Blakx and White Whores are Ready to get Part to a Wild

Blakx and White Whores are Ready to get Part to a Wild
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Fbailey story number 598 Mom Sent Me It was getting late and my sister wasn't in the house. We both knew the rules…when the streetlights come on…get in the house. So Mom sent me out to find her and bring her home…even if I had to drag her home. I looked in the usual places and I asked a few of her friends that were still outside. No one had seen her since she had taken off with Hank. Hank was the neighborhood bad boy, the one that everyone avoided if possible.

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If she had been with him then I should look for her near the old factory on Elm Street. I got there as it was getting dark. I called out her name several times as I walked around the outside of the building. Finally I heard her call out my name. She told me that she was up on the second floor.

When I managed to find the stairway and get up there, she was tied to a pipe. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that Melody was naked too. I asked, "Did Hank do this to you?" Melody replied, "Yes, but it was partly my fault." I asked, "In what way?" She said, "I teased him. I promised to let him see my tits and then I chickened out." I looked at her tits and for the first time I wanted to feel my sister up.


Here was my chance to do it too. So I knelt down next to her and reached out to cup both of her titties in my hands. She said, "I didn't think that he would make me take my clothes off and then finger my pussy though." I reached a hand down between her legs and fingered her pussy myself.

I asked, "What else did he do to you?" She took a deep breath, lowered her head, and softly said, "He made me suck on his cock and then he shot cum in my mouth and made me swallow it. After that he tied me to this pipe and told me that the next time I teased him that he was going to fuck me." I untied Melody and helped her get dressed before I walked her home.

We stopped under a streetlight to check and see if she was dressed properly. It was a good thing that we did too because her shirt was on inside out.

She stepped out of the light and took her shirt off, she turned it right side out, and then she put it back on. She didn't even seem to mind me watching her get topless. When I asked her about it she replied, "Look you've seen me naked, you've played with my titties and my pussy, and I'm pretty sure that you want me to suck your cock like I did for Hank.

Don't you?" She had me so I said, "Yeah, I do." Melody said, "How about after I get ready for bed? I'll leave my panties off so that you can play with me while I suck your cock." I said, "Just don't let Mom catch us doing it." Melody said, "I've seen her suck Daddy's cock." I asked, "When?" Melody replied, "Last night!

I had to go potty in the middle of the night and when I passed by their bedroom Mommy was on her knees sucking Daddy's cock. They were both naked and Daddy was holding her hair and fucking her face. I couldn't see much because Daddy's ass was in the way." I asked, "Was that what Hank did to you?" Melody giggled and said, "He tried to make me gag but he couldn't.

I swallowed the head of his cock and let him cum in my throat." I asked, "Where did you learn to do that?" Melody giggled and said, "Last month at Tammy's sleepover. We all practiced on hotdogs and I was the only one that could do it without gagging." As we entered the house Mom said, "Okay young lady, you're grounded for a week.

Now get up to your bedroom and get ready for bed.

It's your bedtime too." Melody started to say, "But Mommy…" Mom stopped her, turned her toward the stairs, and then slapped Melody on her ass. I told Mom that I was going to my bedroom too and I kissed her goodnight.

I really wanted that blowjob that Melody had promised me. I wanted to finger her pussy again too. I was in my bedroom when Melody came in.

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She knelt before me and I lowered my pants and my underwear. She jumped back and said, "Your cock is gigantic." I laughed and said, "It's no bigger than the other guys that I've see." Melody said, "But Hank's cock is shorter and it's not any bigger around than my thumb." I laughed and said, "We would call a guy like that a needle dick.

If you want to get even with that jerk you should tell the girls at school about it." My sister gave me my first blowjob and I loved it. Her mouth was nice and worm and she didn't gag when the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.


She really did swallow it right into her throat when I started to cum. She smiled, licked it clean, and asked me if she could do it again sometime. I told her that she could suck it for me every day. For a thirteen-year-old she was great.

Of course I had nothing to judge it by but I just knew that Melody was great at it. The next day at school I told my friends about needle dick and what he did to my little sister. Melody told her friends about Hank and told them to stay away from him. At lunchtime Hank and three of his friends caught me a hallway. Hank was pissed and wanted to take it out on me.

I said, "If it ain't true Hank, whip it out and show us." One of his friends jabbed him in the ribs and said, "Go ahead Hank, show him." Well, Hank turned red and took off down the hall as his sister approached us.

She asked me, "Is your cock as big as your sister says it is?" Somehow I had expected something like that so I pulled my cock out and stroked it a couple of times. Hank's sister grabbed a hold of it and said, "It is gigantic. Hank's cock is shorter and a lot smaller around.

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I'm not going to suck it anymore. He can find some other girl to do that for him. Then she knelt down and put her mouth over the head of my cock and started sucking. Hank's friends said, "He isn't any bigger than we are." I looked at them and said, "So it's true, Hank does have a needle dick." After Hank's sister had swallowed my load the guys ran off to find Hank. Hank was certainly the talk of the entire school by the time the last bell rang.

My sister and Hank's sister met me at my locker and wanted to walk home with me. I held Rhonda's hand as we walked. By the time we had gotten to my house Rhonda and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I introduced her to my mother and told her that we would be up in my bedroom.

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Mom told Melody to stay with us. She didn't want any funny business. Little did she know. That afternoon Melody taught Rhonda how to suck my cock into her throat deeper.

In return Rhonda taught my sister how to make my pleasure last a long time. Rhonda could stop just before I could cum and then bring me right to the edge again and again. After several minutes of torture Melody finally let me cum in her mouth.

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It was fantastic. Rhonda stayed for dinner. Mom asked her about her day and Rhonda told her all about her brother Needle Dick. Mom laughed and said that my father had a needle dick too.

Then both girls told Mom that I sure didn't have that problem. That was when Mom wanted to see my cock.

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Rhonda said, "If he pulls it out…you have to suck it…that's a rule." Mom giggled and said, "Pull it out before your father comes home." Mom took one look at my cock and licked her lips. Moments later, Mom was sucking my cock even better than Rhonda had. She was in love with it, she fondled it, and she buried her nose in my pubic hair. That was when I slipped my hand down into her blouse, down into her bra, and cupped one of Mom's breasts.

With her mouth full I didn't bother to ask her if it was all right or not. I fund her nipple and I started playing with it. She moaned so I pinched her nipple and she really liked that.

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I came and Mom swallowed just as we heard Dad's car pull into the driveway. When I walked Rhonda home, her brother was sitting in the living room but he never said a word to either of us. I was introduced to her mother as her boyfriend.

Her mother seemed pleased. Then Rhonda told her that my cock was gigantic compared to her brother's cock. I almost choked, Hank spit out his drink, and their mother started giggling. Then she said, "So he did talk you into sucking it for him. When he tried that with me I just laughed at him. I wasn't going to suck that tiny thing. However, if you want to share your boyfriend with me, I'm willing." Rhonda said, "Not until I have had him for a while.

I want him to take my virginity first." Her mother really surprised me when she said, "Take him up to your bedroom. Have him call his mother and see if he can spend the night." Rhonda gave her mother a big hug and a kiss right on the lips, then she said, "Just keep Hank away from us and wake us up early so that we can do it again before we go to school." I could not believe how honest this girl was. However, it certainly seemed to work for her. She might be a good girlfriend after all.

In her bedroom we both got naked and crawled under her covers, then we cuddled, we kissed, and we felt of each other's bodies. She had the warmest pussy, the nicest peach fuzz on it, and the wettest hole that any guy could ever want. She opened her knees and invited me in.

She let me go down and kiss her pussy, she led my mouth to each of her nipples, and then she brought me up for a fantastic kiss just as my cock entered her. If I thought her mouth felt good there was no word that could describe how nice her pussy felt.


I could live a lifetime in there. Minutes flew by as our mutual pleasure built up until we were both ready to explode. Her orgasm started my climax, my cum caused her to role over into a second orgasm, that orgasm took everything that I could pump into it. Every last drop of sperm in my body crawled up inside her.

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We slept like babies until her mother gently awakened me in the morning. She whispered, "Did she have a good time?" I smiled and squeezed Rhonda in my arms. She squeezed me back and then she opened her eyes. Rhonda said, "Hi Mom, he was wonderful, do we have time to do it again?" Her mother smiled and said, "His mother and I will call the school and tell them that you will not be in today.

You have all day to do it again and again until you wear each other out." Rhonda said, "Thanks Mom." Just before she closed the door she said, "Just remember…I get to use him too…some day." The End Mom Sent Me 598