Booby stepmom and teen slut hot threeway with horny man

Booby stepmom and teen slut hot threeway with horny man
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Chapter 19 <i> A reminder that this is part of a Non-Consent/Reluctance series. If you don't want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on. This is a continuation of what would be considered a "stroke" story, or as I like to call then a Jack(off) and Jill(off) story.

From the last story about my birthday present of making a porn film. We all slowly got to our feet. I was exhausted and the term limp definitely applied to my entire body.

Becky and Katy were walking funny and Suzanne and Cindy stayed in the bedroom. Hmmm. I guess Suzanne really did need a good fucking. I just knew I couldn't wait to get some sleep. Recurring Cast Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband.

Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife. Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's. Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.

Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband. Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife.

Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl. Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend, now Dennis' sub.

Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance. Bill, 38 years old, 5'9", 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne's husband.

Brittany, 27 years old, 5'8", 120 pounds, red hair, blue eyes, Jimmy's wife. Jimmy, 29 years old, 5'10", 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, Brittany's husband. </i> When we got home, Cindy and I agreed to relax and recover from our recent experiences for a couple of months.

When she brought it up I asked her about Katy.

"What about Katy?" She looked perplexed by my query. "Well, you said you wanted a break from our recent adventures, but Katy will still be living with us." Cindy put her hand on my face. "Honey, Katy is family.

Katy will live with us for as long as she wants and she can have sex with us whenever she or we want. I can't stop that.

I need her and, more importantly, she needs us." I watched her closely. She had definitely developed protective feelings for the neglected young woman. I was fine with that. She was, after all, a beautiful little submissive who gave great blowjobs.

I hugged Cindy. "I understand. She's so lovable." Cindy nodded and I grinned and followed that up. "She also gives great fucking head." Cindy laughed. "Yes, she does to women, too." And so we took a breather from our hectic schedule of swinging with several friends. Sex was still great between me, my wife, and Katy, it was just a little more relaxed. It was about three weeks after my birthday porn session that I came home and found Cindy and Suzanne at the table having a glass of wine.

"Hey, babe." I leaned over and kissed Cindy. "Hey, Suzanne." I leaned over and kissed her, too. She tasted good. Cindy spoke first. "John, Suzanne just told me that tomorrow is Bill's birthday and she wants to give him a special surprise." "Okay. That sounds fine." Suzanne clarified. "John, it's not just a little something. Bill has been so good to me lately, especially with me taking advantage of the opportunity to play with you guys.

You're the only guy I have played with because he treats me so well at night and believe it or not his sex drive has gone up since he started taking care of me and calling me his 'Princess'. Before this, he seemed uninterested in sex, but that may have had as much to do with his feeling depressed over losing his job as getting older. Now that he has a job and gives me the 'Princess' treatment our sex life is as good as it has ever been." I smiled. "Well, I'm glad things are working out between you two.

So what do you want to do for his birthday?" "Well, Bill has been really good lately so I wanted to give him something special. He was really focused on Katy the last time we were here and he hasn't fucked another woman since we were married. Our agreement was that I could play, but he couldn't. However, after the last few weeks and our increased sex life, love life, and contentment with each other I want to give him a special gift.

So here's my plan. Cindy and I have been working out the particulars. First, I want you and Katy to come over.

I want you to put Katy on the kitchen table and fuck her to get her worked up, but don't cum in her. I just want her primed to get off quickly. I'll direct him upstairs to his bedroom to get undressed. When he comes down I'll tell him that she is his birthday dinner. I'll have him start to eat Katy. I will crawl under the table and start blowing him, getting him to the very edge, which should not be difficult since I've denied him an orgasm for two weeks.

I want you to bring your movie camera along and film the entire thing. Once he is getting close, I'll have him stand up and fuck Katy. I know he wants to and he would never do it without my telling him to. He'll cum in her and then while he cleans Katy up I'll start sucking him again and get him ready for round two. Then I'll take her place and tell him to fuck me.

He hasn't fucked me in three weeks. I want him to fill me up and then eat me out. Once he has cleaned me out, I will put him on the table and Katy and I will blow him until he gets it up again and then fills her mouth with cum.

What do you think? Think Bill will be able to cum three times in a night?" "Damn, Suzanne." I reached down and grabbed my dick through my pants.

"Just describing it made me hard. That's a fantastic idea. I think he will love it and with you and Katy, he'll have no problem getting hard again. So what time tomorrow?" "6pm is when he usually gets home. Be there by 5pm so that we can get set up and you can start getting Katy worked up." She looked down at the tent in my pants.

"Looks like you are already worked up." "Yes, I am. Want to do something about it?" "Sorry, I have to run. I have another house to show tonight.

It's going well, and one more close and I'll get a big paycheck this month." Cindy and I both gave her a quick peck and she hurried out the door. I called Katy down to go over the scenario. She and Cindy and I had a quick hands on demonstration of the first part. Nice! The next day Katy and I showed up at 5pm and I was already starting to get a chubby just thinking about filming this hot scene.

I checked my video camera and set it aside on the kitchen counter. That was all I needed to do for that.

Katy ripped off her dress, which was all she was wearing, and then undressed me. She sucked on my cock for a few seconds to get it hard and then lay down on the kitchen table. I smiled. She looked so fucking delectable. I pulled Katy's little cheerleader body over to the edge of the table and eased my cock in. She moaned. I slowly fucked her and she rubbed her clit.

We did that for few minutes and then I would take a break and let my dick cool down. I was dying to fill that hot cunt with cum, but that was not the plan.

I did that to Katy a couple of more times and finally Bill came in the door. Suzanne met him at the door and told him to get out of his work clothes because she had a surprise for him. I pulled out and, still naked, got the camera ready. Suzanne ushered a naked Bill into the kitchen a few moments later and he smiled when he saw us.

I noticed that he also appeared to be in much better shape than a couple of months ago. "Hey, Dennis." I nodded. He turned to Katy, who was lying there on her back with her legs spread suggestively.

Her pussy looked wet and juicy and her lips were swollen in excitement. "Katy, you look scrumptious." Suzanne was standing there still in her work clothes and she took his arm. "Happy Birthday Bill, this is your birthday present.

Katy is the first part. I am the second." She dragged him to the table.

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"You just start munching on that delicious pussy and I'll take care of this." She grabbed his dick, which was rapidly hardening. Bill grinned and turned and kissed Suzanne. "Thank you, honey. This is a great birthday present." Suzanne grinned. "You're welcome. Now start eating pussy.

Show Katy how good you have become at that." Bill knelt on the cushion that Suzanne had put on the floor and leaned in toward Katy's pussy. He got close and then took a deep breath through his nose. He turned and in a slight southern drawl spoke in my direction. "Mmmm. I love the smell of pussy in the morning." He winked at me and I knew he was trying to imitate Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now, but I don't think the women got it. I just grinned. Bill leaned in and started going to town.

Katy was obviously enjoying it as she quickly grabbed Bill by the hair and held on. Katy was pretty well worked up and Bill must have been good because she immediately started moaning and getting into it. Her nice tight tits were jiggling and her head was going from side to side. Suzanne crawled under the table and waited for a few seconds. Then she leaned over and took Bill into her mouth.

He groaned into Katy's pussy, but didn't stop eating. He was licking up and down her slit and I saw him put a finger into her pussy and, from Katy's reaction, start to rub her g-spot. She started moaning and her legs drew up. We all knew what was coming. Bill sucked her clit into his mouth and Katy went off like a rocket.

I could see every muscle in her body tense up when her orgasm first hit and she let out a huge groan. Then she started jerking and jerking and finally pushed Bill away. He smacked his lips and grinned.


Suzanne stopped sucking on him and got out from under the table. "Okay, Bill, stand up." He stood up and Suzanne kissed him hard, seeming to savor the taste of Katy on his lips. She broke it off and looked down at Katy laying there, fairly well sated and her entire pussy now soaking.

"Now, the next part of your birthday present is that you get to fuck Katy. I want you to fill her up and then clean her out, okay?" Bill looked at Katy and then Suzanne with shock on his face.

"Suzanne, you don't have to do this. We have an agreement and I'm not supposed to fuck other women." Suzanne hugged Bill and seemed on the verge of tears. She was obviously feeling some regret about something.

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"I know honey, and you have been a great husband and lover, so I want to give this to you for your birthday. I want you to fuck her. Please?" Bill grinned and hugged Suzanne. "Well, if you insist." Suzanne giggled a little at that. "Yes, I insist that you fuck this delectable little 19 year old girl and fill her tight, hot pussy with all that cum you have been saving." Bill gave his wife a quick peck.

"Thank you." He stepped forward and pressed his dick up against Katy's pussy. She smiled at him. "Please fuck me, Bill. I need to be fucked and filled with cum. Then I want you to eat my cream pie; I want you to suck all the cum out of my messy, little girl pussy." "Don't mind if I do." And with that comment, Bill buried his dick into the very wet cunt of Katy. She groaned and Bill moaned. Suzanne got behind Bill and slid her hand up between his legs and grasped his balls. "Don't worry about making her cum, honey.

She already had her big cum. This is about you fucking this young thing and letting go after a couple of weeks of no orgasms." Bill moaned again and started thrusting harder. He would be lucky to last a couple of minutes. Suzanne continued, teasing Bill with her dirty mouth. "Isn't that young pussy tight? It's so wet, hot, and tight. Fill her up, Bill. Show her how much cum you have stored in those big balls. Fuck her, honey, fuck her hard." Bill sped up, thrusting hard into Katy and grunting each time he bottomed out.

"Cum, baby, cum." That was it. Bill groaned loudly and buried himself in Katy. He would pull back just a little and then bury his dick again as far into her as he could and groan. He was jerking and jerking and by the time he finished, there was cum coming out around his cock and starting to run down Katy. He had definitely been denied for a while and had a lot of cum stored up. Just watching it had my dick hard. Suzanne pushed him back and grinned.

"Wow, Bill, you certainly had a lot of cum stored up in those balls." He was still breathing hard. "You know I did after denying me an orgasm for two weeks." Suzanne smiled. "Yes, Bill, this is already a great birthday present but it's not over yet." "No?" He looked down at Katy's dripping cunt. "Let me get that." "No!" Suzanne held him by his shoulder and Bill looked confused as she had obviously changed her mind about him eating the cream pie.

"I want to do this for you for your birthday." She then leaned over and sucked his dick clean. She purposely slurped and sucked loudly. She then turned to Katy and Bill watched, gaping, as his wife started licking his cum out of Katy's cunt. I couldn't remember if he had ever seen her eat pussy. In any case, Suzanne sucked in a bunch of his and Katy's juices and then stood up to Bill. She kissed him and I could see her giving him some of their combined cum.

They kissed for a few seconds and then Suzanne did it again. She kept slurping at Katy's pussy and then giving it to Bill. He loved it and as Suzanne did so, she stroked his cock. It was showing signs of recovery already. I wondered if maybe he was getting some medicinal help, which was fine.

It was his birthday. Finally, Suzanne just kept slurping and cleaning Katy's cunt until it was free of spunk. Suzanne stood up and looked at Bill. "Not bad, huh?" Bill kissed her again. "No, honey, not bad at all." Suzanne turned and helped Katy up.

Katy stretched a little as the table was kind of hard. Then Suzanne started undressing. "My turn." She stripped and crawled up on the table. "John, come warm me up while Katy gets Bill's dick ready." I kept the video camera in my hand and walked over to Suzanne.

My dick was still hard and I easily penetrated her beautiful pussy. Next to me, Katy was on her knees sucking Bill hard. He was watching intensely as I fucked his wife. "You have a beautiful wife, Bill." I punctuated that with a thrust into her. "Are you hard enough to fuck her yet?" Bill pulled out of Katy's mouth and he was indeed hard again. I pulled out and stepped aside. I made sure to get good video of him penetrating Suzanne's already wet cunt. He pushed it in and then threw his head back and groaned.

"Oh, fuck, Suzanne has the best pussy in the world." Suzanne smiled at him and pulled him down to kiss him hard. He kept humping her while bent over, grunting and pushing hard. Suzanne kept letting out little exclamations, too, as he banged up against her pubic bone.

Her tits were bouncing nicely and I could see the ripples of her skin as he bottomed out each time. Katy was closely watching his butt flex as he drove into her. She seemed to like that view. Bill stood back up and fucked his wife. After a couple of minutes Suzanne announced she was going to cum and Bill started thrusting harder and harder.

Finally, with a big groan, Suzanne went rigid and her legs clamped hard around Bill.


She held that for a few seconds and then squirmed around under him, rubbing her clit against him. Bill obliged her and kept it up until she was done. After she finished she looked up at him. "Are you close, Bill?" "Pretty close." He started thrusting again and Katy decided to help. She did what Suzanne had done earlier.

She grabbed his balls and started tickling his ass. That was it for Bill. "Oh, fuck. Cumming!" And he did. He thrust up into her and filled her up.

He really seemed to enjoy this much more, it being the woman he loved and was married to. After he was finished he leaned over and he and Suzanne shared a couple of quiet moments together. It was so touching I felt out of place. Suddenly, Bill stood back up and smiled down at her.

"Ready for me to clean you up, Princess?" Suzanne grinned. "Wouldn't you rather have Katy clean me up and snowball you?" Bill smiled.

"Absolutely." He backed up and Katy dropped to her knees. She took his now pretty flaccid dick into her mouth and cleaned him off.

She came off him with a loud pop from the suction. She then turned to Suzanne. "Wow, Suzanne, your pussy is very pretty when it's been fucked and filled with cum." She turned to Bill and grinned and then back to Suzanne and started licking and sucking on her pussy. Suzanne wanted to grab hold of her head, but Katy pushed her hands away so that she could pull back and feed it to Bill. She did and they kissed like wanton teenagers.

She kissed him and sucked on his tongue and fondled his dick, which at this point showed no signs of life. When she was finally finished, she stood up and walked around to the side and kissed Suzanne. "Nice pussy, Suzanne." "Thank you, slut." Suzanne grinned and Katy just laughed.

Suzanne slowly got up off the table and Bill sat down in a chair. "Well, that was a first for me." Bill looked up at Suzanne. Suzanne smiled. "First time you've fucked two women in the same night?" "Yes, and that's because it's the first time I've fucked anyone but you since we were married." Suzanne's smile disappeared and she seemed concerned about Bill.

She walked to him and held his head against her chest. "That's what birthdays are for." She looked over at me and I couldn't place the look on her face. Finally she backed away from Bill and looked down. "Now it's your turn to get on the table." Bill looked up at her. "Me?" "Yes, you." Bill clambered up onto the table and lay on his back. His dick was a small, exhausted version of its earlier self. Suzanne waved Katy over. "Okay, honey, time for another first.

Now you will feel a two girl blowjob and get to cum whenever you want and in our mouths, on our faces, or wherever your dick happens to be when you cum. You just let us know what you want." Bill smiled and put his head back. "It doesn't matter." Katy leaned over and started slowly licking and sucking on Bill's dick while Suzanne watched his face and the smile that was plastered there.

She looked up at me and gave me the thumbs up. Then Suzanne leaned over and together the two women started sucking his dick and licking his balls.

They were going to town and working very hard to get Bill's dick up one more time. It was taking some time, so Suzanne leaned over and started talking to Bill.

"Bill, you've been such a great husband and father. I wanted you to know that I could never love anyone more than I do you. I wanted you to have this present as a special gift from me. But it's not over by a long shot. Did you notice that our pussies have a little stubble? I've told Katy that you love shaving my armpits, my legs, and my pussy whenever I need them done. She loves that idea. After we are done sucking your dick and making you cum all over us, we are all going upstairs to the bathroom so that you can shave us.

Both of us. Princess time for two women. You will shave both sets of armpits, both sets of legs, and both beautiful, very edible pussies. Are you ready to do that?" Bill pulled Suzanne down for a big kiss and then pulled her head up, but didn't let go. "I would absolutely love to shave you two beautiful women. I would love to shave anyone you bring home, honey." He grinned at that and Suzanne gave him a quick kiss.

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"Yeah, I bet you would." She smiled and gave him a quick peck to show she was kidding. Then she looked down and could see that her offer and talking to him had done the trick. Katy was now sucking on a hard cock. He was ready for round three. "Oh, honey, three times in an hour.

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A new record for you." She leaned over and Katy pulled off and offered his cock to Suzanne. She sucked it a couple of times and rose back up off it. "And I think you still have some cum left in these balls." She slowly stroked his balls and tickled his ass and he groaned.

"C'mon, Katy, let's suck my husband's cock and make him cum all over our faces." "Yes, ma'am." Katy offered Bill's dick back to Suzanne and she took her turn. They alternated sucking on him, licking his balls, and tickling his perineum.

Suzanne also kept running her hands up to his nipples and tweaking them. I guess that was a turn on for Bill. I just kept filming and stroking my dick when I got a chance. I really wanted to walk up behind the ladies and fuck one of them.

It took a few minutes, but finally, Bill's hips started thrusting up and it was obvious that he was nearing another orgasm. He was thrusting and the two cock-suckers kept swapping his dick back and forth. They were working him over good when he announced that he was going to cum.

Suzanne and Katy must have discussed this ahead of time because the did the porn film thing where they both put their lips on either side of a dick and start sliding up and down, their lips touching most of the time. Bill looked up and saw that and started cumming.

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The ladies stayed in that position as his dick released as much spunk as it was probably possible since he had already cum twice. It shot up a little the first three spurts and then just dribbled out. The women caught the spurts on their faces and then the rest ran over their lips. When he was finished thrusting, Katy took his dick into her mouth and sucked him dry. Then the two ladies rose up and kissed each other, cleaning the spunk off each other's face. When they finished, Suzanne looked up at Bill.

"How are you feeling?" Bill didn't raise his head, but his grin was obvious. "Wonderful!" Suzanne laughed and Katy giggled. "Good. Now it's time for us to go upstairs and, after a few minutes recovery time for you, you get to shave me and Katy. Do you think you'll have enough energy for that?" "Oh, yes." Bill lifted himself up and headed for the stairs. Over his shoulder he looked back at me and smiled. "Best birthday ever. I can't wait to see that movie." Katy followed him.

"I'll put it together quickly." I turned it off and put the video camera away. I was still naked, but no longer hard. Suzanne walked up to me and put a hand on my dick, which twitched and began to grow again.

"Need some help with that?" I smiled and hugged her. "No, Suzanne. I have a wife at home for that. You and Katy take care of Bill. Send Katy home in the morning." She kissed me hard.

"Thank you for understanding." "I mostly understand, but you seemed a little more emotional than usual at the beginning. Everything okay?" She smiled and hugged me. "Yes, I think everything's fine. I was worried about Bill and our situation. Now that our sex life between the two of us is to good, I thought he might change his mind about our agreement.

But that's not what I saw here tonight. It appears that everything is fine." I grinned. "Oh, yes. He is going to get to bathe and shave two beautiful women. I think you might even be able to coax another load out of him by the time he's finished that." She smiled and grabbed my dick, which was once again hard.

We heard the water start running in the tub. Bill always gave Suzanne a nice hot bath whenever he shaved her. "I have two minutes if you think you can cum in that amount of time." She licked her lips and my dick jerked in her hand. "That's what I thought." Suzanne sank to her knees and immediately buried my dick in her mouth, working it all the way back into her throat.

I had been hard off and on for a while, so I knew she could get me off fast. She grabbed my hands and put them on her head. She pulled back a little. "Fuck my face and cum down my throat now!" I obliged and grabbed her hair.


I started fucking her mouth, running my cock back and forth through her lips and over her tongue. Then I felt her tickling my balls and just behind them, across my perineum toward my asshole. She was using her tongue well; holding her lips mostly closed, and didn't seem to lose her breath while I fucked her face.

I was going to get a big nut very soon. She tickled my asshole and I went rigid as I pumped my load into the back of her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, getting all of it. When I was done she put a tight suction around my rapidly softening dick and sucked it clean. When she pulled back I finally relaxed and came down off my toes. "Thank you, Suzanne." She stood up and kissed me. "No, thank you.

I love how things have turned out so far, but I have to tell you that I may be pulling back from my extracurricular activities to be only with Bill." I smiled. "I understand. Do whatever you have to do to have a good marriage. That's the most important thing." She looked at me. "You know, the way you first took control of us I was thinking you were a total asshole.

But after I while I came to see that you were just pushing our buttons the way you thought you had to in order to get us to admit who we were." She took my hands. "Thank you for opening our eyes to who we were. But now it's time for us to determine where we are going with this. Okay?" "Sure. Tell Bill I said good-bye and will have this movie on DVD soon so that he can enjoy it." "One more thing, Dennis." "Yes?" "What would you say if I said I wanted to reward Bill by letting him shave all of the women we play with?

He doesn't have sex with anyone, just pampers them." "I think that's a great idea. Women love that. That's why spas to such great business. You could offer the women a chance to have Bill treat them like a princess, shave them, pamper them with some lotions or oils. I dare say you could let them tip Bill and he could make some money at it." Suzanne turned to go. "I'll have to think about that and see if I want him to be able to enjoy so much female flesh." She grinned.

"See you later, princess time awaits." I chuckled. I could see that she was never going to give that up. <i> to be continued…</i>