loudly several times as he filled my womb with his precious seed.

Gerald remembered to keep his cock in me. I wiped it clean once he was free to remove it; he eagerly cleaned my hands and then licked my pussy clean. I told Gerald to shower again and bring his cage to the living room so I could secure it for the coming day.

I completed the form for the payroll office and attached one of my new sample checks. I turned on the TV when Gerald arrived. I never watched, but I knew he was a big sports fan. I gave him the remote. He was so overwhelmed he dropped to the floor and repeatedly kissed my feet. I patted his head and seated him between my thighs. On an impulse I asked him if he would like to suckle.

He was in my lap in seconds. CHAPTER 3 The next day was Thursday, one of the days I volunteered at the Library. I expected to see David at the desk around noon and he did not disappoint. "Hi, Marge how're things at home? Hubby still your slave?" "Hello David, nice to see you, too." "Sorry, Marge, guess I got a little carried away thinking about Saturday night." I reached out and stroked his cheek. He really was a decent man.

"To answer your question—yes, Gerald is still my slave, but his status has changed somewhat. I will no longer humiliate him as I did last weekend. He is technically a submissive rather than a slave, but he still does exactly as he is told or I punish him. So far as we are concerned—for the time being, we're not.

I am trying to get pregnant. I know you would be pleased to do the honors, but the child will be Gerald's. I'm breaking him so I can rebuild him into the kind of man I want and need. Does that make any sense?" "Uh…I guess so. So I guess we're not getting together again." "Maybe after I'm pregnant, but definitely not before; Gerald is getting me off at least twice a day and that's more than enough.

Why don't you find a nice single woman—someone you might have a future with? I know you like me, but, let's face it--we don't have a future together.


I love Gerald, even with all his faults and I'm planning on being with him for the rest of my life." David was dejected, but before he turned to leave he asked, "OK if I stop by once in a while?" "Of course, David…we are friends, aren't we?" He gave me a little smirk, a nod, and he left.

I returned to my work. I returned home after my shift at 4:30 to find a small pile of lumber in front of the garage. I assumed this was for Gerald's project. It looked like an awful lot, but what do I know about carpentry? Gerald arrived on time at 5:30, putting on his collar when he entered. "Keep your clothes on, Gerald. Please take care of the lumber. Where are you going to do this?" "With your permission, Mistress…in the basement. I thought of a few other things you might want to do with me.

I took the liberty of ordering the extra supplies. Was that OK?" I nodded my approval. He was almost out the door when he turned suddenly, rushed to my feet, kneeled and kissed them. I waved him up and he ran out.

Ten minutes later he was back, running to the bedroom to strip. He knelt between my legs to adore and service my glistening pussy. For a man who had always refused to service   me orally Gerald had turned into a four-star pussy eater. He attacked my poor cunt, ramming his tongue deep into me—drinking my nectar—and causing me to tingle all over.

When he switched to my clit I almost jumped up a foot. I was gripping the arm of the couch so hard my knuckles were white. I could feel the roar within me growing with every suck and every nibble. I tried to hold it back, prolonging the ecstasy, but I wasn't nearly strong enough. It grabbed and threw me like a rag doll as it rolled through my body repeatedly for almost a minute.

I was a wreck when I finally told Gerald he could stop. I leaned down to kiss him, tasting myself in the process. "Go and work on your project.


You can fill me in at dinner in an hour." Gerald took almost a week, including Saturday and Sunday to finish the job. He had asked me if I would buy some batting and sheet vinyl for the surface. I went to our local sex shop for some wrist and ankle restraints. I was surprised when he asked me to buy two sets.

The following Tuesday he led me to the basement to show off his work. The punishment horse was really beautiful. He had stained the wood a light oak shade. The top was just the perfect height, coming exactly to his waist. It was a four-by-four that was completely covered by a thick layer of batting and the red vinyl I had bought. The vinyl sheet was fastened by two long rows of brass furniture tacks. The restraints were securely fastened at each leg with the wrist restraints about six inches up from the floor.

I congratulated Gerald as he showed me his other "inventions." A short chain hung from a beam in the center of the room. Gerald showed me how a pair of cuffs could be attached with a padlock. Depending on the nature of his behavior he could be cuffed either in front or behind his back and locked to the chain.

I was impressed and then he showed me his cross. There were strong screw eyes at each end of the "X" to which restraints could be clipped. This, too, had been stained, but in a mahogany shade. "Do you think I should try some of these out on you, Gerald?

" "Please, no Mistress. I'll be good…I promise." "I hope so. I'd hate to have to hurt you. Did you turn in your form?" "Yes, Mistress…as soon as I arrived." I patted his cheek, telling him he was such a good boy.

I led him back upstairs to give him his reward. I removed my blouse and bra, invited him to my lap so he could suckle—he was such a good boy. Now to begin building him back up. Gerald cried when I got my period. He felt like he was a failure. I had to explain that the timing had to be just right.

I told him I knew of several couples who had tried for months, even years, before they had success. We continued fucking every night and the second month I was late. We waited with bated breath day after day until I told Gerald to stop by the pharmacy on the way home from work. I peed on the strip; when we looked it said "YES." We were relieved and overjoyed, but we didn't celebrate, nor did we stop fucking, but we did schedule an appointment with my doctor.

He confirmed I was pregnant. We celebrated by going out to dinner. I had gone shopping the first week to buy Gerald some panties from Victoria's Secret. I told the salesgirl I wanted some for my husband—he had 37-inch hips.

She chuckled, but she didn't seem all that   surprised or shocked. I bought ten pair in various colors—all extremely feminine-- and had Gerald try them on just before bed.

He was terribly embarrassed, but he wore them every day simply because I told him to. Tina was a frequent visitor and she always saw Gerald naked. I'm sure it was uncomfortable for Gerald initially, but over time I thought they both ignored his nudity—it was just the normal routine for him.

I often called on Gerald to serve us—drinks or snacks, not eat our pussies. Those days were behind us and would not be repeated. I was proud of Gerald—he always treated Tina with the same respect he showed to me. About a month after confirming my pregnancy I invited David to fuck me. "Gerald," I told him, "I have invited David for a visit on Saturday evening. You will serve us drinks, just as you do with Tina.

Obviously, I will not drink any alcohol, but I'm sure David will. You are to conduct yourself perfectly. If you don't we'll be making use of your horse. I am going to fuck him, but you do not have to be present if you would prefer not to.

This is my way of saying good-bye to David. I have quit as a library volunteer so I will never see him again. I will make that clear to him once we are finished." "Yes, Mistress…I am not happy about it, but I will do as you command." "Wow," I thought, "command" not ask or request or even insist.

Gerald really was completely broken. I had to work on building him up and I had to be subtle about it, and slow…gradual so he would not suspect and would seem to be a natural sequence of events. Saturday night David arrived around 7:30. Gerald greeted him at the door. Of course, he was naked except for his ever-present chastity cage and collar. I could hear him from the living room where I reclined on the couch. "Good evening, Mister David. Welcome to our home. May I take your jacket?

My Mistress awaits you in the living room." Gerald led the confused David to me. "Gerald, do be a dear and get us something to drink. I'll have the ginger ale and David will have…?" "Scotch and water if you have it." "Of course, Sir…would you prefer Cutty or Johnnie Walker Black?" David sat as he answered, "Give me the Johnnie Walker…please." Gerald was off in a second.

He returned a few minutes later with the drinks and some coasters. He placed the drinks on the table before us. He scampered off and returned again with some chips and salsa. I pointed down at my side. He sat at my feet as per my command. "Damn, Marge it's amazing how you have him trained. Does he do everything so quickly?" "He certainly does, don't you Gerald?" I opened my legs and pointed to my pussy.

Gerald was there in a second to service me. "This will get me into the mood for later with you, David. Just look at him attack my pussy! You'd never believe he went for years refusing to do it. Now you love it, don't you Gerald?" He looked up nodding and smiling, his face smeared with my secretions for only a second before returning to his task. I stopped him before he made me cum—I was saving that for David. I stood up, my filmy black peignoir flowing and I took David's hand, leading him first to the basement.

"Stay," I told Gerald. He remained at the corner of the couch kneeling as I showed David Gerald's projects. "Wow, Marge you could really do a number on him with this stuff. How many times have you used it with him?" "Never! I've never had a problem with his behavior.

Does he look any different to you tonight? He's already lost ten pounds. I don't allow him any alcohol and he works actively for an hour every day and all day on weekends. I think tomorrow I will make him come to church with me. He hasn't been in years." I turned to face David, debating when I should tell him this would be our last time together. Later, I thought…after we were done. That was probably best. "C'mon, I think we have something to do." I kissed David and led him to the bedroom.

I walked past Gerald telling him he was free to do as he wished until we were done. I was not surprised when he crawled into the bedroom behind us.

I slipped off the peignoir, revealing my sexy black teddy—the one with delicate spaghetti straps around my bare breasts. I lay on the bed, allowing David to climb onto my body. When I saw Gerald I patted the side of the bed. He crawled over immediately, placing his head exactly where I had indicated. He looked up at me with those adorable puppy dog eyes.

I was momentarily distracted as David began kissing his way up my body. He was really aggressive, just what I needed after dealing with Gerald's submissive behavior over the past few months. When David reached my mouth I eagerly returned the kiss as our tongues swirled.

I kissed David passionately as he groped my breasts. He mauled them in his ardor, pinching and rolling my hard, but sensitive nipples.

I reached down to find his cock head covered with slippery pre-cum. I wiped it off and fed it to Gerald just before spreading my legs for David. He was in me in a second, pumping furiously. Now that we were having sex again I found the whole thing somewhat disappointing. I couldn't wait for it to end; I reached between his legs to massage his heavy balls, encouraging him to cum.

I returned his thrusts, moving at a frantic rate. Suddenly, David arched his back as his eyes glassed over and he opened his mouth to scream. I covered it with mine instead as he bucked, driving his hot steaming semen deep within me. He collapsed, his head dripping sweat, exhausted.

"Gerald," I said, "please bring us fresh drinks." He jumped up and literally ran to the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with our glasses, handing them politely to us. "Doesn't he object to me being here and fucking you, Marge? It's amazing how accepting he is." "Actually, he isn't. He doesn't like this at all.

However, he has agreed to behave perfectly tonight, haven't you darling?" "Yes, Mistress," he said as he resumed his place at the side of the bed. "The reason he's so accommodating, other than the fact that I've directed him to do this, is that he knows this is the last time we'll be getting together. I like you, David, but I love Gerald with all my heart.

I've quit at the library so it's unlikely we'll ever see each other again. You really do need to meet someone. I don't know, maybe the girl next door or a dominatrix, or anyone. You obviously haven't had any sex since our last time…have you?" "That obvious, eh?

I'm sorry, Marge. That was a little quick. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable with Gerald sitting here like that. Maybe I'd better go." He kissed my cheek and rose from the bed. He dressed and moved to go, but turned and shook Gerald's hand, "You're one lucky guy, Gerald." "Thank you, Mister David.

I know I'm very lucky to have my Mistress." David patted his head and left, saying, "I can find my way out; thanks, Marge and good luck with the baby." We heard the door close as I pulled Gerald up to the bed. "I'm sorry, Gerald. That was a big mistake.

You fuck much better than he does. Will you do me now? Please. I do love you so much!" Gerald climbed between my legs, kneeling so I could remove his cage. I massaged his organ and it was only seconds before he was hard—harder than I'd seen him in years. "Ummm, judging from this I'd say it wasn't a total loss. Now stick that big thing into me." "Yes, Mistress—with pleasure." Gerald leaned down and pressed his cock into my sloppy cunt. I was so lubricated between my hormonal juices and David's copious cum, but that didn't stop Gerald from fucking me silly.

CHAPTER 4 I started pulling back—very, very slowly, giving Gerald a tiny bit of freedom from my domination every week. I stopped giving him chores, allowing him to pick and choose on his own. Of course, he would always be my submissive, but I wanted him to be a man, too. He managed to keep busy on his own, painting the house and wallpapering both bathrooms all on his own even though I'd been after him for years to do it.

Our house used to be the one that brought down the neighborhood's property values with its peeling paint, un-mowed lawn, and unkempt shrubbery. Only once did I have to remind Gerald to handle his chores and on that occasion he paid for his error dearly. It was just after my seventh month when I was really feeling the baby when Gerald forgot a chore he had set for himself—mulching the rear garden. It really was a multi-day job and I wanted it done before the weekend when we would have company.

I pointed Gerald to the basement, telling him to fasten himself to the horse while I changed my clothes. I walked down the stairs—carefully—to find him crying with only his right hand free.

"Why are you crying, Gerald?" "I let you down, Mistress. I failed you!" "Gerald…get a grip. You screwed up, but it's not the end of the world. I'm going to paddle you and then you're going out to work for two hours instead of one. You'll do the same tomorrow and the next day until the job is done. Do you understand me?" "Yes, Mistress." "Unfortunately, you won't be able to suckle me until this is done. That should give you plenty of motivation, shouldn't it?

OK, Gerald—twenty." I paddled him—twenty fast hard shots—and released him to work. I had to admit, he was looking pretty good. He had lost twenty pounds and added muscle; he looked five years younger and at work he had continued to be exemplary. He received two bonuses in the past six months and was on quota again this month.

I asked Gerald to suggest some exterior improvements to our house as part of his rehabilitation. He suggested an island bed of low shrubs and maybe a small flowering tree in our front yard. "How would you do that, Gerald?" "I think to begin with I would build a low wall out of either bricks that would be a close match to the ones we have in the house or some kind of paving stones.

I'd have to dig out the grass and go down about a foot because of the frost line here. I think it would be more graceful if the wall were curved like this," as he drew a diagram on a sheet of paper.

I'd have to lay it out on the lawn first for your approval, Mistress. The soil I dig could be placed inside to help build the bed. I'd have to break up the clumps of sod.

We'd need a footing of concrete to hold the building blocks. Once that was done we'd have to order some topsoil. I'd have to figure that out mathematically. Then would come the selection of plants which would have to be arranged and planted. Finally, would be mulch. The entire front lawn gets plenty of water from the sprinklers so the island would be OK in that department.

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Of course, Mistress, I would need your approval at each step." "Wow, Gerald that seems like a lot of work." "Yes, Mistress, but I like to keep busy. I think this would be a really good project for me." I smiled. My Gerald was becoming the man I wanted and needed.

He was making excellent progress. "Of course, Gerald you would still have your cleaning duties." "Oh…of course, Mistress I didn't mean to imply…" I stopped him with a finger to his lips. "I know you didn't Gerald, but it may mean less suckling time, although…pretty soon I'll be unable to have sex with you. I suppose we could suckle then if that's OK with you." Gerald brightened considerably at the mention of my impromptu plan.

Of course, he would never know that I had planned all this out days ago. "Very good, Gerald—I approve of your idea. Next we'll have to see the preliminary design and how big it will be. It will have to enhance the yard so the size will be important.

I suggest you get right to it. Thank you, darling you're so wonderful for doing all these things for me." "You deserve it and more, Mistress.

I'm nothing without you." He knelt and kissed my feet. He was so sweet and so attentive—nothing like the old Gerald. Using a hatchet Gerald made some thin pegs from some 2 by 4 pieces and used them to mark out his island. In shape it was similar to a figure-eight, but thicker in the middle. It was angled rather than parallel to the street. He showed me how the lawn sloped left to right and back to front. He explained how it would be important to dig the footing level so the wall would seem to grow out of the soil.

I liked the idea and gave him my approval. He fell to his knees and kissed my feet right in front of several neighbors. I just waved and went back inside without comment. Gerald began to dig, using a flat shovel to mark the edges where the wall would be. He hung several strings tightly between poles and leveled them to use as a guide. It did take a lot of time as I had figured, but Gerald was rarely told to work.

Only twice did I even suggest that he continue the work and those times were late in the afternoon on two successive Saturdays. I attributed his slowness to being tired; it was extremely difficult work. Finally, one weekend when the job was near completion I insisted that he take the weekend off.

Instead of the hard physical labor we would begin to discuss what plants we wanted and how they would be arranged. We talked—as equals—for almost two hours when I suggested we shower and go to bed. "But, Mistress…" Gerald began, "I don't want to hurt you…or the baby." There was a tear in his eye.

"No, Gerald as much as I want to fuck you, we can't. But, there's nothing wrong with my mouth, is there? C'mon now, we need a shower." I led Gerald to the bathroom where I removed his cage. He tried to wash me, but I beat him to the soap. "Stand still, Gerald so I can wash you. You can do me once I'm done. I want to take care of you today…and maybe tonight, too!" Gerald looked at me, eyes wide open with amazement.

This was also well planned and one of the final parts of building the new Gerald. We walked hand-in-hand to the bed where I pushed him onto his back, his legs hanging over the side, his cock sticking straight up and hard as granite. With difficulty I knelt in front of him, taking his beautiful cock into my hands, rubbing it softly as I made him even hotter for release. I leaned forward, leading with my tongue. I tickled the head and ran my tongue around the shaft in a spiral that ended in his abdomen.

Neither of us had even a single pubic hair—it made the sucking so much more fun. Without any sign or warning I took his entire organ into my mouth, sliding my tongue up and down the ultra sensitive underside of his organ. I pumped his cock with my mouth, fucking Gerald orally. He squirmed uncontrollably as I increased the pressure on his cock. He thrust his hips almost a foot into the air as he came, driving pulse after pulse of hot white cum deep into my mouth. I moved up and leaned over Gerald telling him to open.

Obediently, he opened his mouth, preparing to receive his cum, but once over his head I opened my mouth to show that I had swallowed his gift. I leaned down and we had the most beautiful kiss—long and sweet and ultra passionate. Gerald still ate my pussy every afternoon, but I blew him every evening until the day I gave birth.

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One day in late October Gerald had just finished eating me to yet another sensational orgasm. He was about to begin his daily task when I stopped him, "Gerald, winter is coming. I think you should be dressed all the time now. Let's discuss what you should be wearing. Some of your chores require one type of clothing while I think others may require you to wear something else." We sat for almost an hour discussing, something we had not done in almost a year.

Gerald was almost all the way back. A week later I asked Gerald if he had noticed anything different. He just sat on the floor between my legs unable to speak. "OK, Gerald how about if I ask you some questions? All you have to do is answer, OK?" "Yes, Mistress." "How am I treating you lately, Gerald?" "I don't understand, Mistress you have always treated me extremely well." I could see that this was going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.

"OK, Gerald I can see I'll have to explain.

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When you first agreed to be my slave—yes that's what you are even though I don't beat you or humiliate you—I've told you everything to do, haven't I?" Gerald only nodded. "However," I continued, "I don't need or want a slave, but I do need and want a loving, caring, and attentive husband who addresses all my needs, even anticipating them so I don't have to give orders.

I did this for two reasons, Gerald: one, because I love you and two, because you needed it so very much. You are almost all the way back from being my abject slave. Don't think for a minute, though that I'm giving up control of you. That has been the secret of our success, hasn't it? That part of our relationship will continue, but you are a much different man than you were before our 'special' weekend. Do you agree?" "Yes, Mistress…I should have been like this all the time.

I'm ashamed of how I behaved and what I did. Thank you so much for helping and forgiving me." He looked up—his eyes were filled with tears. I pulled him close to me, hugging him for several minutes until Gerald looked up and spoke. "Mistress, will I still be able to suckle you?" I giggled as I replied, "Yes, of course, but you're going to have some competition, aren't you?" We both laughed until I felt a contraction.

I asked Gerald to take note of the time. I had several more and they were coming faster and faster. "Gerald, please call my doctor and get the bag. I think we need to go to the hospital." Gerald made the call and carried the bag to the car before coming to assist me. He drove hurriedly, but safely, to the hospital. The doctor checked me out and sent me home—false labor. This was going to be harder than I thought. I let Gerald suckle me that night after I had given him a wonderful blow job, swallowing every drop of his wonderful delicious semen.

He lay back on the bed, exhausted from the emotional strain of the difficult day. I was tired, too, but I also wanted Gerald to know how much I loved the new him. He had waited on me all the time he was with me in the hospital, getting me drinks and little snacks as the doctor poked and pawed me for almost an hour. I could see the stress on his face, but I cuddled next to him, bringing his mouth to my teat until I could see his stress was gone.

The following week Gerald came home from work, added his collar—that was still a requirement—changed his clothes into a sweatshirt and jeans. He knelt and kissed my feet before moving between my legs to give me yet another wonderful orgasm. This was one sexual activity my doctor had approved of and Gerald wholeheartedly agreed. He dove in like his life depended on it. In the past ten months he had eaten me to approximately four hundred orgasms, which would be four hundred more than the previous ten years combined.

It was wonderful, and even better, he would continue for the rest of our lives.

By now he knew almost to the second when I would reach my climax, sometimes even before I did. This was one of those times. I saw his lunatic grin, the one he always got when, and only when, I was almost ready—almost there. It was only seconds before Gerald was proved right again. I came so hard, my bodily spasms almost throwing me from my seat. Gerald steadied me until I was once again at ease.

I brought him up to me to kiss him passionately; I practically rammed my tongue down his throat. I had one final step in my plan and now was the time for it. "Gerald, sweetie, I need to talk to you for a moment. Once I give birth I'm going to have limited ability to run things here for a while so I'm counting on you to step up." "Oh, Mistress you know you can count on me.

I'll do everything for you…gladly." "I know that, Gerald, but there are some things I do have to discuss with you. You'll need to do the shopping. We will need food, you know. How will you pay for it? I'm giving you a credit card. It's pre-paid for $500. I'll be watching to see how you use it.

If you do well I'll get you something more permanent." "Thank you, Mistress." "That's the other thing, Gerald. It's expected that a slave would call me 'Mistress,' but a husband would call me…what? "Marge…Mistress." "No more 'Mistress,' only 'Marge from now on." I'd hate to have to punish you, Gerald, especially in my current state, but I will. Do I have to punish you, Gerald?" "No, Mis…I mean, Marge. It will take me a long time to get used to that again…Marge.

I love you so much, Marge…so very, very much." "Well, Gerald don't you think you should kiss me?" He did (think it) and he did (kiss me.) It was wonderful …and even more wonderful to have my husband back.

I could have kissed Gerald all afternoon and all night, but the first contraction hit me exactly then. I broke the kiss and walked to the kitchen. I wanted to see what time it was and it was a good thing I did. My water broke; Gerald ran to me. "Don't worry about that, Gerald. Call the doctor and tell her. This time we definitely have to get to the hospital. Gerald performed magnificently, especially after our dress rehearsal. He got the bag and me into the car and called from his cell.

We were in the hospital in less than fifteen minutes. I was taken to a birthing room and was joined by Dr. Kilpatrick a few minutes later.

She was already scrubbed up and ready to go. Gerald stood by me holding my hand the entire time. He coached me, gave me water and seconds after the birth he leaned over to kiss me and whisper, "You'll always be my Mistress no matter what I call you.

I will serve you all my days." Then we held our daughter for the very first time. CHAPTER 5 Gerald took us home two days later. He was ecstatic, but he was also extremely careful, as though we might break if the car hit a bump or a pothole. I carried Rebecca into the house, fed her from my breast, and put her down to sleep.

That's all she would do for months—sleep, eat, pee, and shit—oh yeah, and cry. Babies led a simple life at first, being totally reliant on their parents. This was why I refused to allow Gerald to impregnate me earlier in our marriage. He was irresponsible and lazy. Of course, there was the argument that he would improve because of the baby, but I wasn't willing to gamble a child's life on such a weak premise.

Gerald did everything for two weeks, using his vacation time to help me. By the end of that time I had healed sufficiently to assume the primary care-giving role. We were a bit behind the eight ball here—neither of my parents was alive and his mother lived on the other coast.

I had no siblings and Gerald did not get along at all with his sister who basically hated me. There was no real reason other than I was of the wrong religion. She was more Catholic than the Pope while I was a heathen Protestant.

The bottom line was that we were in this alone. We had, of course, attended pre-natal classes which were helpful, but not exactly like the real thing. To his credit Gerald never shied away from his responsibilities. He changed diapers—both kinds—without complaint. In fact, he was better at it by far than I was, often singing to his young daughter.

When he returned to work he telephoned several times every day to make sure I was OK. After a week of that I had to insist that he stop. I was sure it was a distraction to his job, and frankly, he was becoming a real pain in the ass. We had a discussion when he came home that afternoon. He practically ran in, put on his collar, and hustled to kiss my feet. He was about to lick my pussy when I stopped him cold. "Gerald," I began, "do I strike you as incompetent?" "No…Mis…I mean…uh…Marge." My overtly dominant behavior had him shaken.

"I'm glad we agree. Then why are you calling every hour of the day? Twice I had just put Becky down and I was afraid the phone would wake her. From now on you may call at lunch, but at no other time. Do you understand me? I really do hope I don't have to punish you at such a joyous time for us." Gerald held his head low, whispering softly in his fear, "No, Mistress…sorry, Mistress…uh…I mean Marge." I lifted his chin and brushed away his tear before leaning down to kiss him.

"I know you want to show how much you care and how responsible you are, but I can handle it on my own, at least until you get home.

OK?" Gerald smiled as I lifted him from the floor. "Now, I believe you were about to adore me." Gerald leaned in carefully. My stitches were just out and the doctor had told us we could have "limited" sexual activity meaning no fucking, but I could have an orgasm orally or manually, especially if the emphasis were on my clitoris and not my tunnel. Gerald began by licking my labia just enough to warm me up while he tickled my clit, running his finger slowly and gently around my bud.

It didn't take me long to get hot—really, really hot. After having sex several times a day for so long I needed it—desperately! I spread my legs farther, inviting Gerald's talented tongue to its task. He rose to it, pulling my hard and hot clit between his teeth and nibbling while he sucked and licked. I came in an instant—a delightful and delicious orgasm. A month later we were able to fuck again—at last.

Gerald was so careful and so considerate. He was looking forward to doing it again, but he was fearful, also—afraid of hurting me. I had to be dominant with him.

I forced him to lie on his back. He cried when I lowered myself onto his hard erect cock and rocked back and forth, grinding my clit into his pubic bone.

I brought his hands to my breasts, requiring that he massage and pinch my nipples. When he did I leaned forward and kissed the tears from his cheeks before thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. There was no way Gerald could resist this, no matter his concern. He began to thrust into me even as he cried for my safety and well being.

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Suddenly he stopped, arched his back driving me up from the bed as he exploded in my pussy again and again. I, too found the experience overwhelming—I came hard, harder than I had in ages. I collapsed onto Gerald's sweaty chest. "I love you, Gerald and please notice you did not kill me. That's good because we'll be doing this again…as soon as you can get it up again…and maybe tomorrow morning, too as long as Becky will allow it.

Don't make any plans for the weekend other than to go back to work exhausted on Monday." He looked up with adoration in his eyes. I leaned down and we kissed again. I could feel him harden in my pussy.

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I broke the kiss and rolled onto my back. I pointed to his cock and my pussy; Gerald obeyed immediately. I was still the dominant one in this marriage although I only used that dominance when necessary.

This was one of those times. Gerald needed to learn that I wasn't made of glass. Gerald pushed into my sloppy cunt. "It's going to take you a long time, Gerald. You're going to have to work hard and fuck me if you want to cum. I expect you to, in fact I command you.

Do you understand, Gerald?" "Yes, Marge… I will obey." "I know you will, darling. You always obey me." I leaned up and kissed him again. It was long and sweet as he plowed my wet pussy with his hard cock. We worked at if for almost an hour; I came twice, but Gerald could not.

It didn't matter—I had proved to him that we could fuck and fuck without damaging me. That was what really mattered. I told him how much I loved him before we fell asleep in each other's arms. Two years later our second was born, another girl we named Georgia after my father; Gerald quit his job. We didn't need the money and he wanted desperately to spend all his time with his family.

There was only one problem—Gerald wouldn't let me do anything. As soon as I went to get up from my chair he would be there asking if I needed a drink or a snack, or a book, or…anything. He was getting on my nerves. One day after feeding Georgia I decided I wanted a cold drink. I had barely moved my ass from the seat when Gerald was there. I'd had enough.

"GERALD! DOWN!" I used my firmest most authoritarian voice as he dropped immediately to his knees, his head on the floor. I pulled his chin up and looked him squarely in the eyes, "Remember, Gerald who is the boss here. If you do everything for me I will soon weigh more than three hundred pounds. I need to do some things for myself. From now on I will get my own snacks and drinks.

I will cook the dinner unless we are using the grill. We will go for a long walk every day. You will push Becky and Georgia in the stroller and I will walk along with you. I want a long walk every day we can, weather permitting. Yes, even in cold weather; my mother put me out in the carriage for naps even in the coldest winter weather.

I survived, didn't I? I know you love me, but if you continue to dote on me like this you're going to make me sick. Oh…don't ever forget…I love you. Now get up and kiss me. Then you can eat my pussy." "Yes, Marge." He dove into my cunt with zeal soon bringing me to another sensational orgasm.

"Now, Gerald, drop those pants and sit here. I'm trading places with you. Not a word from you. Get up here and receive your blow job." After that things were much better between us. Gerald still doted on us, but I had asserted my dominance again and we had a regular workout, often walking more than a mile.

Two years later we had our third, another girl. I thought that perhaps we would try one more time for a boy, but when I discussed it with Gerald he told me that he loved his girls, me especially, and he wouldn't want it any other way. Rather than use condoms or the pill which could be less than 100 per cent effective, I decided to have my tubes tied—no more family concerns—just feeling Gerald's soft skin and hot semen in my tight pussy.

Gerald continued to kiss my feet and eat my pussy even as our daughters grew older. Of course, this led to a lot of questions which we used to teach our children about the nature of our relationship and sexual practices. Our kids knew enough about sex by the time they took health in fifth grade to teach the course. Gerald was proud that our daughters were probably the least likely to make serious mistakes in high school.

They also knew I was the dominant parent—the one in control-- but I insisted that they treat their father with respect and love. I reminded them that he kissed my feet and licked my pussy because he loved and respected me. I also told them that I often licked his penis and that we made love almost every day—a practice that had resulted in their being born. When Becky was ten we decided to have a demonstration—she needed to learn about sex and we preferred she learn from us than some selfish ignorant boy in the backseat of a car.

Gerald walked in and knelt before me. "I do this to show my love and respect for your mother and as a sign of respect for her authority over me. We agreed years ago that your mother should be in charge. That's why we never argue or fight and why we'll never divorce like some of your friends' parents." Gerald leaned down and lovingly kissed my feet. "Now, I'm going to adore your mother.

All women have a power over men in their vaginas. Most men will do anything to make love with a woman—always remember that, especially when you are dating. Boys like to think that they are in control, but they're not. It's always the girl who is in command. You'll decide whether or not to have sex, what kind, and when. It's important to remember that always." I ran my fingers through Gerald's hair, leaned down and kissed him.

"Now watch, Becky as Daddy kisses and licks my pussy. I love when he does it and so does he. It makes me feel really, really good. One day you'll convince some boy to do it to you." I had to stop then as Gerald was really getting to me. I clenched all the muscles in my body just before one of the most spectacular releases I had ever experienced. Becky jumped to my side, concerned for my well being. I hugged her and patted her back as I assured her I had rarely felt better.

Later that evening I showed her how I licked and sucked her father's beautiful cock. "It's important that it be clean. The same is true of a pussy. It's not fun to lick and suck something that smells bad. Your daddy is always clean for me as I am for him.

Now take a good look at his penis." I showed her the shaft and the loose skin with the hard firm tissue beneath. Then we looked at the head. I showed her how sensitive it was. Then I rewarded Gerald for his patience by licking all around the head and down the shaft. Finally, I deep throated Gerald before the astonished eyes of our daughter.

My head bobbed up and down his shaft as I brought him to a sensational orgasm. I would usually swallow, but I wanted Becky to see and feel the semen; Gerald shot onto his chest and stomach. I ran her fingers through it, encouraging her to taste. Gerald and I laughed when she wrinkled up her face in response.

"Don't worry, honey, you'll learn to love it." We'd have more lessons in the future. The hardest thing was explaining my dominance over Gerald. When Becky was ten Georgia was eight and Anita was six we had our first big family meeting. "How is our family different from your friends' families," I asked. We got a lot of answers—not divorced, no arguing or fighting, everyone loved each other, daddy doesn't work.

"Yes," I told them, "all those things are true. The reason why we will never be divorced and why we never argue is because your father allowed me to be in control of him years ago. He gave me authority over him. Have you noticed that I make all the important decisions…that I manage the money?

Gerald, come over here and sit at my feet." Of course, he did. "You see that Daddy obeys me. It's not that I'm bigger or stronger; it's what Daddy wants and it's what he needs to help him control himself.

Daddy was having a lot of problems and to get rid of them he asked me to take over. Not every couple works this way. It wouldn't work for many, but it works for us. This is a decision you will have to make with your husband once you are married. In fact it's something you should do before marriage." I went on to explain the concept of female domination, but also explained that they were still responsible to their father.

This was something Becky challenged a few months later when she failed to return home in time for dinner from a friend's house. She complained about Daddy's punishment, "It's not fair.

I shouldn't be grounded. I'm going to miss the big dance." "Hmmm…Anita (who was nine then) what would you have done?" "I would have called Daddy and asked permission to stay. If he said no I would have come right home." "Very good, Anita; if your nine-year-old sister can figure that out, why couldn't you? Don't tell me you were busy or having fun with your friends.


I think Daddy handled it perfectly—no dance for you this weekend. Now, don't you have something to say to your father?" Becky cried as she fell into her father's lap and apologized. Typically Gerald's reply was right on, "What's important here is that you learn. I've had to learn from my mistakes. That's why Mommy is in charge here. I'm lucky she loves me enough to correct me, just like I love you." Becky melted into his arms, tears flowing as she apologized over and over.

Gerald had become the perfect father as well as the perfect husband—loving, caring, and completely dedicated to us; he was nothing like the man I married—nothing at all!