Backshots nice petite brown and round ass

Backshots nice petite brown and round ass
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A Sexy Surprise Afternoon Fuck I walk up behind you, slip my hands around your waist, and pull you close. I start slowly kissing your neck.

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I don't care who sees. You tilt your head to the side, so I can get to your ear better. I start licking inside your ear while I move my hands up to your beautiful tits. I whisper in your ear, "Just stand still, and let me play". I start unbuttoning your blouse at the top. Your breathing starts you get a little faster. I get your blouse open enough to slide my hands in and feel your huge, full, round tits. I rub your nipples thru your soft bra. You are worried that people will see.

I stick my fingers in your mouth to stop you from talking, and you suck them like it was my cock. I push your bra down, and start twisting your nipples. You are moaning around my fingers. I'm sucking on your ear, and gently biting it. I grab as much of your tits as I can. I squeeze them.

They are so full, so heavy. You can feel my hard cock pressing into your back. I slowly start rubbing it against your ass, and you push back. I can't take it, and I turn you around. Our lips meet in a hard kiss, full of passion. You reach down and grab my hard cock thru my pants. Our tongues do a dance together. The kiss becomes wetter and wetter. I unbutton your blouse the rest of the way down and pull it open. I lean down and take your nipple in my mouth. It's so hard as I flick my tongue over it.

You pull me into your breast. I love the way it tastes. Hot, sweet, and musky. I go to your other nipple and suck on it and I use my other hand to continue tweaking the nipple I just left. You moan a little harder.

You are still worried people might see us.

You are running your fingers thru my hair, and telling me to suck harder! I'm going between your nipples, sucking, biting, and licking. My cock is throbbing, and pre-cum is making a big wet spot on my pants.

I run my hands down to your beautiful ass. I cup each check and squeeze. You moan even harder.

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You are still worried that people will see us, but love my mouth on your nipples. I start kissing my way down to your belly button. Licking. Kissing. Your skin is so smooth, and I can taste the light sheen of sweat you now have.

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Salty and sweet, God it's good. I hook my thumbs on either side of your short skirt and then I pull it down in one stroke. You stand there with your blouse open, your bra pushed down exposing your tits, and now your skirt is around your ankles. The only thing covering your pussy is a pair of pink silk panties.

I can see your shaved cunt lips outlined by the wet tight panties that have turned transparent from your pussy juice. I push my nose into your wet mound. I smell your soaked panties. I stick my tongue out and softly lick your cunt lips thru your panties. So wet, so hot. I find your clit, hard and standing out. Oh, it's so beautiful. I nibble it gently. Your legs start to shake, and you push my head into your sweet love hole!

But you are still looking around. I rip your panties off!!! Now you are completely exposed, and we are in a public park. You can't believe we've gone this far behind a stand of fir trees. People are walking on a path just a few yards away, but you are pushing my face into your naked cunt with one hand, and pinching your nipples with your other.

You spread your legs to give me better access to your gushing pussy. Your love juice is running into my mouth. You are close to orgasm! I'm sucking your clit as hard as in can, and I'm working two fingers into your steaming pussy!! You want to scream, but you know you can't. You push my head harder. You are shuttering.

I'm fucking you with my fingers as fast as I can. You're holding back a scream of passion, as I'm grinding my mouth onto your cunt. Then it starts. You feel it coming. You are clamping down hard to keep your mouth shut.

AND THEN IT HITS!!!!! You are cumming, and cumming hard. Between my mouth, fingers, and the fact that we could get caught at any moment, makes it so very exciting. You are squirting cum into my mouth. I can hardly breath, and you have my head pressed so hard into your swollen cunt lips. Your face is so red, and the veins in your neck are sticking out as you work hard to keep from screaming.

Your knees finally buckle and you fall onto the green grass, still clutching my head to your pussy. You orgasm starts to subside, but I keep licking up all of your sweet nectar I can. You are rolling from side to side, whispering my name.

You let go of my head, and I look up to see your smiling face, and your eyes are looking to the heavens. You take one hand and feel your pussy. It makes your jump because it is so sensitive. You raise your fingers to your lips and taste your own hot juice. You look down at me with a smile and ask me to kiss your lips. I move up your exposed body and marvel at how beautiful you are.

I get to your lips and we kiss softly, sweetly. You are whispering something I can't understand, but it doesn't matter.


You roll over to get on top of me. You look into my eyes and tell me that it's my turn. I smile. I smile because I know what a good cocksucker you are. The wet spot now covers a large part of the front of my pants. You sit up and start unbuttoning my shirt. You open it up and run your finger nails over my chest. My nipples are hard little buds.

You pinch them, and twist them. You pull my shirt out. And rake your nails across my stomach. You take my belt, unbuckle it, and unsnap my jeans. You smile and ask me to lift my ass so you can slide down my pants. You hook my pants and boxers and slide them to my knees, and my cock is finally free!

You grab it stroke it a couple of times, then lower your head and start licking my piss hole. God, it feels so fucking good! Pre-cum is stream out, and you start to take it into your mouth. You lower your head and take my dick into your mouth till your lips are at the base. I could cum know!!! You slowly start fucking me with your mouth.

Now it's my turn not to make any noise. You are fondling my balls with one hand, and jacking me with your other one.

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Up and down, your mouth and hand together working my cock. I know I'm not going to last long. I grab you hair and fuck your mouth hard. You gag as I get close.


You are squeezing my hard balls, slobbering on my cock, and I know I'm there. I throw my head back, and it starts. My cock explodes in your mouth. I grab the ground because I feel like I'm spinning around out of control. My cock is flooding your mouth with hot cum, so much that it's running back out of your mouth and down my balls and ass.

You keep sucking, and I'm shaking with pleasure! My cock is still going crazy. I've stopped cumming, but my cock feels like it's getting an electric shock. You take my cock out of your mouth, and smile up at me with cum running down your chin. I see the look of love in your eyes as you come up to kiss me. You stick your tongue in my mouth and share my cum with me.

We look into each others eyes with love and lust. We know we've been lucky that we haven't been caught yet, but you can feel my still hard cock pressing between you legs. We know we have to fuck.

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HAVE TO!!!! You get me between your legs, and guide my slick cock to your pussy lips. You rub it over your clit, and then line it up with your sweet hole. You gently slide my cock in. When it's all the way, we smile and kiss. It starts as a soft kiss, but as you increase the speed of your pussy going up and down my cock, the kissing gets harder.

I love the way your huge tits are rubbing on my chest. Our arms around each other, hugging each other tight as we get lost in our passion. Your pussy feels like a soft glove gripping my cock.

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We kiss harder and harder, groaning with animal lust. I know I'm going to cum again, and soon. You have me in such a state that I am lost inside you. All I know is the pleasure you are giving me.

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My body is swimming in your love. I can feel my orgasm building in the center of my soul, spreading out.

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Then it hits! It feels like my head of my cock is blowing off. I feel your pussy flooding over me with your cum and mine!! I am oblivious to what is around me. Everything is centered on my cock and your cunt. We start to relax, and the kisses become tender again.

You roll off me and snuggle up close to me. We hold each other in silence and enjoy the after glow of our beautiful union. We are wet from our own juices, our clothes are in complete disarray, half on and half off. We are enjoying the quiet after glow, when we hear a gruff voice say, What are you two doing!!!!!" We jump up and start running and laughing as we try to pull our cloths on. The cop let us go.

How wonderful it was. I will never forget that afternoon!!!