Stupefying gf enjoys hardcore sex

Stupefying gf enjoys hardcore sex
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I've been fucking my stepdaughter on a regular basis and both she and I are worried about her mother finding out about us. Neither one of them know that I'm the father of my step daughters first baby.

After having fucked my stepdaughter like crazy for most of a day she told me of her plan to fix things with her mother. "You know mom's friend Sue" Becca asked me. "Yea, she's known her since college, she's been to the house many times and your mom stays with her whenever her business takes her to Texas." "Well you know that they were much more than friends in college" Becca said with a smile "What" I said, not knowing just how to take this revelation.

"They had sex in college and probably still are." She said. I just sat there starring not knowing what to say. "What do you think about fucking both mom and me at the same time?" Becca asked as she looked at me with a question in her eyes. "That would certainly solve all our problems but how exactly would you arrange it?" I asked "You go out of town on one of you're business trips and leave everything to me." She said with a big smile.

That's the way we left it and the next weekend I set up a trip to Cincinnati to meet with some business associates.


It was nothing I couldn't have done on the phone or on video chat but it got me out of town and allowed Becca to put her plan into action. While I was out of town Becca asked her mom to take my place babysitting in the afternoon. My wife agreed and when Becca got home from work she put her plan into action.

It was Friday afternoon and when Becca came home she asked my wife to stay awhile while she took a shower and that she needed to talk to her about something when she finished showering. My wife agreed and a few minutes later Becca came out of the bathroom with her robe on. She checked on the baby to make sure she was still asleep and then went over to the couch and sat next to her mom. "Mom, I need some advice" She said "Of course baby, what's bothering you?" He mom asked "Well you know when you told me about the relationship that you had with your friend Sue?" "Yes" she said, not knowing where this question was leading.

"Well, as you know, I've kind of been fucked over by Scott and any dates I've had with other men since I've had the baby have been a nightmare. All they seem to want to do is fuck me. So lately I've been thinking more and more about women. I see them at work and start to think about them being naked and I think of what it would feel like having them make love to me." She said starring hard into her mother's eyes. "That's quite normal" her mom said "Most women have those thoughts from time to time" It's nothing to worry about" "Yes but I get so worked up I can't stop thinking about it.

I think about kissing a woman's soft lips and having her run her tongue down my neck and over my shoulder till she stops on one of my breasts." She said as she ran her own finger down her neck and pulled her robe open to reveal her large breast and erect nipple. She took the nipple, gave it a little squeeze and let out a soft moan. He mom was just watching as Becca continued to squeeze first one than the other breast. "It feels so good I imagine another woman touching me and I get so wet." She said as she reached out and took her mother's hand and placed it on one of her tits.

She let go of her hand and her mom continued to feel first one than the other breast. Becca was getting very excited and she could hear her mom's breathing start to quicken.


As her mom continued to message Becca's breasts, Becca continued her seduction. "I can' help thinking what it would be like to have another woman put her finger in my pussy" she said as she opened her robe to reveal herself. She ran her finger across her pussy lips several times and then put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Her mom watched this with lust in her eyes as Becca put her hands on her mother's head and pushed it down to her naked pussy.

Her mom buried her head between Becca's legs and started to lick, suck and finger fuck Becca's cunt.

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"Oh yes mommy eat me. Eat your baby. Fuck me harder please" She said as she moved her hips to every stroke her mother gave her. Becca came several times while her mother was eating her and when she stopped Becca pushed her mom to the floor reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down.

"I have to taste you" she said as she ran her lounge up her mother leg and into her pussy. "Yes baby eat mommy just like mommy ate you" she said holding Becca's head in her pussy. As Becca licked and fingered her mother, her mom removed her blouse and bra and began squeezing her own tits and pinching the nipples. "Oh my God baby it's so good" she said pumping her hips into Becca's face. "Fuck me with your fingers baby more please more." She begged as Becca slipped one, two, three fingers into her mother's wet pussy.

Eventually she had her whole hand pumping in and out of her mother and her mom seemed to be having one continual orgasm. Becca pulled her hand out and they put their two pussies together humping each other to mutual orgasms.

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They rolled around on the floor for several minutes sucking and fucking each other and groping each other like animals until the baby started to cry and they both calmed down enough so that Becca could go to her. When Becca came out of the bedroom with the baby in her arms she sat down on the couch with her mom. They were both still naked and Becca's robe was lying on the floor with her mom's clothes thrown all about the room.

"Well I guess that answered your question" her mom said as she rubbed her hand on Becca's bare leg. "It did but now you have me and Sue and daddies big cock to keep you happy I don't think that's very fair." Becca said with a pout. "What can I do about that" Her mom asked "Can you get daddy to fuck me like he does you?" Becca asked "What????

You have to be kidding" her mom said pulling her hand away from Becca's leg. "Don't you think that daddy would want to fuck me?" Becca asked "Of course he would. He's a man and you're a beautiful woman It's just wrong." She said "Any more wrong than a mother fucking her daughter?" she asked "And besides, he's not my real father so it would actually be a lot less wrong than what we just did." Becca said with a slight smile.

"And how do you think we will get him to do it?" Her mom asked, seeming to give in to Becca's logic. "I'll think of a way. You just come over on Monday so that you and daddy are there when I get home from work." She said putting the baby down in her play pen.

They both got dressed and Becca gave her mom a long passionate kiss before she left. Monday afternoon when Becca got home from work her mom and dad were sitting on the couch together with Megan in the middle. Becca walked in kissed both of them and picked up Megan. She gave the baby a hug, fed her and then put her down for a nap.

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She came back out and sat between her mom and dad. "Dad" she said "Do you think I'm pretty?

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" she asked. "Of Course baby I think your beautiful." I said "Do you still think mom is pretty?" She asked "Of course I do but what's this all about" I asked knowing exactly where she was going with this.

"I think mommy is pretty too" Becca said as she leaned over and kissed her mother on the lips. "I think she's very pretty daddy" she said as she kissed her mother again more passionately. I just sat there and watched as Becca and my wife kissed and fondled each other. When they stopped, my wife just looked at me biting her bottom lip. Not saying a word until she saw the way I was going to react. "Daddy will you fuck mommy for me?" Becca asked Without saying a word I stood up and pulled off my pants and shorts revealing a raging erection.

Her mother pulled her sundress over her head and removed her panties. I pushed her back on the couch and pushed my cock deep into my wife as Becca sat back and watched. "Oh baby" my wife said as I plunged in and out of her.

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"Fuck her hard daddy." Becca said as she began to remove her own clothes. When she was completely naked she moved over to her mother and removed her mother's blouse and bra.

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Becca began to squeeze and suck on her mother's tits while I rammed my cock deep into her mom's wet pussy. Becca's hand moved down to rub her mom's clit and this drover her mom crazy. "I'm cummmmming" she said as I continued to pound my cock into her. Her body went ridged as she came hard and I pulled my cock out of her pussy letting her cum flow out from between her legs.

Becca grabbed my cock and put her mouth on it stroking and sucking me while her mother recovered from her incredible orgasm. Her mom sat up on the couch while Becca was sucking my dick. Becca stopped sucking and said " Now fuck me daddy" and bent over the edge of the couch. I looked at her mother and she just nodded her head.

With that I buried my cock deep in Becca's pussy. "Oh yes fuck me hard daddy. Fuck you're little girl." Becca said as I pounded in and out of her. Her mom put her head underneath and began sucking Becca's tits and messaging her clit just as Becca had done to her and in a few minutes Becca was also coming hard. I was about at my limit and I pulled out and shot several ropes of cum on Beccas back and then on my wife's face.


I stroked my cock as my wife licked the cum off Becca's back and Becca licked it off my wife's face. The two of them were rolling around on the couch kissing and sucking on each other as I stood back just watching and stroking my, rapidly growing, cock. My mind was racing and I decided to do something that, up to that time, my wife had never allowed me to do. I grabbed my wife and bent her over the edge of the couch. I reached between her legs and took a large wad of cum that I placed in the crack of her ass and then slid my two fingers in her ass.

"No" my wife said "I've never done that please don't" She said as is slid my fingers in and out of her ass. "Oh yes daddy, fuck mommy in the ass." Becca said as she sat beside us licking her lips and stroking her own pussy. "Put that big cock in mommy's virgin ass." She said as I removed my fingers and pushed the head of my cock into my wife's ass hole.

"Oh my God" my wife said as she grabbed two handfuls of the leather sofa. I slowly stroked in and out of her pushing my cock a little further in her ass with each stroke. "Oh God daddy watching you fuck mommy's ass is so fucking sexy." Becca said as she reached under her mother and started to stroke her clit. As my cock went deeper and deeper into my wife's ass, her protests disappeared and she began pushing her ass back so I could sink deeper into her.

"Oh baby" she said " It's so good. I never knew how good this could be." She said as I began stroking faster in and out of her ass. With my daughter stroking her clit and me pounding my cock deep in her ass, my wife did something she had never done before. She started to squirt cum out of her pussy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried as the stream of cum erupted from her cunt.

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I kept fucking her till I deposited a large load deep in her ass and then pulled my cock out of her, now well fucked, sphincter. My cum oozed out of her and my daughter came back and cleaned my wife's ass with her tongue. The three of us collapsed on the couch and held each other for quite a while saying nothing. After a few minutes I stood up and said to my wife. "I think that Becca should move back into the house with us for the foreseeable future." The two girls just looked at each other and laughed.